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Reading about the future (or the past) of someone famous is not nearly as interesting as reading about you and your future. Is it? The sample below shows its potential value, but with the complete and personalized report, you get the full view of your future. Whether for you or for someone who needs it, this report alerts you to what you should know to get the most out of what lies ahead.

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AstroJourney Report for

                          Leo DiCaprio

                        November 11, 1974
                             2:47 AM
                     Los Angeles, California

                  March 1, 2000 - June 1, 2000

                      Veraxs Int'l Inc.
                     3355 Bee Cave Road #606
                      Austin, TX 78746 USA
                       Phone: 512-826-5401
     AstroJourney is written for adolescents and young adults;
we focused on, but did not limit ourselves to, 14 to 24 years of
age. There are a lot of transit reports out there. Why write one
for youth?
     Survival is tougher today. Astrology is like a road map.
Your road map. Your destiny. Today, more than ever before, we
live in a world of choices. Your fate isn't set in stone. From
the looks of things, we don't have too much to say about who our
parents are, where we're born, how many siblings we get, whether
our parents are rich or poor, loving or mean, rigid or liberal.
Spiritual astrology teaches that you got the best deal you could
get in terms of your karma. Your karma is the picture of your
past, your debts and credits from many lifetimes, for better or
for worse. Whether you believe in karma or not, you still have
to work with what you've got!

     The older you get, the more you're going to want to have a
say, the more what you say is going to make a difference, and
the more you're going to have to account for the consequences.
Growing up and separating out from your parents, and making it
on your own is about making decisions, taking responsibility for
your life. This happens in stages. Some stages of maturation are
gradual. Others are dramatic. Many things are hard to understand
until later when we can look back on our experience with wiser
eyes. Your personalized AstroJourney can help you understand
what's going on while you're in the middle of it. AstroJourney
can help you pinpoint various possibilities to help you make the
best choices.

     Some challenges we face have to do with stages in life. For
example, between the ages of 14 1/2 and 16 everyone lives
through the first Saturn opposition. This is usually a tough
time, because you may feel quite capable of making it on your
own, but somehow you're not ready yet. You're probably still
financially dependent on your parents and you need to finish
High School. You may need, love and respect your parents, but
chances are you don't totally agree with the way they do things.
This is the age when you really start to see things in a
different way. It's necessary. Everyone goes through it. Your
parents went through it. It's usually a time of tension.

     Other happenings in your life have to do with the day and
the moment you were born. Some of these cycles last for a couple
of hours, others last for as long as 14 years!  Going through
Uranus conjoined your Sun, which happens only once in a lifetime
and can totally turn around your life, is going to be different
at 16 or 22 than at age 40 or 80!  In writing this report, we
want you to know what this transit means for you, at your age,
at this time in history. A transit like Neptune squaring
Mercury, which lasts a couple of years, would be confusing at
any age in any time. But today the danger of getting wasted with
drugs or alcohol or dropping out of school during this sensitive
period is going to be more than it was a generation ago. It's
also a great time for self-discovery, creativity, getting into
music and art, meditation, Tai Chi, exploring spiritual

     One thing I've discovered by working with thousands of
people is that everyone, without exception, no matter how better
off they may appear to be, has tough issues to work out. Some
kids are in more deeply than others. Maybe this has to do with
your relationships with parents, school issues, or feeling good
about yourself, your body, your friends. In writing each entry
we had to cover a lot of ground to speak to many people in
different situations but at the same time hit how a certain
influence works for you.
     If you're 16 and living at home, stuff about looking for an
apartment, buying a car, getting involved in serious
relationships and filling out job apps may not be relevant to
you yet. But, then again, it might. Many of you are sexually
mature, if not necessarily ready. We decided to treat you as
older rather than younger. You'll know what relates to you
because it fits!

     On some days  you'll hit a mixed forecast. For example,
transiting Mercury might be Square your Mars, warning you that
you could get into arguments or get a ticket for speeding. At
the same time Mercury might be trine Jupiter, telling you it's a
great time for communication of all sorts and short trips. When
you think about it, in a single day, we deal with sometimes
contradictory energies. If you put the two together, they'd
read, "a great day for short trips as long as you watch your
speed; you have a lot to say, but be willing to listen to
someone else's point of view. " You can often make the good
better by taking note of the precaution or you can blow a
positive breeze by letting your ego be too large.

