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  What is :

Short term astroMap: is designed to show you all the Lunar cycles that effect you (Lunar transits to your Natal Planets), at a glance. The Map shows the duration and the strength of each cycle. This unique map was specially developed to show you the effects and duration of multiple cycles within a short period of time.

The cycles plotted on the Plus side can be thought to of as 'easy' or clear and cycles plotted on the Minus side are thought to be more challenging. You can use the Interactive panel to scroll the map and click on cycle peaks to read a forecast(s) for a particular cycle.

How to navigate?

Basic navigation: The interactive panels that fill the Short-term astroMap indicator area can be clicked to read the forecasts. You can use the Next and Prev. buttons to scan the near future and the recent past. When you get to the end of the astroMap, the Back button will take you back to the current time frame.

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