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Moon in Signs: gives a brief description of the Moon in each sign where it stays for around 2 ½ days. You may use this to gain a better sense of the general feeling for that period as well as to choose a time to make a response that accords with the time. For example, if you want to communicate your feelings in a direct manner, having the Moon in Aries might reinforce that; if you want to create a stronger family bond, you could choose to act when the Moon is in Cancer. This strategy's effectiveness increases when the daily forecast also supports whatever action you seek to take.

How to navigate?

Basic navigation:The area displays the current sign of the moon. The entry and exit times to and from the sign(s) are displayed, time corrected for your City of residence. Clicking Next and Prev buttons will show you the interpretation for the next or previous sign.

Void Of Course Moon: usually occurs when the Moon is near the end of a sign before it enters into the following one. It signifies a time to reflect, to contemplate, and to rest. Generally, it is advised not to begin important undertakings during this period.

The Lunar Return: is a forecast for a month ahead based on the return of the Moon to its position at the time of your birth, which occurs once a month. The Lunar Return becomes less effective without an accurate birthtime. Although it delineates potential events for a 28-day period, you can use it to gauge how the upcoming time will feel; an inward barometer more than an external marker.

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