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Heaven Sent to Lovers Back
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Heaven Sent Romantic Compatibility Report for

                          Kurt Russell


                           Goldie Hawn

                      Birth Data for Kurt:

                          Kurt Russell
                         March 17, 1951
                            10:42 AM
                         Springfield, MA

                     Birth Data for Goldie:

                           Goldie Hawn
                        November 21, 1945
                             9:20 AM
                        Washington, D.C.

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There are friendships and there are FRIENDSHIPS, partnerships
(whether business or personal) and PARTNERSHIPS. HEAVEN SENT can
help you understand ALL your interpersonal relationships,
whether business or pleasure, gay or straight, romantic or
platonic, by describing the details of your interactions.

To best understand your relationship with anyone, it is
suggested that you first get their (and your own) natal chart
interpreted. This tells you what makes them (and you) tick.
Then, the comparison tells you what you each trigger in the

HEAVEN SENT is divided into two sections--the first deals with
planets in houses, that is, which of your natal houses are
triggered by his/her planets and vice versa. The second section
deals with planets in aspect, or how your planets relate to each
other. A true comparison involves a blending of everything said
in both sections. This is important since there are often
seemingly contradictory statements made, such as, "You are dear
friends," and, "You compete with each other." Both would be
true. They would simply manifest at different times.

There are two things HEAVEN SENT can do for you:
   1. Give you information you did not already know and,
   2. Validate what you've known all along. (Yes, you were

    Your birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of
the planets at the time of your birth. For the benefit of
students of astrology, these positions, along with other
technical information, are listed below:

Positions and Data for Kurt:
Sun       position is 26 deg. 15 min. of Pisces     
Moon      position is 17 deg. 17 min. of Cancer     
Mercury   position is  2 deg. 19 min. of Aries      
Venus     position is 25 deg. 25 min. of Aries      
Mars      position is 12 deg. 06 min. of Aries      
Jupiter   position is 21 deg. 46 min. of Pisces     
Saturn    position is 29 deg. 13 min. of Virgo      
Uranus    position is  5 deg. 24 min. of Cancer     
Neptune   position is 18 deg. 46 min. of Libra      
Pluto     position is 17 deg. 50 min. of Leo        
N. Node   position is 18 deg. 47 min. of Pisces     
Asc.      position is  0 deg. 21 min. of Cancer     
MC        position is  5 deg. 30 min. of Pisces     
2nd cusp  position is 19 deg. 56 min. of Cancer     
3rd cusp  position is 10 deg. 26 min. of Leo        
5th cusp  position is  9 deg. 09 min. of Libra      
6th cusp  position is 21 deg. 10 min. of Scorpio    

Tropical Zodiac   Standard time observed.
GMT: 15:42:00     Time Zone: 5 hours West.
Lat. and Long. of birth: 42 N 06 05   72 W 35 25
House System: PLACIDUS

Positions and Data for Goldie:
Sun       position is 28 deg. 55 min. of Scorpio    
Moon      position is 26 deg. 24 min. of Gemini     
Mercury   position is 20 deg. 44 min. of Sagittarius
Venus     position is 11 deg. 39 min. of Scorpio    
Mars      position is  2 deg. 05 min. of Leo        
Jupiter   position is 18 deg. 28 min. of Libra      
Saturn    position is 24 deg. 41 min. of Cancer     
Uranus    position is 16 deg. 06 min. of Gemini     
Neptune   position is  7 deg. 57 min. of Libra      
Pluto     position is 11 deg. 47 min. of Leo        
N. Node   position is  1 deg. 37 min. of Cancer     
Asc.      position is 27 deg. 55 min. of Sagittarius
MC        position is 19 deg. 42 min. of Libra      
2nd cusp  position is  5 deg. 05 min. of Aquarius   
3rd cusp  position is 15 deg. 29 min. of Pisces     
5th cusp  position is 16 deg. 00 min. of Taurus     
6th cusp  position is  7 deg. 34 min. of Gemini     

Tropical Zodiac   Standard time observed.
GMT: 14:20:00     Time Zone: 5 hours West.
Lat. and Long. of birth: 38 N 53 42   77 W 02 12
House System: PLACIDUS
Kurt's Sun Trine Goldie's Sun:

You get along well because your egos and manner of
self-expression are compatible. Because you like each other, you
bring out the best in each other and permit the other to shine.
This is a plus in both work and play situations.

