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Composite for Lovers Back
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COMPOSITES 4 - 2   for

                        Aniston Jennifer


                            Pitt Brad

                     Birth Data for Aniston:

                        Aniston Jennifer
                        February 11, 1969
                            12:00 PM
                    Sherman Oaks, California 

                      Birth Data for Pitt:

                            Pitt Brad
                        December 18, 1963
                            12:00 PM
                    Shawnee, Oklahoma        

                        Veraxs Int'l Inc.
                     3355 Bee Cave Road #606
                      Austin, TX 78746 USA
                       Phone: 512-826-5401
The interpretation of your relationship is based on the positions
of the planets at the time of your birth, and the composite chart.
For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along
with other technical information, are listed below:

      Aniston:                  Pitt:                    Composite:
Sun:  22 Aqu 56                 26 Sag 06                24 Cap 31
Moo:  17 Sag 01                 25 Cap 38                 6 Cap 20
Mer:   0 Aqu 22                 16 Cap 21                23 Cap 21
Ven:   8 Ari 51                 23 Cap 45                 1 Pis 18
Mar:  23 Sco 37                 10 Cap 12                16 Sag 55
Jup:   5 Lib 17                  9 Ari 51                 7 Can 34
Sat:  21 Ari 05                 19 Aqu 10                20 Pis 08
Ura:   3 Lib 29                 10 Vir 04                21 Vir 46
Nep:  28 Sco 38                 16 Sco 49                22 Sco 43
Plu:  24 Vir 34                 14 Vir 14                19 Vir 24
Nod:   2 Ari 24                 12 Can 03                22 Tau 14
Asc:  10 Gem 49                 13 Pis 57                27 Ari 23
MC:   20 Aqu 53                 20 Sag 33                20 Cap 43
2nd:   4 Can 15                 26 Ari 32                 0 Gem 24
3rd:  26 Can 16                 26 Tau 51                26 Gem 33
5th:  21 Vir 53                 12 Can 49                17 Leo 21
6th:   0 Sco 48                  8 Leo 19                19 Vir 34

Tropical Zodiac                 Tropical Zodiac
Standard time observed.         Standard time observed.
GMT: 20:00:00                   18:00:00
Time Zone: 8 hours West.        Time Zone: 6 hours West.
Lat. of birth: 34 N 09          35 N 19   
Long. of birth: 118 W 26        Long. of birth: 96 W 55   
PLACIDUS houses                 PLACIDUS houses

                   Part 1: Planets and Aspects

Sun Conjunct Mercury

Your relationship may not be so much an emotional relationship
as it is an intellectual one. Yours is perhaps a relationship
where you can exchange thoughts and ideas, study, research,
spend hours in conversation and enjoy mental stimulation rather
than physical. For you, sex takes place mentally rather than
physically. Rather than having an emotional rapport, you may be
more detached and logical in your relationship.

Your conversations will be excellent and since you have so much
in common, you probably think the same ways about life in
general. You will have no trouble understanding what the other
person is talking about. There are very meaningful discussions
indicated here and should you be involved in creative or
business ventures together, then this aspect is an added boost
for the conception of new ideas.

You can feel very close to each other with this aspect, without
feeling vulnerable, and doing your "own thing" will be a
prerequisite for the two of you. Trips and travel, whether local
or long distance, are also part of this aspect. Sitting still
may be difficult for you both.

Sun Trine Uranus

By virtue of the energy given by this aspect, there will be many
changes introduced into both your lives. This configuration adds
adventure, unconventional behavior, experimentation and new
thoughts, ideas and philosophies into your lives. You will
respect the other's need for space and freedom and although
other people may look at you as though you have taken a left
turn out of reality, this relationship will be comfortable for
you. Although there will be many sudden and unusual happenings,
you have the ability to deal with them in a positive way and
thus grow from these lessons.

Together you will experience new ideas and concepts and your
lives together will be full, with no expectations other than the
joy of just being together. You will find that your relationship
gives you both new understandings into the workings of the
world, thus opening you up to new ways of self-expression.

The wheel of good fortune can easily find you and it may bring
you advancement, creative endeavors, widening social circles,
greater popularity, an adventure or two, and perhaps some
profitable speculations. This relationship will signal an
important turning point in your lives, especially if you are
looking for something totally different and new.

