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astroSearch :: solar eclipse << Back
    ... Before watching a solar eclipse, you ll want to learn how to protect your
    eyes. ... 1999 Solar Eclipse Sequence Total Solar Eclipse of 1999 Aug 11. ...

  2. Make Plans: Solar Eclipse June 10 over North America
    ... Solar Eclipse June 10 over North America By Joe Rao Special to posted:
    07:00 am ET 20 May 2002. ... A partial solar eclipse as seen on the horizon. ...

  3. sunscience
    ... Thousands View Dazzling Solar Eclipse in Australia, Africa Thousands of spectators
    in Australia and Africa erupted into cheers Wednesday as the moon fully ...

  4. Solar Eclipses
    ... If the eclipse is total, the path of totality traced out by the umbra is much
    narrower. Appearance of a Total Solar Eclipse. ... Solar Eclipse Resources. ...

  5. Total solar eclipse 2002 - live webcast
    Image 1998 Fred Espenak - All Rights Reserved. Webcast from Ceduna, South Australia
    4 December 2002. The live webcast has finished but replays are available. ...

  6. SONNE-/VdS Total Solar Eclipse 1999 Homepage
    Informations and links about the total solar eclipse of 1999 August 11th - Informationen
    und Links zur totalen Sonnenfinsternis am 11. August 1999. ...

  7. solar eclipse -
    ... Professional astrologers write our astroReports. ... Plus as a Bonus, we include
    $5.00 in astroCash you can use towards any of our astroReports. ...

  8. Eclipse Links
    ... southern Africa. Solar Eclipse Africa - Live webcast of eclipse on
    June 21st, also a chat with the expedition team. Live! Eclipse ...

  9. What Causes an Eclipse?
    ... But the gentle beauty of a lunar eclipse pales in comparison with the truly awesome
    spectacle of a total solar eclipse, which occurs when the new Moon passes ...

  10. Solar Eclipse on August 11, 1999
    [ ESO ], Solar Eclipse on August 11, 1999. ... Have you seen ESO Video Clip
    06/99 with impressions from the ESO solar eclipse expedition in 1994? ...

  11. BBCi - Space - The Sun
    ... So never look at the Sun directly or through a telescope. The best time to appreciate
    the majesty of the Sun from the Earth is during a solar eclipse. ...

  12. Sun Protective Clothing. Shop Now!
    Welcome to Solar Eclipse Sun Protective Clothing! ... Solar Eclipse sun protective
    clothing is certified to block 98% or more of the sun s UVA and UVB rays. ...

  13. 98 Feb. 26 Solar Eclipse (Curacao)/Bob Yen s WAY OUT Photography
    Feb. 26 1998 Caribbean Solar Eclipse from Curacao. Photos , Observations ... movies:

  14. Solar Eclipse Tours
    US.Naval Observatory). ***28th Solar Eclipse Tour to Iceland May 31, 2003*** ...

  15. EclipseChaser Home Page
    Total Solar Eclipse Articles, Experiments, Umbral Data, and Images. ... Total Solar
    Eclipse Photo Gallery Registered Copyright MCMXCVIII by Jeffrey R. Charles. ...

  16. Upcoming Eclipses of the Sun and Moon
    AA Home. Upcoming & Recent Eclipses of the Sun and Moon. Eclipses of the Sun. (See
    also NASA s predicted solar eclipse paths) 1996 April 17-18 - partial solar ...

  17. s Eclipse Page s Total Solar Eclipse Page. ... I go to every total solar eclipse
    I can, which hopefully will continue after the turn of the century. ...

  18. Total Solar Eclipses - images, impressions, experiences in its ...
    ... total solar eclipse 01. Welcome to a virtual experience of the first total solar
    eclipse of the millennium. ... Total Solar Eclipse 2001 Total Solar Eclipse 99. ...

  19. ASSA: 2002 Total Solar Eclipse
    Information about the total solar eclipse on 4 December 2002 visible
    from South Australia. ... So, what is a solar eclipse? Printable ...

  20. Choices Women s Medical Center
    29-28 41st Avenue Long Island City, NY 11101 Administration: 718-349-9100 Fax:
    718-349-9458 NY Metro Area Patients: 718-786-5000 or 718-SAY-CARE Outside NY ...

  21. Espenak s Eclipse Home Page
    ... central. Solar Eclipse Maps and Data. World Maps of Eclipse Paths. ... Coordinates).
    Central Solar Eclipses: 1991-2030. Solar Eclipse Catalogs. ...

  22. Total Solar Eclipse of 1999 August 11
    This is NASA s official web site for the total solar eclipse of 1999
    August 11. It ... safety. Total Solar Eclipse of 1999 August 11. ...

  23. SDAC Eclipse Information
    Solar eclipse information. ... NASA Eclipse Bulletin for the Total Solar Eclipse od
    2002 December 4. The Bulletin is now available in both PDF and HTML formats. ...

  24. SDAC Home Page
    Solar images, solar news, eclipse information, solar data, NASA solar physics
    programs. ... Resources for the total solar eclipse of 2001 June 21. ...

  25. UK Solar Eclipse Information
    The official page of the 1999 UK Solar Eclipse Coordinating Group. ... Eclipse
    Group Logo. Please standby for the UK Eclipse Group website. ...

  26. UK Solar Eclipse Information
    ... Solar Eclipse Logo, copyrighted on 3rd February 1999 The first total eclipse of
    the sun visible from the UK mainland since 1927, and the last until 2090... ...

  27. Hermit Eclipse
    ... Lists, tables, databases and maps of past and future solar and lunar eclipses: Solar
    Eclipse Listing A summary of recent and future total and annular eclipses ...

  28. Wendy Carlos Eclipse Page
    One of the finest collections of color images of the sun s corona as seen during
    a total solar eclipse. The Wendy Carlos = Total Solar Eclipse Page =. ...

  29. Solar Eclipse Index/Bob Yen s WAY OUT Photography
    Index of Solar Eclipse Expeditions. ... SOLAR ECLIPSE [NEWS ALERT] LATEST IMAGES
    from June 21 solar eclipse (Zambia): June 21, 2001 Zambia solar eclipse. ...

  30. eclipse, total solar eclipse -- The Earth View ECLIPSE Network
    ... Africa 1997 March 23-24 -- Partial Lunar Eclipse (92%) -- North & South America,
    Europe, Africa 1997 March 9 -- Total Solar Eclipse -- Mongolia, Siberia. ...

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