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Sample reports
Life Portrait Back

Dive deeply into discovering the hidden truths within you. Comprehensive and in-depth, this report covers - and uncovers - all. Order it today and refer to it for a lifetime.

Merlin to Top

Whether interested in enhancing self-knowledge, discovering hidden talents, or working on self-improvement, you will find this report indispensable. It provides insight into every major area of your life in an easy to understand manner.

Adult Report to Top

Empower your inner awareness and intuitive wisdom by absorbing this report. Interpretations combine different perspectives, including metaphysical, spiritual, nutritional, and practical.

Karmic Insight to Top

Providing a look into the soul's intentions and the lessons that you learn in this incarnation based on past lifetimes, this report encourages you to move in the direction of your true purpose.

Naughty Natal to Top

Whether as a gift or a good-natured joke, this report makes light of sex and its role in a person's life. Naughty Natal keeps you laughing not only because of its humor, but its accuracy as well.

Senior Report to Top

As you mature in age and experience, you look at life differently than when you were younger. The focus of this report is on the same personal challenges and talents, discussed in other natal reports, but from the perspective of one who has already "been there and done that." This shows what is still possible and what is left to learn.

Destiny's Map to Top

This report interprets the basic horoscope in an easy-going manner. It offers guidance that is informative, yet humorous at the same time. Captivating to read, it contains language directed toward an adult audience.

Vocational guidance to Top

Is it what I want to do, what I like to do, or what I have to do? An indispensable tool for those who wish to learn more about their true vocation, this report delivers valuable insights regarding your talents.

Relocation to Top

Location, location, location is a familiar slogan when buying (or selling) real estate, but it also can be applied to temporary moves. Use this short and informative report when planning vacations, visits, as well as changing residences. Learn how certain places are more favorable for you.

Astro Talk to Top

If you can afford only one report, buy this one. It is the only report that gives you an in-depth character analysis as well as a look at the major cycles affecting you now and in the future. Read about your “burn rate,” your “soul type” along with other uniquely personal features. This one has it all.

Woman to Woman to Top

Who understands you better, a woman or a man? Written for women by women, this report leaves nothing out. Read about “Your Special Edge” or get an in-depth look at your “Power issues: Sex, Money, and Control.” Presented in a narrative form, this report flows page after page. Share it with your friends. Better yet, give it as a gift to all the women in your life.

Asteroid Goddess to Top

Sample Short text 1

Eroscope to Top

Do you know your lovemaking style? More importantly, do you know your partner’s – or prospective partners’? Focusing exclusively on the most thought-about subject, this report delivers a detailed, personal report on sex and how to get the most out of it. Learn about yourself... learn about others. Enjoy!

The Sky Within to Top

This is a must have. “Like a letter from a very close and very wise personal friend,” this report is unlike any other. Written in a narrative and fluid style, it gradually reveals your true nature (or of anyone you choose). Rather than simply listing personality traits, it seamlessly weaves them together to give a complete picture – one that you will want to look at over and over again.

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