Kurt's Sun Square Goldie's Moon:

Your relationship has strong emotional highs and lows. Whenever
one of you expresses yourself, the other feels emotionally
threatened. This can create arguments. This aspect represents
the conflict between expressing yourselves when emotions run
high and protecting yourselves, between creating and nurturing.
You each want your way and have strong emotional reasons to
justify yourselves.

Goldie's Sun Trine Kurt's Mercury:

You listen to each other, hear what the other is saying and
understand one another. You encourage each others'
self-expression because you enjoy one another's ideas.

Kurt's Sun Square Goldie's Mercury:

The ego is standing in the way of comprehension, causing you to
tune the other out and resulting in confusion. You may have to
repeat and explain youselves, so while there may be much
conversation, there is a lack of understanding between the two
of you.

Kurt's Sun Trine Goldie's Mars:

You energize and activate each other positively, and encourage
one another to go for it NOW. You trigger the winning spirit in
each other. Life becomes an adventure when you are together.

Goldie's Sun Trine Kurt's Jupiter:

You ave a beautiful friendship. You like each other and love
being together. You help each other see the big picture and
trigger optimism and generosity in one another.

Kurt's Sun Trine Goldie's Saturn:

You have a mutual respect and trust for each other. You take
each other seriously and act maturely together. You each assume
your responsibilities in the relationship without any sense of
burden or restriction.

Kurt's Sun Square Goldie's N. Node:

You block one another's creative flow, which deters you from
expressing your highest and best.

Goldie's Moon Square Kurt's Mercury:

You respond emotionally to each other's opinions and feel that
the other does not see things clearly. When one of you is coming
from the intellect, the other is coming from emotions. This
makes it very difficult to understand each other because you are
both constantly repeating and explaining yourselves.

Kurt's Moon Trine Goldie's Venus:

You love each other and want to be together. You care about one
another, support each other emotionally and encourage the
other's artistic talents and appreciation.

Kurt's Moon Square Goldie's Jupiter:

There is a conflict between generosity and tenacity in your
friendship. You can exaggerate your own accomplishments at the
same time you overindulge the other with gifts, praise, etc. As
a result, honesty is replaced by exaggeration. You want to see
yourselves as generous friends---and will prove it with a

Kurt's Moon Conjunct Goldie's Saturn:

You simultaneously bring out each other's need for and fear of
nurturning by triggering unresolved emotions relating to
authority figures. You feel a sense of responsibility for each
other but can feel held down and restricted by the relationship.
You are serious, possibly moody when you are togehter.

Goldie's Moon Square Kurt's Saturn:

You trigger an unresolved fear of authority figures in one
another. As a result, you are afraid of each other, yet still
feel drawn to be together. You both feel responsible for your
part in the relationship, but withhold from one another. This
causes you to both feel restricted and inhibited.

Goldie's Moon Conjunct Kurt's Uranus:

Your relationship is unique and exciting. You bring out one
another's individuality and even, at times, rebellion. You each
want to be free and independent, yet are magnetically attracted
to one another. You are psychically in tune with each other.

Goldie's Moon Trine Kurt's Neptune:

You are intuitively sensitive to one another's moods and
feelings. You inspire each other to fulfill your dreams. You
encourage one another to see the highest and best in everyone.
You feel that the other is special---and blessed to be

Kurt's Moon Square Goldie's Neptune:

You each want the other to be perfect, so you place one another
in a bubble on a pedestal. This permits you to worship from
afar. If the bubble bursts and the pedestal tumbles, you
experience disillusionment and disappointment. The way out is to
see the other as they are, not as you'd like them to be.

