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  What is :

Timing for us: Find the best days to get the most out of activities both of you will enjoy. Based on your and your partner's birth data, the calculated dates will give you the highest probability of an enjoyable outcome. If no dates are found for a given period, try choosing a different period to scan. Timing for us is divided into three areas;

  1. Love & Romance
  2. Home & Family
  3. Show & Tell
Within “Timing for us”, you can choose an area of interest by clicking on a title and following the simple steps. The dates are generated by a sophisticated engine that uses complex algorithms to narrow down the best possible dates for a given activity. By using the generated “Best days” a few times, you'll see the difference good timing can make and come to appreciate the value of timing.

How to navigate?

Basic navigation: First, choose an area, ( i.e. Home & Family ) and follow the simple steps. The starting date for the scanning period can be adjusted via the drop down date menu and the scanning period menu. Click GO to see the results of the search.

Email me link: Clicking on the email link displayed near the bottom of the display area allows you to email the scanned results (the dates) to yourself. Use this feature to help remind you of the important days.

If you have a question that was not answered, please email your question(s) to

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