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The sample gives you a good idea about someone famous, but how much better would it be to find out about yourself or someone you know - or want to know better? Each report is personalized and you can count on the information to pertain specifically to you or the person you choose to look at. Knowledge is power; find it here.

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Senior Report for

                          Bill Clinton
                         August 19, 1946
                             8:41 AM
                         Hope, Arkansas

                      Veraxs Int'l Inc.
                     3355 Bee Cave Road #606
                      Austin, TX 78746 USA
                       Phone: 512-826-5401

Introduction to Senior Report:

       On the following page begins the interpretation of your
birth chart. This interpretation focuses on issues and concerns
that people have in their later years. We tend to respond to
astrological influences a bit different as we get older. With
time we gain wisdom, moderation, and constancy that helps us
handle astrological influences differently from the way we did
as teenagers and young adults. This report takes this into
account. Also, although many of our basic concerns are the same
throughout our entire lives, there are also concerns and
situations that we are more likely to encounter in different
stages in life. This report focuses on the issues that are most
likely to interest you. Hopefully, this astrological analysis
will encourage you to pursue the activities and interests that
will help you follow a path that will be the most fulfilling and
meaningful one for you.

For the benefit of students of astrology, the positions of the
planets at the time of birth and other technical information is
given below:
Sun     26 Leo 00               Neptune   6 Lib 51
Moon    20 Tau 12               Pluto    11 Leo 51
Mercury  7 Leo 36               Asc.      3 Lib 23
Venus   11 Lib 07               MC        3 Can 41
Mars     6 Lib 21               2nd cusp  0 Sco 49
Jupiter 23 Lib 13               3rd cusp  1 Sag 20
Saturn   2 Leo 08               5th cusp  6 Aqu 00
Uranus  21 Gem 09               6th cusp  6 Pis 22

Tropical  Placidus   Standard Time observed
GMT: 14:41:00   Time Zone: 6 hours West
Lat. and Long. of birth place: 33 N 40 01, 93 W 35 29

Aspects and orbs:
Conjunction:  7 Deg 00 Min
Opposition :  5 Deg 00 Min
Square     :  5 Deg 00 Min
Trine      :  5 Deg 00 Min
Sextile    :  4 Deg 00 Min
Quincunx   :  3 Deg 00 Min
Ascendant in Libra:

        Librans are indeed, the peacemakers and diplomats of the
zodiac.  Librans are the epitome of the most positive
expressions of respect, integrity, honor and real justice.
Libra's are not afraid to get involved in life; in fact you
relish a good challenge.  Your objective, in all that you take
on in life, is to bring yourself closer to a true state of
balance and calm. It can truly be said that you are a lover, not
a fighter.  Although, when the "flight or fright" syndrome
arises, you can battle it through with the best of them.  In
your youth, are likely to have had to process through shyness,
lack of confidence or some issues regarding your purpose and
mission in this life.  Ever willing to support others,
especially your loved ones, you may have had to work hard at
maintaining your own identity and life direction.  You work well
with others and innately feel drawn to looking for your perfect
partner in life.  You are adept at diplomacy, compromise,
cooperation and the skills of negotiation.  Your motto could
well be, "Harm no one."  You are diligent in trying to practice
what you preach and appreciate those who allow you to live your
life without fetters or criticism.

        There is often a special beauty that radiates from
within.  Libra natives are often highly conscious of their looks
and appearance, always wanting to present their best side to
those they come in contact with every day.  For many, this inner
beauty shines brightest from mid to later years.  Your
self-confidence will be such that your strength and calm
converts to a sense of inner well-being.  You are able to convey
this in your conversations and daily involvement with others.
When it is time to retire, unless other parts of your horoscope
indicate otherwise, you will be ready to stop work and enjoy all
that retirement has to offer.  You believe in loyalty and
fidelity where marriage is concerned.  You make a steady, loyal
and loving mate and you subconsciously expect the same from your
special someone.  Your parenting skills are also loving and
supportive, but you are not one to hang on too tightly.  You
believe that life is a process of growth and development and
tend to try to let that growth happen naturally.   In your
leisure years, you will want to spend more time enjoying life's
little luxuries including your favorite pieces of music, art and
entertainment. Travel can be fun, but only if well planned and
thought out far in advance. You don't like surprises that make
you feel unprepared.  You may take the time to remodel or
redecorate your living quarters, given you may not have had the
time or the finances earlier in life, to create a home that met
your aesthetic needs.