Goldie's Moon Square Kurt's N. Node:

Your emotional needs are at odds and block your flow. You rely
emotionally on each other and are, therefore, disappointed when
you don't receive the nurturing and understanding you want.

Goldie's Mercury Trine Kurt's Venus:

Your social skills, as well as artistic appreciation, complement
each other. You help one another see the positive and

Kurt's Mercury Trine Goldie's Mars:

You express yourselves clearly and directly. You get right to
the point. Your conversations are funny, alert and lively. You
trigger new ideas in one another.

Goldie's Mercury Square Kurt's Jupiter:

Your beliefs and concepts are different, so while you trigger
one another's ideas, you don't understand each other. There is a
tendency to exaggerate as well, so it is difficult to discern
fact from fiction. There can be much conversation, but little

Kurt's Mercury Trine Goldie's Saturn:

You trigger each other's practical thoughts and ideas. You
respect one another's opinions and listen while the other

Goldie's Mercury Square Kurt's Saturn:

You tend to see the glass as half empty rather than half full
when you are together. You criticize one another's ideas because
you see their flaws. As a result, you are each afraid to express
your ideas. This makes conversation heavy and restrictive---and
can eliminate it altogether.

Goldie's Mercury Sextile Kurt's Neptune:

You are spiritually in tune and inspire each other without
saying a word. You bring out the other's most beautiful thoughts
and ideas.

Kurt's Mercury Opposition Goldie's Neptune:

Because you trigger each other's dreams and because you believe
in your dreams, you want to believe in one another. This results
in either wishful thinking or true inspiration.

Kurt's Mercury Trine Goldie's Pluto:

You are psychically and mentally in tune. You speak to each
other on many level at once. You encourage one another's most
profound thoughts and revelations.

Kurt's Mercury Square Goldie's N. Node:

You feel blocked in communication with each other. You either go
blank and remain silent or say too much.

Kurt's Venus Square Goldie's Mars:

You are passionate about one another, sexually attracted to each
other and excited when you are together. You can be competitive
with each other and therefore, feel both love and hate for one
another, depending on the situation.

Kurt's Venus Opposition Goldie's Jupiter:

You can overdo your expression of love for each other through
generosity or gifts. This is because it is difficult for you to
express your true feelings.

Kurt's Venus Square Goldie's Saturn:

You both want a serious relationship, yet are afraid to express
your feelings. This is inhibiting and restrictive. You can be
cold and distant with one another, and feel lonely even when you
are together. You may each be waiting for the other to make the
first move, whether with love or money.

Goldie's Venus Trine Kurt's Uranus:

You find each other stimulating. Life becomes an adventure when
you are together. You are sexually attracted to one another and
intrigued with each other. The relationship is
unpredictable---and fun.

Goldie's Venus Square Kurt's Pluto:

The sexual energies between you are powerful. You are each
jealous and possessive when you feel you are not in
control---and you will manipulate in order to be in control.
There is an all-of-nothing tone to the relationship.

Goldie's Venus Trine Kurt's N. Node:

Your mutual love supports, encourages and benefits you both.

Kurt's Mars Opposition Goldie's Jupiter:

You are friends, but can be competitive with each other,
constantly challenging one another to expand your horizons. You
each believe you are right, and tempers flare when you both want
your own way. The sexual energy between you is strong and adds
to the already powerful emotional tone of this relationship.

Goldie's Mars Sextile Kurt's Saturn:

You assume your respective responsibilities in the relationship
and work together to get the job done correctly and smoothly.
You function well as a work tesm. You respect one another and
take each other seriously.

Kurt's Mars Sextile Goldie's Uranus:

Your relationship is always unique and exciting because you
encourage each other to be yourselves, to be innovative and
inventive, and to go for it NOW. Your energies are positive,
exciting and enthusiastic.

