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The sample gives you a good idea about someone famous, but how much better would it be to find out about yourself or someone you know - or want to know better? Each report is personalized and you can count on the information to pertain specifically to you or the person you choose to look at. Knowledge is power; find it here.

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Senior Report for

                          Philbin Regis
                         August 25, 1933
                     New York, New York    

                        Veraxs Int'l Inc.
                     3355 Bee Cave Road #606
                      Austin, TX 78746 USA
                       Phone: 512-826-5401

Introduction to Senior Report:

       On the following page begins the interpretation of your
birth chart. This interpretation focuses on issues and concerns
that people have in their later years. We tend to respond to
astrological influences a bit different as we get older. With
time we gain wisdom, moderation, and constancy that helps us
handle astrological influences differently from the way we did
as teenagers and young adults. This report takes this into
account. Also, although many of our basic concerns are the same
throughout our entire lives, there are also concerns and
situations that we are more likely to encounter in different
stages in life. This report focuses on the issues that are most
likely to interest you. Hopefully, this astrological analysis
will encourage you to pursue the activities and interests that
will help you follow a path that will be the most fulfilling and
meaningful one for you.

For the benefit of students of astrology, the positions of the
planets at the time of birth and other technical information is
given below:
Sun      1 Vir 59
Mercury 16 Leo 12
Venus    4 Lib 59
Mars    29 Lib 37
Jupiter 26 Vir 44
Saturn  11 Aqu 36
Uranus  27 Ari 12
Neptune  9 Vir 37
Pluto   24 Can 01

Tropical  Placidus   Summer Saving Time observed
Time Zone: 5 hours West
Lat. and Long. of birth place: 40 N 42   , 74 W 00   

Aspects and orbs:
Conjunction:  7 Deg 00 Min
Opposition :  5 Deg 00 Min
Square     :  5 Deg 00 Min
Trine      :  5 Deg 00 Min
Sextile    :  4 Deg 00 Min
Quincunx   :  3 Deg 00 Min
Sun Trine Uranus:

         You are capable of great insight into the human
condition, but probably won't fully understand the consequences
thereof, until you've gained some personal life experience.
Idealism tempered with this understanding, gives you an edge on
achieving your personal goals.

Sun Sextile Mars:

         If you weren't able to pursue higher education in your
youth, then consider doing so first chance.  You will benefit
from knowledge, learning, travel, philosophic thought and
philanthropic endeavors.

Mercury Opposition Saturn:

         During your youth, you may be thought of as a worrier,
but with maturity and experience, you will learn to pace
yourself and adjust to reasonable expectations.  While you often
take on more of a workload than is your fair share,  you are
also capable of handling more details than most.  In age, you
are likely to take on a more authoritative position, either
through your work, your religious affiliation or in your
community.  You will learn to balance your mental energies,
thereby bringing quality and integrity to your accomplishments.
Learn early to reduce stress in your life.  In so doing, you
will find more enjoyment in your living.

Mars Opposition Uranus:

         Keep a check on your impulses, especially where
finance, investments and partnership endeavors are concerned.
In your youth, you were probably rash, judgmental, spontaneous,
impulsive and given to expressing your emotions on the spur of
the moment.  Others may have found you difficult to deal with
unless you were in a calm state.  With the coming of age,
however, your temperament is likely to become more focused.  You
will be emotionally accessible to those closest to you and
romance will have a greater chance at stability and longevity.
Education, technology, expansion and humanitarian efforts will
spark your interest.  While you are not one to back down from a
confrontation or good debate, with age, you will become better
able to gauge the benefits or results of these.  Adopting good
organizational skills and follow-through will be a great help,
and by mid-life, you will learn to surround yourself with a
positive support group.

Jupiter Sextile Pluto:

         You will constantly find yourself improving everything
about yourself, your environment and your circumstances
throughout life.  As you approach mid-life, your awareness could
turn to spiritual matters.