Sun in Leo and in 11th house:

        This sign offers you the potential for leadership
opportunities and gives you skills in dealing with people of all
different backgrounds, beliefs and races.  You are like a Pied
Piper, of sorts, and will learn to develop skills in the wise
use of power and control.  You are most definitely a people
person, unless other parts of your chart support otherwise.
Your vitality is spurred when taking part in a cause or activity
you truly believe in.  Not only are you a natural leader for
projects like these, although you are likely to make an
excellent speaker and your powers of persuasion are imaginative.
By you middle to later years you will probably have made some
powerful friends in high places. Friendships will be important
but in later life, you will have more time to nurture them.
Your retirement years could find you and your spouse dedicated
to helping a favorite humanitarian cause.  Your lesson through
this Sun sign will be one of finding your life's mission and
having the courage to accept it.  Your message to the Universe
will be one of recognizing the divinity that lies in all humans,
no matter their present state or condition.

Sun Sextile Jupiter:

         Friends are important to you, as are social activities
and group or club memberships.  Because you are ahead of the
times, some of your best ideas might not work out well until
after you reach middle age.

Moon in Taurus and in 8th house:

        The Moon is the reflection of the soul, in a manner of
speaking.  The Moon is the seat of the emotions and is one of
the main reasons the earth school was that
humankind could learn all of the lessons the emotions have to
teach.  The Moon is a barometer, of sorts, and measures what we
have assimilated in spiritualized lunar energies.  It also
measures what our "target" areas are...that is, what areas in
life we need to process through via our feelings and emotional
expression.  Any negative behaviors that are based in the
emotions, that we brought with us into this lifetime will be
given ample time and due course, to be processed and elevated
into a higher expression.

        The Taurus Moon works quite effectively when placed in
the eighth house.  This house rules partnerships, joint monies,
joint holdings, taxes, insurance, wills and joint investments
and property of the dead, as well as, the mysteries of life and
death.  With the Taurus lunar influence in your chart, you can
expect to have some successes in your middle age to later life
where these matters are concerned.  You have natural instincts
where business matters and business partnership matters are
concerned.  Wise investing early on, in your marriage
relationship will allow for a comfortable, pleasant retirement
in your senior years.  Your trustworthy nature and business
acumen will make you a candidate for the trust of others.  Your
emotional satisfaction will, in part, be based on becoming
financially secure.

Moon Quincunx South Node:

         In some ways, you are an emotional rebel.  While it is
your desire to leave behind the outmoded and invalid beliefs and
teachings from your childhood and past, guilt sometimes
prevails.  Learn to break the ties that deny you life, love and
support.  You are entitled to these latter, says the universe!

Mercury in Leo and in 11th house:

        From Mercury, you learn how to communicate with the
world around you.  You discover your mental aptitude and find
ways to utilize your abilities in logic and reasoning. Mercury
teaches you about life through some travel, personal studies and
the use of perception.  With Mercury in the eleventh house, you
can expect lots of communication, travel and activities
involving your friends, acquaintances and loved ones.  The Leo
influence suggests you will especially enjoy time spent with
your children and grandchildren from middle age through your
later years.  Your hopes and dreams involve travel for pleasure
and the success and happiness of your family.

Mercury Conjunct Saturn:

         Discipline and routine will bring order out of chaos.
Your greatest tool will be to harness your mental energies and
channel them into a scientific or career related project.  Avoid
taking shortcuts.

Mercury Conjunct Pluto:

         You have a penetrating mind and an intellectual
curiosity that would rival the best scientific and metaphysical
minds of any century.  Do your own research work in life.  Ask
questions and expect answers.

