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                       Many Happy Returns
                    Solar Return Report for:

                          Harry Prince
                       September 15, 1984
                             4:20 PM
                     London, England       


                  Solar Return calculated for:
                       September 15, 2002
                           11:36:33 PM


                        Veraxs Int'l Inc.
                     3355 Bee Cave Road #606
                      Austin, TX 78746 USA
                       Phone: 512-826-5401

               *** Astrological Data of Birth ***

Sun     22 Vir 57                Neptune  28 Sag 40
Moon    21 Tau 20                Pluto     0 Sco 33
Mercury  5 Vir 12                Asc.     11 Cap 27
Venus   17 Lib 42                MC       17 Sco 04
Mars    16 Sag 57                2nd cusp  4 Pis 14
Jupiter  3 Cap 34                3rd cusp 19 Ari 17
Saturn  12 Sco 51                5th cusp  6 Gem 37
Uranus   9 Sag 53                6th cusp 23 Gem 22

Tropical  Placidus   Daylight Time observed
September 15, 1984   4:20 PM
GMT: 15:20:00   Time Zone: 0 hours West
Lat. and Long. of birth place: 51 N 30    0 W 10   

Astrological Data of Solar Return:

Sun     22 Vir 57                Neptune   8 Aqu 31
Moon    19 Cap 51                Pluto    15 Sag 01
Mercury 13 Lib 10                Asc.     18 Can 07
Venus    5 Sco 54                MC       17 Pis 45
Mars    11 Vir 03                2nd cusp  3 Leo 49
Jupiter  9 Leo 27                3rd cusp 22 Leo 28
Saturn  28 Gem 29                5th cusp 24 Lib 36
Uranus  25 Aqu 50                6th cusp 10 Sag 44

September 15, 2002   GMT: 23:36:33
London@          51 N 30    0 W 10   

Aspects and orbs:
Conjunction   :  7 Deg. 00 Min
Opposition    :  6 Deg. 00 Min
Square        :  6 Deg. 00 Min
Trine         :  6 Deg. 00 Min
Sextile       :  4 Deg. 00 Min
Semisextile   :  2 Deg. 00 Min
Semisquare    :  2 Deg. 00 Min
Sesquiquadrate:  2 Deg. 00 Min
Quincunx      :  3 Deg. 00 Min
Midpoints: Conjunction and Opposition: 2 Deg. 00 Min

This astrological forecast report is based on an astrological
technique known as solar returns. The influences begin
approximately on your birthday and last until the following

Your Solar Return Forecast Report begins on September 15, 2002.

  Zodiac Signs on the Ascendant and MC, and the Ascendant Ruler

The zodiac signs on the Ascendant and MC, and the house position
of the Ascendant ruler at the time of the solar return are
described below. Your social and career opportunities for the
coming year are influenced by these signs and house placement.

Solar Return Ascendant Cancer :


    You will exhibit very sensitive characteristics, who
retreats very quickly to your own little world when feeling
threatened emotionally. You are psychic and receptive to
everything in your environment, and feel things on a deeper
level than most other persons. Your responses to life situations
are emotional rather than intellectual which can have mixed
results. Moods will change like the incoming and outgoing tide,
and just as often. A career that brings you into contact with
the masses would be an excellent career choice for you this

    Making extreme changes in your life or going away from your
base of operations which you consider safe and secure is
detrimental to your well being, because you are such a homebody.
You keep a tight grip on people, possessions, memories and
sentimental objects. Your home and domestic security is
significantly important to you, and you run on pure "instinct".
There is potential for difficult relationships and partnerships
this year, and can be with people who are older than you that
represent authority figures to you. No doubt you will want to
spend your time and energy closer to the home front this year.
Cancer is ruled by the moon, which implies strong nurturing
instincts, and more time may be spent caring for or being
sympathetic to others.

    You will be more adept at culinary skills, and design or
architectural ability. Retaining water will be more of a problem
this year, as well as emotions of the addictive kind which can
lead to weight gains or addictive substances of any kind. Health
wise the breasts, stomach and digestive system are your most
vulnerable areas this year.

    In connection to other people in your environment you are
very loyal, protective, supportive, loving, compassionate,
softhearted and sympathetic to their needs. People will seek
you out in a time of crisis because they know you will
understand and provide help if at all possible. Perhaps they
know you are just a good listener.

    You will never forget the thoughtful or thoughtless, kind or
unkind things that are said and done to you. You may forgive
them, but never forget any injustice.

    Mood wise, you drive people crazy with your open methods of
communication or your withdrawn nature that keeps in touch
through thought waves that others are supposed to understand,
and sometimes do. Remember  you are the only ones communicating
non-verbally here! If you weren't moody before, you can easily
be introduced to it this year. Look to the house where the MOON
is located to see where your emotional needs are, and can be

            Ascendant is in Cancer, Scorpio Decanate

    Ruled by the planet Mars/Pluto,  you will bring out occult
inclinations which are very strong. You are apt to become very
stubborn and determined, with a need to do things your way.
Bitterness and jealousy are your greatest enemies, and hard work
will be required to keep them in abeyance. You will be more
energetic, active and helpful to people around you. Negativity
encountered here can point to a nature that is too aggressive.

Ruler of Ascendant in 7th house

    With the Solar Ascendant Ruler in the Solar 7th house your
social identity will become very important. This house
represents your partnerships both romantic and platonic,
contractual obligations with others, and open enemies. The 7th
house represents a stronger emphasis on one-to-one

Solar Return MC Pisces:

    Since this is the most "visible" part of the solar chart, it
represents how you are actually seen in the world by others. It
represents your more outward or public face and where you are
likely to encounter success, and your reputation in the world.
Your goals push you towards being very easy going and perhaps a
bit on the lazy side. Affectionate, ultra-sensitive and
sympathetic to the plight of others with a seeming weak nature
rather than a strong exterior. You seek the advice of everyone,
and then do what you want anyway. You will be very psychic and
intuitive, but in a negative way, never seeing the good in
anything. You are secretive, unrealistic, sentimental, a true
romantic and dreamer. There will be a strong attachment to music
and you may have a career in it. There will be times when you
prefer to be alone rather than be with others.