Kurt's Mars Opposition Goldie's Neptune:

You send out mixed messages which create opposite desires in
each other. You inspire one another to go for your dreams and
then doubt the other's ability to do so and/or make them feel
guilty for doing so. This discourages any progress and can end
the dream.

Kurt's Mars Trine Goldie's Pluto:

Your feelings for each other are strong and you express them
clearly and directly. You encourage each other's ambition,
self-confidence and courage, and support one another in pursuing
your goals.

Kurt's Jupiter Trine Goldie's Saturn:

You balance each other beautifully and act as practical
optimists when you are together. You are honest, ethical and
responsible with each other. You can both work and play

Kurt's Jupiter Square Goldie's Uranus:

You encourage one another to be innovative and expand your
horizons---but you also trigger one another's rebellion. Your
friendship is filled with unexpected flare ups as each of you
rebels against the status quo.

Goldie's Jupiter Conjunct Kurt's Neptune:

There is a spiritual bond between you. You inspire each other to
great heights of achievement, and encouarge each other to be
your highest and best. You want to live according to your
principles, but can get carried away by the dream of doing so.
Wishful thinking can cloud your vision.

Goldie's Jupiter Sextile Kurt's Pluto:

Your psychic energies and universal insights combine to help
mankind. You encourage one another to live according to your
principles. You are truthful and believe in one another.

Kurt's Jupiter Square Goldie's N. Node:

Mutual overindulgence prevents you from expanding your

Kurt's Saturn Sextile Goldie's Saturn:

You respect one another and take one another seriously. You
interact maturely and responsibly with each other. You
appreciate one another's concept of home, family and tradition.
Kurt's Saturn Conjunct Goldie's Neptune:

You inspire one another to put your dreams into practical
application, and then trigger doubt and fear in each other as to
your abilities to do so. As a result, you can dream great dreams
and not act on them.

Goldie's Saturn Square Kurt's Neptune:

You squelch each other's dreams by triggering doubt, fear,
insecurity and guilt in one another.

Goldie's Saturn Trine Kurt's N. Node:

You help one another assume your repsonsibilities.

Kurt's Saturn Square Goldie's N. Node:

You trigger one another's fears and resistances. This holds you
both back.

Goldie's Uranus Trine Kurt's Neptune:

You inspire one another to be innovative, independent and
creative. You feel the other is special. You are in tune

Kurt's Uranus Square Goldie's Neptune:

You inspire each other to rebel and then squelch the
inspiration. You get carried away with your dreams and

Kurt's Uranus Conjunct Goldie's N. Node:

You encourage one another's uniqueness, inventiveness and

Goldie's Uranus Square Kurt's N. Node:

You trigger rebellion and nonconformity in one another. This is
reflected in your relationship.

Kurt's Neptune Sextile Goldie's Pluto:

You are psychic together. You inspire one another to achieve
limitless success.

Kurt's Pluto Conjunct Goldie's Pluto:

You understand one another's need for control. Nevertheless,
your own need for control can trigger a power play betwen you.

Kurt's Sun Square Goldie's Asc.:

You clash with each other and block one another's progress
because you each want your way and feel you are right.

Goldie's Mercury Opposition Kurt's Asc.:

You either trigger one another's ideas by presenting the
opposite point of view, or confuse each other for the same

Kurt's Mercury Square Goldie's Asc.:

You don't always understand one another and have to repeat
yourselves to avoid confusion.

Kurt's Venus Trine Goldie's Asc.:

You enjoy one another very much and bring out the other's beauty
and love.

Kurt's Jupiter Square Goldie's Asc.:

You overindulge, boast, brag and exaggerate when you are

Kurt's Saturn Square Goldie's Asc.:

You restrict, inhibit and, therefore, fear one another.

