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Compatibility and Conflict Report for

                         Anderson Pamela


                            Lee Tommy

                    Birth Data for Anderson:

                         Anderson Pamela
                          July 1, 1967
                    Ladysmith, Canada        

                       Birth Data for Lee:

                            Lee Tommy
                         October 3, 1962
                    Athens > Athínai, Greece 

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                     3355 Bee Cave Road #606
                      Austin, TX 78746 USA
                       Phone: 512-826-5401
    Your birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of
the planets at the time of your birth. For the benefit of
students of astrology, these positions, along with other
technical information, are listed below:

Positions and Data for Anderson:
Sun      position is  9 deg. 15 min. of Cancer
Mercury  position is 20 deg. 52 min. of Cancer
Venus    position is 24 deg. 09 min. of Leo
Mars     position is 22 deg. 19 min. of Libra
Jupiter  position is  7 deg. 21 min. of Leo
Saturn   position is 12 deg. 00 min. of Aries
Uranus   position is 20 deg. 47 min. of Virgo
Neptune  position is 21 deg. 52 min. of Scorpio
Pluto    position is 18 deg. 15 min. of Virgo

Tropical/PLACIDUS   Daylight Savings Time observed.
Time Zone: 8 hours West.   Lat & Long: 48 N 58      123 W 49   

Positions and Data for Lee:
Sun      position is  9 deg. 43 min. of Libra
Mercury  position is 16 deg. 36 min. of Libra
Venus    position is 21 deg. 05 min. of Scorpio
Mars     position is 25 deg. 20 min. of Cancer
Jupiter  position is  3 deg. 56 min. of Pisces
Saturn   position is  4 deg. 48 min. of Aquarius
Uranus   position is  3 deg. 16 min. of Virgo
Neptune  position is 12 deg. 01 min. of Scorpio
Pluto    position is 10 deg. 53 min. of Virgo

Tropical/PLACIDUS   Standard time observed.
Time Zone: 2 hours East.   Lat & Long: 37 N 58      23 E 43   
Dear friends:

Welcome to the Compatibility and Conflict Report and the myriad
ways of expressing the continual dance of life. This report is
based on methods employed through years of working with couples,
observing relationships and analyzing the lives of the famous
and infamous. The contacts described within this program are
certainly not all the combinations possible between two people.
But they are the core patterns of relationship analysis that I
begin with in determining areas of compatibility and potential
conflict between two people. I analyze these basic points of
contact to arrive at my interpretation of what is central for an
enduring relationship or for one that teaches something of
importance and leaves a lasting impression. Additional parts,
patterns and interpretations will be added to this report in the

In many of the interpretations, I've described the highest
potential that one can strive for with a particular combination.
Yet it is only a potential and we are human and have complex
emotions and contradictory issues and reactions at any given
time in our lives. Use this report as a guideline to make your
relationships as rewarding and fulfilling as you possibly can.
And know that your relationships are simply mirroring your own
soul's struggles. Each relationship will fulfill something
within you and challenge you to look at your shadow and
transform yourself. Sometimes this means staying with a partner
or a relationship and sometimes the learning process requires
that you let the relationship go. These decisions are never easy
and they should only be made after careful and truthful
introspection, reflection and guidance. But ultimately, these
decisions are yours and yours alone to make. Remember that
variety is the spice of life and that although you may have some
difficult areas of relating with a partner, it is in those areas
that you can learn the most about yourself and others and grow
in wisdom. It would be a mistake to look for a partner with whom
you have no disagreements at all and this kind of relationship
is a fantasy, rarely if ever, a reality.

Thank you for purchasing this report and I hope it is meaningful
and useful to you.

Special thanks to John Flagg for unflagging editorial support.

To the mystery and magic of relationship chemistry,
Dorothy Oja
Copyright 2000
     Chapter 1: Enjoyment, Closeness and Lasting Impressions

This section is based on the idea that there are three basic
needs in every relationship:

  *  Interest, energy and stimulation or sexuality.
  *  Enjoyment, abundance, expansion of awareness and happiness.
  *  Patterns for commitment, consistency, teaching each other
or reaffirming something essential one for the other and vice

The sort between your charts is for eleven separate aspects that
define energy, fun and lasting impressions between you. Most
strong relationships have at least four to six of these aspects
between their charts.