    With Pisces on the Midheaven this year, you must be very
careful to avoid any kind of scandal that leads to public
disgrace. You may have more of an interest in visiting or being
around water, and careers centered around religion, the theater,
dance, the arts, any boating industries, working with the
disabled, underprivileged and minority groups. At some point,
you are likely to have a bout of depression, mental and
emotional problems or secret difficulties through authority
figures, father figures or issues of self worth. Pisces can also
have problems with addictions to drugs or alcohol to contend

    You will be more passive rather than aggressive and would
prefer to stop, wait, watch and observe than to take active
participation in anything. You would rather things happen the
way they are going to rather than interfere. Your belief
structure in religious or spiritual matters is beyond the norm
and deals on a one to one basis with the universe. The
environment you live in must be peaceful so that you can feel at
home with it, otherwise your emotions become strung out and
unbalanced. Compassion for all things around you no matter what
state they may be in is immense whether animal, vegetable or
human. you can be of great service to the world through your
compassion, spiritual beliefs and humanitarian efforts.

    Your perceptions lie in the realm of imagination and fantasy
and is a place where you can easily escape to when life gets you
down. You draw people in to you like a magnet, especially those
in need knowing that they will find a sympathetic soul to
connect with. Yes, even those who take unfair advantage of you
or don't know when it is time to face life on their own to
fumble and find their own way. You see the frailties in all
people and are often making excuses for their weaknesses. You
will not follow rational and logical approaches towards everyday
life and should anyone be foolish enough to argue with you, they
will have to find the cloud that you live on to have any impact

    You make observations with your heart and not your head
which leaves others in your environment very confused to say the
least. You perceive people in psychic and telepathic ways that
others cannot easily understand.

              Zodiac Signs on the Other House Cusps

The zodiac signs on the other house cusps affect your attitude
to many areas of your life, and have a significant impact on
what kinds of opportunities and challenges will present
themselves in the coming year.

Leo on 2nd cusp:

     Leo on the cusp of the second house of money indicates that
whatever you make will be directly connected with your joint
view of self worth. Since security is a Leo matter, located in
the second house, making money will be a major focus. You seem
to instinctively know what the public needs and wants, and this
is where your money-making focus will be. Look to the house that
contains the Sun to see where that energy will be focused. Not
only is money important for you, but also involved in this
picture is the financial picture for children as well, and their
long term security. Remember that Leo is a party sign, and
extravagances from time to time should be expected. Look to the
house that contains the Sun to see where you can make your

Leo on 3rd cusp:

     With Leo on the cusp of the third house of communication
and learning, there is a creative flow to your life. You have an
added ability to present your ideas as your communication skills
are heightened. You may enjoy telling stories to anyone who will
listen, with a flair for exaggeration, just to make the story
more interesting, and humorous. You seem to know what to say,
and what not to say, and.... when to say it. Unfortunately your
ideas are fixed in nature, so trying to get you to accept
something new will be quite difficult. Hurt feelings, whether it
is family and friends or others in your immediate environment,
will be forgiven....., maybe! Look to the house where the Sun is
located to see where your interests can be found.

Virgo on 4th cusp:

     With Virgo on the fourth house of the home, family, roots,
real estate, property and security,  you will become fuss
budgets, critical about everything, and drive everyone crazy.
You will find every little thing and then some to nag others
over no matter how meaningless it really is. Everything will
have to be in its proper place, sterilized to death.
Perfectionism is the torch you carry, and everyone will run when
they see you coming. Working in the home is a key issue here,
with your office immaculate, desk organized and waste paper
basket emptied even if there is nothing in it. The home and its
management will be intellectualized, computerized and operating
room clean. Can you be the person that covers your furniture in
plastic to keep it clean? Look to the house where Mercury is
located to see where your home security can be found.

Libra on 5th cusp:

    You have Libra on the fifth house of Children, recreation,
romance, creativity, artistic abilities, hobbies, writing books
(creatively), speculation and investments. You need a creative
outlet to be ultimately happy. Constant support and
encouragement can have you soaring to new heights creatively.
The company that you keep or associate with will have to be more
refined, where you can have intellectual conversations, party
and even play sports. Since this is such an artistic energy, any
involvement in the arts, music or love (although fickle) will be
fortunate. You will have an increase in childlike qualities that
should make for very endearing relationships. Look to the house
where Venus is located to see where you might find your
recreation and romance potential.

Sagittarius on 6th cusp:

     You have Sagittarius on the cusp of the sixth house of
Work, Work environment, responsibilities, health, work and
service for others, relationships with employees and co-workers,
and your interest in physical fitness. You bring happiness and
optimism wherever you go. You inspire others and co-workers to
be the best they can be, and encourage them to follow their
dreams. Be careful of eating and drinking too much, as this
placement is notorious for expanding the waist line, and have an
adverse effect on the digestive system. Caution is advised in
over estimating what you can do and the reality of what can be
accomplished. Find work that challenges you, to keep you at your
peak of performance, but make sure your energy doesn't get
depleted in the process. It would be best to spend some time out
and about in nature and the great outdoors. Look to the house
where Jupiter is located to see where you might find work or
service to others.

