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Composite for Lovers Back
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COMPOSITES 4 - 2   for

                           Goldie Hawn


                          Kurt Russell

                     Birth Data for Goldie:

                           Goldie Hawn
                        November 21, 1945
                             9:20 AM
                        Washington, D.C.

                      Birth Data for Kurt:

                          Kurt Russell
                         March 17, 1951
                            10:42 AM
                         Springfield, MA

                      Veraxs Int'l Inc.
                     3355 Bee Cave Road #606
                      Austin, TX 78746 USA
                       Phone: 512-826-5401
The interpretation of your relationship is based on the positions
of the planets at the time of your birth, and the composite chart.
For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along
with other technical information, are listed below:

      Goldie:                   Kurt:                    Composite:
Sun:  28 Sco 55                 26 Pis 15                27 Cap 35
Moo:  26 Gem 24                 17 Can 17                 6 Can 50
Mer:  20 Sag 44                  2 Ari 19                11 Aqu 31
Ven:  11 Sco 39                 25 Ari 25                 3 Aqu 32
Mar:   2 Leo 05                 12 Ari 06                 7 Gem 05
Jup:  18 Lib 28                 21 Pis 46                 5 Cap 07
Sat:  24 Can 41                 29 Vir 13                26 Leo 57
Ura:  16 Gem 06                  5 Can 24                25 Gem 45
Nep:   7 Lib 57                 18 Lib 46                13 Lib 21
Plu:  11 Leo 47                 17 Leo 50                14 Leo 49
Nod:   1 Can 37                 18 Pis 47                10 Tau 12
Asc:  27 Sag 55                  0 Can 21                29 Vir 08
MC:   19 Lib 42                  5 Pis 30                27 Gem 36
2nd:   5 Aqu 05                 19 Can 56                27 Lib 30
3rd:  15 Pis 29                 10 Leo 26                27 Sco 57
5th:  16 Tau 00                  9 Lib 09                27 Cap 35
6th:   7 Gem 34                 21 Sco 10                29 Aqu 22

Tropical Zodiac                 Tropical Zodiac
Standard time observed.         Standard time observed.
GMT: 14:20:00                   15:42:00
Time Zone: 5 hours West.        Time Zone: 5 hours West.
Lat. of birth: 38 N 53 42       42 N 06 05
Long. of birth: 77 W 02 12      Long. of birth: 72 W 35 25
PLACIDUS houses                 PLACIDUS houses

                   Part 1: Planets and Aspects

Sun Conjunct Venus

This aspect signifies that you just plainly love each other. The
attraction is so strong between you that even though you may be
incompatible by other standards, you still feel like being with
your partner because of that love you feel for them. It's not
that they won't occasionally drive you nuts - they will. It's
just that the bottom line is that there is real love between you
and there is no stronger emotion in the universe.

By being together you can create beauty and form as well as
appreciate art and music. Your home can easily be filled with
"treasures" that reflect the talents you have. But as always
with Venus, be careful of overindulging in the good things of
life so they do not become a noose around your neck instead of
an object of desire. Remember, the more things you have, the
more trouble you art likely to have. You will not mind showing
off what you have accrued together, but vanity can become an
undesired side effect of this aspect if it is not kept in check.

Avoid hiding any difficulties in your relationship and bring
them out in the open so they can be resolved or at least
recognized in order to avoid major problems down the road. You
may also be drawn to speculative ventures with this aspect, so
just remember to be practical in your expenditures.

With this configuration, no matter what difficulties come along
to challenge you, you will always feel a need and desire to make
peace, reconcile and create harmony and cooperation in your
relationship. This aspect offers a great stability that will
keep you from turning against each other, unless the obstacles
become totally overwhelming.

A great deal of time and effort can be put into social
activities and if you are involved in creative ventures
together, then this aspect adds support and form to your ideas.

Mercury Opposition Pluto

Communication may be centered on digging out the truth in each
other's life and uncovering things about the other you would not
dream to tell anyone else. You will cause each other to
transform thoughts, feelings, beliefs and desires that have been
buried for a very long time. This relationship will also have
you questioning things that up until now were better off left
alone. Because of this potent power you must be careful of
manipulating your partner for your own purposes or trying to
control their life and the way they think. Do not use the power
of this aspect for psychological manipulation, brainwashing or
for taking advantage of your partner's weaknesses and

Together you may choose to delve into the occult or to use the
power of mind over matter. Just make sure the dark side does not
win you over. If you get carried away in any of these areas,
people may perceive you as a threat and bring danger to you.
Should you heed the above warnings, then you can gain some very
important truths about life, the universe and yourselves.

