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  What is :

astroAlerts: To make it easier for you to remember auspicious dates, we added the astroAlerts area. Here you'll find all the activities and areas of interest listed in the Timing Section. The difference is, you are able to select events to be reminded, by email, ahead of time.

You can choose to be reminded of important astrologically significant dates 2, 7 and 14 days ahead of time. If you use this process for several activities, you'll see the inherent benefit of using personally significant astrological cycles to time your activities.

How to navigate?

Basic navigation: The color coded buttons, events and activities are exactly what is shown in the Timing area. Simply click on an activity area ( i.e. Home/Family or Love/Romance) to Begin.

After you enter an activity area, choose an event and check the desired reminder duration (i.e. 2, 7 or 14days ). You have the option to check one or all of the duration options. For example, if you check them all, you'll be reminded 2, 7 and 14days before the event.

When finished with your form, click Submit. Repeat these steps for each activity area. You can delete events by Clicking on 'Edit' from the Alerts main page and following the simple steps.

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