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COMPOSITES 4 - 2   for

                       Schwarzenegg Arnold


                          Shriver Maria

                  Birth Data for Schwarzenegg:

                       Schwarzenegg Arnold
                          July 30, 1947
                             4:10 AM
                    Graz, Austria            

                     Birth Data for Shriver:

                          Shriver Maria
                        November 6, 1955
                             5:12 PM
                    Chicago, Illinois        

                        Veraxs Int'l Inc.
                     3355 Bee Cave Road #606
                      Austin, TX 78746 USA
                       Phone: 512-826-5401
The interpretation of your relationship is based on the positions
of the planets at the time of your birth, and the composite chart.
For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along
with other technical information, are listed below:

      Schwarzenegg:             Shriver:                 Composite:
Sun:   6 Leo 05                 13 Sco 46                24 Vir 56
Moo:   3 Cap 31                 14 Leo 26                23 Lib 59
Mer:  18 Can 03                 27 Lib 59                 8 Vir 01
Ven:  26 Can 22                  1 Sag 06                28 Vir 44
Mar:  20 Gem 06                 15 Lib 44                17 Leo 55
Jup:  18 Sco 00                 28 Leo 55                 8 Lib 27
Sat:  11 Leo 35                 22 Sco 37                 2 Lib 06
Ura:  24 Gem 30                  2 Leo 20                13 Can 25
Nep:   8 Lib 27                 28 Lib 34                18 Lib 30
Plu:  12 Leo 46                 28 Leo 28                20 Leo 37
Nod:  29 Tau 01                 19 Sag 01                 9 Pis 01
Asc:  19 Can 07                 26 Tau 23                22 Gem 45
MC:   24 Pis 22                  3 Aqu 26                28 Aqu 54
2nd:   6 Leo 37                 21 Gem 31                14 Can 04
3rd:  27 Leo 12                 12 Can 06                 4 Leo 39
5th:   1 Sco 22                  0 Vir 11                 0 Lib 47
6th:  13 Sag 48                  8 Lib 25                11 Sco 07

Tropical Zodiac                 Tropical Zodiac
Daylight Savings Time observed. Standard time observed.
GMT: 02:10:00                   23:12:00
Time Zone: 1 hours East.        Time Zone: 6 hours West.
Lat. of birth: 47 N 05          41 N 51   
Long. of birth: 15 E 27         Long. of birth: 87 W 39   
PLACIDUS houses                 PLACIDUS houses

                   Chapter 1: On the Ascendant

Ascendant in Gemini:

    You will have to have many ideas going at the same time to
use up all of that nervous energy that you share together. The
only problem is determining what stage your projects are in,
what pile you put them in, or what day it is. Otherwise you are
sharp as a tack. As a couple, your minds are quick, alive, alert
and inquisitive. You have the ability to absorb and learn very
rapidly, but you get bored just as easily. Your minds can become
so scattered at times that you may forget where you are, or why.
As long as anyone can keep your mind stimulated for more than an
hour or so, they will have your complete although somewhat
divided attention. People who are serious about life may not
understand or appreciate your carefree nature, especially when
you are together.

    You possess a wonderful sense of humor and make fascinating
conversationalists. Do you feel that there are two separate
entities here battling for domination? Do you talk with your
hands? If you spend much time together, you will!

    Your approach to people and situations stems from the mental
plane, and any decisions in your life about love, domestic
matters, business or social situations will be met with rational
thought rather than emotional responses. You have childlike and
flirtatious mannerisms and approach life with a vigorous

    If the two of you are not kept busy, your minds can turn to
gossip or idle chit chat about meaningless issues, just to keep
the brain box active. You only move at one speed which is about
80 miles an hour, while remaining constantly in motion due to an
inner restlessness that drives everyone around you crazy.
Nervous conditions fire up your emotions bringing verbal attacks
on each other. The typical Gemini will always have a gallon of
coffee nearby along with an ashtray filled with cigarettes. Does
this sound like the two of you?? Your key phrase in life should
be "I Know What I Want,. . . I think?" Exercise and extra care
in diet will help to sooth those nervous episodes that pop up.
If you weren't nervous before, spending time together will
introduce you to it, big time! Look to the house where Mercury
is located to see where what you think about as a couple.

            Ascendant is in Gemini, Aquarius Decanate

    Ruled by the planet Uranus, this is an excellent aspect for
business, dealing with large corporations, science, or becoming
the head of a big businesses together. This position brings with
it the real possibility of Genius qualities. Constant activity
will keep you out of touch with what is happening in the world

    Chapter 2: On the Midheaven: How you are seen as a couple

Midheaven in Aquarius:

    Since this is the most "visible" part of the composite
chart, it represents how you are actually seen in the world by
others. It represents your more outward or public face and where
you are likely to encounter success, and your reputation in the
world as a couple. Your mutual goals together will exhibit a
positive kind of temperament although somewhat uncertain about
matters with sudden urges. You will be intuitive with above
average intelligence and can organizing almost anything.
Intelligence in a cool, calm and collected way that allows no
room for feelings. Spiritual matters are much more important
than material ones for you both. Very rebellious spirit looking
for adventure pretty much describe your lives together.

