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                        Saturn's Promise

             An Astrological Analysis of Saturn for

                            Brad Pitt
                        December 18, 1963
                             6:31 AM
                        Shawnee, Oklahoma

                         Calculated for:
                     Time Zone 6 hours West
                      Latitude: 35 N 19 38
                      Longitude: 96 W 55 30

          Positions of Planets at Birth:
          Sun     25 Sag 52          Pluto    14 Vir 14
          Moon    22 Cap 50          N. Node  11 Can 10
          Mercury 16 Cap 07          Asc.     11 Sag 54
          Venus   23 Cap 28          MC       26 Vir 59
          Mars    10 Cap 02          2nd cusp 14 Cap 31
          Jupiter  9 Ari 50          3rd cusp 21 Aqu 21
          Saturn  19 Aqu 09          5th cusp 26 Ari 41
          Uranus  10 Vir 04          6th cusp 20 Tau 48
          Neptune 16 Sco 48

          Aspect           Orb in Natal Chart     Orb in Saturn Return Chart
          Conjunction    :  6 Deg 00 Min           5 Deg 00 Min
          Opposition     :  6 Deg 00 Min           5 Deg 00 Min
          Square         :  6 Deg 00 Min           5 Deg 00 Min
          Trine          :  6 Deg 00 Min           5 Deg 00 Min
          Sextile        :  4 Deg 00 Min           3 Deg 00 Min
          Semisquare     :  2 Deg 00 Min           1 Deg 30 Min
          Sesquiquadrate :  2 Deg 00 Min           1 Deg 30 Min

       Saturn's Promise, Copyright 2006 Stephanie Clement

As they orbit the Sun, the planets reveal the unfolding patterns of our lives.
Saturn, with its magnificent rings and multiple moons, acts as a principal timer 
of events. This interpretation focuses on the structure of your life: from the 
potential you have at the moment of birth, through the formative years, the productive 
period, and into your later years, when you become a mentor for the younger generation.

What Saturn Signifies in the Birth Chart

Let's begin at the beginning. At birth you have unique potential to grow to adulthood, 
fulfill your talents, achieve emotional security and happiness, and to express yourself 
as a spiritual being. Sometimes you will work hard and achieve more. Other times you 
will struggle, only to be frustrated in your desires. Frustrations often teach us greater
 self discipline ... by creating patience, for example. You always have choices along the way.

Saturn's birth potential encompasses these general considerations:

- physical development and health considerations - mental and emotional development - areas 
of pessimism or limited enjoyment - consciousness of self - career and enduring legacy - your 
life path in general, from starting point to life lessons to rewards. - potential for wisdom 
and maturity

One way to summarize the role of Saturn is to look at your capacity for self-preservation. 
All of the above-listed traits come into play as you seek to defend yourself against perceived 
attacks, or to go on the "attack" as an assertive, ambitious individual. You develop skills 
that aid you in becoming a successful, satisfied person. Success depends both on defensive 
capacity and assertiveness.

These consideration play out in two ways. First, there is the "normal" path - the typical 
pattern of development that all people follow. This path is true for everyone. Then there 
is the unique focus you bring to your own life. This is where you reveal your own power 
and will. The intersection between the typical and the individual is the subject of this 

Because Saturn moves relatively slowly through the signs, all the people born within about 
a 2 to 2 1/2 year period share many qualities. Here are some thoughts about your unique 
potential, as seen in your birth chart. People in your immediate age group share many of 
these traits.
               Part I - Saturn in Your Birth Chart

Saturn in Aquarius:

 You are good at developing a plan and seeing it through to a conclusion. Your creative 
ideas translate into action well. These skills take you far in career and other areas of 
life. Pay attention to whatever you are studying, so that you gain both factual knowledge 
and also the skillful means associated with the subject.

 Sometimes your ideas and ideals take you to extremes. Other people are not as far seeing 
as you are, and may be unwilling to follow your lead because they can’t see the point. 
You get better results when you devise your plan, think about how it looks to others, and 
formulate good marketing for your ideas.

 Your intuition runs very deep. You learn to depend on it, and so will other people. 
However, you need to back up that intuition with facts. Test your feelings against 
what you know about the situation from alert observation.

 The placement of Saturn in your birth chart suggests that the shins, calves, circulatory 
system, and nervous system of the spinal cord are potential areas for physical manifestation 
of the mental, emotional and spiritual experiences of your life. In medical astrology, 
these parts of the body are reflected in the sign of Aquarius.

 Walking is very good for you, as it strengthens the muscles of the calf, ankle and foot, 
and at the same time increases your heart rate. Warming up before exercise is essential. 
Exercise with weights or body resistance to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles. 
Then your walks will be more comfortable.