Capricorn on 7th cusp:

     Relationships, partnerships, marriage, people you have
close associations with, cooperation or lack of, contracts, and
legal matters are all part of the seventh house, with Capricorn
located here. You will be rather cool, calm, collected, reserved
and shy, and marriage for status and security is a possibility
with Capricorn here. It is more than likely that any permanent
commitment here will be after a long courtship, as this
placement does not signify an impulsive coupling. One or both of
you may feel very restricted in any relationship, perhaps having
to take responsibility for someone. You will be very supportive
of others and could sense their needs with a minimum of
emotional contact. Look to the house that contains Saturn to see
how you will deal with partnerships.

Aquarius on 8th cusp:

    The eighth house deals with joint resources. Possessions
that are not earned directly by you, but obtained through the
relationship, wills, or pensions. It also has to do with money
belonging to others such as taxes, corporate money, insurance,
and the stock market. The eighth house also relates to the
mysteries of life and sex. Aquarius will have an influence on
the above matters by making you independent in your finances. In
spiritual matters you will have some very profound and new age
ideas which can be of benefit to mankind, since you are such a
humanitarian. Your views on sex, death and birth are apt to be
very different as well. Look to see which house Uranus is
located in, to see where your joint money can be found.

Aquarius on 9th cusp:

    The ninth house is the house of long range goals and long
distance travel. Religion, philosophy and higher education are
ninth house matters. With Aquarius ruling the ninth house, you
will be an unusual and free thinker, and your friends will more
than likely be involved in the above matters. Your thinking will
be very unorthodox, breaking free from conventional methods, and
somehow be very advanced or new age. Look to the house where
Uranus is located to see where your interests in higher
aspirations can be found.

Aries on 11th cusp:

     The eleventh house has domain over achievement of goals and
objectives, and hopes and wishes. Humanitarian efforts, clubs,
groups, associations, sharing ideals are also associated with
the eleventh house. People that support your efforts, friends
and connections to the outside world can be found in this house.
With Aries located in the eleventh house, the focus relationship
turns to attracting friends that may or may not be long lasting,
keeping your emotional distances. Social endeavors are your
strength, and friends can help you reach your goals. Look to the
house where Mars is located to see where you might find your
friends, associations and group involvements and interests.

Gemini on 12th cusp:

     The twelfth house rules the subconscious mind, problems
arising from unseen causes, and limitations in our lives. This
house has rulership over behind the scenes activities, emotional
problems, secrets, deceptions, problems to overcome, the side of
ourselves away from public view, where the soul can step back
and take a look at the world around us. The twelfth house also
has rulership over prisons, hospitals, and other institutions
that would remove you from society. Gemini energy on the twelfth
house indicates you enjoy private thoughts when you are alone,
difficult to relate them when you are with others. You may
decide to keep your ideas and plans to yourself, instead of
sharing them with friends or family. Look to the house where
Mercury is located to find that area in which you retire from
public view.

                             The Sun

The placement of the Sun in the solar return chart is very
important and affects almost every area of your life!

Sun in 4th house:

    The Solar Sun is now in your 4th house. But what does the
position of the Solar Sun mean to you and how will it affect
your life this year? The Sun indicates where the greatest growth
will take place during the Solar Year and how it can express
itself through creative means, success and recognition in life,
or where it can be best identified.

    Time spent around the home, activities that take place in
the home, meditation, reflecting on past events through
memories, romance, social activities, family matters and dealing
with emotional issues all are emphasized this year. Look at the
aspects to the Solar Sun this year to see what you can

Sun trine Moon:

    The creative juices are flowing this year! What can you use
that creativity on? Let your mind go free and experience
something perhaps for the first time.

    Don't be so easygoing this year that people take advantage
of you unless you want them to, that is the only real danger
this here. Romance and Real Estate matters are also favored.

    Satisfaction with working conditions allows a better product
to be produced and a more traditional type of entertainment will
prove more satisfying to you in your off time.

Sun semisquare Jupiter:

    Practical considerations go out the window and large scale
errors in judgement can easily be made, so don't count on
anything until you have it firmly in your hand. This can be a
great time to diet because you can lose weight easily.

    You may very well quit your job because of ego conflicts
with authority figures. This is not a good year for gambling,
romance or business as FOOLISH OPTIMISM can be your downfall.

    Be careful not to promise more than you can deliver because
you can fall short of your promises leaving you marked
unreliable. Confrontations with others can breed hurt feelings
especially this year and overinflated egos can get in the way of
your progress.

    Transportation accident levels are on the rise so keep an
eye on the road at all times. The need to spend money on
needless items, or spending just for the sake of spending will
be very strong. Very extravagant, materialistic and arrogant
behavior emerges. You may feel frustrated over financial
shortages which is the result of your spending.

Sun square Saturn:

    Someone in your domestic arena or friends may depart this
year. Delays and obstacles will confront you, but you can
overcome them, just be realistic in your approach and you will
be fine.

    Colds or the flu can put you to bed some time this year and
your mental outlook will be on the negative side. This is a
wonderful time to establish a method of doing something you have
always wanted to do. Get a plan first, then go after it.
Projects that you would have never attempted before can be
successfully completed this year.

    A time when you are likely to feel discouraged. New
beginnings requiring hard work and rigid attitudes to get the
job done have arrived. This is an unfavorable year for social
and romantic encounters.

    A year when you can feel very lonely and unloved. Your
health may be vulnerable in the areas of: Teeth, back and heart.
Your attitude will be very serious and you will feel like you
are being held back.

Sun quincunx Uranus:

    Freedom is needed, sought and desired at all costs this
year, especially from circumstances that have you tied down or
restricted in some way. Sudden romances can begin this year and
end just as quickly, so don't expect anything long term from it.
This is an unfavorable time for any group activities.