There is an added responsibility that comes with this aspect and
it is called honesty. Honesty not only with each other, but
within yourselves so that you will keep your lives on track with
each other, while yet, at the same time, allowing you to explore
friendships with others outside your own personal relationship.
You will encourage each other to be free, uninhibited, and
perhaps at times somewhat detached or impersonal because you are
secure in your lives together. You push each other to be
self-reliant, individualistic and free-thinking.

Sun Sextile Neptune

This aspect suggests that this will probably be a very strong
platonic relationship. It will be filled with spiritual,
metaphysical, intuitive and psychic energy that only the two of
you understand. You will be able to very strongly sense each
other's presence and you are able to tune into what the other
person is thinking, even if you are not together. If either of
you haven't considered the spiritual or psychic realms before,
then you will with this aspect. People will view you as having
your heads in the clouds, impervious to what is going on around
you. This is the only danger because eventually you are going to
have to come back down to earth and deal with reality.

People around you will not see yours as a realistic
relationship. They will view it as very impractical.
Humanitarian and charitable acts as well as generosity for
people less fortunate will serve to rebuild your lives in very
special ways. You will do things you have never dreamed about
before. Long distance travel together for pleasure, meditation,
spiritual quests or for just being plain lazy are all effects of
this aspect.

Don't let a lack of concern for material affairs keep you from
doing your worldly duties. As long as we are on this planet, we
do have earthly responsibilities that we must address. Avoiding
these responsibilities will only bring trouble in the long run.
Don't go looking for trouble - it will find you quick enough by

Mercury Trine Uranus

This is a wonderful aspect for two people who are working as
one, trying to come up with inventive, creative or technological
ideas. Being together is sure to be a "way-out" experience for
both of you. You will learn many new things from your partner
and together you will search unknown territory.

The intellectual stimulus between the two of you will be alive
and it should be very much on the same wavelength. You may even
come to the point where you have a complete understanding of
what the other is thinking without them ever having to express
their thoughts. This is nice added support in any relationship.

This aspect will certainly help you stay out of the ruts that a
lot of relationships fall into. There should always be an
excitement and mental stimulation between you and this will help
you learn and grow as individuals.

Mercury Trine Pluto

One of the major effects that this relationship will have on you
both is that it will change your thinking at very deep levels.
Through long conversations you can act as psychoanalyst for each
other by bringing up old problems and resolving them. Uncovering
the mysteries of what makes your partner tick is exciting for
each of you. Of course, there will be unpleasant things that you
will learn about and with which you will have to deal. But, with
every gain comes a loss and with every loss comes a gain.

Be careful of becoming so involved in an issue that you become
obsessed and fanatical about it or that you try to convert or
manipulate your partner's thinking to your own. There is the
possibility here that you will try to force your partner into
thinking and believing the same way you do. Mental competition
between you will only serve to break your relationship apart.
The ways in which you communicate and the energy that both of
you have are very strong and they can influence a great deal of
people, so these energies must be used very responsibly.

Together you may choose to delve into the occult or to use the
power of mind over matter. Just make sure the dark side does not
win you over. If you get carried away in any of these areas,
people may perceive you as a threat and bring danger to you.
Should you heed the above warnings, then you can gain some very
important truths about life, the universe and yourselves.

Mercury Sextile Saturn

This aspect might be better for a business partnership than for
a romantic relationship because everything you discuss will tend
to have a very dry, humorless, get-down-to-the-facts, just the
facts, tone to it. But at least you are not prone to unrealistic
fantasies about your partner and there is probably no danger in
being overly idealistic about your future together. You have the
ability to plan and organize your lives and your future and that
is a good thing. Just don't get so cautious that you stop taking
a few well-calculated chances. Life needs some excitement to
make it fun - and there is nothing wrong with a little fun now
and then. Unless both of you are very rigid and practical, love
research or are very focused, then you might find that your
relationship is running out of steam after awhile because it
lacks playfulness or humor. If you feel you need a more
disciplined lifestyle, then this aspect is ideal for you.

