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Welcome to theFutureMinders!
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Love Horoscopes and Compatibility

There is a lot of appeal to ads and Sites for Free Daily Love Horoscopes or Free Compatibility Astrology Reports, or anything free about love! But as we all know, love is not free - at least not for very long.

A time-honored practice in many countries of the East is to Match Love Horoscopes for prospective marriage partners (and Marriage Problems). Many factors go into the analysis of horoscope compatibility. In the West, often the only consideration for new partners is to match Sun Sign Astrology Compatibility rather than to weigh all the features of a Zodiac Compatibility Horoscope.

Love Horoscopes take into consideration certain (but not all) planets, like Venus and Mars, and their zodiac signs. Your horoscope can then be compared to the horoscope of another - or many others - to determine love compatibility. While it is very helpful to Match Love Horoscopes, Astrological Compatibility becomes more assured when all the Astrological factors are compared.

Love Compatibility Astrology Reports

At theFutureMinders, our astrology reports section contains a number of essential reports that provide in-depth looks at Astrological Sign Compatibility as well as providing free relationship advice for relationship problems.

Better than any relationship compatibility tests, these reports measure Astrological compatibility by analyzing all the factors that make up your horoscope and the horoscope of someone you choose. These are not simply Sun Sign reports for Astrological Sign Compatibility, but ones that account for all the zodiac elements that comprise your True Horoscope™.

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Astrological Compatibility and Healthy Relationships

To really understand how to enjoy healthy relationships, however, you need to look at yourself as well as the astrology compatibility between you and someone else. At theFutureMinders, we provide you with full-featured Astrology Reports that describe your predisposition toward love and the other factors that make for healthy relationships e.g. the way you communicate, what you desire, your strengths, your weaknesses, etc.

Our natal astrology reports, or birthday horoscopes, can provide you with exceptional insight, not only regarding yourself but regarding an existing or potential partner as well.

Providing us with an exact birthtime, you will find out about your Ascendant, or Rising Sign, which shows how you relate to others, as well as your 7th house cusp, or Descendant, which shows the kind of partner you attract for a long-term relationship. These two points are very important when considering the True horoscope™ as a whole, and you will never find this with zodiac compatibility alone.

Obviously, the more you know about yourself and others, the more likely you will enjoy healthy relationships. Not knowing your partner (or even yourself) before you begin a relationship can create misery down the road, leading to extramarital affairs even to abusive relationships.

Relationship Survival Guides

At the Future Minders, we are committed to providing you with invaluable information that can offer relationship help, serving as a relationship survival guide when the spark seems to be missing or Marriage Problems predominate. To access our Free Love Horoscope and Free Astrological Compatibility Reports, Sign up and enjoy.

A final but crucial piece to happiness in love and romance is the importance of understanding the role of timing in abusive and healthy relationships.

Whether you are single and looking for that window of opportunity, or married and seeking to rekindle the flame, or somewhere in between, timing can make all the difference. It can help in boosting healthy relationships as well as help in knowing the best time to end an abusive relationship.

The Future Minders have sections on timing that can address your love needs and questions, whether you are single or married. With no effort on your part, we can provide you with the best times for a really romantic dinner on a first date to long term love compatibility - and everything in between!

We will compute your cycles and the combined cycles of you and a partner of your choice to show you the best times for various activities that enhance your zodiac compatibility.

Advice for relationship problems

Love Compatible Horoscopes are good, True horoscopeā„¢ compatibility is better, being attuned beforehand to the timing of the highs and lows of astrological compatibility is best.

The Future Minders has answers for those age-old questions about love and romance whether they involve general relationship problems, marriage problems, horoscope compatibility, or whatever else concerns you. You can sample our Love Compatable Horoscopes by visiting our Free Compatibility Astrology Reports section.

If the love and romance sections of our Site can't help you find and/or manage healthy loving relationships, you can always consult our exceptionally experienced astrologers at the Real Cafe. They will personally serve you in matters of astrology love compatibility and relationship problems. When it comes to love, the Future Minders is true - for you.

Sign Up now find out hidden and not so hidden parts of your love relationships. It's free.

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