Lee's Sun Opp Anderson's Saturn:

There is a serious quality in your relationship and a strong
bond with each other. You may feel obligated toward each other
or there could be obstacles making it difficult for you to be
together. It is important for you to determine the level of
commitment and responsibility you are willing to make. There are
bound to be some obstacles for you to overcome in your life
together. You may find the challenges strengthening to your bond
with each other or they may prove to be burdensome. You have
chosen this level of relating in order to develop endurance,
integrity or to build something lasting together. This aspect
tests your sense of integrity and right and wrong. Either one of
you may resist these forces and choose not to take on the
challenge but if you do, you will be stronger for it. This
aspect requires a level of maturity and acceptance of certain
responsibilities. No wimps need apply. If you focus only on the
difficulties between you they will loom larger. If you focus on
resolving  your problems with mutual respect, your relationship
will grow stronger and more stable over time. You have something
important to accomplish together. Whatever the developmental
level that you are able to reach, this relationship will create
an impact that will not soon be forgotten.

Lee's and Anderson's Sun and Jupiter in mutual soft aspect:

You have come together to experience large doses of joy,
excitement, adventure, opportunity and optimism. Each of you
will feel your lives opening up as a result of your
relationship. Good will and positive thinking, provided you've
done your research, will bring you many wonderful experiences.
Because it will be easy for you to give of yourselves or your
resources, you will need to choose carefully. Overextending
yourselves is a real problem and can easily cause your joy and
optimism  to come crashing down. You will desire travel and
other types of learning and personally expanding experiences.
Boredom is anathema, and so both of you will be on the alert for
fun and enriching events or projects to pursue. Learning of many
different types, philosophy and even participation in religious
or spiritual rituals, will be key elements in your life
together. A regular amount of physical activity is vital and
will keep you healthy and your ideas prolific. There is a
distinct desire for comfort and ease but if not balanced well
could lead to laziness or procrastination. The challenge in this
aspect is to maintain mental and physical health. Together, you
will be more inclined to take a philosophical attitude toward
life's experiences and to gain from its richness and variety.

        Chapter 2: Emotions and Communication Between You

These aspects detail the quality of the emotional connection and
basic comfort between the two of you and your ease or difficulty
in communicating, talking with each other and simply
understanding where each of you is coming from. These aspects
also describe how you reason together and resolve issues or

Anderson's Mercury Square Lee's Mercury:

Although you are attracted to each other, there are times when
one of you will have great difficulty in figuring out where the
other is coming from and what she (or he) is trying to tell you.
Your styles of communication can be very different. The premises
upon which you base your reasoning or the logic you use will
often perplex your partner. Especially if you have to decide on
projects or activities together, your differences can quickly
become an issue between you. Talking things through slowly, step
by step, will help each of you to understand how the other
arrived at his (or her) opinion or conclusion. This will take
patience but in the end will be worth it. What's more, by taking
the time to really understand how your partner is thinking, you
can not only learn something important about your partner but
also get a different perspective yourself. You will also learn
how your communication affects others, since your partner is
probably not the only one who can't always understand what
you're trying to say or figure out your logic. You've attracted
this kind of relationship exactly for the purpose of fine tuning
your thought processes and becoming more adept and flexible in
the ways you have of communicating with others. This will be
doubly useful if you are in a business that requires writing or
regularly communicating with others.

     Chapter 3: Your Closest Contacts, Your Strongest Themes

This section interprets the closest connections between your
charts. The idea is that the closest ties explain the major or
central themes of your relationships and the reason you have
come together. The nature of these aspects will also define the
main activities, interests and patterns that comprise your life

Notice that in this section each paragraph contains both the
easier expression of energies as well as the more challenging
ones. Both interpretations are included because these close
connections pertain to the central learning curve of your
relationship. Based on the premise that the more exact the
connection (also the closest energetic contact) between your
pair of planets, the more psychologically significant the aspect
will be for each of you. This means that you are likely to be
strongly influenced by each other in the areas described.
Because of this, it will be useful to consider both the easier
and more challenging interpretations even though you lead with
one of them. You will, from time to time and in various
circumstances, probably exhibit some elements of each group,
both the easier expressions as well as the more challenging
ones. Another thing -- it's possible with both types of aspects
that you will have the same challenges but simply respond or
react to them in different ways. The goal is to rise to the best
possible expression of each combination. This is the learning
curve and this bestows wisdom.