Mercury Sextile Neptune

Your relationship is sure to be filled with fantasy, imagination
and artistic, poetic or musical abilities or qualities. If you
are looking for a totally practical, logical and organized
relationship, then you have not found it here. Others are more
likely to find you both staring at the ceiling, pondering the
mysteries of the universe or lost in a dream world that only the
two of you know about. There will be strong telepathic or
non-verbal communication between you that only the two of you
can hear or understand.

Your conversations may be focused on spiritual or metaphysical
ideas. You will talk about your dreams and your ideals of what a
perfect world would be like. The danger with this aspect,
though, is that you need to be very honest with each other to
avoid the possibility of misunderstanding, deception or
illusion. The fantasy of your relationship is likely to be
wonderful, but you need to come down to earth and take a look at
the reality of it. You may be treating your partner as the
person they are in your head rather than the person they really
are reality. When the picture in your imagination falls off the
pedestal, then a great deal of disappointment and disillusion
can occur. This can wreck havoc on your relationship. You must
be very clear with your partner as to your expectations and
goals of your relationship. The more straight-forward and honest
you can be, the better.

Another positive of this aspect is that you may share common
interest in healing techniques, charitable work, or religious
concerns. These activities can help bring the two of you closer

Mars Square Saturn

If you are looking for a relationship where you can be wild and
crazy, then this isn't the one. Everything you do in this
relationship will be very methodical, planned, controlled and
mechanical and the ways in which you express yourselves will be
the same way. The principle of this aspect is blocked action.
Resentment and hostility may build if you hold back any anger or
frustration. At times you will feel stifled and limited in how
you can express yourselves. Little irritations can build up
until they get to the point where they may explode. Try to
handle situations as they arise and be as honest as possible,
because if you aren't, your physical sexuality will be the final
frontier, never to be visited. At times you can be very cold in
your expression of affection and caring to each other. Or you
may find frustration and disappointment in your relationship
when one of you is amorous and the other takes on the qualities
of ice. Withholding sex can be a form of manipulation, control
or punishment. One of you may very well act as judge and jury
for everything the other does.

There may be considerable challenges, obstacles, battles and
frustrations for you to overcome in your relationship. Any
problems in this relationship may last a very long time and only
through great patience, perseverance and healthy communication
will you be able to work through them.

Mars Square Uranus

This may be a very difficult relationship, filled with intense
anger, frustration and unexpected outbursts. It will also be
filled with passion and a wild disregard for caution as you go
off on crazy adventures in every direction. This is an unsafe
configuration for your physical well-being. You will never be at
a loss for something exciting to do, but there will be a certain
degree of self-centered attitudes which are quick to anger and
which are highly unstable. Rebellion and a desire for freedom of
restraint are present here. Great energy, innovation, creativity
and experimentation attend this aspect.

People in your environment will either see you as a pair of wild
and crazy people or perhaps as a dangerous couple. You won't
follow any rules because you will be making them up as you go
along. There should not be any problem in the department of sex
- you will find it spontaneous, exciting and sometimes out of
control. You may expect to spend time in the emergency room or
at the doctor's office, as together you are an accident waiting
to happen. Give each other some breathing room so you don't get
on each other's nerves and then fly off the handle.

Mars Square Pluto

This combination is an extremely powerful force, and when you
use this energy you can make some considerable changes for
either good or evil. Using this energy to challenge, manipulate
or dominate each other or using underhanded methods to get what
you want will only destroy your relationship in the long run.
The anger that can be generated here may get out of control and
violent reactions can occur. You may compete fiercely with each
other, even if you have never been the competitive type before.
If this is carried too far, then one or both of you will get
hurt. You should use all this power to transform yourselves and
others or perform work or services for people in your
environment. But do not force others into anything and do not
force anything upon them. You cannot be stopped in your
endeavors as this combination gives an unbelievable capacity for
endurance. The passion and sexual energy that burns between you
may be intense and staying warm on a cold, winter's night will
not be difficult to do.

