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Timing for me: This area offers one of the most valuable tools of astrology, timing! Here the best days for a given activity is calculated using our proprietary techniques and your birth data, unique to you. The “Timing for me” section is dedicated help you find the best (auspicious) days for popular activities, from the most important to the most pleasurable. Planning your chosen activity around these dates will give you a higher probability of an outcome you desire or an outcome in your favor. Reading comments from our members, it seems some of the questions in the love/romance section are very popular.

( Interesting side note: Some astrologers charge as much as $100.00 to find just one auspicious day. The reason people are willing to pay up to $100.00 per date is because they see the value of good timing. For the first time in the history of astrology and the Internet, we are providing these services for everyone, … free of charge. )

How to navigate?

Basic navigation: Considering the complex processing that happens in the background, we have made this area very easy to navigate. Simply choose a timing area (i.e. Home/Family ) and follow the simple steps. To switch to a different timing area, simply click on the appropriate button and continue.

Email me link: Clicking on the email link displayed near the bottom of the display area allows you to email the scanned results (the dates) to yourself. Use this feature to help remind you of the important days.

If you have a question that was not answered, please email your question(s) to

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