Saturn in an air sign:

Sometimes your cautious nature mixes with your mental ability to produce only vacillation.  
You may resist decision-making until the last possible moment.  On the other hand, you 
have the skills of clear perception and responsible action.  These combine to make you 
a super-reliable partner or committee member.  You learn to keep an open mind while you 
are collecting information.  You avoid making decisions too soon, only to change them later.  
As you build your information base, you build your own confidence.  If matters are serious, 
then a serious attitude is appropriate.  Once you see the goal clearly and the means to 
achieve it, you can relax, accept the cooperative role, and move confidently to completion.  
Creative outcomes are both logical and flexible.

Saturn is 19-20 deg Fixed:

Areas of the body that deserve careful attention include: Back of skull, mitral valve, 
ligaments of penis, Bartolin’s gland, nervous system of the spinal cord.

Saturn in 2nd house:

Throughout your life, personal resources and self-esteem are of major importance. Yet this 
is an area where development may be delayed.  This means that you must take responsibility 
for your own finances, and you must build your self-esteem from within.  You may not feel 
you were very good at this when you were younger.  You may have had inner doubts about 
whether you could measure up to the standards of others, and this led to doubts about 
measuring up to your own standards.

What you had to learn was the "right" use of the material things in your life.  By "right"
, we mean not only the function for which something was originally designed.  We also mean 
the right ethical or moral use.  You build self-esteem on a foundation of proper utilization 
of whatever you are given, and whatever you earn.

 You experienced less freedom than most people in the area of sensual gratification.  Any 
inhibitions you developed in childhood may restrain your later enjoyment of life.  As you 
use your wits in relationships, you find you can relax the rigid restrictions you have 
placed on your feelings.  Although self-esteem comes from within, how you engage in 
relationships is a big factor in its development.

Saturn in hard aspect with Neptune:

You have to work hard for each bit of success.  You may live a Spartan life, managing with 
very little.  You may have chronic ailments that demand careful attention.  You struggle 
sometimes between your lower nature and your higher spiritual values.


The above remarks indicate both where you begin in life and where you experience change as 
you go along. They also represent a fair assessment of your potential. You very likely will 
relate to some of these ideas at the present time, feel that you have already overcome some 
of the less constructive traits, and recognize that you can strive to accomplish others.

                          Life Unfolds

All people begin physical life as helpless infants, and all people eventually leave the 
physical body. Between these two universally shared events, you experience the richness of 
what life has to offer, and you have unique experiences, based on your own potential. There 
are so-called "normal" times for each developmental process to occur. The typical milestone 
period is seven years, four months, and one week. Some of us are ahead of the curve at each 
milestone, and some of us fall behind. Astrological timing is based upon the average speed of 
Saturn's motion, compared to what actually occurred for you personally.

For each major phase of your life, you will find information about the associated developmental 
process and its demands. Then you will find information about how you fit into the typical 
pattern - early or late, and what you can expect because of the timing. Most individuals 
have a mixture of early, late, or three chances. Thus, you will not have the same experience 
every time.

Throughout this section of your interpretation, you will find notes about the date (s) when each 
Milestone occurs. When three dates are grouped closely together, you have the opportunity to 
understand a milestone through three distinct experiences. If you have three Saturn returns grouped 
together, you get three very different pictures. The first two dates help you to address challenges 
and seek opportunities, primarily for the period of time before the third date. Indications at the 
third date carry forward strongly for the next 28 to 30 years.

Because of the movement of Saturn, you experience similar conditions and feelings every 28 to 30 years. 
Early in your life, a difference of a few weeks or months can have a big impact on your physical, 
emotional, mental, and spiritual developmental processes. A month seems like an impossibly long 
time to a six-year-old, while at age sixty a month whizzes by all too quickly. In addition, when 
you are older, you will have gained experience from the formative years - experience that enables 
you to manage events and conditions better.

By understanding the interweaving of planetary influences in your own chart, you gain insight into 
your life. You make peace with yourself concerning certain times of your life, and you arm yourself 
with helpful information for future life passages.

              Part II - Saturn Cycles in Your Life

Growth - Birth to About Age Thirty

During the first 28 to 30 years of life, you have been building the structure of the physical body, 
expanding your mental capabilities, learning how to manage emotional changes, developing a sense of 
values and morals, and entering the working world. You have formed lasting relationships and may 
have given birth to children of your own.

The demands of the first seven years of life are huge. You learned to communicate through language - 
a tool that allows you to express your needs, learn concepts in an organized way, and engage in 
deductive reasoning. You learned to operate simple machinery and use a computer. You developed 
the coordination necessary for using all kinds of tools. By age thirty you are a fully functioning 
adult human being.

Saturn builds upon the past. This means that even from birth, you were using what has come before 
to create structures. Thus the first full period indicates how you take in the familial, social, 
and cultural information surrounding you. You started out wholly dependent on the people and 
structures around you, and during the first 28 to 30 years of life you learn how to function 
independently - you develop a personal perspective on family and culture.

Milestone I - A Sense of Self: Around Age 7

The promise of this first milestone is the development of a sense of "self." Up to this time you 
are primarily part of a group. You step out of the nuclear family into the immediate neighborhood,
 meeting other children, relating to caretakers outside the household, and beginning regular 
schooling. By the time you reach this first milestone, you generally see yourself as separate from 
your parents and siblings. In fact, at this time you may feel somewhat isolated, while also 
enjoying the new sense of independence.