Jupiter Sesquiquadrate Neptune

Whatever Jupiter touches it expands and when linked to Neptune
it will expand the idealism, fantasy and illusion in your
relationship. Everything about your relationship is great,
wonderful and flawless, or so it would seem. But you may not
really be seeing things as they truly are. The two of you may
have your blinders on and only be seeing what you want to see.
Unfortunately, your expectations may be replaced by
discouragement and confusion when the light of reality finally
settles on you. This relationship will take your hopes and
dreams to a new level, but it may just as easily bring these
hopes and dreams crashing down to earth if you do not stay
grounded and honest with each other. Each of you may have the
tendency to get carried away with your emotion and think that
you have found Nirvana. Perhaps you have, but the only way you
will know for sure is to put your relationship through the test
of practical, everyday living. Then you can realistically decide
exactly what there is between you.

You both need to make a concerted effort to understand what your
relationship is all about. Question things and don't assume. Be
honest with each other and avoid engaging in any mind games. Be
realistic about what your relationship can really do for you and
the ways in which you need to grow and expand. Don't let
idealism and romantic sentimentalism cause you to see the other
person in the light of your own imagination rather than the
reality of who they really are. All these things need to be
looked at closely with this aspect.

Any kind of speculative venture should be left alone as you have
a tendency to go wild with optimism, finding that it comes up
short in most instances. You need to be more cautious with
respect to other people's motives and with business enterprises
as well. Remember the saying, "If it sounds too good to be true,
then it probably is".

On a deeper spiritual level, however, just the opposite may be
true. A spiritual quest of some kind is likely to color your
relationship for the better. This is perhaps the greatest saving
grace of this aspect. As long as you both are practical and take
care of everyday responsibilities, then you should be fine. Use
caution in any charitable endeavor as the people you are trying
to help may very well take advantage of your gestures, leaving
you very disillusioned about the whole process.

Saturn Opposition Uranus

No matter how hard you try, this relationship is bound to be
full of tension, instability, uncertainty and frustration. One
of you may be consumed with security, commitment and allowing
the other little room to maneuver, while the other needs freedom
without having a structured environment. Because of the need to
have breathing room, there may be frequent separations between
you that come up suddenly, without warning, signaling the
breaking free of frustrating surroundings, situations or
partners. If you value your relationship at all and if you want
to make it work, then you MUST give it room to breathe. If you
do not feel comfortable with each other right from the
beginning, then this may be an indication of difficulties ahead.
Unless the feeling of frustration and a cramped living style is
released on a regular basis, this can lead to a permanent

Saturn Opposition Pluto

Your relationship may be destined to include difficult periods
of frustration, stress, hardship and perhaps a bit of poverty.
If you are looking for a relationship that offers comfort, good
fortune, affection and ease, then this one may not be the one
for you. Believe it or not, any or all of the adversity you face
can act to bring you closer together, if you can just make it
through the dark times. Make no mistake about it, the purpose of
this configuration is to test you to the extreme. There are
times when either of you will feel extremely limited or
imprisoned just by being in this relationship, with your partner
the jailer. Perhaps you feel your partner is manipulative and
controlling. Outside circumstances may very well lend a hand in
bringing conditions that bring tremendous burdens for you do
deal with. This relationship may require some very great
sacrifices with a more-than-determined attitude to see it

Saturn Trine Neptune

This aspect takes the discipline of Saturn and combines it with
the spiritual side of Neptune in a positive way. In your
relationship you should find that life takes on a rather simple
quality, without extravagance and without unnecessary diversion.
Spiritual issues or ways of life may become very important
subjects and the longer you are together, the more concrete your
relationship can become. You may not find this a particularly
passionate or romantic relationship, but instead, a very
comfortable one that fulfills your spiritual, emotional and
practical needs. Self-sacrifice to a higher order or to the
wishes of others is especially favorable here.

Uranus Conjunct Pluto

This relationship is going to put you through some very big
changes. If you are looking for a happy, peaceful and
down-to-earth relationship, then this one may not be it. You may
go through inescapable turmoil and change while you are
together. Earth shaking and unexpected events will serve to mold
your relationship and they will affect other people around you
as well. If you can hold it together, then you can serve as an
instrument of change in the world around you. This can
strengthen the bond between you. It will be easy to notice when
the bottom is going to fall out of your blissful life together.
Simply observe how long "peace" has been in your life. Once
peace arrives, shakeups may be soon to follow.