     This report is not religious in any way. But it is
spiritual. All of you were born with an astrology that brings
you into understanding spiritual dimensions of life not
available to previous generations. East has met West, yoga and
acupuncture and Tai Chi and meditation, even chiropractors were
for the alternative crowd when many of your parents brought
these and other "New Age" concepts in a generation ago. Today,
they're more and more commonplace; just the beginning of what's
to come.
     You've been brought up with computers in an informational
age where technology and the media are changing our lives so
quickly it's not easy to keep pace. It may be harder to plan for
the future, when the present moves so fast. Yesterday's model
for marriage and close relationships doesn't really work today.
In talking about your social and career aspects, we kept these
things in mind.

     Finally, you're adolescents and young adults at a time in
history when major cycles are changing. We've just entered a new
Astrological Age -- Aquarius, the age of Love. People have
different ideas about what love means but Aquarius is already
changing the way we think, work, play, relate. You're inheritors
of a new world, one which many people in many lands believe will
be a "Golden Age" preceded by incredible turmoil.
     In writing to each of you and all of you, we do so with
great respect and understanding, and with hopes that this book
of changes will make a positive difference on your journey.
     The original text of this report was written by Kathie
Garica with Todd Henderson (age 24), Indra Garcia (age 19) and
Eugene Garcia (age 17).

                            * * * HOW TO USE ASTROJOURNEY * * *

     At the exact moment of your birth, the planets were in
certain signs, in a certain relationship to one another. To
erect your natal chart, the astrologer takes a picture of that
moment, as if the heavens froze! The story of your life is
written in the working out of these energies over time. Some are
harmonious and others are challenging. Astrologers are able to
predict what things happen when and for how long by evaluating
the impact of transits. Transits compare the positions of a
planet on a given date to a planet or position in your natal
     Using AstroJourney is easy!
       * In your report you'll read the date on which a transit
is exact on the left hand side. This is when its influence is
       * In parentheses you'll see the full duration of the
influence, when it comes into play and when it leaves.
       * On the right hand side, you'll see the description of
the transit which includes a transiting planet in aspect to a
natal planet. For example : Merc Sxtil Ven means transiting
Mercury is sextile natal Venus.
       * Beneath is the interpretation of the influence.

     Aspects are the astrologer's tool to understanding the
nature of the relationship between two planets or positions:
     Sextile (60 degrees) and Trines (120 degrees) show where
energies flow harmoniously. Take advantage of these transits to
lighten your load, move forward, get that date, etc.
     Squares (90 degrees) are the most challenging of all
aspects. Conquering a square can be difficult and requires
discipline, but the prize is worth the effort.
     Oppositions (180 degrees) challenge you in your
relationships with other people. Sometimes you feel a real
positive, even stimulating exchange of energy. Other times we
deal with conflicts, confrontations, schisms, or separations.
Someone else could be mirroring something about yourself you
need to deal with but don't see.
     Conjunctions (0 degrees) can go either way and depend much
upon the nature of the two planets coming together. Venus and
Jupiter is a fun, if potentially lazy, combination while Mars
and Pluto can be pretty heavy since they both relate to anger
and ego.

     Planets transiting through houses are going to highlight a
specific area of your life for the duration of the transit
according to the nature of the planet. AstroJourney will tell
you when a transiting planet enters a particular house in your
natal chart. The date on the left hand is the date the planet
enters the house. In parentheses you'll see the duration of the
transit. It will start a day earlier than the beginning date.
This is when the transiting planet is on the house cusp. On the
right hand side you'll see the name of the planet and the house
its entering. For example, "Merc 4th H." means "transiting
Mercury is entering the 4th house of your natal chart."
     So, now you've got the pack, enjoy your journey!

Tropical/Placidus   NATAL CHART

Calculated for time zone 8 hours 

Natal positions:
Sun=18SC40   Moon=15LI44   Merc=29LI45    Ven=19SC54   Mars= 9SC36 
Jup= 8PI06    Sat=18CN48    Ura=29LI25    Nep= 8SA35    Plu= 8LI13 

Natal: Sun Moon Merc Ven Mars Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu
Transiting: Sun Merc Ven Mars Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu
            ASPECT          ORB                 ASPECT          ORB
Conj  (  0 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Oppos (180 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min
Sqr   ( 90 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Trine (120 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min
Sxtil ( 60 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min 
Mar 1, 2000     (Feb 29, 2000 to Mar 2, 2000)     Ven Trine Moon

Passions formed under this influence may feel good, but they may
not last. If you're already in love, this is the time to patch
things up or make them better. A good time for surrounding
yourself with family and friends. Sugar and spice and all things

Mar 2, 2000     (Mar 2, 2000 to Mar 3, 2000)     Merc Trine Mars

You're sharp today. You say what you mean and mean what you say.
It's easier to talk about your feelings, write up those school
or business strategies. Get those projects in motion now while
you've got the steam! A good time to work out or pump up. If
you're into sports or competition, make this one a win! You
might enjoy a short trip.

