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Why join?

A better program

A long term partner
High-quality products and services
A Company that has YOUR interests in mind
Programs paying commissions on multiple products
Lifetime commission structure
Over 70 million people read their horoscope everyday
25% commission on every product that we sell
A long Term Partner

Do you have a long-term partner yet?

By now most people have realized that the Internet is not just about trying to make a quick buck. Most scams and get-rich-quick schemes have quickly faded and couldn't produce results if their life depended on it.

So you are now left with coming up with strategies that will keep your business around for the long-term. If you are planning on having affiliate revenue be apart, or all of your income, you need to find programs that you can hope will be around for a long time.

It can be quite painful when a company you've promoted for many months decides to close their affiliate program, or they decrease commissions so far down that it isn't worth your efforts to promote anymore.

When this happens you are left with starting over trying to find someone else that you can hope to earn a decent income from.

When searching for an affiliate program that you hope to make your long-term partner what should you look for? We have put together what we think is important in a good affiliate or partner program.

High-quality products or services:


You can quickly destroy your reputation online by promoting shady companies with poor products. ALWAYS try to associate with companies that have great products.

At theFutureMinders have a loyal following for one reason. We have very high standards for our products and services. In the astrology and horoscope markets, people expect quality content they can use. Features and products that help them make decisions and choices. And a Site they can trust. Our commitment to quality and customer service has helped us become one of the top astrology and horoscope sites in the world.

A Company that has YOUR interest in mind:


Unfortunately there are many companies out there that simply view their affiliate programs as a cheap advertising and branding vehicle. Seek companies that view their affiliates as partners. You can tell when you have found one by looking at how the program is structured and what they offer in the way of support for affiliates.

We offer high commissions, lifetime customers and a residual income. With easy real time tracking, timely payments and marketing help we want you to succeed. We are open to suggestions and flexible in developing products and services for niche markets. Because we know that our income depends on you.

Programs paying commissions on multiple products:


You will find that sometimes your visitors will purchase items that you had not recommended. Your income can build much faster when you get paid a commission for those sales as well as sales of products directly promoted by you.

We have the largest collection of astrology and horoscope based products on the Internet. From variety of astrology reports, consulting services to Premium Subscriptions. These are products that are in demand and we have it all under one roof. We are committed to continue developing quality products and services as part of our ongoing research and development plan.

Lifetime commission structure:


It takes time, effort, and money to send visitors that actually become customers of the affiliate program. Lifetime commissions allow you to get rewarded for future purchases of your customers. This model is great and any company that is focused on the long haul and a strong affiliate program should offer it.

After you send us a visitor that visitor becomes your customer for life, as long as you carry a link to The visitor can purchase or subscribe on the first day or 30 days from it, you will still get your commission on all purchases. All your customer activities are tracked automatically in real time.



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