    You are always looking forward to the future and how life
will progress. Change, progress and innovative methods in human
development keep you strongly attuned to causes or social
betterment. You are idealists when it comes to any kind of
social unfairness, human rights or uniformity.

    There are times in your life when you will forego your own
needs in favor of the needs of others. Your beliefs are
unchangeable once an opinion is formed and you keep up to date
in the latest developments. You will enjoy active participation
in groups or community affairs together as well.

    You are friendly but keep an impersonal distance from
others. Your acquaintances number many, but you can count your
real friends usually on one hand. As friends you are detached
and impartial. Because of your rational responses to your
environment, you keep your emotions close to you and reveal them
only to those who warrant it. Your independence keeps you from
being overpowered or dominated by others. Marriage,
relationships and tending to children are far from being
customary and probably lean to what would shock most people.

    The tenth house is the home of worldly aspirations and
attainment. This sector shows how you present yourself to the
public, and deeds for which you leave behind as your legacy, or
what you will be remembered for. The tenth has domain over the
profession, public offices held, and your reputation. The
combined energy of Aquarius here, indicates that whatever you
choose to do will be inventive, unique and original together.
Working for humanitarian rights and being a team player are of
the utmost importance to you. Aquarius here indicates working in
politics or before the public in some way. Look to the house
where Uranus is located to see what kind of career you might
choose, or how you will be remembered.

                 Chapter 3: Planets and Aspects

Sun in 4th house:

With the Sun located in the 4th house there is likely to be a
very strong emotional bond between you. You will share strong
values, tastes, even past experiences that are somehow similar.
When you put your home together, you will both intuitively know
how your home should feel and look, right from the start. The
Sun focuses its energy on personal and intimate habits that are
ingrained from youth and you should be compatible in that
regard. This is a wonderful position for settling down and
starting a family together.

Because of this compatibility, this is one of the best positions
of the Sun for marriage or any other intimate arrangement.
Everyday life should be more secure, stable and comfortable, and
people will enjoy your company when you use the home to
socialize. Your home will be a great place to escape the
everyday hum-drum existence we call life. This placement of the
Sun also favors joint real estate, owning property and a larger
living space as opposed to just an apartment. Yours will not be
a light-hearted relationship. Instead it will be all-consuming
on both the mental and emotional levels.

Sun Conjunct Venus

This aspect signifies that you just plainly love each other. The
attraction is so strong between you that even though you may be
incompatible by other standards, you still feel like being with
your partner because of that love you feel for them. It's not
that they won't occasionally drive you nuts - they will. It's
just that the bottom line is that there is real love between you
and there is no stronger emotion in the universe.

By being together you can create beauty and form as well as
appreciate art and music. Your home can easily be filled with
"treasures" that reflect the talents you have. But as always
with Venus, be careful of overindulging in the good things of
life so they do not become a noose around your neck instead of
an object of desire. Remember, the more things you have, the
more trouble you art likely to have. You will not mind showing
off what you have accrued together, but vanity can become an
undesired side effect of this aspect if it is not kept in check.

Avoid hiding any difficulties in your relationship and bring
them out in the open so they can be resolved or at least
recognized in order to avoid major problems down the road. You
may also be drawn to speculative ventures with this aspect, so
just remember to be practical in your expenditures.

With this configuration, no matter what difficulties come along
to challenge you, you will always feel a need and desire to make
peace, reconcile and create harmony and cooperation in your
relationship. This aspect offers a great stability that will
keep you from turning against each other, unless the obstacles
become totally overwhelming.

A great deal of time and effort can be put into social
activities and if you are involved in creative ventures
together, then this aspect adds support and form to your ideas.

Sun Square Asc.

There can be problems that arise in romance and marriage because
of ego conflicts, disagreements and miscommunication. Neither of
you wants to give in and apologize or tell the other person they
could be wrong. You are really working at cross-purposes to each
other, which will not make communication very easy. If you could
each work alone on your own projects with no one there to bother
you, then perhaps you would be much better off.

Sun Semisextile Moon

This is one of the most fortunate aspects you can have, not only
for love, but for friendship as well. There is a natural sense
of harmony, balance and flow in your relationship and you fit
very well together, like pieces in a jig-saw puzzle. But just
because your relationship may have come together very easily and
naturally, never, ever take your partner for granted.

You will treat each other as equals and will not resort to
game-playing or petty competition like other couples. You will
gladly give to your partner and you are able to receive as well.
You will find that you can always depend on each other, no
matter what the circumstance. Each of you will act as a teacher
for each other and you will learn a lot from and about each
other in the process.

This aspect lessons the chances of those challenges and
obstacles in your life together that some couples struggle with
over their survival. You should be able to come out on top with
less effort than most people are required to give under the same
circumstances. Give your relationship the respect it deserves
for there will be many that envy what you have.