Mercury Trine Mars

Right from the start you may have noticed that heated debates
and arguments are sexual turn-ons for you and your partner.
There seems to be no end to the ways you challenge each other's
thinking and you love to compete on how much you know
intellectually. A wonderful playfulness emerges from these
conversations and if one thing leads to another, then so much
the better. One thing is for sure, you will never be at a loss
for words when you are around each other.

Your communication will be very open, direct and frank, and very
little of your opinion will be withheld from the other. If you
believe that there are times when a little white lie will help
spare hurt to your partner's feelings, then you'd better learn
to forget it. That won't happen here. At least try to sugar coat
it a little bit so you are not quite so offensive.

Mercury Trine Neptune

Your relationship is sure to be filled with fantasy, imagination
and artistic, poetic or musical abilities or qualities. If you
are looking for a totally practical, logical and organized
relationship, then you have not found it here. Others are more
likely to find you both staring at the ceiling, pondering the
mysteries of the universe or lost in a dream world that only the
two of you know about. There will be strong telepathic or
non-verbal communication between you that only the two of you
can hear or understand.

Your conversations may be focused on spiritual or metaphysical
ideas. You will talk about your dreams and your ideals of what a
perfect world would be like. The danger with this aspect,
though, is that you need to be very honest with each other to
avoid the possibility of misunderstanding, deception or
illusion. The fantasy of your relationship is likely to be
wonderful, but you need to come down to earth and take a look at
the reality of it. You may be treating your partner as the
person they are in your head rather than the person they really
are reality. When the picture in your imagination falls off the
pedestal, then a great deal of disappointment and disillusion
can occur. This can wreck havoc on your relationship. You must
be very clear with your partner as to your expectations and
goals of your relationship. The more straight-forward and honest
you can be, the better.

Another positive of this aspect is that you may share common
interest in healing techniques, charitable work, or religious
concerns. These activities can help bring the two of you closer

Mercury Sesquiquadrate Uranus

If you are looking for a relationship to uproot your pattern of
thinking, mix in a little adventure, and experiment in the
mind-blowing side of weird, then congratulations, you may have
found it. New ideas, alternative ways of thinking, changing old
patterns of thought and just plain bizarre behavior tend to go
along with this aspect. Expect the unconventional and the
ever-changing, frequently and suddenly.

Trying to communicate in stereo can't happen so you will have to
stop talking while the other person is talking so you don't miss
their train of thought. There is much nervous energy surrounding
you both and together you can come up with some wonderful new
ideas, perhaps far ahead of their time, and enjoy some excellent
creative adventures together. But plan on taking a break from
one another from time to time in order to repair your burned out
brain cells and get some sanity back into your lives. There is
so much stimulation and mental excitement between you that it
may be difficult for you to settle down to the routine, everyday
aspects and needs of your relationship. Because a certain amount
of restlessness and anxiety go along with this aspect, you will
need time to recuperate. So take it, even if it means getting
away from each other at times.

A serious side to this aspect is that the two of you may
constantly challenge and disagree with your partner's viewpoint
just for the sake of causing a commotion. At first this can be
great fun and very exciting. But in the long run it may become
very old and when one or the other of you tire of it, it may be
too late to do anything about it because your partner will have
already up and left. The two of you need to control the tendency
of automatically disagreeing with the other's viewpoint in order
to keep some stability in the relationship.

Venus Trine Mars

Yours is likely a very passionate and affectionate relationship
and this aspect will help strengthen the bond between you. The
intensity that you feel as a couple cannot be ignored and if you
think you are just going to be friends, without any intimate
contact, then you may need to think again. No matter how much
you try to deny the powerful attraction, the sexual energy will
remain, and the urge to merge will be overwhelming.

Your feelings will always have a high degree of sizzle and this
should keep you warm on a cold night and should not fade over
time. This will not be a "ships that pass in the night"
relationship and, should other indicators in your chart signal
any difficulties, this will add fuel to the high intensity fire.
You will have to look elsewhere in the chart for intellectual
and emotional togetherness, but as for the physical side, it's a
definite go!

This aspect does indicate that the two of you are very
complementary. In other words, one of you is strong where the
other is weak and vice-versa. This is very positive no matter
what sort of relationship you have.

Saturn Sextile Uranus

For the two of you this configuration supports a very nice,
secure, stable and structured environment in which you can both
thrive. You can expect changes from time to time, but nothing
that is going to rock the boat to the point of tipping it over.
You will enjoy friends that are stable and some that are
somewhat far out and you won't have any problem fitting in with
either. You should be able to pursue joint projects with
unending fervor and bring them to a successful conclusion. There
is a nice blending of energies here that lends support for the
other, without infringing on the other's space. This is one
indication of a long, content and interesting life together.

