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  1. Moon Calendar
    New! More Astronomy at Earth Viewer... Moon Calendar. ... Read about How Moon Calendar
    was developed. Moon Calendar has been visited times since December 8, 1997. ...

    ??????? 2003?2?23???MOONPHASE EXTRA ???? 2003?5 ...

  3. Phases of the Moon
    Phases of the Moon ... A Clementine spacecraft mosaic of the lunar surface was mapped
    onto a sphere, and scenes were rendered as a virtual Sun "orbited" the Moon. ...

  4. Llewellyn s Moon Phase Tracker
    Llewellyn, Monday: February 03, 2003, Current Moon Phase. Phase, Name. 0.00,
    Full Moon. 0.00-0.25, Waning Gibbous Moon. 0.25, Last Quarter Moon. 0.25-0.50, ...

  5. The New Age Web Works - Phase Of The Moon
    Phase Of The Moon. For Date: Mon Feb 3 12:00:00 2003. January ...

  6. The Correct Time and Moon Phase s Time & Moon Phase Page. The Correct Time From The Atomic Clock
    At The United States Naval Observatory. The clock runs for 30 seconds. ...

  7. Phase of the Moon
    Phase of the Moon. The time in Seattle is Mon Feb 3 13:35:55 2003
    Universal Time is Mon Feb 3 21:35:55 2003 The Moon is currently ...

  8. Moon Phase Icon
    Moon Phase Icon puts a small icon of the moon in your system tray showing
    the current phase of the moon together with other information. ...

    ... 2003, ??, ?? : RONDO ROBE / ?? : TYPE-MOON. 2003, ??
    ???????. ????? / ????? : ???
    ??. ...

  10. moon phase -
    ... Professional astrologers write our astroReports. ... Plus as a Bonus, we include
    $5.00 in astroCash you can use towards any of our astroReports. ...

  11. Moon Phase Applet
    Moon Phase Applet. The moon icon indicates the current phase. The
    applets is also computing the duration of lunations, ie the time ...

  12. StarDate Online | Moon Phase Calculator
    Moon phase calculator. View a month s worth of lunar phases for any year from
    1951 to 2015. This page uses frames, but your browser doesn t support them.

  13. AUSLIG - Astronomic Information
    ... Help with Astronomic Computations; Browse Moon phase data; Browse Planet data for
    major Australian cities. Definitions of Astronomical Events. ... Moon Phase Data. ...

  14. Heavenly Details
    ... on the 19th. Earth s closest Sun-approach (perihelion) is at midnight,
    January 3-4. Moon phase times are based on Eastern Time. ...

  15. Moon Phase Calendars, Index, The Fish Sniffer Online
    Moon phase calendars show the days on which fish will tend to feed
    more aggressively. Using moon phases to plan fishing trips is ...

  16. Wright Center for Science Education at Tufts University
    The MPC shows the current phase of the moon. It also provides a variety
    of additional information that you may find useful. There ...

    Click Here Advertisement opens in new window. Home > Current Moon Phase ... Current
    Phase of the Moon RENEWAL. Trust your instincts. Let go of the past. ...

  18. The Moon
    The Moon. That orbed maiden With white fire laden Whom mortals call the Moon. -
    Shelley. Size. The moon, Earth s only natural satellite, is large as moons go. ...

  19. Current Moon Phase
    Current Moon Phase This great Java Applet was found on Chris Cobb s web site. Phase:
    The current phase of the Moon. Lunation: The current lunation number. ...

  20. The Moon s Phase
    The Moon s Phase. The Moon for Jan 04, 2003 (At Midnight, US Central
    time, as viewed from the Northern Hemisphere) Illuminated Fraction ...

  21. Moonstick Information Site - slide rule moon phase calendar
    provides a slide rule moon phase calendar and other methods of computing
    astronomical information. About the Moonstick A moonstick ...

  22. Stellafane Moon Phase Calculator
    This Moon Phase Calculator will compute the New & Full Moons for a
    given year. Type in a year or use the buttons change the year: ...

  23. Amigos de Baja s Moon Phases Calculator
    CURRENT PHASE OF THE MOON: Updates every 4 hours. You can view the
    phase of the Moon for any date and time [1800-2199 AD]. ...

  24. Virtual Reality Moon Phase Pictures
    Virtual Reality Moon Phase Pictures. ... Current Phase of the Moon: Updates every 4 hours):
    You can view the phase of the Moon for any date and time [1800-2199 AD]. ...

  25. Sunrise/Sunset computation
    Sunrise/Sunset/Twilight and Moonrise/Moonset/Phase. This site has moved
    to the US Naval Observatory Astronomical Applications Dept.

  26. Data Services
    ... Moon Illumination, ... ingress/egress times for major world cities (PDF)
    World map of visibility (PDF). Positions of the Sun and Moon, ...

  27. Phases of the Moon
    US Naval Observatory, Astronomical Applications Department. AA Home.
    Phases of the Moon. ... 1990 Phases of the Moon. Universal Time. NEW ...

    ... ????????????. ?MOON PHASE BBS?, ???? - ?
    ????????????????. Prof. ? Link & UnLink Free. ...

  29. Lunar Outreach Services
    Lunar Outreach Services. Bringing the Moon Down to Earth. Phase of the
    Moon. ... Real-time Phase of the Moon This is updated every 60 seconds! ...

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