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Sample reports
Naughty Natal Back

Whether as a gift or a good-natured joke, this report makes light of sex and its role in a person's life. Naughty Natal keeps you laughing not only because of its humor, but its accuracy as well.

Compatibility and Romance to Top

How compatible are the two of you? What conflicts can you expect and in what areas? Find out quickly from this report. It offers insights on how to handle issues of concern, as well as how to better appreciate each other. The Compatibility and Romance Report reveals the most significant patterns of a relationship and emphasizes them throughout the report.

Composite for Lovers to Top

A compatibility report tells you why and how two people attract each other. Composite for Lovers tells you more about the relationship itself and how well you share your life together when you join forces. Two people become one and create something more and different than either of you individually. Find out what you create with someone you love - or want to love.

The Future for Two to Top

Find out what the future holds for the two of you. While Composite for Lovers shows the basis of your relationship, this report shows what can happen to it in action. Be prepared for the challenges ahead and when to ride the crest of the wave.

Compatibility and Conflict to Top

Getting right to the core of any relationship, this report focuses upon the highest potential for you and your partner as well as the issues that you have come together to work on. Find out exactly what your relationship has and needs.

Heaven Sent to Lovers to Top

This report provides a quick read on the essentials of a love relationship. Find out why you are drawn together and what are the forces that can disrupt the harmony. Get to the heart of the matter when you get this report.

Romance Forecast to Top

Are you in the mood? Know when it's hot and when it's not. This report will rate your day (and year) for love and romance. If you need to measure it, this report is for you.

Psyche and Eros to Top

First, find out what motivates each of you individually in matters of love and romance. What are the emotional needs, strengths, and weaknesses of you and your chosen one? Then, discover how these parts go together - and don't - to give you a whole picture of any relationship.

Simpaticos to Top

Whether looking for the perfect relationship or to perfect an existing one, you must have this report. Based on your selections, it thoroughly evaluates any kind of relationship, so you will know how well you match – or mismatch – as well as how to get the most out of the time and space you share together.

Complete Relationships to Top

Here is the only all-in-one relationship report just for you...and the partner you choose. Incredibly comprehensive, it leaves nothing out in describing and analyzing you and your partner and the relationship that you share. In addition, it gives you suggestions on how to make your relationship better by building on its strengths. Buy this before you commit. Buy this to help strengthen the ties.

Friends and Lovers to Top

Who makes a good lover and who makes a good friend? Find out in this revealing report. Want to know about your relationship with a boss, a co-worker, an acquaintance, a present or potential lover? It’s all here. Just select whether the other person is a friend or lover – or perhaps both! No one needs to know – it’s your choice.

Relating Potential to Top

Save the headache and the heartache: test-drive a relationship first. How? Enter the birth date of another person in this report and find out how well you will get along. Whether it’s for love or work or play, get the inside look beforehand. Already involved? This will help you better understand whomever you choose.

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