    This can be a time of electrical fires, so be more aware of
the hazards in your surroundings. Murphy's Law is in full effect
this year, so if it can go wrong it will, this year! Hold on to
something and prepare for a shock in your life! This is not a
good time for private negotiations because disappointments of
the major kind are to be expected.

    You will experience difficulties in expressing yourself and
that is hard to do with your foot in your mouth. Separations
from others is possible this year because either of you or both
need your own space. You will have the advice potential of a
blind man, you won't see it, or take it.

Sun sesquiquadrate Neptune:

    Let the buyer be very aware! There is a very powerful
potential for misunderstandings and deceptions present with this
year. The main objective this year is not to be taken advantage
of. If you are in a scandalous situation, DUCK, as the bottom
may fall out this year.

    I understand it is difficult to believe but people may lie
to you or deceive you for their own gain but it is nevertheless
true. Avoid escapism through sexual outlets, drugs, alcohol
(adverse effects) and gambling which will leave you broke. Love
affairs entered into this year are UNREALISTIC.

    Make sure windows and doors are locked tight to keep
unwanted nastiness out! This is a low energy physical cycle, so
include more rest time. Watch your diet and eat more natural
foods to keep your inner workings in proper working order. Get
rich schemes must not be attempted because you are vulnerable to
deception. Pregnancies can arise this year that are unwanted and
must be dealt with. Any judgements made this year will be

Sun opposition MC:

    An active time filled with hard work, accomplishments and
enlightenment. Ego conflicts with authority and family are
likely to occur. Don't let it get out of hand. Responsibilities
in your domestic and work environment are likely to increase.
Family problems can arise to be dealt with.

                            The Moon

The placement of the Moon in the solar return chart affects
emotions, moods, domestic affairs and relationships with women
during the coming year.

Solar Return Moon in 7th house:

    The Solar Moon is now in your 7th house. The Solar Moon
rules your emotional needs and the specific houses show where
your needs will lie and be met for the next 12 months.  The Moon
shows where significant changes will take place during the year,
and where relationships are formed.

    Personal and close relationships with your mate and
associates come to the foreground now. Security and insecurities
surface depending on how the relationship is this year and
emotional encounters will be intense. Arguments with spouse,
partners, the public, salespersons and visitors are all possible
and sudden legal matters can arise to be dealt with, OR be
settled this year. You may find that you have to seek legal
advice now or see a doctor for something that has come up all of
a sudden. You will be able to learn a great deal about yourself
when you listen while you speak to others. If the Solar Moon
makes stressful aspects while in the 7th house, there can be
quarrels over finances and domestic matters.

Moon opposition Asc.:

    Emotional difficulties in self expression and dealing with
others in your environment exists, especially where women and
domestic areas are concerned.

Moon sextile MC:

    Meeting new women in your environment can have a very
positive effect on you this year and success will be found
dealing with the public. You have the ability to make changes in
your life at this time, should you have the desire to do so.


The placement of Mercury in the solar return chart affects
communication, and your ability to learn and express yourself
during the coming year.

Solar Return Mercury in 4th house:

    Mercury is in your 4th house, and indicates areas of
interests in your life this year, as well as health matters or
where your thoughts are likely to be focused. Because Mercury
"is" communication of every form, it shows where transactions,
business deals, service to others writing and communication will
be focused.

    Discussions can take place close to home with your mother or
immediate family. Communicate your feelings about events that
have bothered you in the past or matters that need ironing out.
Sometimes this placement in the fourth indicates a change of
residence because of a career change. Home improvements can also
take place with this placement. If Mercury makes a harsh aspect
while in the 4th house, the emotions can interfere with logic
and reasoning. Communications with family and with domestic
matters will become more difficult to resolve.

Mercury sextile Jupiter:

    Chances are good for acquiring something of substantial
value that puts a smile on your face this year. Always get
expert professional opinions in all matters that are important
to you. The power of positive thinking will see you through the
toughest of times. Learn how to play the game of life instead of
bucking the system!

    Make pacts or agreements with others or sign documents
because the time is right. Credit purchases can soar this year,
just make sure you don't go overboard in your spending, putting
you into further debt.

    Communications and ideas will flow easily and the
clairvoyant faculties are stimulated. A friendly attitude
prevails, PHONE CALLS INCREASE, and letter writing is favored.
SIGN CONTRACTS for favorable outcomes and take any form of test
for assured success. Write down ideas when they come to you, no
matter where you are because you may forget something very
beneficial to you in the future. The force is definitely with
you where words are concerned.

Mercury trine Neptune:

    People in public relations fields will be filled with
inspiration this year, so let inspiration be your guide.
Heightened intuition and creativity can take you into unknown
year areas for exploration, so follow your hunches, you never
know what genius lies inside you

    Make agreements, sign documents and travel, as they are all
under favorable influences. You have the ability to sense coming
events and spiritual awareness is very strong. This is an
excellent time to make some plans in advance, with strong
yearnings for far off places and people.

    Secret information and investigations into something you
have been curious about can be accomplished and you will find
that you have a very metaphysical type of mind temporarily,
interested and fascinated by science fiction.

    Always read everything before you sign, as you can get lost
in a day dream and miss the fine print. The study of mystical
subjects is favored and you can be the channel for a spiritual
source, so open up a channel and await further instructions.
Photography, drawing and painting are all favored as well.

Mercury sextile Pluto:

    This is a very Spiritually attuned time in which new
insights can be gained into the world. Your thinking may be off
in the edges of "outer space" somewhere this year, so wait until
you come back to earth to make decisions. Recreational clubs and
activities can flourish and the potential for writing or
speaking to others is very favorable.