A very important transition at this age is the understanding of right and wrong. You come to 
understand that the rules you have been taught have a systematic structure that can be generalized 
into a code. You internalize the "feeling" of rightness or wrongness of your actions, and gradually 
learn to make your own decisions. While a child of two or three looks to an adult authority figure 
for information about appropriate action, the seven to eight-year-old is learning to look within 
the self for this information. There is a growing sense of responsibility for your actions, and 
also a greater feeling of significance as an individual.

Saturn square Saturn in fixed signs on July 1, 1970:
Saturn square Saturn in fixed signs on November 11, 1970:
Saturn square Saturn in fixed signs on March 21, 1971:

 Lessons at this time ideally showed you how to take up a task and pursue it to your satisfaction. 
You learned to focus your attention on school lessons, but also on the "work" of creative play. If 
you chose a sport or other activity that benefits from persistence and practice, you may have developed 
into a fine artist or athlete. You also may have established friendships now that last your entire life.

 Do you recall specific events from this time period? Did you feel growing independence and strength? 
Did you encounter harsh lessons that taught you to be much more cautious in your decisions and actions? 
Was there a mixture of both? Whatever your experiences at this age, they were carried forward for at 
least the next 7 to 8 years, and probably up to the present moment.

Milestone II - Crisis of Puberty: Around Age 14 - 15

The teen years are filled with a sense of crisis for most of us. As you enter puberty, you feel like 
an adult and have adult sexual urges. At the same time you often feel like a child, helpless to manage 
the emotions that accompany profound physical changes. Your mental framework is changing radically as 
well. Ideally you move from primarily inductive thinking toward using the deductive style of reasoning. 
This provides an opportunity to abandon somewhat unpredictable patterns of thinking and take up a 
precise, definite, secure mental style. You may come to believe that everything is logical and rational.

Yet you have those unpredictable emotional floods that contradict this new style of thinking. Often 
you wish you could blame someone else for your difficulties. Your parents or immediate caregivers are 
likely targets for your negative emotions, while you save your more positive feelings for your peers. 
You need time to adjust to massive physical changes too. Even though this can be a painful time, it is 
important to hang out here for a while. For example, rushing into marriage, and the associated adult 
sexual behaviors and other responsibilities, can deprive you of the time you need to fully understand 
your own internal processes.

Even though you feel grown up and independent part of the time, you still need the support and boundaries 
provided by parents, teachers, and rules. Saturn reflects the role of discipline in your life. Around age 
15, you still need the discipline provided by family and social systems as you gain awareness of your social 
position, intellect and future possibilities.

Saturn opposition Saturn in fixed signs on August 3, 1977:

 Where you had previously developed good work habits and a practical method of relating to the world, at 
this milestone you were buffeted by emotions that you previously held under strict control. This rush of 
emotions had the potential of opening up whole new vistas of awareness - you understood that life was not
 just orderly procedures, but also seemingly impractical feelings. At this time you got to see just 
how messy relationships could be.

 If the adults around you acted responsibly, and if they established boundaries that provided support 
without total restriction, then you came through this transition with a renewed sense of independence 
and strength. On the other hand, if the authority figures in your life acted from self-interest, you 
could have suffered deep emotional wounds as you struggled to maintain your own sense of self.

 For most of us there was a mixture of good and bad at this time. We tried things, we made mistakes, 
we had successes and failures, and we survived. We also internalized reasons for being dependent, 
co-dependent, or independent. Ideally, we learned that we are interdependent parts of partnerships, 
social circles, and the larger universe.

Milestone III - Legal Adulthood: Around Age 21 - 22

The third Saturn milestone occurs around age twenty-one to twenty-two. Our society labels us as adults 
at about this time. Generally this transition is made primarily on the mental level. It is a time when 
you accept the responsibilities of adulthood - legal to drink, vote and marry. Laws in many states and 
countries apply this label earlier - at age eighteen, for example. Having the legal responsibility and 
having the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual understanding of responsibility are two entirely 
different things. You get to audition for adult status before you have all the mental mechanisms in place 
to do the complete job.

This transition is often accompanied by the desire to "go it alone." Students have gone off to college; 
others have taken jobs and may move away from home. Many have married and begun their own families. You 
take on the material responsibility for your life, and presumably you are more thoughtful in your 
decision-making. You feel alone as you transition from a primary role of junior family member to the 
role of adult independence. Even if you marry and have children, you are still going through the 
transition and may feel very lonely as you make important decisions. Yet you need to separate your 
identity from the peer group, just as you separated from the family, in order to become a healthy individual.

Saturn square Saturn in fixed signs on November 11, 1984:

 You found yourself in a structured world where stability may have been valued over practical change. 
The "rules" got in your way. You may have wanted to trample all resistance, and alternately wanted to
 buckle down and do your work without attracting notice.