There will be no dominating partner here, nor will you have to
worry about one partner manipulating the other. In matters of
communication, there should be an easy rapport between you, with
very little chance of misunderstanding. Your viewpoints on
issues will tend to be the same and you will enjoy the strong
emotional bond between you. This aspect is a strong indication
of sexual attraction between you, which was perhaps a main
factor in your getting together in the first place.

Moon in fifth house:

The Moon has rulership over the emotions and when located in the
5th house it indicates that the relationship is emotionally
satisfying. Since the 5th house also governs pleasure, fun,
amusement, children and how you express yourself, these will be
key elements in your relationship. This is an especially good
position for the Moon and love, but make certain it is a
committed relationship instead of the more recreational kind.
You will revel in each others' company, always comfortable and
wanting to spend a great deal of time together. Together, you
will also enjoy the party scene, nightclubs, concerts and any
experience that offers you a good time. The only really
difficult side to this position of the Moon is that since you
are having such a really great time together, who wants to get
serious and commit to anything long-lasting??? This can hurt a
relationship built on marriage and commitment, where getting
down to the serious side of life is a necessity.

Children will also be a very important role in your lives and
this position supports the birth of children into your life. You
should not have any problem with expressing your feelings with
the Moon in the 5th house and you should enjoy each other's
company very deeply.

Moon Conjunct Neptune

This aspect can represent the union of two souls in spiritual
harmony. In a very short time of being together you may
instinctively share each other's thoughts, feelings, desires,
moods and emotional needs. There will be a real magical blend
between you. Compassion, sympathy, sensitivity, tenderness and
telepathic communication only serve to strengthen the bond
between you. All this sounds really great, right? Well, just be
sure that it is there in reality and not simply in your minds.
This aspect can cause your imaginations to run away from you and
lead you to some very strange places. Deal with the real and the

There is a greater need to nurture and take care of each other
with this aspect. As intimated previously, since this aspect has
so much to do with illusion and the imagination, you must be
careful to ground yourself in a reality, just to be on the safe
side. Otherwise, your spiritual world will present itself as
only an illusion.

Should either of you have a history of drug problems, alcohol
abuse or other escapist tendencies, do not try to "save" or
"heal" the other without the proper knowledge or it can end in

There may be difficulties with sex in this relationship because
one or both of you may feel that your relationship should not be
brought down to the lower levels from its high spiritual state.
You may feel that sex would "dirty" an otherwise pure and holy
union. This is fine as long as both of you feel the same way.

Moon Trine Asc.

This aspect indicates that you both have the ability to express
your emotions without feeling vulnerable. You will seldom feel
that your partner is holding something back or emotionally
detaching from you. This is most fortunate for a love
relationship where you understand each other's emotional
feelings at a very deep level and relate to each other as one,
thus making your bond quite strong and durable. People in your
environment will see that together you have a real emotional
strength that they can relate to, and even envy. There will be a
greater tolerance for each other's faults as well, especially in
difficult times. You share similar habits which will be very
difficult to break, as they are programmed into your systems.
The people you choose as friends or those you relate with will
have the same emotional makeup or understanding as you and you
will share a well-rounded emotional and intellectual rapport.

Moon Sextile Pluto

This is sure to be a very strong and powerful relationship.
There is a fated quality that seems to draw you two together and
the bond you create will seem irresistible and it will be quite
intense. You will want to spend a great deal of time together
and will want to know each other very deeply. Should you be
looking for just a casual relationship, then you might be
advised to move on to something you can better handle. The
chances of your being able to do so are perhaps slim, though,

Even with a harmonizing aspect between these two planets, there
still may be a certain amount of jealousy and possessiveness
between you. You probably need to talk to each other in an
honest way to find out why this is so. Does one of you want to
control the other? Sharing your feelings and being completely
open with each other is a very positive aspect with this

You may have found that you came together at a time when a very
profoundly upsetting experience happened in your lives. Such
events can transform you in a way whereby your hearts just
naturally open to each other. You can be the healer that your
partner needs in order to get over past painful experiences or

Mercury in 4th house:

Mercury located in the 4th indicates that the basic issues in
your relationship and how you view your relationship will be
topics of frequent discussion. Your home is likely to resemble a
library in some way, filled with books or data and information,
or perhaps hobbies and crafts. Since Mercury rules
communication, your home may become the hub for get-togethers
and conversations. Whatever Mercury touches emphasizes analyzing
situations, so be careful of analyzing the relationship, home
and family to death, instead go with the flow. Mercury here can
actually help the two of you find out more about yourselves and
your feelings.

Mercury Semisextile Jupiter

This relationship should be a real education for you. Your being
together will either help you explore views of the world that
you may have never seen before or it will offer new intellectual
stimulus for learning something new.

Whether your relationship is for social or business purposes,
this aspect is wonderful and beneficial to you both. There is an
added hope and optimism in you that magnifies all of your good
qualities and, in the long run, you will be very good for each
other. At the same time you may also find that religious or
theological expansion is a very important part of your lives as
you delve deeper into the mysteries of life.

