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About me: This is a place to read about yourself and the ways in which you express the various qualities of life. Sometimes what you read is contradictory simply because inconsistency is common in all of us. Opposite qualities also may show themselves at different times in your life. For example, a statement that you are highly sociable and gregarious and a statement that you prefer solitude seemingly contradict each other; this means that you enjoy being social as well as being alone depending on the circumstances.

What is presented here is a brief synopsis of the traits that comprise not only your personality, which is recognizable to you and to others, but also deeper elements that are not so readily apparent. These are the basics of your astrological birth chart and are a way to define who you are. We leave it up to you, or to a good astrologer, to synthesize these features into a composite picture that is a true representation of you. However, the pieces are here.

The astrological factor that is the basis of each component is given for the benefit of those who are knowledgeable about astrology or who are attempting to learn it, although it is not necessary and can be ignored. While you likely will find something of interest in every area, users report that they benefit the most when they focus on one category that is prominent in their life at the time. Also, it is Helpful to have a close friend read about you to verify the accuracy, especially concerning statements that seem out of character. Remember you can go to our report site for expanded versions of what you read here. While the qualities described are similar to the ones here, the style and the wording differ to give you another way of looking at those traits that are about you.

The interpretations shown here are from your horoscope calculated to the following specifications;

  • House system: Equal
  • Zodiac: Tropical
  • Coordinate System: Geocentric

Date, time, Latitude and Longitude information is taken from the data you entered at registration. If you'd like to check or edit any information click here or visit myAccount.

How to navigate?

Basic navigation: Simply, Click on any of the “Areas” (i.e. How you are different ), you can Navigate by using the Prev, Top and the Next Buttons.

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