Mercury Sextile Venus:

         You were probably born with a good sense of humor.
People are easily drawn to you, but in early life, you may find
it difficult to follow through on commitments.  With age, you
become more dependable.

Mercury Sextile Mars:

         If you learned to assert yourself and to promote your
talents early in life, then your later years will provide you
with reasonable comfort.  Time for relaxation, recreation and
travel are your rewards.

Mercury Sextile Neptune:

         You are one who has an innate talent for creative
visualization.  It is not hard for you to manifest your wishes
and desires.  Use this ability wisely and your mid-life and
later years will be prosperous.

Venus in Libra and in 1st house:

        The sign and placement of Venus will give you insight
into your feelings and emotional leaning.  Venus helps you to
discover your attitudes about music, art, culture, theatre and
all forms of creativity and beauty.  Venus links you to love,
romance and altruism.  Venus is the natural ruler of Libra.  In
your first house, the accent is placed on your beauty, gracious
manner and bravado.  You are known for your courage, good
intentions and diplomacy.  When making important decisions, it
is best for you to narrow down your choices and focus on only
what would benefit you and your loved ones.  You are an
excellent listener and you also enjoy good companionship. You
work well with others and by middle age, will have found your
niche in life.  You may even have found your life's purpose and
intent by middle life as well.

Venus Conjunct Mars:

         You have a magnetic personality and the opposite sex
will find you sexually attractive.  Creative and artistic
endeavors are highlighted, especially in your mid to later
years.  Partnerships are favored.

Venus Conjunct Neptune:

         Your psychic and intuitive faculties are likely to
become more and more active as you become older.  Stress the
creative and imaginative side of your nature.  Avoid illusion.
Work for stabilization, always.

Venus Sextile Pluto:

         This is a great aspect for someone who needs to
transform negative Karma into good.  Habits you wish to change
will only require a firm commitment on your part.  You can
influence others into productivity.

Mars in Libra and in 1st house:

        The sign Libra brings balance and calm to the naturally
aggressive/assertive planet Mars.  Mars in this sign seeks to be
the diplomat, the peacekeeper and energetically looks for all
possible alternatives and options.  You have the ability to
analyze your own actions, motivations and feelings.  Experience
leads you from self-discovery to a truer sense of the human

Mars Conjunct Neptune:

         Avoid being overly secretive and above all, avoid
anything shady or less than aboveboard.  Your early years may
find you fighting off certain temptations.  Later years see you
settling into a calm routine.

Mars Conjunct Asc.:

         Action is the keynote to this aspect.  Don't overdo it
in the physical realms, however.  Be kind to your body.
Impulsive behaviors will become less intense with age.  Get past
a "me first" attitude.

Mars Square MC:

         Use caution in any job or profession involving
electricity, machinery, fire, law enforcement, construction work
or blue collar labor, in general.  You would be more successful
in white collar jobs.  In age, you will better appreciate your
parents and their life experiences.

Jupiter in Libra and in 1st house:

        Jupiter's sign and house placements give you hope and
optimism in life. Jupiter shows you the potential for your
greatest rewards and benefits, and gives you a chance to speak
your own truth to the world.

        Jupiter in the first house, no matter the sign, will
always caution moderation when it comes to areas of great
temptation.  Food, for example, could become an issue if you
don't balance it out with proper rest, exercise and dietary
habits.  It will be important for you to maintain a sense of
calm, serenity and balance in your life, even it if means that
you create a special place just for yourself to retire to, when
you need a moment to yourself.  For you, music, painting, drama
or some form of creative expression soothes the soul and helps
you collect your thoughts and energies.    Once focused, you are
able to go in any chosen direction and stay focused until you
arrive at your goal.  You require a peaceful environment in your
home life, which can easily become your personal sanctuary,
where you retire from the world to recharge. In your later
years, you will take pleasure in the comfort of a nice home and
the love of a caring family, as Jupiter brings luck and
immediate rewards in this position.  You may also choose to
develop a talent in your second half of life.