This aspect gives you both a greater tolerance and acceptance of
your partner's ideas and attitudes. It makes mutual
communication much more pleasant and you will grow
intellectually because of the friendly environment in which you
feel you can exchange viewpoints and opinions.
Venus in 4th house:

Venus is the planet of love, beauty and harmony. Located in the
4th house of the home, it will be easy to see that your home
will be very comfortable, filled with warmth and good fortune.
The 4th house represents the core or most intimate place in your
relationship and people will naturally gravitate to you in the
hope that some good fortune or harmony will wear off on them.
Even if the two of you don't have much money, your home will
still be clean and inviting.

The two of you will share much love, happiness and warmth no
matter where you are together, no matter what your financial
status may be. Venus located in the 4th house is an excellent
indication of a very intimate relationship.

Venus Conjunct Saturn

This is likely to be a very serious relationship, one where you
will be more than willing to work on any problems you have
together. Happiness and joy will be replaced by responsibilities
and obligations and they are what bond you together. In time,
all of this work and no play can take its toll on your
affections and your playfulness. Many difficulties and some
major disappointments can test your relationship and make you
wonder whether being together is worth it over the long haul.
Your relationship will seem very heavy and restrictive at times
and you may feel it a burden rather than a joy.

Love and emotion may be like a cold day in Alaska and in time
you may distance yourself from each other as much as possible.
Perhaps emotional matters are simply superseded by more
practical considerations. Another possibility is that the hand
of fate or karma may block your way in ever coming together at
all, thus causing the same result of disappointment and
frustration. If you are both rather reserved in nature and not
bent on showing emotion, feeling or affection, then this aspect
might make you somewhat more comfortable.

Yet even with an apparent lack of spontaneity and heated
passion, this can be an enduring, steady and security-filled
relationship. It certainly is not likely to burn itself out as
some wild, heated affairs do.

Mars in 3rd house:

Mars is the planet of action and energy and when placed in the
3rd house, the way you communicate with each other and the world
around you will be very intense or forceful. This can bring
arguments or force people to become enemies instead of friends,
if you push it. The 3rd house has rulership over the lower mind
and day to day functioning. On bad days this fiery planet can
have you fussing, fighting and feuding and disagreeing on very
basic issues. When this happens, you naturally will feel
threatened and will answer the challenge with another challenge,
most likely verbally. Childhood habits and upbringing can also
be at the base of these disputes and this placement of Mars will
bring them to the surface for you to deal with, or at least
recognize. Since the 3rd house also has rulership over
relatives, neighbors and the immediate environment, you may find
more than your share of unkind or heated words exchanged there
as well. If things are going well with relatives and neighbors,
however, it can indicate a great deal of time involved in day to
day activities together.

Mars Conjunct Pluto

This combination is an extremely powerful force and when you use
this energy you can make some considerable changes for either
good or evil. Using this energy to challenge, manipulate or
dominate each other or using underhanded methods to get what you
want will only destroy your relationship in the long run. The
anger that can be generated here may be very great and violent
reactions can occur. You may compete fiercely with each other,
even if you have never been the competitive type before. If this
is carried too far, then one or both of you will get hurt. You
should use all this power to transform yourselves and others or
perform work or services for people in your environment. But do
not force others into anything and do not force anything upon
them. You cannot be stopped in your endeavors as this
combination gives an unbelievable capacity for endurance. The
passion and sexual energy that burns between you may be intense
and staying warm on a cold, winter's night will not be difficult
to do.

Mars Sextile Neptune

This is a rather cozy, perhaps lazy position for Neptune. By
just being together you can come up with some great fantasies to
pass the time. There may be some ideal for which you are both
working to attain. You act to inspire each other to live out
your dreams and to reach for your highest goals, no matter how
far out of reach they may seem. But try to be as clear as
possible when discussing your hopes, dreams and aspirations and
go forward with them in a positive and practical way. You can
easily put this energy to work in the charitable or humanitarian
fields or get involved in some kind of volunteer work. Find an
outlet that allows you to give rather than receive in order to
get the best benefits from this aspect. Use caution in dealing
with or associating with people who may try to use you as a
crutch even though you are trying to help them.

Mars Semisquare Saturn

If you are looking for a relationship where you can be wild and
crazy, then this isn't the one. Everything you do in this
relationship will be very methodical, planned, controlled and
mechanical and the ways in which you express yourselves will be
the same way. The principle of this aspect is blocked action.
Resentment and hostility may build if you hold back any anger or
frustration. At times you will feel stifled and limited in how
you can express yourselves. Little irritations can build up
until they get to the point where they may explode. Try to
handle situations as they arise and be as honest as possible,
because if you aren't, your physical sexuality will be the final
frontier, never to be visited. At times you can be very cold in
your expression of affection and caring to each other. Or you
may find frustration and disappointment in your relationship
when one of you is amorous and the other takes on the qualities
of ice. Withholding sex can be a form of manipulation, control
or punishment. One of you may very well act as judge and jury
for everything the other does.