Anderson's Mercury Trine Lee's Venus (easier aspect):

If this is the most exact aspect between your charts, your main
relationship theme is about the high value you place on
communication, learning, intelligence and experiencing, as well
as sharing a wide range of stimulating ideas and activities.

Easier aspects: You will enjoy participating in a variety of
experiences that have to do with learning, language, writing,
and short-distance traveling. You value intellect and the
ability to communicate and you will seek ways of sharing what
you know or what you've learned with friends and in social
groups. You will have very similar values when it comes to
making decisions about what are worthwhile experiences. Music
and the arts are likely an important and entertaining way of
spending your time.

Challenging aspects: Although you both value learning and
communication or writing skills, you may have very different
ways of expressing them or seeking them out. This can mean that
you often disagree as to what activities to pursue. Still, you
value connecting, so whether you agree or not, talking about the
process and maintaining your communication connection will help
to resolve your differences. You can even have very separate
groups of friends, but sharing experiences when you get back
together can be stimulating.

Anderson's Sun Square Lee's Sun (challenging aspect):

If this is your most exact aspect, the major theme of your
relationship concerns willpower and how you will use it to reach
your goals. The role of ego, recognition and your place in life
are another feature of this combination.

Challenging aspects: Often there is a clash of wills or you go
about life in very different ways. As long as you respect each
other's methods of searching for admiration and recognition in
life, you will be fine. Still, at times, you may not understand
how your partner wants to be recognized and you could fail to
give what he or she needs. With some discussion of what is
meaningful to each of you, these misunderstandings can be

Easier aspects: You will feel harmony in terms of how you want
to live your life and the overall goals you have together. Even
your personalities will be similar and you can count on each
other's support for your primary enterprises. It will be easy,
most of the time, to give your partner the strokes or support
needed to keep doing their personal best both in your
relationship and in their chosen career. Both of you have an
intuitive understanding of what is needed.

Lee's Venus Sextile Anderson's Uranus (easier aspect):

If this is the most exact aspect between your charts, your main
relationship theme is being a good friend, accepting differences
in yourselves and others, being truthful, living your truth and
enjoying a creative and original lifestyle.

Easier aspects:  You have your own individual style and values
that you adhere to. Friends and those who know you will respect
your integrity, as well as your obvious acceptance of
differences and eccentricities in others. You will likely have
many diverse friendships since you value creative, original,
innovative and self-styled people. Your controversy has charm,
and when you stand up for a cause, others will listen because
they'll sense an innate truthfulness. You have the ability to
encourage others to look at the bigger picture.

Challenging aspects:  You will never be completely conventional
and, to some extent, you enjoy shocking others with your unusual
behavior. Some will find you refreshing, but others will find
you offensive, because of a hard edge you present and your
seeming lack of consideration for others' feelings. Your
counter-culture values can sometimes be extreme and brand you as
unpredictable. Standing up for worthy causes is one thing, but
creating needless disruptions is another. It's important to
learn the difference.

Lee's Venus Conj Anderson's Neptune:

If this is the most exact aspect between your charts, your main
relationship theme concerns sensitivity, compassion, forgiveness
and the power of the unseen through symbols and imagination.
There is a reverence and faith.

Challenging aspects: The other side of this hypersensitivity is
the dislike of conflict, which can lead to various avoidance,
neglect or substance abuse behaviors.  Learn to trust your
intuition to keep you from questionable experiences. Although
your feelings can be confused or conflicted or you can be
plagued by doubts, seek to speak the truth in so far as you know
it, to avoid giving your partner the wrong signals. Deliberate
untruthfulness would be damaging to your long-term relationship.

Easier aspects: This aspect is gentle and hypersensitive.
Together you will express a natural sweetness, kindness and
caring for each other and the feelings of others. You will be
blessed with an ability to understand and experience the special
magic of life and a deeper understanding of its mysteries if you
are open to this. Faith and a spiritual practice are important
ingredients in your lives. It's possible you inspire others
through the arts or through a service profession or community
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