Mar 3, 2000     (Mar 2, 2000 to Mar 4, 2000)     Mars Oppos Moon

You're hanging on in a sea of emotion. A lot of stuff is coming
up. Trouble is you could react, rather than reflect, and cause a
lot of damage. How to keep the peace when everything is blowing
up inside you? You've got a chance now to discover that
attitudes and feelings that worked when you were a kid can
really get in the way now. If you keep your objectivity, you can
permanently change certain habit patterns for the better. Maybe
you're totally okay but someone close to you acts really weird.
Take a look. See yourself?

Mar 3, 2000     (Mar 3, 2000 to Mar 4, 2000)         Ven Sqr Sun

You're worth it! In case you're wondering, the universe loves
you but you have to meet it half way. As long as you're not too
into yourself and overly sensitive, you can have fun. Restraint
today could mean riches gained tomorrow.

Mar 3, 2000     (Mar 2, 2000 to Mar 4, 2000)        Merc Sqr Nep

Not the clearest of times. There is the danger of tripping over
yourself here. For example, you could get too inside yourself or
you could go the other way by getting too carried away with
someone else's unrealistic ideas. If you're feeling confused or
misunderstood, wait this one out. Absorb the inspirational vibes
but guard against delusion. Watch out for the temptation to lie;
even little white lies make karma! You could easily space things
now. Lists are a must.

Mar 4, 2000     (Mar 3, 2000 to Mar 5, 2000)       Merc Conj Jup

Your headlights are on brightly! You see the road ahead and are
likely to make right turns and choices. Writing, giving
speeches, school activities and travel are all favored by this

Mar 4, 2000     (Mar 4, 2000 to Mar 5, 2000)         Ven Sqr Ven

Chances are you're very touchy now. You could feel unloved or be
unloving. You could feel lonely or confused about a
relationship. This is good time to get in touch with your heart.
The only lasting happiness comes from within! Don't blow your
cash on stuff you may not really want tomorrow.

Mar 7, 2000     (Mar 6, 2000 to Mar 8, 2000)        Mars Sqr Sat

Relax. This is not an easy time. Your own drive and emotions are
hard set against the way things are, your particular set of
realities. Push on too strong now and you risk breaking
something. Be patient, and let this one blow over. If you're
disciplined and can tie in to the core of this square
responsibly, a white hot fusion reactor of energy will be
available to you for constructive long-term accomplishment.

Mar 8, 2000     (Mar 7, 2000 to Mar 9, 2000)       Sun Trine Sun

This feeling good influence should give you a real boost! Be
creative! Get out there! Stress levels are relatively low so
take advantage of this time to get your schedule organized or
figure out your plans. There's good energy for dealing with
parents, teachers, people in charge.

Mar 8, 2000     (Mar 7, 2000 to Mar 9, 2000)       Sun Trine Sat

You're up to tackling projects that require real discipline and
organization. Hard work pays off. Progress you make now could
benefit you for some time to come. A good time to approach
parents, employers, or other authorities.

Mar 9, 2000     (Mar 8, 2000 to Mar 10, 2000)      Sun Trine Ven

You're feeling especially loving now. Share the good vibes. A
time to spend with loved ones, perhaps with children. Romance
may be in the air. You could enjoy good food and drink, but
don't pig out.

Mar 10, 2000    (Feb 20, 2000 to Mar 31, 2000)       Ura Sqr Sun

Unexpected events become almost a daily affair and test your
ability to keep on moving. If you're under a heavy situation,
you'll feel an almost uncontrollable urge to break loose.
Experimentation with a new look,  a new feel, or a new attitude
about life is okay. Permanent alteration of the body may be a
drag to you when you're older. Forces within you could explode
so suddenly and violently that you can't hold them back. Loved
ones may feel alienated and wonder what's going on. If you feel
destructive, you've been sitting on hurt or anger for years and
now it wants out. Impulses that hurt those who care the most,
damage what you prize, or hurt yourself leave you like Humpty
Dumpty. Get help to get through the hurricane. Keep a
visualization of a higher place you'll land in when the dust
settles. Consider your future when daring to throw away the
moment. If it's going to benefit you to set yourself free, then
do so. If not, then go with the flow for now.