There may be considerable challenges, obstacles, battles and
frustrations for you to overcome in your relationship. Any
problems in this relationship may last a very long time and only
through great patience, perseverance and healthy communication
will you be able to work through them.

Jupiter in 5th house:

Jupiter is the planet of good fortune and it expands what it
touches. When Jupiter is located in the 5th house of happiness
and pleasure, several positive side effects can develop. First,
Jupiter will help you grow in ways to make you happier than you
could have been if you were without each other. You will feel
very relaxed and comfortable in each other's presence and will
know that your partner supports your every effort to the
fullest. This is a rather affectionate position for Jupiter,
full of warmth, with a minimum of negative difficulties to
contend with. Even in the worst of times, you will be able to
count on each other not to put harsh words or deeds into the
relationship to belittle the trust you have. The two of you may
have met at a social occasion, party or with respect to group
interests in religious, philosophic or metaphysical thought.
This is a wonderful indication of a favorable relationship.

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn

Success is guaranteed for you both if you work on your
relationship, but it won't happen immediately. The more time you
spend together and the harder you work, the luckier you will
become. This is a very advantageous position not only in
personal matters, but in business ventures as well, just as long
as you are not looking for immediate returns. Get-rich schemes
attempted here will likely end in failure and disappointment.
Above all keep your expectations practical and down-to-earth for
the best chance of success. This aspect is not enough to make or
break any relationship but it can solidify a good one, yet make
an already poor relationship more unstable.

Jupiter Square Uranus

If you are looking for a stable relationship where home is a
quiet and secure place, well, this may not happen with this
aspect. Instead, your relationship will likely be totally wacky,
unpredictable, full of surprises and full of upsets to your
daily routine, but probably for the better. Should you make
plans together, you can expect them to be changed, altered or
non-existent by the time they are ready to come to pass. If you
are looking for a totally adventuresome, playful and fun
relationship, then feel free to indulge. Yours may not be a very
enduring relationship unless other aspects support it, but you
owe yourself the opportunity to totally enjoy and experience
each other in the time you do spend together. Along the way give
each other some elbow room in order to minimize any tension that
might cause one of you to want to break away from the other.

If you love adventure, exploring, experimenting and discovering
everything about life and each other, then this is a nice
relationship for you. There may be a great deal of restlessness
here, so sitting still for very long may be a problem. At the
same time you will be much more impulsive, doing those new and
wacky things you never would have tried before.

Saturn in 5th house:

Saturn is the planet of karma, difficulties, frustration and
unhappiness. Saturn in the 5th house may make it very hard to
start a relationship or marriage. The 5th house is primarily
considered fun, filled with amusement, pleasure, happiness,
children and self-expression. Saturn does not understand these
emotions, as Saturn is emotionless, being practical,
responsible, cold and heavy in nature. This will be more of a
relationship of obligation, duty and heaviness rather than fun
and joy, and any marriage might feel more like an arranged
marriage rather than a chosen one. You may very well choose to
stay in this relationship because of some sense of duty, making
the best of it at any cost. There is nothing romantic about
Saturn in the 5th house and you will probably take life way too
seriously, although learning many lessons from it. Each of you
may have difficulty expressing your affections towards the
other. It's not that you do not love each other, it's simply
that you find it hard to be demonstrative. Last, but not least,
with Saturn in the 5th house of children, there may be problems
in childbirth or a denial of any children at all.

Uranus in 1st house:

Uranus is the planet of freedom and how it is expressed. No
doubt this relationship came together very quickly and perhaps
out of the blue, surprising not only each of you, but friends
and family as well. Through this relationship you will learn a
great deal about yourself, perhaps things you never even knew
existed. One of the problems in this relationship is that
someone may try to make you conform with society's wishes or
with behavior that is "proper", which isn't going to happen,
thus causing conflict.

You will be very restless and easily bored, wanting new
experiences and needing continual activity so you won't feel
trapped. You must give this relationship as much space and
breathing room as possible if it is going to make it.

Neptune in 5th house:

Neptune is the master of illusion, fantasy, delusion, deception,
idealism and spirituality. Neptune in the 5th house gives the
illusion that your love relationship is wonderful, perhaps never
allowing it to pass beyond the platonic stage. Neptune in the
5th can really indicate a non-physical relationship, but that
won't stop either of you from fantasizing about it. One or the
other will have a rather beautiful experience while it lasts,
but the disappointments that are bound to be the outcome can be
devastating as the truth comes out, and the bottom falls out.
The truth being that this person who painted such a beautiful
picture of love was perhaps in fact one generation above pond
scum. Try to avoid the pitfall of seeing the other person as the
man or woman on the white horse coming to your rescue. Should
this occur, take off the rose-colored glasses and re-evaluate
things. On the other hand, you may have compassion for the other
person, because of some health problem, disability or
affliction, and you want to devote yourself to them. Again,
Neptune is working it's magic in the illusion department. Are
you really trying to help them or are you simply working out
some problem you are having, using them as a means to an end???
Remember, honesty will eventually win out, it always does!

Neptune Trine Asc.

