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  1. Family Diversity Projects - Exhibits and Books
    ... Other Family Diversity Projects Sites: Love Makes A Family: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,
    and Transgender People and Their Families Of Many Colors: Portraits of ...

  2. Backpage Article Display
    08/01/2003 11:42 - (SA). Lesbian love maroons
    coach. The mid-fielders celebrated a goal. ...

  3. Best Lesbian Love Stories, 2003
    Best Lesbian Love Stories, 2003 Release date: January 2003 " 280 pages " Softcover
    " 1-55583-765-4 ... Best Lesbian Love Stories, 2003 1555837654 $14.95.

  4. Parted Lips: Lesbian Love Quotes Through the Ages
    Parted Lips: Lesbian Love Quotes Through the Ages Release ... day. Parted
    Lips: Lesbian Love Quotes Through the Ages 1555835767 $11.95.

  5. A Lesbian Love/Hate Relationship, , by (12/25/02)
    a city that prides itself on diversity--and a city that stands ...

  6. Lesbian Love Stories
    ... Do you have a romantic or inspirational story of lesbian love? Want to share the
    story of how you meet your partner? Your wedding day? The day you got engaged? ...

  7. Lesbian Film-a Lesbian Love Story, About Us
    Lesbian Feature Film Project, a Lesbian Love Story The Non-Conformist.
    Gynecocracy Films, LLC ... cross over potential. About Us. ...

  8. : Personal Growth, Relationship Forums
    ... Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender Gay, Lesbian & Transgender Parents, Gay Men,Lesbian...
    Love Cyber Love, Finding Love, Long-Distance Love, Love Letters... ...

  9. My five favorite lesbian love stories ... a ...
    My five favorite lesbian love stories The director of Claire of the Moonjust
    released on DVD to mark its 10th anniversarypicks her favorite movies that ...

  10. lesbian love -
    ... Professional astrologers write our astroReports. ... Plus as a Bonus, we include
    $5.00 in astroCash you can use towards any of our astroReports. ...

  11. LesbiaNation - The Leading Online Community For Lesbians
    ... don t see lives of Asian-American women who are gay and lesbian activists, who ... Annual
    Las Vegas Gay Wedding Expo 2003 "The Celebration of Life, Love and Dreams ...

  12. Lesbian Worlds Ask A Lesbian
    ... What Is A Lesbian? " Tomboy? " Can A Lesbian Love A Man? " Why Are
    Lesbians ..? DATING & ROMANCE, CHILDREN & FAMILY. " Is My Crush A Lesbian? ...

    ... Lesbian Diamond. Rated the #1 Lesbian resource site of Tampabay. ... IT CAN BE LOCATED

  14. Intertwining Lambdas(tm), lesbian jewelry collection
    gay lesbian jewelry, intertwining lambdas, pride jewelry.
    lesbian jewelry, commitment rings, unity bracelets.

  15. Powell s Books - Gay and Lesbian Studies-Coming Soon!
    ... Best Lesbian Love Stories (2003) by Angela Brown Publisher Comments OK, it may not
    be all you need, and its pretty well been proven that it doesnt really make ...

  16. Gay & Lesbian Paperbacks
    ... Love Shook My Heart: Lesbian Love Stories ~Jess Wells (Editor) Usually dispatched
    within 2 to 3 days Paperback - Alyson Publications / 10 January, 2002 More ...

  17. ICCR International Commitment Ceremony Registry - Healthy gay and ...
    ... Commitment Ceremonies are a bond of love between two people. ... People choose
    to have Commitment Ceremonies as a celebration of their love. ...

  18. Lesbian Love Finder - Photo/Voice Personals for Bi & Lesbian ...
    Joining Lesbian Love Online Personals automatically makes you a member
    of one of the world s largest networks of integrated online dating sites. ...

  19. Arts&culture - June 6, 2002
    ... the spells and finally the passionate kisses and morning after moments all
    made this relationship the most believable representation of lesbian love on TV ...

  20. Lesbian Flicks : Movies
    ... First: This rating is for the overall quality of the movie. Second: This one is for
    the lesbian love aspect of the movie. Obviously, 5 is best and 1 is worst. ...

  21. Google Directory - Society > Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual > ...
    ... Every other month Whosoever takes a look at issues affecting gay lesbian and bisexual
    Christians and how they can respond to the world with the love of Christ. ...

  22. Powell s Books - Gay and Lesbian Studies-Anthologies
    ... Between us :a legacy of lesbian love letters by Kay Turner Synopsis A collection
    of love letters between women written over a 140-year period, from the likes ...

  23. Best personal single match information. Listing classifieds ...
    ... Good classifieds lesbian information and love online. Welcome to the Largest personal
    single match information. Listing classifieds lesbian love site. ...

  24. Mogenic - Gay and Lesbian Youth Magazine - Chat, Personals, ...
    Find true love and new friends anywhere around the world. ... Click here for more, Columns:
    Big Gay War Party Is talking about celebrities like talking about love? ...



  27. The Real Truth About Lesbian Love -
    messages from 1 to 2 of Discussions relating to Lesbian Issues - The
    Real Truth About Lesbian Love - dewey decimal 305.489664. Suite101 ...

  28. HRC FamilyNet || Couples/partners || Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and ...
    ... for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people and their families. Subscribe
    to HRC FamilyNet News. In this section: Shouldnt marriage depend on love? ...

  29. Love Makes a Family Exhibit
    Love Makes a Family is a museum-quality exhibit of photographs and interviews with
    families of diverse racial and economic backgrounds with lesbian or gay ...

  30. Lesbian Love Boat
    ... Special Guest Brenda. Interact. Gossip on the Lido Deck; Flirt at the Pool Party;
    Lesbian Love Boat Chat. I m looking for a woman: Who lives within: miles. ...

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