    Be on the alert for positive trends in business and finance,
you may be able to take advantage of it for your own personal
use. The accuracy of interpretations and personal insights are
profound. Paying attention to details can uncover some wonderful
facets of your life, so practice positive thinking for mental
stability. Your perceptions are right on target, so make sure to
pay attention to your own little voice. Be flexible and willing
to bend when dealing with others. You possess the ability to
comfort others in their time of need.

    Courage is abundant to face the future and any dealings and
communications with other people is favored. You can act as a
mediator for people experiencing conflicts, or go over your
personal finances and make the necessary changes. Advise and
council others if you are asked.

Mercury trine Node:

    Communications increase with harmonious results this year.
This is also a favorable time for public relations, advertising,
short trips and contacts with the general public and it is also
a very sociable time for the exchange of ideas. You have a good
grasp of any situation at hand and your judgement is sound, so
use it for any form of the written or oral word. Joint plans and
the exchange of ideas will prosper, and the same goes for any
intellectual pursuits, social or business communications.

Mercury square Asc.:

    Problems in communication can arise this year and
disagreements in partnerships whether business, marriage or with
the public in general will be in evidence. Every time you try to
say something intelligent, it will come out garbled and
misunderstood, as people will stand there with strange looks on
their faces trying to figure out what the heck you are talking
about. Your judgment in all matters will be incorrect and even
if you have all of the facts before you when forming an opinion,
it will be the wrong decision. Printed material, letters or
books can be the source of disagreement with family, or

    Agreements will not be reached in business arrangements or
in business matters. Communication that arrives is unfavorable
for what you are looking for to come to a successful conclusion.

    Misunderstandings will be very easy to find, so double check
what you say preferably before you say it. Go out of your way to
make sure that others understand you. Transportation
difficulties can easily arise just when you are late for work or
on time for work.


The placement of Venus in the solar return chart affects romance
and friendship over the coming year.

Solar Return Venus in 5th house:

    Venus is in your 5th house this year. Venus is the Goddess
of  love and where you might find it and money matters and how
you will handle it or what you might spend money on.  Venus
shows where you are likely to find compatibility with love or
money, or where favors can be found from others.

    A wonderful year for having fun, entertaining, being
creative, love relationships and social affairs involving
children. "Being yourself" is highlighted and this is a
wonderful year for recreating into your favorite diversion. If
Venus makes a difficult aspect while in the 5th house, the
heightened love and sexual urge becomes alive and is looking for

Venus square Jupiter:

    Find a middle of the road with those who are "all take" and
"no give" in relationships or people that you deal with on a
daily basis. A taste for luxury can get out of control leaving
you financially short. OVERDOING, overeating and drinking are
issues to be carefully handled. Trips are likely to be very
expensive, or wind up to be more than quoted. Evasion of work
for the pursuit of pleasures is the theme of this year. The
expanded love urge arises, looking for greener pastures. This is
not a productive work period because how can you work when your
heart is set on play.

    Taking chances with love or money is unwise and any health
problems that you experience this year may be linked to
overindulgence. Vacations will prove to be more expensive than
expected, so make sure to bring extra funds with you to cover
any additional costs. Faulty emotional and financial judgment is
to be expected, but you will do okay if you keep expectations

Venus square Neptune:

    Be alert to possible deceptive practices in any dealings or
romantic encounters this year and be especially careful of what
you wish for this year, you just might get it and then you have
to deal with it. This is a very vulnerable time for romance or
emotions so do not make permanent commitments to others.

    Relationships can easily break up under this influence.
Watch out for Con Men, you may not see them coming. Meetings and
appointments with women can be cancelled because of an illness
and escapism through alcohol and drugs should be avoided, when
they are the most adverse to the body. Get rich schemes will not
go your way and most likely fail.


The placement of Mars in the solar return chart affects your
drive, ambition, and vitality during the coming year.

Solar Return Mars in 3rd house:

    Mars is in your 3rd house this year. Mars is the planet of
intense activity and the house it occupies by placement shows
where that activity will take place. Mars is aggressive and can
be quite selfish in its needs and desires, so be careful how you
utilize this tremendous energy. Mars also indicates where new
ventures or projects can begin, where you will be highly
motivated, where you can expect to be much more competitive, but
also quarrels if aspected poorly.

    Life picks up and you can sell your ideas to the world or
carry out your ideas into the active state. Communications will
be in a rude manner that you will regret later, this also
includes anything in writing as well. You may run into relatives
or close family members that are looking to quarrel or provoke
you, but one person does not make an argument. Driving that
borderlines on daredevil behavior, arguments, defying others
with your actions and words combined with lots of short distance
travel highlight this year. Your attention will not be on what
you are doing behind the wheel causing somewhat disastrous
results. If Mars makes a difficult aspect while in the 3rd
house, there can be mishaps with automobiles, adapting a
sarcastic attitude and an irritated outlook in general.

Mars Semisextile Jupiter:

    A strong attraction to all things that are beautiful exists
this year. Take someone out to a candlelight dinner, or if you
are an artist or compose or play music, this can be a very
creative and inspiring time for you. Long distance journeys and
dealing with people at a distance is highly favored and the
ideals of people around you will be easier to understand. The
sharing of philosophies of others is favored.

    You are in a very content state of mind, and favors
business, finance, foreign investments, medicine and law. Legal
matters decided this year will work out quite well and new
friendships can be stimulating and wonderful. Rest and
recuperate rather than work if you can, as this is a rather lazy

Mars Quincunx Neptune:

    You may discover that you have been betrayed by someone very
dear to you this year, as deceptions can be found at the highest
levels of work, government or domestic life. Getting the truth
from others is not promising, and avoid potential hazards to
your health or well being by using care in what you do.