Spiritual values and the bonds between you will be very strong
and will take up a great deal of your time. There will be a
great deal of empathy, sensitivity and compassion between you.
This aspect indicates a more platonic relationship rather than a
physical or sexual one. If your relationship is not platonic,
then there will still be an overwhelming spiritual coloring to
it. One or both of you may feel that the other is really a
spiritual guide for you to follow. But that guidance should
really be two-sided and go both ways, not just one. There will
most likely be an interest in occult and metaphysical fields as
well. Neptune is such a powerful planet that the ideal of the
relationship can actually stand in the way of your seeing the
relationship for what it truly is. Romantic fantasies are
wonderful, but they are only in your mind. You need to get

Neptune Sextile Pluto

Matters of spirituality, psychic awareness or communication,
supernatural forces and mind-reading will be very strong
interests in your lives and it may be impossible to deny or to
get away from them. There may be times that you can actually
hear what the other person is thinking without ever having to
say anything. You might decide to play the role of psychic
detectives, uncovering mysteries or hidden things. You enjoy
anything that has to do with mind expansion or mind alteration.

Pluto in 3rd house:

Pluto located in the 3rd house of communication indicates that
this relationship will bring huge changes in the way you think
and speak to others. At the same time you are more than likely
going to have the same impact on people in your immediate
environment, whether it is family, friends, relatives or
neighbors. Pluto here will have you taking a good, hard look at
the way you communicate in very deep and profound ways. You will
spend a great deal of time psychoanalyzing your relationship,
trying to find out what makes it work, which may or may not get
old after awhile. One thing is for sure, Pluto here will help
you gain a deeper understanding into yourself and the others
around you. Along a negative vein, Pluto in the 3rd can try to
mind-alter the other through brain washing, guilt, manipulation
or control and this should be avoided at any cost, as power
always turns on the controlling person. If either of you turn
this powerful energy to the outside world, then you will only
make enemies of family, friends, relatives and the people in
your immediate environment.

Pluto Sextile Asc.

This aspect indicates that a great deal of time will be spent in
self-examination or in deep scrutiny of the relationship itself.
You will seek new and exciting ways to not only change
yourselves, but your relationship as well. A positive side of
this process is that you will see parts of your personalities
transform in very new and fascinating ways. These
transformations will tend to be very natural and they will not
be disruptive in any way. You will find that your hopes and
dreams in life will be changed by your being together and what
you thought you wanted from life will be altered as well. Your
conversations will not be light-hearted nor unrealistic, but
very practical and serious, because you know the importance of
your relationship takes precedence over everything else in your
lives. This aspect also generates an interest into the mysteries
of life and this subject may take on an important role in your

 Chapter 4: MIDPOINTS - Additional Influences on Relationship Potential

Jupiter Conjunct Sun/Moon  Orb:1 Deg 00 Min

    A zealousness for living, achievement and prosperity;
content; favorable connections to each other; energies are too
scattered; seeking opportunities; forming a life's philosophy;
increases energy and vitality drastically.

Mercury Conjunct Sun/Mars  Orb:1 Deg 36 Min

    Your minds will be racing and you will be very busy, alert
and ready for any situation that arises together; you may spend
a great deal of time traveling around.

Saturn Conjunct Sun/Jupiter  Orb:0 Deg 25 Min

    Activities become halted or stifled within this
relationship; negative attitudes; there is a real battle between
what you want, and what is expected from you; learning life's
lessons the hard way; gains possible through a constant effort;
luck that is temporarily halted; speculation is not favored.

Venus Conjunct Sun/Saturn  Orb:0 Deg 13 Min

    (-) Your environment can seem rather restricted, and you
choose to keep your feelings to yourself, especially when you
are together; you may be deceived, or feel deceived in this
relationship; enjoyment withheld; nerves; (+) silence and
relaxation enjoyed; compliments; gratification; cooperation;

Mars Conjunct Sun/Uranus  Orb:1 Deg 15 Min

    Sudden breakdowns in relationships can occur, caused by
differences in temperament, belligerent attitudes and hasty
actions; injuries caused by your impulsive nature; competing
with others in unusual ways.

Pluto Conjunct Sun/Uranus  Orb:1 Deg 27 Min

    Together, you will experience a strong need for power over
each other which may or may not be met through your individual
destiny; physical suffering; provoking each other as well as
people in your environment; disruptions of activities to gain
personal recognition; tragic experiences.

Jupiter Conjunct Sun/Neptune  Orb:1 Deg 44 Min

    The imagination is active and success can come through the
use of it together; you will be encouraged in projects bringing
rewards to you; be careful of excessive food and drink; low
vitality may be experienced, as you may actually draw on each
other energy.

Mercury Conjunct Sun/Pluto  Orb:0 Deg 15 Min

    When you are together, there is a possibility that you will
hold power over each other; exceptional mental abilities can be
utilized to further your careers; you will not accidentally
reveal matters of a personal nature, choosing to be very
secretive; tolerance of people imposing on you.