Jupiter Quincunx Uranus:

         Just when you think you have set a reasonable goal and
have taken the first step toward it's attainment, something
redirects your attention.  The key to your success in overcoming
the affects of this frustrating aspect, is to not become
normalized to life's instabilities.  Do not become crystallized
in your thinking.  Develop a positive attitude and continue to
forge through until you have achieved your dream.

Saturn Quincunx Neptune:

         With this aspect, psychology, emotions and Karma are
often at the root of health challenges.  In your hidden search
for approval from loved ones and others, you may overextend
yourself with work and commitments.  Try to find a balance in
life and learn that your feelings and dreams are just as
important to the universe as anyone else's.  You are an
important and integral part of a universal plan.

Uranus Square Pluto:

         This is a wonderful aspect for the initiation of both
minor and major changes in your life goals.  Always be prepared
to be feasible and adaptive.

         With age, however, you will want to make sure that
others are not influencing you to do something for their sake,
to the detriment of yourself.  Don't be afraid to question

Saturn is Retrograde:

         A retrograde Saturn represents things in your life that
have been neglected, denied or postponed.  Often, these latter
point to past lives, but too, they can apply to your childhood
and early adulthood.  As you grow older and more mature, you
begin to get a different perspective on your duties and
responsibilities.  Many with Saturn retrograde are the
proverbial "workaholics" and will need to incorporate some quiet
time and time for recreation and relaxation into their lives.
Sometimes, this configuration foretells of a child or teen who
is neglected by his or her parents, or guardian.  As a child,
you may have only "felt" neglected, which somehow stifled your
emotions or made it difficult for you to express yourself on an
emotional level.  Later in life.  If not checked and set on the
right track, you could find it difficult to be emotionally
honest in your most important relationships.  In order not to
become crystallized in your thinking or habits, you will need to
be open minded in life.  You will need to investigate, research
and try out new avenues of expression and philosophic thought.
Oddly, Saturn retrograde individuals have the potential to be
great teachers, because they have experienced so much of life at
it's many and diverse levels.  While you may not actually enter
the teaching profession per se, notice how often you are thrown
into situations as advisor, counselor or teacher to others,
throughout your life.  Shoulder your responsibilities in your
mature years, and you will find that your rewards and
gratification will reach beyond expectation.  Neglect your
duties and the opposite will be true.  Do not avoid your
feelings.  Examine and analyze them.  Become comfortable with
your emotions and you will find less limitations where your
relationships and experiences are concerned.

Uranus is Retrograde:

         The planet Uranus is a higher octave planet, and one
with the important role of ushering in the new Aquarian Age for
this planetary life wave.  It represents the higher mind and
it's ability to access that which is unseen, all-knowing and
ever active through the principles of universal law and order.
While Jupiter offers the opportunity for higher education,
Uranus is the ingredient which takes that knowledge, assimilates
it, shares it with humanity and then formulates higher degrees
of knowledge.  Uranus as the higher mind, is that part of our
thinking nature which aspires, inspires and uplifts.
Spiritually speaking, for the new Aquarian Age that we are now
ushering in, Uranus represents the new, higher octave Christ
principle, and in this sense, Uranus symbolizes the Aquarian Age
teacher in his or her highest degree.  Uranus in retrogradation,
sometimes misses opportunities that come too soon and
unexpectedly in life.  This position of Uranus will often,
better benefit from these opportunities with maturity or age.
You are someone, to whom, life occasionally offers a "second
chance".  While you are also someone who wishes to reach out and
help the betterment of humanity in general, you will find
yourself embroiled in more personal, one on one issues that must
be resolved before you can experience the luxury of
philanthropic endeavors.  You are not a typical student where
standardized education is concerned.  You may even be considered
a revolutionary or rebel in some matters.  You tend to do better
by choosing your own studies and by learning them on your own
terms.  You can expect unexpected gains, but if you are
irresponsible, loss will come as well.  You will be rewarded for
diligence, real effort and by not giving up.
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