Saturn Semisquare Neptune

Yours may not be a very positive relationship, instead it may be
fraught with confusion, deception and instability. You may find
that you cannot rely on each other in time of need or support.
This stems from the fact that you have difficulty deciding what
your relationship is all about. There will seem to be a bond
that puts you together, yet through your interaction you will
discover the weaknesses, fears, insecurities and inadequacies
the two of you have as a couple, even if you do not have these
qualities as individuals. You may feel that you are controlled,
manipulated and exploited. There may be self-doubts, even if you
never experienced them before. If there are enough positive
aspects elsewhere to counter this negativity, then this aspect
can be helpful in finding out about yourself. If not, then you
may need to reconsider your relationship carefully. You may even
have to move on. This relationship is going to challenge
everything you believe, both materially and spiritually, and you
will have to back up your ideals or let them go. Deception may
be a big part of your relationship, whether intended or not.
Confusion may enter the picture as well. There may be a constant
battle in knowing what is real and what is not. Unless honesty
is adhered to, mistrust may be the underlying factor in the
relationship's end.

Neptune Sextile Pluto

Matters of spirituality, psychic awareness or communication,
supernatural forces and mind-reading will be very strong
interests in your lives and it may be impossible to deny or to
get away from them. There may be times that you can actually
hear what the other person is thinking without ever having to
say anything. You might decide to play the role of psychic
detectives, uncovering mysteries or hidden things. You enjoy
anything that has to do with mind expansion or mind alteration.

 Part 2: MIDPOINTS - Additional Influences on Relationship Potential

Venus Conjunct Sun/Mercury  Orb:1 Deg 02 Min

    Love takes form through poetry and writing; sexuality is
aroused through sensual perceptions; love may defined by the
intellectual process; together you can effectively share ideas
by using a softer approach.

Neptune Opposition Sun/Uranus   Orb:1 Deg 41 Min

    Relationships are sensitive, and should be handled very
carefully; your ego's can develop plans for personal recognition
which will prove to be a delusion; neglecting each other.

Mars Opposition Sun/Neptune   Orb:1 Deg 37 Min

    Unethical and immoral methods may be applied to satisfy the
ego in this relationship; irresistible qualities enter your
life, and sexual awareness is present; weak sexual abilities
that can easily get in the way of this relationship; putting
schemes into reality; creative visualizations.

Neptune Opposition Venus/Uranus   Orb:1 Deg 17 Min

    Fantasy and sexual expression will go out of the realm of
the ordinary in this relationship; problems in relationships can
be difficult to determine; insights into new forms of pleasure;
seduction; renouncing love.

Mars Opposition Venus/Neptune   Orb:1 Deg 21 Min

    Your attraction to each other is very strong; keep your
expectations of intimacy realistic; you may be over-excited, and
the actual manifestation of love is taking place in your mind
only, never taking place in the physical realm.

N. Node Opposition Venus/Pluto   Orb:1 Deg 02 Min

    This relationship is supported by passionate love or loving
group transformation; relationships with others might produce
feelings of deep loving connections, as though they were fated
to happen; associations with people where deep love is involved;
can be wasting emotions or that meetings or encounters with
people can feel or be more of a gamble rather than giving a
feeling of security  (maybe you need to reevaluate one who is
chosen for a friend or partner); there can be a drive to
associate with other people of sometimes questionable qualities
or character.

Mercury Opposition Mars/Neptune   Orb:1 Deg 18 Min

    Difficulties in dealing with each other; nerves; disorders
due to overindulgence in alcohol, tobacco and drugs, medications
and self abuse; intuitive and psychic abilities.

Sun Opposition Saturn/Uranus   Orb:1 Deg 14 Min

    Separations from each other is highlighted; problems that
stem from a character that is too stubborn and unwilling to
give; meeting opposition to your ideas; strains.

Jupiter Opposition Saturn/N. Node   Orb:1 Deg 33 Min

    Stressful situations will be too much to bear as you strive
to break free from this relationship through rebellious methods;
people of different ages will not agree at all.

Sun Opposition Neptune/N. Node   Orb:0 Deg 49 Min

    Disappointments in relationships; strange contacts.

Uranus Conjunct Pluto/N. Node  Orb:1 Deg 45 Min

    Ruthlessness will get you all of the attention and
recognition that you want in this relationship; opposition will
feel the wrath of your power as you easily walk over each other;
being around each other can be difficult; violence of some sort
can occur while you are with each other.
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