Mar 12, 2000    (Mar 11, 2000 to Mar 13, 2000)     Ven Trine Ura

Be ready for unexpected romantic, social or financial
opportunities! Write down your poetic and practical
inspirations. A time to get away from routine and do something
completely different for a change.

Mar 12, 2000    (Mar 12, 2000 to Mar 13, 2000)    Ven Trine Merc

A great time for week-end trips and adventures, for taking in an
interesting movie or going to a show. Or you could use this
influence to enjoy delving into a favorite book or magazine. If
you want to win someone's love, now's the time to impress them
with your words. Give loved ones a call.

Mar 19, 2000    (Mar 18, 2000 to Mar 20, 2000)      Ven Conj Jup

You're feeling rich and experiencing large. This is the time to
enjoy spiritual, cultural and educational wealth with others.
Share your good fortune while it lasts.

Mar 20, 2000    (Mar 19, 2000 to Mar 21, 2000)       Ven Sqr Nep

You're emotionally vulnerable now. A good time to get in tune
with the wounded inner child who could threaten to run the show
if you ignore him/her. You need to keep your vision clear. When
emotions are "bigger" than the situation calls for, look within.
An inner nerve is being tapped. Don't be carried away by

Mar 20, 2000    (Mar 20, 2000 to Mar 21, 2000)    Ven Trine Mars

Happy days are here again! A good time to meet a friend for
lunch, take in a movie, enjoy a little love. Anything you do may
result in total charm, popularity, and great romance!

Mar 21, 2000    (Mar 20, 2000 to Mar 23, 2000)    Mars Oppos Ura

Explosive arguments could lead to you going your own way when
someone or something tries to confine you. You could feel that
your sense of independence and freedom is being challenged.
Nevertheless, when the heat of the moment passes, you could
regret sorely impulsive actions. Pull in the reins on impatience
and compulsive urges, especially with friends or in group
situations. You're subject to sudden changes and disruptive
events which can be extremely stressful. Keep centered and make
room in your schedule and budget for the unexpected. Even hard
changes sometimes lead to liberation from restrictive
circumstances. Car-ma (Karma) can be intense now.

Mar 22, 2000    (Mar 21, 2000 to Mar 23, 2000)   Mars Oppos Merc

You may find you're speaking the same language, especially with
members of the opposite sex, but mean totally different things.
Irritability, arguments, sharp words and possible hurt feelings
are common under this aspect. Letting your ego rule potentially
leads to fights or verbal battles, especially with siblings.
Find a better defense besides sarcasm. Get out of yourself and
try seeing the other guy's perspective. Car or phone problems
could mirror inner agitation. Agree to disagree. Get zen.

Mar 25, 2000    (Mar 24, 2000 to Mar 26, 2000)     Merc Conj Jup

This astrological influence (Merc Conj Jup) also occurred on Mar
4, 2000 (peak date). Please refer to this date.

Mar 26, 2000    (Mar 25, 2000 to Mar 27, 2000)      Merc Sqr Nep

This astrological influence (Merc Sqr Nep) also occurred on Mar
3, 2000 (peak date). Please refer to this date.

Mar 26, 2000    (Mar 22, 2000 to Mar 31, 2000)     Jup Sxtil Jup

This is a good time influence, so go for it! Dress up and go out
because this is the time to get connected. Long term, this means
you could be on a gloriously adventurous trip, finish off a
decent semester, or experience an inner expansion of
consciousness. Short term, this may mean a lucky encounter, some
extra bucks or a burst of vitality. Enjoy!

Mar 27, 2000    (Mar 26, 2000 to Mar 28, 2000)   Merc Trine Mars

This astrological influence (Merc Trine Mars) also occurred on
Mar 2, 2000 (peak date). Please refer to this date.

Mar 28, 2000    (Mar 27, 2000 to Mar 29, 2000)     Ven Trine Sun

A warm breeze caresses your heart. It's easy to be good to
yourself and others. Share your feelings. A great influence for
artists, musicians and entertainers. Love relationships formed
under this aspect can often be built to last.

