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The Moon Daily Forecast: Shows the lunar influences in your daily life. Lunar aspects are fast cycles, so their effects may last for as little as few hours. While they can manifest as events, they usually indicate subtle and not so subtle mood shifts. Paying attention regularly to the lunar aspects often brings a more refined awareness of the underlying feeling(s) and events of the time.

The forecast arranges into three sections. (identical to the daily forecast)

1. Personal Growth: often gives you faint clues on how to handle the various issues of your life as well as when to activate the talents that you possess. Since the Moon will contact every planet in your birth chart within a month, you can use this to hasten your personal development. Although it requires a keen perception to feel the different energies, the effort is worthwhile.

2. Love/Romance: allows you to witness the many subtle changes in your relationships if you wish to pay attention. You can use this to employ certain times of the day for activities favorable for communicating, loving, sharing or being apart. Although its effects are short-lived, lunar timings can help you to recognize how quickly moods shift and to prepare better for these oscillations in yourself and in your partner.

3. Money/Business/Career: focuses on the short-term adjustments that may occur during a business day. This can prove Helpful in scheduling meetings, pursuing certain types of work, and generally in maintaining flexibility by knowing when fluctuations likely will occur. You are then in a position to take steps prior to important changes at work.

How to navigate?

Basic navigation: The interactive panels that fill the daily astroMap indicator area can be clicked to see the forecast for that day. You can use the Next and Prev. buttons to scan the near future and the recent past. When you get to the end of the daily astroMap, you'll see a Back button to return to the current time frame. Tip: You can look at the Monthly, Daily and the Hourly astroMaps by visiting, the Long-term astroMap, daily astroMap and the short-term astroMap. Also, while looking at your biorhythm, you can overlay the daily astroMap over the biorhythm for a totally different perspective.

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