Jupiter Trine Uranus:

         Earned increment is yours with this aspect.  If you are
entitled to a spiritual legacy, an inheritance, rebate or other
benefit, this aspect allows you to collect it.  You have
expansive ideas which can be successfully implemented in rather
unique ways.  Your greatest successes from mid-life on, come
through the utilization of your hidden talents.

Saturn in Leo and in 10th house:

        Your greatest lessons in life will involve Saturn's sign
and house placements.  Saturn as teacher helps to develop a
credible reputation and strong character.  You may even find
yourself, by middle age, in public office or before the public
in some capacity or another.  Family values are something you
don't just preach, but life to the fullest.  You may have been
close with one or both parents and in some way, probably
achieved something remarkable, in terms of family or career,
that one or both of them were not able to complete.

Saturn Sextile Asc.:

         Generally, this aspect gives you the qualities of being
conservative and a traditionalist.  It is also possible that you
have the qualities of a great teacher, whether spiritual or an

Uranus in Gemini and in 9th house:

        Uranus is the planet of the higher mind, the super
consciousness, and represents the attunement we can make with
the divinity that exists within us all.  Uranus, it has been
said, never takes anything away from us without giving back
something far better.  False beliefs fall.  Truth replaces the

        The higher mind comes into play with Uranus placed in
Gemini in the ninth house of the horoscope wheel.  Your
thoughts, goals and ideas could be considered lofty and far
ahead of the times.  However, what you will be able to
accomplish with these, will amaze others and draw attention to
your abilities and knowledge.  Your interest in other cultures
could cause you to do much traveling during the second half of
your life.  You could study abroad.

Uranus Conjunct Node T.:

         You are likely to be interested in the latest forms of
technology, scientific discovery and what is unique or
"different" in life.  You have an excellent mind and can
accomplish most anything you tackle.

Uranus opposition South Node:

         While others may see you, especially in your early
years, as being rebellious and misdirected, in actuality, you
are a rebel in the purist sense of the word.  You are a
revolutionary in the sense of wanting to follow the path of
truth and righteousness.  It is not difficult for you to
identify and break bad habits.  Sometimes, however, you try to
force your beliefs onto others before they are ready.  Your
enthusiasm can be overwhelming to those who are not ready for
change.  Many times, people with this aspect have purposely
chosen their early and childhood circumstances in order to pull
themselves out of an old situation and into a higher

Neptune in Libra and in 1st house:

        Neptune governs your basic beliefs on a spiritual level.
Your inner world, subconscious expressions, psychic intuition
and creative visualizations all come under rulership of Neptune.
Your role in the upliftment of the planet is divulged in the
lessons Neptune instills.  Neptune keeps your secrets and
reveals your fears.  Neptune helps you uncover your hidden
beliefs; especially those that hold you back spiritually, and
keep you from living a fulfilling and joy-filled life.  With
Neptune in Libra, and in your first house, you are likely to
appear to others as physically beautiful, alluring and
mysterious all at the same time.  If you are developed, on a
spiritual level, your inner beauty is also likely to shine
through in a notable way. You make an excellent listener, as you
are genuinely interested in others. You may even find yourself
in the position of counselor or advisor, whether professionally
or otherwise.  You are a natural diplomat and will always be
found working toward peace, harmony and balance in all life
situations.  You are likely to be intuitive, as well.

Neptune Conjunct Asc.:

         This aspect gives you the opportunity to explore the
inner depths of your emotional and subconscious make-up.  You
can develop your psychic abilities and will tend to go on
intuitive inspiration alone.

Neptune Square MC:

         Misunderstandings around your career, profession,
domestic life and with family elders is possible.  If you ever
enter the public life, make sure you have a solid plan of
action.  Your public reputation could fluctuate in your youth,
gaining more stability with age and experience.

Pluto in Leo and in 11th house:

        The sign in which Pluto is placed is a generational
influence.  The house placement tells how it will affect you.
Pluto in Leo alters the perception of love, romance and
children.  Leadership skills often arise in whatever house Pluto
appears.  Your relationship with your children is likely to turn
into a friendship in later years, making communication easy,
creative and stimulating.  Friends also include you in
activities outside the home. Sports and recreation are good
avenues of creative expression.
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