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About me

The following reports provide a number of useful and interesting perspectives based on your true horoscope, also called your natal chart. A variety of authors present a variety of perspectives on who you are and what you can be. While you can read about yourself in these reports, you can also learn about others if you know their birth date, and especially if you know their birth time!

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This section of astroReports Helps to provide you a better understanding of family and the important relationships that exist with family members. Since some of the most complex interpersonal issues exist in this area of your life, take a look at what these reports can offer. An objective perspective can make things a lot clearer.

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The title for this area of astroReports says it all, and yet are there ever enough words to describe what has beguiled and driven us for eons? Find out the causes for the perpetual ups and downs of romance in these reports. Each one will help to illuminate why and how we love, as well the differences in human beings that can prove so confounding - especially in matters of the heart.

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Here you will find a number of reports that can help you make better business decisions, whether for yourself, in regards to partners, or in looking for the best place to succeed. We also have reports that suggest professions that are most suited to your success and fulfillment. Doing business usually means competition, where having an edge makes all the difference. We provide you with tools to stay a step ahead.

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From the astrological viewpoint, life has many starting points or "birth days". Whether it is your lunar birthday, your solar birthday, or the beginning of your calendar year, we have reports that provide you with personal forecasts to help you plan for your month, for your year, or for the New Year. Wherever you choose to start, begin on the right foot with one of these indispensable guides.

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It is differences that keep life interesting. In this area of astroReports we present you with viewpoints that diverge from the mainstream. What to some is "alternative", to others is a lifestyle of preference. Despite the tendency for many to follow the crowd, the edge attracts us all at one time in our lives. What is unconventional now may become widely accepted in the future - it is simply a matter of perspective.

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Included here are some of our most popular reports as well as a cross-section of the different types available. You will find gifts for friends, parents, teenagers, couples, and for anyone having a birthday. Because people like to read about themselves, everyone should find something useful in one of our reports - or at least be entertained. For those who want to know more, you do them a favor by giving them what they seek or need.

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Future Trends

The reports you read here will show you when you can expect success and harmony, and when you likely will face challenges and tests. Knowing ahead of time Helps you to take advantage of coming opportunities as well as to prepare for the inevitable issues that you must meet. Use these reports to manage your life more effectively, whether in business, with relationships, or for yourself. Don't start the year, the month, the week, or the day without one.

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