Mar 28, 2000    (Mar 27, 2000 to Mar 29, 2000)     Sun Oppos Plu

This transit tends to provoke conflicts. For some, the challenge
is going to be to stand up for your beliefs; for others, the
challenge will be to keep your mouth shut! Mutual understanding
is the only solution, but harmonious interchanges may not be in
the cards for the time being. Sometimes Pluto exposes something
you'd rather not see but from which you can't hide. Steer clear
of fights.

Mar 28, 2000    (Mar 27, 2000 to Mar 29, 2000)     Ven Trine Sat

A positive aspect, especially if you're involved in the arts. A
good time to select a new wardrobe or decorate your room.
Sometimes old friendships and important relationships are
rekindled during this time. It's easy to relate to employers and
authority figures. There's a sense of mutual appreciation. Long
term friendships or romances sometimes develop under this

Mar 28, 2000    (Mar 27, 2000 to Mar 29, 2000)     Sun Trine Nep

This influence pumps up your imagination and your ability to see
beyond, making this an inspirational time for artists,
musicians, romantics, mystics and spiritual seekers. You might
simply take in an interesting movie, write a poem or go

Mar 29, 2000    (Mar 28, 2000 to Mar 30, 2000)     Ven Trine Ven

You're showing fabulous taste! Appreciate the finer things in
life. A good cycle for going out, being with friends, enjoying
life! Auspicious for artists and lovers.

Apr 2, 2000     (Mar 29, 2000 to Apr 6, 2000)     Jup Oppos Mars

While you may feel exceptionally strong in your faith and
philosophy of life, not everyone will share your beliefs. It
takes real maturity to know when to hold to your sense of
justice and when to allow others their differences. How to know
when it's right to take risks or when a foolish gamble could
blow everything? Don't count on handouts. For lasting results,
you need to be the master of your own ship. Use this energy to
produce lasting results that will catapult you into an adult

Apr 2, 2000     (Apr 1, 2000 to Apr 4, 2000)      Mars Sxtil Jup

Surf the South Seas, climb Mt. McKinley. Anything seems possible
now! You're in the flow and everything's alright. So work it! A
good time for buying a car and for traveling to CanCun.
Negotiate the price down. Maxing your credit card out could be

Apr 4, 2000     (Apr 3, 2000 to Apr 5, 2000)      Merc Trine Sun

This is an excellent time for any kind of school work and for
presenting your ideas to those in positions of power. A positive
help if you're looking for a job or need to fill out an
application. You might enjoy a short outing or drive.

Apr 4, 2000     (Apr 3, 2000 to Apr 5, 2000)      Merc Trine Sat

It's time to get to business. Put your mind to work and take
care of any details on your desk. Stuff you may have felt
blocked on is easily resolved now. Take advantage of this clear
frame of mind to turn in those job or school apps, meet with
parents, employers or other authority figures. Need an extension
on your paper deadline, a later curfew perhaps? Ask now!

Apr 4, 2000     (Apr 3, 2000 to Apr 6, 2000)     Mars Oppos Mars

To subdue one's opponent without fighting is the height of
skill. So said a great ancient Chinese general. Fights can
happen now if that's what you want. With so many people wanting
to be the gangsta' these days, why not be different? It's up to
you. It's going to take all you've got to keep your cool, but if
you do you'll get the respect you need.

Apr 4, 2000     (Apr 3, 2000 to Apr 5, 2000)      Sun Oppos Moon

Stay balanced and these could be enjoyable days. But you could
get stressed out if you let it happen. You're feeling emotional
and react to stuff more than ususal. Step back a moment. Don't
take things so personally. Other people you think you have a
case with can actually be mirroring parts of yourself you don't
see clearly. So stay loving and cool, especially with family or
with friends of the opposite sex.

Apr 5, 2000     (Apr 4, 2000 to Apr 6, 2000)      Merc Trine Ven

You're feeling more together than usual. Take care of any
negotiations or important correspondence. A good time to take in
a movie, see a show, go out. How about an excursion combining
work, study and fun?