    It is likely that you will be easily discouraged in your
attempts to succeed and find your vitality is on the low side.
Avoid wasted and destructive energies, impulsive actions,
failures, misuse and abuse of others, criminal behavior and
infections which are all side effects. Remember, your ENERGY

    Keep away from drugs or drinking because they will react
adversely on your body and misunderstandings with others will be
easy to come by, you won't have to go looking for them, they
will find you.

    Confusion and chaotic conditions can easily arrive in your
life now and new ventures or business should wait until the fog
you call a mind clears. Dangerous conditions CAN exist around
areas where escaping gas, toxic chemical or fumes, flammable
liquids and gases are stored or located.
Mars square Pluto:

    Community property interests can be upsetting in some way
now and business failures can occur now affecting many people.
Circumstances beyond your control can easily develop and this is
certainly not the time to try to discipline the kids or have a
fight with your spouse as things can get way out of hand.
Deliveries delayed due to hazardous conditions is also a

    Maintain patience with others during this year, because Mars
loves to agitate things. High energy will be in abundance. You
will experience great opposition to people you confront for no
reason and challenges to egos will be easy to find. A different
course of action is needed for awhile.

    Loose ends can trip you up as they always do and ruthless
and underhanded behavior can undermine any situation, so try to
keep your distance from others. Serious conflicts between
individuals can occur now, or you can be a victim of someone
else┬Žs ruthlessness. Losses will occur through confrontations
with others and jealousy and possessiveness can rear their ugly
heads as well. Difficulties in taxes, insurance, alimony and
sexual prowess are all direct results of this energy.

    The danger of contracting diseases (social, sexual or
otherwise) and encountering annoyances, physical and verbal
abuse is high with this placement. Attacks on others is likely
to have a ruthless overtone and trying to institute changes now
will meet with great resistance. Impulsive actions are always
regretted at a later date, so try your best to avoid them. Be
extremely cautious in what you do, as your actions now can have
very explosive consequences.

Mars square Node:

    Poor circumstances have arrived for business and
professional endeavors and your behavior will be characterized
as antisocial. There can be a dislike for social traditions and
situations as well.


The placement of Jupiter in the solar return chart determines in
what areas of your life you are likely to have opportunities for
growth and expansion during the coming year.

Solar Return Jupiter in 2nd house:

    Jupiter is in your 2nd house this year. Jupiter tends to
expand your efforts and brings good fortune and positive change
to the house it occupies. Jupiter shows where favor will be
found from others, education, spiritual matters, learning and

    The main emphasis is on making money and acquiring wealth,
but be careful in managing your resources, you can get carried
away to your detriment. Make any necessary changes in your
financial planning that you need to. A danger this year is that
you will go after something materially that you believe you
really want, only to discover later that it was a passing phase.
If Jupiter makes any stressful aspects while in the 2nd house,
there will be purchases that will probably be out of the realm
of practicality.

    You will feel much more secure and cared for and feelings of
doubt and insecurity will disappear. All money matters are
favored and business dealings, speculation, investments and pay
raises as well as pensions will do well. You may decide to
return to school, teach or do some writing (for money). Should
you have the need to borrow money, you can do so with little

Jupiter opposition Neptune:

    Relationships can become very confusing this year!  Avoid
any risks in business and any travel over water should be
avoided. If you put your ideas into play under this influence
there will be disappointments, but then again disappointments
will probably show up even if you do nothing at all.

    The concentration needed for any application will not be
with you, as there is too much confusion in the air.
Relationships that have been suffering can separate or divorce
completely, and abuses in drinking and drugs is high, so please
be careful. You may experience emotional dependencies on other
people as well.

    You can easily be swindled by someone this year and it will
be very easy to overextend your credit cards. Another influence
is swindling or being swindled by others, then again you may
find yourself being manipulated by others. Do not get involved
in any get rich schemes while you are under these effects or get
involved with any cult groups. Your thinking mechanisms aren't
in place.

Jupiter trine Pluto:

    Basic reforms in any area of your life will be very
fortunate. Large scale renovations can take place successfully
this year, and make sure to use the power that accompanies it
for positive purposes, both for others and yourself.

    Positive changes can be undertaken in your life making this
is an excellent time for your business and career. People in
authority can help you, and is a fortunate time to ask for their
help. This is a lucky influence when benefits can come through
joint finances. Your spouse can render support financially to
help you through some difficult times.

    This is a favorable time for keeping your need to control or
hold power over others under control. Outdoor activities,
adventures and travel are excellent outlets for this energy.
When selecting a friend or new mate, choose someone who shares
the same mutual interests as you, perhaps this is when you will
find such a person. There will be a strong urge to be noticed
and appreciated by others as well.

    If you are planning any home improvements, this year is the
time to initiate it and any travel done will be for business
instead of pleasure. There can be an increased understanding of
the universe and its workings and you may start a course in
Metaphysical study.

Jupiter sextile Node:

    There will be a noticeable increase in social contacts with
friends and you will both look forward to and enjoy their
company. Harmony in traditional educational, religious and
social beliefs exists.


The placement of Saturn in the solar return chart determines
where you will encounter obstacles, difficult lessons, and where
discipline will be needed in your life during the coming year.

Solar Return Saturn in 12th house:

    Saturn is in your 12th house this year. The purpose of the
planet Saturn is to teach us and help us to mature in the houses
associated with Saturn. The stronger we resist these changes,
the stronger the effects will be felt until we submit to a more
structured way of life.  Saturn brings with it obligation,
commitment, responsibility and a more serious demeanor. An
increase in work, self control and discipline, as well as
disappointment and delays, matters from the past returning,
people in authority or government agencies.