 To the extent that you met the challenges, you gained a sense of your own strength. To the extent 
that the challenges felt like defeats, you developed fears that you carried forward from this time. 
Even though you were no longer answering directly to your parents, you had internalized a parental 
voice that informed you about your actions. If events were not been favorable, you may have felt 
guilty about your role in them.

       The Productive Period - About Thirty to About Sixty

During this period, you will work with what you have learned in the first 28 to 30 years. You repeat 
the same Saturn phases, but this time with the benefit of life experience. You now enter the fully 
productive period of your life, armed with the constructive and not-so-constructive lessons you have 

They say that what goes around, comes around, and this is certainly true of Saturn, both literally 
and metaphorically. The way you handle your experiences definitely affects how you meet each subsequent 
challenge. The Saturn Return marks the beginning of the most important period of maturity. This is when 
your productive powers are at their height - a time when you express yourself in the world and are able 
to achieve concrete goals and make a lasting impact.

Because Saturn has made a full circuit of your birth chart, all possible structural relationships have 
been formed. This means that all the pieces are in place, for good or ill. For instance, you have achieved 
nearly complete physical growth. During the next 28 to 30 years, your physical effort shifts away from 
growth and toward work and maintenance of health.

You are capable of making big changes, but they are dependent on how you view the decisions you made 
during the first 30 years of your life. You may become more conservative and serious, or you may undertake 
significant changes in career, spiritual direction, and family relationships. At this time you tend to 
think deeply about your life, and the direction you want to take in the future. These decisions are 
likely to have a lasting impact.

The Saturn Return creates a new pattern in the heavens. Although you will always respond 
most strongly to your birth chart, the chart for the Saturn Return sets the tone for the 
next 28 to 30 years of your life. Therefore this report analyses the potential in that 
chart as if it were a birth chart - for the birth of your productive period.

Milestone IV: The First Saturn Return: Around Age 29 - 30

Because we are talking about the Saturn Return, Saturn is in the same sign as it was in 
your birth chart. However, you have 28 to 30 years of experience building the structure 
of your physical body, your mental capacity, your emotional tendencies, and your 
spiritual understanding. Thus the second Saturn passage will be significantly different 
from the first.

At this time you may review the past, and get an attitude check-up. How are you doing
 with your material ambitions? Are you on the career track that is best for you? What 
kinds of changes may be necessary or appropriate at this time, in order to get you 
moving or keep you moving in a positive direction?

The time of the Saturn return is good for clearing out the dead wood of a stagnant 
career, old relationships, and other things that are no longer useful to you. This is 
also a time of beginning. After any repairs to your life that seem essential, you can 
take off in a new direction. If you like where you find yourself, you enter into life's 
activities with renewed vigor. Finally, you put down deep roots that support you through
 the next 28 to 30 years successfully.

During this transitional period you learn a lot about yourself, about the people close 
to you, and about your long-term goals and desires. You test out the methods you have 
learned in the past and refine them as you go along. You may find (or recall) yourself 
looking into yourself . What have you personally accomplished? What have you had to 
endure, through no fault of your own, but because of circumstances? Where are you in 
terms of goals you may have set for yourself long ago? Are they even important now?

You may never forget the stress you feel (or felt) at this critical transition time. 
You could experience physical illness, psychological stress, or a spiritual shift of 
large proportions. The best bet is to take full responsibility for your life, even 
where circumstances intervene. You are responsible for how you chose to respond to 
them, after all.

For the foreseeable future, how you respond to life is what matters most of all. You 
have the opportunity to choose your associates, choose your career, and choose your 
belief systems. You are challenged to reach your highest potential in all areas of 
your life. You are, of course, building on everything that happened during the first 
period, finding remedies for gaps in your education or worldview, and forging ahead. 
If there are difficulties, you find that you not only have to face them, you have to 
sort out issues from the past as well.

Your Personal Saturn Return Chart Indicators

SATURN RETURN on January 25, 1993:

Saturn in Aquarius:

Working toward higher ideals will be a strong part of your personality. If, during the 
first cycle, you have built a structure of creative planning upon solid foundations, 
you are very likely to continue to add to that side of your personality.

Saturn in Natal 2nd House:

You were born with Saturn in the house of personal resources and self-esteem. You will 
find that your focus, while continuing to reflect the significance of these factors, 
now turns to other matters.

Saturn in 10th House of Saturn Return Chart:

 In the Return chart Saturn is in the house of career and social life. During the next 
28 to 30 years, you find that public matters take on greater importance. In addition 
you will discover how the right pursuit of livelihood requires your direct attention, 
and you will learn how to establish and maintain clear standards of behavior in all 
areas of your life.

