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Major events: This area offers a comprehensive reading of the long-term cycles that affect you, Helping you to understand and deal with important phases of your life. The long-term cycles, which are currently active, are shown in chronological order on the left side of your screen. Knowing astrological symbols, you will recognize the planets and the aspect involved. The text describes each major cycle and its effects, as well as touching upon how to best deal with situations that might arise during a particular phase.

Major events differ from the daily forecast because the type of cycles involved lasts longer. This area analyses only the impact of slower moving planets, whose effects can last from several months to well over a year. Written to help you understand and prepare in advance for the successes and the challenges that await you, these forecasts sometimes require careful reading—and re-reading—to grasp their full significance.

Since astrology cycles are dynamic, you will often see cycles overlap in their respective time periods e.g. one cycle might be from Jan 1 2004 to Oct 30 2005, while a second cycle might last from May 14 2003 till March 20th 2004. During the overlapping period, you likely will experience both cycles in several possible ways. One may reinforce the other, balance it, or work against it depending on the cycles involved. Paying attention to the events of your life and their correspondence to a particular forecast will help you to differentiate the effects of the various cycles. When looking ahead to future phases, read them in sequence to get a “feel” for the expected flow of your life during that time.

To make it easier for you to identify the days when a particular cycle will be most active or apparent, we have included a “Key Dates” calculator. At the end of each major events forecast, you'll be able to click the “Key Dates” link and generate these dates.

Key Dates : These are high probability dates when you are likely to experience some facet of a major cycle. You can email yourself these dates and the forecast for future reference by clicking on the email link.

How to navigate?

Basic navigation: Click on any date shown to see the forecast for that period. You can use the Back and Forward buttons to jump two months at a time. To see how you can get the most out of each period, simply choose a date and click GO!

You can also quickly jump to the past or the future by using the date menu and clicking GO!

Current cycle duration and Key Dates Graph :

The cycle duration graph clearly shows you the relative length and the strength of the selected cycle. When you choose a forecast for a specific cycle, the cycle duration graph appears on the top of the page. When you click 'key dates' The key dates will be marked on the same graph. Simply scroll across with your mouse pointer to see the dates.

If the cycle duration is longer than what can be shown at one time, you can scroll the graph by holding your mouse pointer at the very left or the right of the graph.

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