Uranus Sextile Neptune

This is more than likely going to be a relationship that is
almost magical in nature, perhaps one with an extreme
involvement in psychic phenomena and psychic awareness. Yet
while it may be totally inspiring with wonderful creativity and
inspiration, it may at times also seem vague and restrictive.
You will seek any chance to advance your knowledge of the
universe and to expand your thinking spiritually.

Neptune Sextile Pluto

Matters of spirituality, psychic awareness or communication,
supernatural forces and mind-reading will be very strong
interests in your lives and it may be impossible to deny or to
get away from them. There may be times that you can actually
hear what the other person is thinking without ever having to
say anything. You might decide to play the role of psychic
detectives, uncovering mysteries or hidden things. You enjoy
anything that has to do with mind expansion or mind alteration.

 Part 2: MIDPOINTS - Additional Influences on Relationship Potential

Jupiter Opposition Sun/Mars   Orb:1 Deg 51 Min

    Success in communication and business as a couple; your
outlook on the world together will be cheerful and confident;
success in competitive situations.

Neptune Conjunct Sun/Uranus  Orb:0 Deg 25 Min

    Relationships are sensitive, and should be handled very
carefully; your ego's can develop plans for personal recognition
which will prove to be a delusion; neglecting each other.

N. Node Opposition Sun/Uranus   Orb:0 Deg 55 Min

    As a couple, you probably met very quickly; appointments and
meetings with each other will have an electrical quality; your
relationship may be somewhat strange or profound in some way;
encouraging each other to be at their best.

Neptune Conjunct Sun/Pluto  Orb:0 Deg 46 Min

    When you are together, problems can arise in your career or
profession; you can forego your own personal needs to be more
giving in relationships or a cause that you are drawn to;
inspiration comes to the answers that you seek.

N. Node Opposition Sun/Pluto   Orb:0 Deg 16 Min

    This relationship has some very positive energy, and will be
very distinctive; you may meet with people who are very
influential in some way; attracting people who will help you
grow and mature as a couple; meetings with people who are very
powerful or to provide assistance in some way.

Uranus Opposition Sun/N. Node   Orb:1 Deg 36 Min

    You will draw very unusual people to you through this
relationship; there can be some unsettling conditions that can
be very intense; breaking ties with each other that occurs quite
unexpectedly; sudden events that take you out of your normal

Neptune Conjunct Mercury/Uranus  Orb:0 Deg 09 Min

    Psychic experiences can be shared together; spiritual events
can occur that have a real impact on your life; analyzing
situations and drawing accurate conclusions are favored; sloppy
habits; visualizing dreams; irresponsible in organizing work.

N. Node Opposition Mercury/Uranus   Orb:0 Deg 20 Min

    Rapid communication takes place; creative expression shared
between you; eccentric behavior; the ability to cut each other
off if you don't agree with their reactions or opinions of your

Neptune Conjunct Mercury/Pluto  Orb:1 Deg 21 Min

     Using deception and concealing information is highly
probable between you.

N. Node Opposition Mercury/Pluto   Orb:0 Deg 51 Min

     Communication with each other will be very positive;
gossiping or telling secrets; contacts with criminal elements.

Uranus Opposition Mercury/N. Node   Orb:1 Deg 01 Min

    Ideas that intrigue and arouse can be shared with each
other; contacts, and associations will come about quite

Sun Conjunct Venus/Mars  Orb:0 Deg 24 Min

   Strong desire for love of the physical kind; physical
attractiveness to each other is quite strong.

Mercury Conjunct Venus/Mars  Orb:0 Deg 45 Min

    Love poems, writing in diaries and tenderness in physical
contacts; increases positive mental outlooks; pleasure achieved
by observing each other.

Mercury Conjunct Saturn/Neptune  Orb:1 Deg 56 Min

    You may suffer from some sadness and depression in this
relationship, with a tinge of nervousness just for good measure;
weakened nerves; intuitiveness; ability to correct disputes.

Saturn Opposition Uranus/Pluto   Orb:0 Deg 27 Min

    If you aren't careful, someone will knock you off your
mountain, because today you aren't the king, especially in this
relationship; persisting no matter what the obstacles; desires
to be alone.

Mercury Opposition Uranus/N. Node   Orb:1 Deg 21 Min

    You are very impulsive in this relationship; be careful of
hasty or ill planned actions; sharing your ideas with people;
chance meetings.
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