N. Node Opposition Sun/Pluto   Orb:1 Deg 15 Min

    This relationship has some very positive energy, and will be
very distinctive; you may meet with people who are very
influential in some way; attracting people who will help you
grow and mature as a couple; meetings with people who are very
powerful or to provide assistance in some way.

Saturn Conjunct Moon/Mercury  Orb:1 Deg 06 Min

    Depression; perhaps you should develop a more patient and
positive attitude dealing with each other; great difficulty in
expressing your emotions in this relationship; difficulty in
finding the correct words to say.

MC Opposition Mercury/Mars   Orb:0 Deg 56 Min

    You are ready to face any obstacle that comes along in this
relationship; exerting control over each other through

Sun Conjunct Mercury/Jupiter  Orb:1 Deg 42 Min

    Intellectual and creative ideas; new ways of handling
problems can arrive when you are together; start a new project;
writing; new ideas are inspired.

Venus Conjunct Mercury/Neptune  Orb:0 Deg 28 Min

    Be careful in your love relationship, use velvet gloves when
dealing with each other; demanding from each other will get you

MC Opposition Mercury/Pluto   Orb:0 Deg 25 Min

    Your insights are extremely perceptive when you are
together; your ability to lead others is high; mental
curiosities that can become obsessions.

Mercury Conjunct Venus/Mars  Orb:0 Deg 19 Min

    Love poems, writing in diaries and tenderness in physical
contacts; increases positive mental outlooks; pleasure achieved
by observing each other.

N. Node Opposition Venus/Mars   Orb:0 Deg 41 Min

    Attractiveness to each other is very strong; a partner who
brings pleasure into your life; a partner with similar tastes in
art or music; fatalistic attitudes toward reckless enjoyment.

Saturn Conjunct Venus/Jupiter  Orb:1 Deg 30 Min

    Caution is advised in all of your dealings in this
relationship; very noticeable change in mood regarding loved
ones; the naturally happy, jovial and expansive side of love may
be somewhat rigid and difficult to express in this

Pluto Conjunct Venus/Uranus  Orb:0 Deg 28 Min

    Relationships can seem somewhat fated or inevitable; some
kind of fame can come to you through this relationship;
excitability; blind love; unconventional attachments.

Jupiter Conjunct Venus/Neptune  Orb:0 Deg 10 Min

    As a couple, you are putting your best foot forward for the
world to see; thoughts are centered on romance.

Mercury Conjunct Venus/Pluto  Orb:1 Deg 40 Min

    When you are together, creative expression and sex are the
only things on your mind;  desire to solve problems in love;
possibility of contracting sexual diseases increases.

N. Node Opposition Venus/Pluto   Orb:0 Deg 39 Min

    This relationship is supported by passionate love or loving
group transformation; relationships with others might produce
feelings of deep loving connections, as though they were fated
to happen; associations with people where deep love is involved;
can be wasting emotions or that meetings or encounters with
people can feel or be more of a gamble rather than giving a
feeling of security  (maybe you need to reevaluate one who is
chosen for a friend or partner); there can be a drive to
associate with other people of sometimes questionable qualities
or character.

Mercury Conjunct Mars/Saturn  Orb:2 Deg 00 Min

    Added indecision; intellectual or mental hardships; problems
with hearing what each other has to say.

N. Node Opposition Mars/Saturn   Orb:0 Deg 59 Min

    Relationships will prove to be very unfulfilling; feeling
restrained in some way.

Asc. Opposition Jupiter/N. Node   Orb:0 Deg 59 Min

    Your association and meetings with each other will be very
harmonious; throwing parties and being the center of attention;
focusing on the reality of what people can do for you both ;
insights into each other needs or purposes; increased ability to
find or locate or find each other when needed.

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn/Neptune  Orb:1 Deg 51 Min

    Through this relationship, you may give up the will to fight
for what you want or believe in, suffering from disgust at the
world around you.

Pluto Conjunct Neptune/Asc.  Orb:0 Deg 01 Min

    You may feel somewhat used and out of sorts in this
relationship; underhanded dealings with others; using pressure
to bring your ideas across to others; using the art
misrepresentation of facts when speaking to others; underhanded

Asc. Opposition Neptune/MC   Orb:0 Deg 57 Min

    Life becomes very confusing in this relationship; living in
a world of illusion and reality; acting and pretending; taking
the wrong path in life; the pursuit of the wrong objectives;

          Chapter 5: Other Issues in Your Relationship

Cancer on 2nd house cusp

     As a couple, Cancer on the second house of money indicates
that you are protective of your financial assets and
possessions. You won't be over extravagant with your finances,
except perhaps when it involves matters of the home and family.
You will be very intuitive and instinctive as to each others
needs. You can naturally make your money from some form of
commerce, perhaps related to the public. Look to the house that
contains the moon to find out more about where the source of
your income can come from.

