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Couples corner: This area is dedicated to people in a relationship ( and people that want to be in a relationship). Available for the first time on the Internet, these forecasts are for two people, you and your guest/partner. Reading the daily couples forecast can give you insight in to the relationship and subtle shifts and changes within a relationship. You'll read on a daily basis what you two will experience as a couple and how to make the best of it. For example, you'll know when both of you are in a loving mood, knowing this in advance you'll have time to plan something special on that day. If a certain day is noted to be difficult when it comes to communications, you can hold important communications for another day.

Key to his/her heart: A noteworthy feature of the couplesCorner is the “Key to his/her heart”. By clicking on “Key to his/her heart”, you'll see how your Guest(s) approach relationships, based on our calculations, using the birth data you provided for your Guest. This feature is available for all the Guests in your list. A similar feature can be found in astroSpy, giving you an instant look at some of the more dominant characteristics of the Guests you've entered into astroSpy.

How to navigate?

Add/Edit/Del: Before you can access all the features of the “couplesCorner” you must Add “Guests” or people to your list. Simply click on “Add” and follow the simple steps. You can add as many people/partners as you want. Edit and Del buttons will allow you to edit guest information such as the birth date and the guest ID or to delete a guest from your list.

Basic navigation: To read a daily forecast for you and a guest on your list, simply choose a guest from the “Guest List” (drop down menu) and click GO. You can jump to any date in the past or the future by changing the dates in the date menu. Use the “tomorrow” and “yesterday” buttons to check the forecast for the next day or the day before.

Multiple forecasts: On certain days there might be more than one forecast, the forecast we feel is the most compelling is shown first. You can read all the forecast for a given day by clicking on the “Next” and “Prev” buttons that will appear above the forecast display area.

Email button: Clicking on the email button displayed near the date menu allows you to email the Couples forecast to yourself or a friend. Use this feature to help remind you of important days or to share a forecast with a friend.

Forecast Duration: At the end of each forecast, you will see the forecast duration. Just as in the “Daily Forecast Indicator”, here you'll see the effectiveness or the duration of the forecast you're reading. For example, if the duration is +1/-1, the forecast is valid for the day of the forecast, as well as the day before and the day after. A +2/-1, would indicate the duration to be two days before and a day after the day of the forecast.

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