Kurt's Uranus Opposition Goldie's Asc.:

You trigger one another's uniqueness, inventiveness and
individuality, but also the desire to be free, liberated and

Goldie's Neptune Square Kurt's Asc.:

You confuse, deceive and delude one another because you do not
see each other clearly.

Kurt's N. Node Square Goldie's Asc.:

You feel restricted and blocked by one another.

Kurt's Sun in Goldie's 3rd house:

You open Goldie's mind to new and creative ideas and encourage
him/her to express them. As a result, Goldie can speak with more
authority and conviction. However, because you influence Goldie
with your thinking, he/she may be expressing your ideas.

Goldie's Sun in Kurt's 6th house:

Goldie encourages you to be creative, to take pride in your work
and to be a leader on the job. However, in a work situation, it
is Goldie who becomes the leader.

Kurt's Moon in Goldie's 7th house:

You trigger Goldie's emotional security need for a partner.
Goldie is instinctively drawn to you for companionship and sees
you as his/her equal. Your message to Goldie is to do for
others, particularly you.

Goldie's Moon in Kurt's 12th house:

Goldie triggers your emotional need for solitude and privacy.
You feel more deeply about Goldie than you may be aware. Your
relationship may have a private tone to it.

Kurt's Mercury in Goldie's 3rd house:

Goldie's mimd comes alive when he/she is with you---and he/she
may become more talkative when you are together.

Goldie's Mercury in Kurt's 6th house:

You think of your work and how to serve others when you are with

Kurt's Venus in Goldie's 4th house:

You trigger a love of home and family in Goldie.

Goldie's Venus in Kurt's 5th house:

Goldie triggers romantic feelings within you. You want to play
and have fun when you are together.

Kurt's Mars in Goldie's 3rd house:

Goldie speaks quickly, directly and even angrily to you. He/she
sees the bottom line and must verbalize it.

Goldie's Mars in Kurt's 2nd house:

Goldie triggers your impatience with money---getting it as well
as spending it. You can be tenacious of what is yours.

Kurt's Jupiter in Goldie's 3rd house:

You expand Goldie's thinking by helping him/her see the big
picture. He/she may become more talkative when you are

Goldie's Jupiter in Kurt's 5th house:

Goldie triggers a strong desire within you for fun, pleasure and
enjoyment of all kinds.

Kurt's Saturn in Goldie's 9th house:

You trigger a traditional philosophy within A which can
encompass obedience to, respect for and even fear of God. Goldie
may feel restricted by this outlook.

Goldie's Saturn in Kurt's 2nd house:

Goldie triggers within you more repsonsibility and more concern
over money. You may be fearful of losing possessions and become
tenacious of what you own.

Kurt's Uranus in Goldie's 7th house:

You trigger Goldie's desire for an exciting, unique,
unpredictable relationship. Goldie never knows what to expect
with you.

Goldie's Uranus in Kurt's 12th house:

When you are with Goldie you feel confined and want to break
loose because he/she triggers a subconscious rebellion within

Kurt's Neptune in Goldie's 9th house:

You inspire Goldie to have faith and serve God, and may open
him/her to a more spiritual or mystical phliosophy of life.

Goldie's Neptune in Kurt's 4th house:

Goldie either triggers visions of the ideal home life or
confuses you about your family. This leaves you open to wishful
thinking in domestic situations.

Kurt's Pluto in Goldie's 8th house:

You control Goldie on a deep, subconscious level, which triggers
his/her desire to be in control. This can bring about a total
change in his/her concept of power, manipulation and control.

Goldie's Pluto in Kurt's 3rd house:

Goldie controls your ideas and triggers your desire to control
them. This can bring about a total change in your thinking.

Kurt's N. Node in Goldie's 3rd house:

Goldie would do best to apply his/her logical thinking rather
than getting carried away by philosophies or concepts.

Goldie's N. Node in Kurt's 1st house:

Your personal success comes from developing your individual
talents rather than relying on Goldie.
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