Apr 6, 2000     (Mar 14, 2000 to Aug 9, 2000)        Ura Sqr Ven

The danger of this influence is the temptation to ignore logical
consequences that result from reckless actions. Hard to cork
desires explode into your world. Where are they coming from?
Something buried inside you demands to be let loose. Protect
yourself from potential heartbreak by respecting and valuing the
person who you are. Never degrade yourself for a moment's love
or demand of another they hurt themselves to fulfill your
fleeting whims. In love and money if you decide to throw caution
out the window, the payback time inevitably arrives at your
doorstep. Girls especially could be prone to looking for love
where love is not. Look behind the mask and see what's really
there. For some, a sudden loss of love forces you to become more

Apr 8, 2000     (Apr 6, 2000 to Apr 9, 2000)         Sun Sqr Sat

Saturn, sometimes called "The Great Teacher", is testing you.
Psychological attitudes or situational happenings block the
flow. Responsibilities pile up. Clashes with parents and
authorities are possible. While some might choose to sit this
one out, you can make this influence work for you. If you feel
overwhelmed, determine your priorities and tackle each situation
one by one. Look at the glass as half full instead of half
empty. Patience is a powerful key. Don't force things.

Apr 13, 2000    (Apr 12, 2000 to Apr 14, 2000)     Ven Oppos Plu

Intense interpersonal battles often occur under this influence.
You could be tempted to be unfaithful or to enter into dishonest
dealings. Pluto/Venus contacts tend to stimulate selfish
attitudes. Arguments and power struggles, particularly related
to money and sex are common. Diplomacy, rather than control
tactics, is advised. In sports, fair play is a must. Avoid all
temptation to enter into dishonest dealings.

Apr 13, 2000    (Apr 12, 2000 to Apr 14, 2000)     Ven Trine Nep

Compassion, sensitivity to the needs and feelings of others and
artistic and musical inspiration are enhanced under this
influence. A good time to visit family or friends, especially
those in need of comfort. Relationships initiated under this
aspect could be an ideal encounter or a pie-in-the-sky bubble
soon to burst.

Apr 17, 2000    (Apr 16, 2000 to Apr 18, 2000)    Mars Oppos Sun

Self-control is the need of the hour. Meeting in the middle
could help you avert head-on collisions. In sports and
competitive events, take reasonable steps to prevent injuries.
Gauge ego levels; your feelings and emotions may be running
against your best interests. Caution is advised with firearms,
machinery and cars. Prepare for potential confrontations by
realizing the best way to win is to psyche your opponent out
before it gets physical.

Apr 17, 2000    (Apr 16, 2000 to Apr 19, 2000)    Mars Sxtil Sat

If friends remark that you're unusually serious now, they're
right! This influence offers a good formula for success if
you're willing to work hard, keep organized, define your goals
and stay on track. Your ambition is likely to be intensified as
well as your will to succeed and grapple with even knotty
problems. Parents, bosses, mentors -- people in power, support
your goals.

Apr 17, 2000    (Apr 17, 2000 to Apr 18, 2000)    Merc Oppos Plu

Be careful not to come across like the Terminator! Or the
Terminator could be waiting for you! Power struggles are a
potential under this influence. Seriously though, try to realize
that getting your point across isn't a matter of life and death.
Take it easy. Use this energy to figure out what's up, but be
willing to listen to others.

Apr 18, 2000    (Apr 17, 2000 to Apr 19, 2000)    Merc Trine Nep

You could spellbind your audience, get that date by pure
persuasion, be at your most poetic! Imagination and creative
thinking are enhanced by this aspect. It's easier than usual to
express your feelings and explore the spiritual. At the very
least, you'd enjoy a good book or movie.

Apr 18, 2000    (Apr 17, 2000 to Apr 19, 2000)     Sun Oppos Ura

Under this influence, you're apt to feel extremely restless,
unwilling to take orders or listen to advice. It's going to take
herculean strength to deal with situations or relationships that
you think stifle you without simply breaking loose. Even if you
feel cool, calm and collected (an ideal now), someone close to
you could be demanding and irrational. All of which could result
in arguments and strife. Avoid ultimatums in relationships. You
could regret it later when this short influence passes. Be
willing to work with changes, however, whose time has come.

Apr 19, 2000    (Apr 17, 2000 to Apr 20, 2000)    Mars Oppos Ven

Maybe you're just feeling turned on. Or maybe you hit it off
with someone at a party. Sometimes, however, you could find
yourself deeply involved in a relationship which brings up as
much love and good vibes as it does anger and hatred. This
period will test your emotional maturity. Conflicting
relationships aren't necessarily bad; it just means you have
stuff to work out inside yourself.