 During this cycle you learn from experience. You can do everything the hard way, or 
you can remember the past - you only have to make a mistake once. In fact, if you pay 
attention to what other people do, you may not even have to do that. This is the time 
to evaluate the system. Are you on the right career path? If not, take the time to 
consider your personal goals. You learn the lessons of your successes as well as your
 mistakes. In the process you find a more stable position, or you take steps to achieve
 more security in your present career. The key to success at this time is self-awareness. 
If you listen to your own inner voice, instead of judging situations according to other
 people’s rules, you find that you are more satisfied with your life direction.

 Eventually you find that the sticky connections have loosened up a bit. You can 
consciously choose to remain connected, or to let go of the past. And instead of depending
 on others for support and encouragement, you find that these essentials are coming from 
within yourself. You are able to provide for yourself, and you seek a partner who supports 
your needs and desires. You retain lessons concerning material things that serve you well,
 and discard those that were never truly comfortable to begin with. Keep in mind that this 
ongoing process continues for 28 to 30 years, up to the next Saturn Return.

Saturn in hard aspect with Asc. in Saturn Return chart:

A chronic ailment may develop, or you may have a round of episodes of an illness you thought
 was under control. You may feel more separated from others than you actually are. This is a
 cycle in which you develop very slowly in terms of career and social status, but the 
development does occur.

Saturn in soft aspect with Jupiter in Saturn Return chart:

During the coming cycle you find that patience is richly rewarded. Look for business and
 financial opportunities. Explore them to assure they are built upon sound logic. Choose 
investments that promise long-term, steady gain. Develop both long-terms goals and short-term tactics.


Compare the above thoughts about Saturn to the information about you at the beginning of 
this interpretation. There may be certain similarities, and there are probably striking 
differences. Keep in mind that you don't stop being the person represented by your birth 
chart. However, you are now entering an extended period during which you add nuances to 
your repertoire of behaviors.

Milestone V - Sense of Purpose: Around Age 36 - 37

This developmental transition gives you get a chance to review what you have been doing 
since your Saturn Return. This life transition parallels the changes at around age seven. 
The earlier challenge was to develop a sense of self. Now the challenge is to develop a 
sense of personal purpose. No longer under the thumb of family and society, you face 
life's challenges as a true individual.

At this time you begin to sense the empty places in your life. There is a strong tendency
 to fill them with something - anything. Experience tells you, however, not to fill them 
with just anything that comes along. There is an intentional quality to your decisions 
that is thought out more carefully than when you were seven.

Saturn square Saturn in fixed signs on April 30, 2000:

 Depending on the goals you set at the beginning of this cycle, you are in one of two places.
 You may be chugging ahead, making steady progress in life. You feel content with your personal 
position, and you see yourself as a strong team player. The other possibility is that your
 train is on a side track, taking you somewhere you don’t necessarily want to go. In either
 case, you take a good look at your situation, and make decisions now to adjust your course
 and or speed.

Milestone VI - Midlife Crisis: Around Age 43 - 44

The often-mentioned, much misunderstood midlife crisis is actually a period of self-evaluation
 that benefits from objectivity. Now is the time to assess everything that has happened since
 your Saturn Return at age 28 to30. Because you make this assessment yourself, it must be based
 upon your own values, and not upon some measuring stick outside yourself.

Saturn opposition Saturn in fixed signs on September 10, 2006:
Saturn opposition Saturn in fixed signs on March 17, 2007:
Saturn opposition Saturn in fixed signs on May 23, 2007:

 You try to push doggedly forward, believing that with enough effort, everything will work out.
 The problem is, you face massive resistance to change. Interestingly, your intuition may be 
your salvation. Pay attention to feelings you ignored or suppressed around age fifteen.

 At this transition, many people change marriage partners, change careers, and change their
 attitudes in general. Some of these changes are necessary, if further progress is to occur. 
Some are the result of immature decisions, growing out of earlier failures to complete 
developmental lessons. Either way, you will be change forever during this time. Roles that 
seemed to be permanently defined when you were fifteen, now may dissolve or even reverse 
themselves. Many people undertake the care of a parent at this stage of life, for example.

 At this stage of life, most of us find that we are no longer "young". Oh, we may continue 
to fight the weight, the wrinkles, and the aches and pains. Still, objectively speaking,
 we know we are not the twenty-one-year-olds we once were. A great many of us are at the 
midpoint of life, as we can expect to live into our 80’s and even 90’s. A good objective 
look now can set you on a course for the rest of your life that, instead of feeling like 
a downhill slide, is more like a contented drive - no longer pedal-to-the-metal all the 
time, but satisfying nonetheless.

Milestone VII - A Time of Change: Around Age 50 - 51

Similar to the crisis at age 21 or 22, once again you are taking a look at your typical 
behavior, and you may be deciding to make changes. Your attitudes and values may be
 pushing you to do more. Some people return to school. Others develop a creative talent.
 Still others find charitable work. If your own children are grown, and have moved away
 from home, you may have time, money and energy to spend on travel. In addition, you now
 must begin to treat your own children as adults, which can be a challenge in itself.

You are probably earning the most you ever have. If you are not satisfied with your career
, there can be a major job change. This involves certain risks, and you may have to work
 through emotional issues from the past in order to be able to make the change.