Leo on 3rd house cusp

     With Leo on the cusp of the third house of communication
and learning, there is a creative flow to your lives together.
Together you have an added ability to present your ideas as your
communication skills are heightened. You may enjoy telling
stories to anyone who will listen, with a flair for
exaggeration, just to make the story more interesting, and
humorous. Together you seem to know what to say, and what not to
say, and.... when to say it. Unfortunately your ideas are fixed
in nature, so trying to get both of you to accept something new
will be quite difficult. Hurt feelings, whether it is family and
friends or with each other, will be forgiven....., maybe! Look
to the house where the Sun is located to see where your
interests can be found.

Leo on 4th house cusp

     With Leo on the fourth house of the home, family, roots,
real estate, property and security, the two of you will put much
pride into your home, family life and family. The home is a
place where you can entertain in grand style, a show place for
all of your acquisitions. The only problem with Leo on the
fourth is that someone is going to have to be in charge, and who
will make the decisions for the family, who will that be? If you
appreciate and cherish each other, than you both can share it
equally. If not, then you will both battle for supremacy, losing
everything in the process. Look to the house where the Sun is
located to see where your home security can be found.

Libra on 5th house cusp

    As a couple, you have Libra on the fifth house of Children,
recreation, romance, creativity, artistic abilities, hobbies,
writing books (creatively), speculation and investments. The two
of you need a creative outlet to be ultimately happy. Constant
support and encouragement can have you soaring to new heights
creatively. The company that you keep or associate with will
have to be more refined, where you can have intellectual
conversations, party together and even play sports together.
Since this is such an artistic energy, any involvement in the
arts, music or love (although fickle) will be fortunate. Your
children are sure to be spoiled to the maximum, and you will be
sure to spoil each other as well. Together you will have an
increase in childlike qualities that should make for a very
endearing partnership. Look to the house where Venus is located
to see where you might find your recreation and romance

Scorpio on 6th house cusp

     The two of you have Scorpio on the cusp of the sixth house
of Work, Work environment, responsibilities, health, work and
service for others, relationships with employees and co-workers,
and your interest in physical fitness. The two of you are very
serious, compulsive, passionate and obsessive about health, work
and diet. Work in fields that allow you to research, or dig for
answers, science or psychology. Health problems that develop are
likely connected with being worn out through over-working your
sensitive nervous system. Patience is not your forte, and it
will be difficult for both of you to get along in close quarters
at work, and with co-workers especially when they don't do their
share of the work. Look to the house where Mars/Pluto is located
to see where you might find work or service to others.

Sagittarius on 7th house cusp

     Relationships, partnerships, marriage, people you have
close associations with, cooperation or lack of, contracts, and
legal matters are all part of the seventh house, and Sagittarius
is located here. Since Sagittarius is primarily a freedom loving
sign, there may not be a relationship here as Sagittarius hates
to be tied down. Should you marry, you will need a great deal of
freedom and flexibility to keep the relationship going. Look to
the house that contains Sagittarius to see how you will deal
with partnerships.

Capricorn on 8th house cusp

    The eighth house deals with joint resources. Possessions
that are not earned directly by you, but obtained through the
relationship, wills, or pensions. It also has to do with money
belonging to others such as taxes, corporate money, insurance,
and the stock market. The eighth house also relates to the
mysteries of life and sex. Capricorn will have an influence on
the above matters in this relationship by adding a great deal of
responsibility in financial matters without accumulating debt in
the process. Even when faced with the responsibility of having
to deal with other peoples money, you take great pride in doing
so, honestly and above reproach. Look to see which house Saturn
is located in, to see where your joint money can be found.

Aquarius on 9th house cusp

    The ninth house is the house of long range goals and long
distance travel. Religion, philosophy and higher education are
ninth house matters. With Aquarius ruling the ninth house, the
two of you will be unusual and free thinkers, and your friends
will more than likely be involved in the above matters. Your
thinking will be very unorthodox, breaking free from
conventional methods, and somehow be very advanced or new age.
Look to the house where Uranus is located to see where your
interests in higher aspirations can be found.

Aries on 11th house cusp

     The eleventh house has domain over achievement of goals and
objectives, and hopes and wishes. Humanitarian efforts, clubs,
groups, associations, sharing ideals are also associated with
the eleventh house. People that support your efforts, friends
and connections to the outside world can be found in this house.
With Aries located in the eleventh house, the focus of this
relationship turns to attracting friends that may or may not be
long lasting, keeping your emotional distances. Social endeavors
are your strength, and friends can help you reach your goals
together. Look to the house where Mars is located to see where
you might find your friends, associations and group involvements
and interests.

Taurus on 12th house cusp

     The twelfth house rules the subconscious mind, problems
arising from unseen causes, and limitations in our lives. This
house has rulership over behind the scenes activities, emotional
problems, secrets, deceptions, problems to overcome, the side of
ourselves away from public view, where the soul can step back
and take a look at the world around us. The twelfth house also
has rulership over prisons, hospitals, and other institutions
that would remove you from society. Taurus energy on the twelfth
house for you both indicates that you worry about financial
matters that make you feel insecure, filling your lives with
subconscious fears. Look to the house where Venus is located to
find that area in which you retire from public view.
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