    A year for withdrawing from the world and in a retreat or
place of seclusion. It is the time to say adieu to old habits
and prepare for a rebirth of self. Break old habits and say
good-bye to old failures and inadequacies and cut your losses
now and look ahead to the future. Favors work done in secret,
parapsychology, Ashrams, retreats and the culmination of Karmic
debts. If Saturn makes a difficult aspect while in the 12th
house, fears, moodiness, depression or underhanded means must be
guarded against.

Saturn trine Uranus:

    This year favors any kind of mental pursuits, the study of
Astrology, or parapsychology. Your friends will lean to more
mature and older persons which you may have more in common with.
In business stick to the older more established firms rather
than trying someone new and new and creative ideas will bring
happiness and peace into your life. Remember this is a time of
hard work and the keywords for this year are honesty and
determination. Finances are supported this year and come under a
fortunate influence.

    This is a time to make positive changes in your life and for
breaking down the barriers that have you bound to the past. In
other words, it is time to let go of the past and get on with
your life. The changes you institute this year will be
deliberately imposed and is an important time to let people
express who they really are, or who you really are.

    What have you been doing for a long period of time that has
become outworn, outdated and flat out old? Use this Uranian
period of electrical ideas and processes to update or change
things in your life. Changes made this year will be made
carefully but with great speed and relationships will become a
bit more stable.

                    Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

The placement of the 3 outer planets in the solar return chart
indicates areas in your life that are likely to take surprising
twists and turns, where idealism and illusion may enter your
life, or where compulsive or extreme situations may arise in
your life during the coming year.

Solar Return Uranus in 9th house:

    Uranus is in your 9th house this year. Uranus is the planet
that causes us to make changes of the sudden and electric kind
in our lives with very little regard as to whether we want to or
not.  Where matters are apt to be unpredictable, where we
separate ourselves from our environment as well as attractions
to the new and untried. Original ideas, awakening to new
concepts and unconventional behavior highlight Uranus in the

    Sudden and unexpected long distance travel can occur this
year and new thoughts and understandings can be introduced from
unexpected sources. Travel and legal complications can be very
unusual, unique and disruptive as well. If Uranus makes a
difficult aspect while in the 9th house, your belief system is
subject to impractical expectations, and beliefs.

Solar Return Neptune in 8th house:

    Neptune is in your 8th house this year. Neptune is the Grand
Master of illusion, deception, imagination and inspiration,
perhaps all at the same time. Psychic and intuitive aspects can
emerge from our personalities either consciously or
subconsciously and new concepts that are somewhat poetic,
compassionate and humanitarian can easily arise. As long as we
remain realistic in our approach to life, we shouldn't encounter
too many lessons though. Expect Neptune to put you through many
changes of perceptions and your views or reality will be altered
several times as well. Neptune is where you are vulnerable,
gullible, and where mis-information, false hopes but spiritual
enlightenment can be found.

    Hidden elements of your life can become confusing now and
matters pertaining to taxes, shared resources, inheritances and
sexuality prove to be deceptive, clouded, confusing causing
misunderstandings to take place. If Neptune makes a difficult
aspect while in the 8th house, there may be very mysterious
conditions surrounding the death of someone and self deception
in money matters and business.

Neptune trine Node:

    It will be easy to influence your friends and associates
with the new ideas you have this year and in romantic
situations, there will be a noticeable increase in affection and
tenderness. Your relationships will have a strong sensation of a
"soul connection".

    Carry out your plans in a more organized way rather than
striving for new methods. Don't expect more than is humanly
possible from others now, instead help others to reach their own

Solar Return Pluto in 6th house:

    Pluto is in your 6th house this year. Pluto is the master of
digging down beneath the surface of who you are and bring some
very powerful yet subtle changes into your life. Pluto is where
your OBSESSIONS can be found this year, where your personal
"power" can be found, major changes in life, and changes in life
with regard to groups of people.

    Stress and illness is possible from requiring too much from
the body and changes on the job will be forced rather than
sought. If Pluto makes a difficult aspect while in the 6th
house, then there can be hazards around the workplace that can
affect the health.

Pluto opposition Node:

    Do not use this time for planning retaliations against
people who have wronged you, even though it will be strong, so
resist the temptation. Be careful of USING people for your own
purposes as well.

    Associations can become very burdensome this year and
tension and intolerance for others can lead to unwise choices.
Aspirations for power can lead to problems or frustrations.

Pluto square MC:

    Passion and strong feelings will increase that will be
difficult to deal with this year and research and studies are
favored. You may be working in an undesirable environment around
virus's and bacteria in some way.
    A great deal of pressure is on you to make changes in your
goals and life direction, just be careful not to let your
actions make those around you oppose your ideas.
    Changes against your will can take place, just don't waste
your energies trying to fight the system, instead go with the
flow. Tensions are sure to surface and home repairs and changes
of residence is possible.

              Midpoint Influences for the Next Year

     Midpoints are an astrological technique that became popular
among astrologers in the latter half of the 20th century. They
are very important in the solar return chart.

Mercury Conjunct Sun/Venus  Orb: 1 Deg 15 Min

    If love isn't on your mind, it should be, just make sure
what you feel romantically, is in reality what you have; talk to
others about your feelings; a trip embarked on this year will be
very nice indeed; mental concentration ; popular; women who
start conversations; running into.

MC Opposition Sun/Mars   Orb: 0 Deg 45 Min

    Work will be very enjoyable and success may come to you;
your working methods become more competent and if the need
arises, you will be willing and able to fight for your rights;
masculine characteristics; a born fighter.

Jupiter Conjunct Sun/Saturn  Orb: 1 Deg 16 Min

    Relationships that are not doing very will can end; issues
that come to an end have an important side effect that is very
positive though not revealed this year; preferring to be silent;
strong morals; matters of expansion in business and domestic
life delayed.