Health issues could call for a change in lifestyle and/or diet.

Saturn square Saturn in fixed signs on December 19, 2013:
Saturn square Saturn in fixed signs on May 22, 2014:
Saturn square Saturn in fixed signs on September 15, 2014:

 Other people believe you never run out of steam. You know better. By this time you have 
learned to use your energy more wisely, and to simplify your life. As you take a deeper 
look into metaphysical matters, you sometimes expect more from people than you get in
 the way of spiritual progress. Your own spiritual rebirth seems to carry you away 
from others for a while, but eventually you find you are closer than ever. In this
 process you feel somewhat alone, even if you have family and associates around you.
 You are becoming aware that you provide the meaning in your life. You can no longer 
depend on children, family, or other people to do this for you.

         Becoming a Mentor - About Fifty-Nine Years Old

Some time near the 56th birthday, Saturn again returns to its birth position. This 
ignals the beginning of a third life phase - that of mentor. In traditional societies
 the role of elder is an honored position. Generally the elders no longer participate 
in many of society's activities. They no longer are the hunters, the warriors, or the 
hard-hitting business people. Instead they take on the roles of historian, teacher,
 mentor and counselor, and the wisdom that comes with experience is highly valued.

You have just completed about thirty years of creative, productive work, and there is 
no need to cut yourself off from that at this time. However, you benefit from turning 
your attention away from new creative projects of your own, and using your energy to 
help younger people develop their creative potential. You are able to help them because
 you have been there - you have had revolutionary ideas, you have changed careers, you
 have lived the life that they are embarking on.

This transition requires that you make some changes in your thinking. There is a second 
Saturn return chart that provides a major update. It indicates where you have been, and
 also shines a beacon on the path that remains before you. Because this third period 
includes old age, the chart for the second Saturn Return provides indications of what 
your final years will be like in terms of health, social activities, family responsibilities
, and all other areas of your later adult years. Just as you have gathered wisdom along 
the path, as seen by Saturn's passage through your chart, you now have the capacity to 
understand issues that have followed you, provide guidance for younger people, and look 
forward to planting the seeds of your experience for others to nourish themselves.

Inevitably, this is a time of letting go. You are no longer as strong, as energetic, or 
as interested as you once were. We know that people are often able to maintain robust 
health well past the age of sixty, so it is not as if you suddenly switch off. You may,
 however, find yourself making "sensible" decisions, where formerly you could say yes to
 just about every opportunity, and not worry about rest, diet, and other security needs.

Milestone VIII - Second Saturn Return: Around Age 58 - 60

SATURN RETURN on March 4, 2022:
SATURN RETURN on September 27, 2022:
SATURN RETURN on November 17, 2022:

Saturn in Aquarius:

As the second full Saturn cycle comes to a close, you seek to consolidate gains in the 
social arena.

Saturn in Natal 2nd House:

You were born with Saturn in the house of personal finances and self-esteem.

SATURN RETURN on March 4, 2022:

Saturn in 5th House of Saturn Return Chart:

 In the second Saturn Return chart, Saturn is in the house of creativity of all kinds.
 This area of life takes on greater significance for you during the mentoring cycle. 
Because you have come through two full cycles, your level of self-awareness is much 
higher now, and there is a strong focus on using that awareness as the motivation and
guidance system for your mentoring cycle.

Saturn in hard aspect with Mercury in Saturn Return chart:

During this cycle you may find that communication is more difficult. This could be due
 to a hearing problem, or it could be that you are living far away from family and friends. 
Yet in many ways this is indeed the time of your life, and you take a philosophical 
view of your work - and your play.

Saturn in soft aspect with MC in Saturn Return chart:

During this cycle you learn more about yourself than you thought possible. Regardless
 of how open you have been throughout your life, now you learn about inner motivations 
and attitudes that were developed early on, for good or ill. And you are able to change.

SATURN RETURN on September 27, 2022:

Saturn in 9th House of Saturn Return Chart:

In the second Saturn Return chart, Saturn is in the house of higher mind and transcendent
 values. These areas of life take on greater significance for you during the mentoring cycle. 
Because you have come through two full cycles, your level of self-awareness is much higher 
now, and there is a strong focus on using that awareness as the motivation and guidance system 
for your mentoring cycle.

 At this time of your life, you approach total mastery of your work. You do this not through 
pushing yourself hard, but through meditating and considering the most effective action
 to take next. This is a time to be generous - with yourself and with others.
 No hard-edged tactics are necessary. The mentor welcomes others in, and helps them to
 achieve their own highest potential.

Saturn in hard aspect with Sun in Saturn Return chart:

Two things happen simultaneously with this combination of energies. On the one hand, you 
are able to reap what you have sown - you achieve success of failure based on your own actions
. On the other hand, you face a new beginning, a time when you will be acting on your own 
authority. The seclusion or retirement that one expects during this third cycle will suit
 you well.

Saturn in hard aspect with Jupiter in Saturn Return chart:

During this cycle you may find you are somewhat impatient with other people. You feel, 
perhaps, that you know a better way to get things done. Letting other people have their way
 makes you feel somewhat insecure, but it is best to work with people rather than against them.

Saturn in hard aspect with Uranus in Saturn Return chart:

You have the will power and endurance to tough your way through difficult situations. 
You gain personal strength and confidence this way. If you resist your day-to-day reality, 
you create tension and emotional conflict for yourself. If you are aware of the flow of 
energy and go with it, you find that your intuition leads you along the path of least resistance.

Saturn in hard aspect with MC in Saturn Return chart:

During this cycle you set goals and cling to hope that you can meet them. Life feels like 
a major struggle, as you find it harder to accomplish as much as you used to. At the
 same time, if you are open to new ideas, you find that your attitudes soften. You 
stand up to life courageously.

Saturn in soft aspect with Moon in Saturn Return chart:

This cycle will demand careful attention in all your activities. This means developing 
a budget that works with your desired employment / retirement plans. It also means 
regular health check-ups and healthy diet.

Saturn in soft aspect with Mars in Saturn Return chart:

You find you have unusual endurance, and you are able to resist illness. You may have
 periods of weakness, followed by periods of exceptional strength. You may experience 
the atrophy of physical tissues, yet you are able to manage these physical changes well.

SATURN RETURN on November 17, 2022:

Saturn in 1st House of Saturn Return Chart:

 In the second Saturn Return chart, Saturn is in the house of personality and personal 
affairs. These areas of life take on greater significance for you during the mentoring
 cycle. Because you have come through two full cycles, your level of self-awareness
 is much higher now, and there is a strong focus on using that awareness as the 
motivation and guidance system for your mentoring cycle.

Saturn in hard aspect with Uranus in Saturn Return chart:

You have the will power and endurance to tough your way through difficult situations.
 You gain personal strength and confidence this way. If you resist your day-to-day 
reality, you create tension and emotional conflict for yourself. If you are aware of 
the flow of energy and go with it, you find that your intuition leads you along the
 path of least resistance.

Saturn in soft aspect with Mars in Saturn Return chart:

You find you have unusual endurance, and you are able to resist illness. You may 
have periods of weakness, followed by periods of exceptional strength. You may experience 
the atrophy of physical tissues, yet you are able to manage these physical changes well.


At this stage of life, your responses to the energies around you should be more mature, 
more considered, and more consistent. As you compare the indicators at this point in
 life with those from age 28 to 30, you can see trends in your life. It helps to look
 ahead to future energy patterns, and aim for a place that will work with those energies.

Keep in mind that you may have many years yet ahead of you, and this is no time to
 quit. Instead, set your sights on specific, manageable goals that help you to develop 
and embrace the mentoring role.

Milestone IX - Retire or Re-vision Your Life?: Around Age 65 - 68

Consistent with earlier evaluation phases, one at age seven and one at around age 37, 
you are poised to evaluate your entrance into the mentoring period and to decide if 
you are on a comfortable path. You may have continued an active career path up to this 
point, and may even decide to continue for a few more years. If an actual teaching role
 does not suit you, you may teach by example. People will look at the way you handle
 problems, for example, and benefit from your experience.

You are likely to face some physical challenges throughout this phase, and attention 
to the demands of your body is essential if you are to continue to be active.

Saturn square Saturn in fixed signs on June 10, 2029:
Saturn square Saturn in fixed signs on December 15, 2029:
Saturn square Saturn in fixed signs on February 22, 2030:

 You may find that your ability to make dramatic changes is diminished at this time. 
You once thrived on high drama, but now you prefer smoother sailing. You will want
 to consult with a physician or nutritional counselor about the changing dietary 
needs of the sixty to seventy-something age group. You may find that your ability 
to think through complex problems diminishes, or at least your desire to be involved
 in them does. You can still contribute to both long and short-term planning, 
but you don’t want to be engaged in this kind of thought all the time.

Milestone X - Inspiring Others: Around Age 72-75

At this point in life, you find that awareness results in a deeper level of creativity.
 For example, you are poised to see your work accomplished through others, instead 
of having to do everything yourself. You offer the inspiration for works, rather 
than doing the work yourself. You have heightened awareness of the roles you choose
 to play. You are also aware that you have somewhat limited energy, so you must
 make definite choices about how to direct your activities. You may find that while
 you need less sleep at night, you need time to rest during the day.

Your emotional life is steadier now. You have experienced increasing self-awareness
 around ages fifteen, when you were becoming more of a social being, and 42 to 45,
 when you were evaluating your successes or failures as a productive member of society.
 Now you are evaluating your capacity to help others to become aware of their own

Saturn opposition Saturn in fixed signs on November 19, 2035:
Saturn opposition Saturn in fixed signs on December 11, 2035:
Saturn opposition Saturn in fixed signs on July 17, 2036:

 Your contribution may be to help others "cook" their ideas. This means that you help
 them to identify the goal, develop practical means to achieve it, and test the results
 to see if they hold up to the desired standard. You are a good manager if you keep
 your hands off the process itself. You help them to bring all their mental assets 
to bear on problem solving - even their emotional investment in the outcome. While
 you probably won’t want to engage in this kind of activity 24-7, you are able to 
help in the clinches. You are aware of a very full life available to you at this time
, although you see how different it is from thirty (or sixty) years ago.