Venus Conjunct Sun/Pluto  Orb: 1 Deg 55 Min

    The emotions will be easily upset; creative abilities and
working in artistic fields are favored; women can meet their
future spouse; deep love and affection shown to another; intense
love involvements; fated love involvements; working feverishly
on creative projects.

Node Opposition Moon/Venus   Orb: 0 Deg 10 Min

    Contacts with others will be very enlightening and social;
your feelings towards others will be very motherly and loving;
love shared with new friends and acquaintances; connections to
people that you have a lot more in common with and appreciate
you for who you are as an individual.

Jupiter Opposition Moon/Uranus   Orb: 1 Deg 37 Min

    Success can arrive at your door when least you expect it;
this would be a very nice time to make plans for advancement;
your ideas will go over very well with others; this a very
"lucky" period for you.

Neptune Conjunct Moon/Uranus  Orb: 0 Deg 41 Min

    Situations in your life manifest as confusion, and issues
are unclear; the nervous system can easily take a beating; loss
of energy; powerful spiritual experience; deceitful people who
drain your energies and time.

Mars Conjunct Mercury/Jupiter  Orb: 0 Deg 15 Min

    If you need a year to be heard or bring your point to
others, this year is the one to do it; pursuing knowledge or
education; increased accident potential while traveling.

Node Opposition Mercury/Neptune   Orb: 1 Deg 51 Min

    Contacts, meetings and associations with others will be for
creative reasons; contacts with people who can tune into the
spiritual world; sexual ties with psychic people; connections
with karmic conditions and psychics.

Saturn Opposition Mercury/MC   Orb: 1 Deg 58 Min

    Be careful and correct in your viewpoint, because others
will examine what you say and do very closely; depression;
melancholy; love of solitude; separations; abandonment of goals;
creativity becomes very difficult.

Sun Conjunct Venus/Jupiter  Orb: 0 Deg 17 Min

    Popularity and success will come into your life this year
bringing with it some type of advancement for you; your efforts
in all areas will be appreciated and feelings of good will to
the world around you will be present.

Uranus Opposition Venus/Node   Orb: 1 Deg 32 Min

    Relationships can start quite suddenly this year, with very
profound results; new friends and associates will be very
different, and the possibility of an affair is high; disruptions
at meetings; bad news received from friends.

Mars Conjunct Venus/Asc.  Orb: 0 Deg 57 Min

    You can make a bigger impact on others if you use your charm
or erotic nature to obtain what you want; more aware of the
sexual needs of others; an ability to please yourself and others
through intimacy.

Uranus Opposition Mars/Jupiter   Orb: 0 Deg 35 Min

    Breaking free from situations and circumstances; self
expression can be very tense; extreme unrest; the rules can
change in sports and competition; learning about other people's

Pluto Opposition Mars/MC   Orb: 0 Deg 37 Min

    You are enthusiastic about life this year, that's for sure!
There can be a bonus, raise or promotion coming to you, or you
may see your name or picture in the paper, TV, or the News; a
deep need to be appreciated and recognized as an individual;
desire to bring tasks to a successful conclusion; great

Node Conjunct Mars/MC  Orb: 1 Deg 42 Min

    The possibility for success is strong this year; you will be
exhibiting an air of authority that can be very beneficial to
your goals; irritability at people who seem to get all the
breaks in life.

Moon Opposition Jupiter/Saturn   Orb: 0 Deg 52 Min

    When you feel something is right, you will stick with it no
matter what; ups and downs in spiritual, psychic or intuitive
matters; business and social activities involving the public;
disappointments or emotional delays.

Asc. Conjunct Jupiter/Saturn  Orb: 0 Deg 52 Min

    You can successfully remain silent this year; don't ruffle
the feathers of others; changes in how you react to others;
taking notice of other peoples mannerisms.

Mercury Conjunct Jupiter/Pluto  Orb: 0 Deg 56 Min

    You are able to influence others to your way of thinking
quite easily this year; feeling you are above the law;
communications with people who are somewhat disadvantaged in
some way that need your services.

Sun Conjunct Saturn/Pluto  Orb: 1 Deg 12 Min

    This will be a time of hard work to make things happen
through changes that are not to your liking; your health is a
bit sensitive; separations from others is a possibility;
dominating others through the use of the will; strong will and
determination in work and procedures.

Moon Conjunct Uranus/Pluto  Orb: 0 Deg 35 Min

    Changes will not come easy, and with a little bit of effort,
they can become intolerable; sensitivity and awareness to the
needs of others.

Venus Opposition Uranus/Asc.   Orb: 1 Deg 05 Min

    This is a wonderful time for a fashion make over; putting
your best foot forward; make people drool after your body;
studying relationships to see what makes them tick.

Saturn Conjunct Node/Asc.  Orb: 1 Deg 55 Min

    More practical and rational; patiently teaching others;
barriers to socializing.

         Interaction of the Solar Return and Natal Chart

     The following influences are based on the relationship of
the solar return to the natal chart. These influences tend to
bring about changes in attitudes and your perspective on life.

Natal 7th on solar Asc:

    With your Natal 7th house on the Solar Ascendant,  making
compromises to others, and overlooking differences for the sake
of  relationships can come into focus. Any difficulties in love
and relationships are likely to surface to be dealt with. You
are more than likely to be the initiator of  relationships now.
Matters of marriage and divorce or  litigation are all part of
this energy, and are sure to be an essential part of what is
going on in some way.

Natal Asc in solar 6th house:

     With your natal Ascendant now in the Solar 6th house,  the
things that you must do on a day-to-day basis, and matters of
health will be very important. The 6th house represents  the job
you do, or daily occupations and things that you do to be of use
and service for others. Most importantly, it is where you as an
individual fit this year.
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