Milestone XI - Think Young: Around Age 79 - 82

There is very likely a sense of wrapping up your active life. You find that you have 
accomplished a lot. You may have some regrets, but more about the things you have not
 tried than about the things you have. If you feel constrained to reach goals at
 this time, expect to apply greater effort now. This is a time to consider what 
might have been as just that - an alternate path that you did not take. Then focus
 on where you are now, and how to make the most of it - and think young!

You may still hold a position as the elder family member, and you may be active on
 the board of an organization, or as a volunteer in a community organization. 
In this way your wisdom is put to use in exactly the way you choose. You may be in
 a position to require some care-taking yourself. At this juncture you identify the 
shift of responsibility off your shoulders and onto someone else, to the extent 
that you have not already completed this kind of transition.

Saturn square Saturn in fixed signs on October 27, 2043:

 This is the third time you have taken the practical path to change. You see stability 
as strength now, where earlier you felt the rules were there to be broken. Courage
 has been a life partner for you. Now is a time for a more grounded review of events 
and conditions. A conservative perspective is useful.

Milestone XII: Third Saturn Return: Around Age 86 - 89

At the time of your third Saturn Return, you have completed three full phases of your
 life. Traditionally, only a very few people lived to this age. With better nutrition
 and modern medical advances, more people are living well into their eighties, and even
 nineties. The physical body has slowed down some. Yet you continue to grow emotionally 
and spiritually. In addition, a significant part of your time may be spent in looking 
forward to the end of your physical life, and anticipating the next life. You have had 
three full passages of Saturn through your birth chart, and have therefore had three 
full opportunities to grow, to learn, to produce, and to mentor others. At this point 
you may be looking back as well, recalling the high spots and the low moments. To the
 extent that you have remained true to yourself throughout your life, you are content
 with the outcomes of your decisions.

SATURN RETURN on April 18, 2051:
SATURN RETURN on July 13, 2051:
SATURN RETURN on January 9, 2052:

Saturn in Aquarius:

As the third Saturn cycle comes to a close, you look forward to letting go of any 
extravagant desires you still have.

Saturn in Natal 2nd House:

Saturn in the house of personal resources - Your lifelong work has involved personal 
finances and self-esteem. Through each cycle you have looked at this part of your life
 in detail, and you have experienced the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual
 perspectives. At each Saturn Return you have also found that another area of life 
took center stage, along with your resources.

SATURN RETURN on April 18, 2051:

Saturn in 12th House of Saturn Return Chart:

 At your third Saturn Return, Saturn is in the house of private affairs. Secrets have
 been kept, stories have been told. You now are taking yet another long look at how
 solitude has been part of your life. You may wish to live alone. Or you may find 
renewed strength in a relationship you thought was over long ago.

Saturn in hard aspect with Mercury in Saturn Return chart:

Hearing capacity diminishes, and speaking becomes more of a problem during this cycle.
 In general you are more withdrawn and quieter than you have ever been, yet there is 
intense mental activity.

Saturn in soft aspect with Mars in Saturn Return chart:

Use your energy for those activities that remain important to you, and let others take
 care of you to the extent that you need their help.

SATURN RETURN on July 13, 2051:

Saturn in 5th House of Saturn Return Chart:

 At your third Saturn Return, Saturn is in the house of creativity. Opportunities have come
 and gone, and new experiences have also entered your life. You now are taking yet another
 long look at the creative efforts you have made throughout the years. You may take up a
 new creative medium. Or you may find renewed energy for something you have been doing all

Saturn in hard aspect with Mercury in Saturn Return chart:

Hearing capacity diminishes, and speaking becomes more of a problem during this cycle. 
In general you are more withdrawn and quieter than you have ever been, yet there is 
intense mental activity.

SATURN RETURN on January 9, 2052:

Saturn in 10th House of Saturn Return Chart:

 At your third Saturn Return, Saturn is in the house of career and social position. While
 job opportunities have come and gone, and social interests have also entered your life,
 stayed for a time, and then gone, you now are taking yet another long look at the role 
of self-awareness throughout the years. You may feel suddenly a novice as you discover 
new things about yourself. Or you may find renewed peace as you examine a life well-spent.


The twelve milestones of Saturn's passage all stem from the birth chart. To make effective 
changes at any point in your life, you can look at your individual life map - the birth chart 
- and discover ways to use your gifts for greater success and happiness. The guidelines in 
this interpretation of Saturn in your life provide insight into the structures that work 
best for you, and also a path of least resistance for your efforts.

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