Apr 19, 2000    (Apr 18, 2000 to Apr 20, 2000)    Ven Oppos Moon

Emotional clashes are common under this influence. Often the
conflict relates to sex or to spending. A defensive attitude
could keep you (or possibly a loved one) from seeing clearly. A
bit of detachment helps. If your heart is hurting, give yourself
some love, but no self-pity, please! If you're partying, avoid
overdoing it; i.e. not the best time to get tanked!

Apr 19, 2000    (Apr 18, 2000 to Apr 20, 2000)    Sun Oppos Merc

This is the time for exchanging ideas and brainstorming. You
could get worked up when your opinion is challenged, but hey,
it's your ego popping up. There could be static with someone
older or in authority over thoughts, classes or schedules. A
brother or sister could get on your nerves. You can learn a lot
by listening.

Apr 21, 2000    (Apr 20, 2000 to Apr 22, 2000)       Ven Sqr Sat

This is not an easy time. You could feel unappreciated and
unloved. You can't always get what you want. What's keeping you
from getting the love you need? You get what you give but
practice "heart smarts." First of all, recognize what's good in
you. Then, even if you don't feel like it, go into your heart.
Bring up memories of good times you've had. Replace negative
feelings with good vibes.

Apr 22, 2000    (Apr 21, 2000 to Apr 23, 2000)   Merc Oppos Moon

You're thinking through your emotions. Some of this could be
unconscious and if you're not careful you could be sorry later
for remarks that are childish or simply out of place! You could
over react to another's comments, or have to deal with them
overreacting to you! It helps to step outside the situation to
understand what's really going on. Communication with little
kids or siblings could test your patience.

Apr 23, 2000    (Apr 23, 2000 to Apr 24, 2000)      Merc Sqr Sat

You could be too hard on yourself and on others these days. A
heavy workload, difficult circumstances or bad weather could
make you feel out of it. Try to remember every cloud has a touch
of grey. Any important decision making or problem solving now is
going to require centeredness and patience. You could easily
feel irritated by siblings, roommates, schoolmates and/or
co-workers. Serious discussions may take place. Confirm
appointments. Guard your health. If you can work with this, the
sun will come out and turn your grey to gold!

Apr 26, 2000    (Apr 18, 2000 to May 4, 2000)      Sat Oppos Sun

Don't be so hard on yourself. This isn't an easy time. Saturn
always brings up past accounts and forces us to reevaluate our
situation. You may find you need to work within the system in
your dealings with parents or authorities. They may not be
sympathetic to your cause. Rather than moaning and groaning, use
this cycle as a chance to seek constructive long term solutions
to problems. A relationship from the past could reappear now
causing you to look deeply into yourself.

Apr 27, 2000    (Apr 19, 2000 to May 5, 2000)      Sat Sxtil Sat

Things may seem almost magical in the way they work out. This is
the time to get it together, to push forward career projects and
goals. That which you're currently working on should go well. If
you do your part, and barring any other heavy influences that
could get in the way, steady progress is almost guaranteed!

Apr 27, 2000    (Apr 26, 2000 to Apr 28, 2000)     Sun Sxtil Jup

Take advantage of this positive forecast. A return of positive
karma could be coming your way. Whether it's romance, school or
a job that you're thinking of, all should go well. A good day
for making up if need be. You could get good advice from a guide
or older person.

Apr 29, 2000    (Apr 28, 2000 to Apr 30, 2000)    Sun Oppos Mars

Chill! The astro-weather report calls for high probability of
emotional and physical turbulence. Mars energy is hard to
handle. Someone could press your buttons. It's easy to get into
fights and arguments. If you can't sit on the energy, go do some
sports. Be careful with machines, cars and knives. If you're
heated, wait this one out and let someone else drive.

Apr 29, 2000    (Apr 29, 2000 to Apr 30, 2000)    Merc Oppos Ura

Don't tweek! Just because your brain had its Wheaties this
morning, doesn't mean every one else has! You could be impatient
with lesser and supposedly denser mortals who don't get your wit
but feel put off by your tongue! You could come up with some
very exciting ideas now. If you can handle the high charged
energy, a great time to experiment with science, astrology,

You could be very impatient with others. This is because Uranus
brings you extra mental energy. Use it creatively but handle
with care. Reckless words and actions now could lead to
accidents or quits you later regret.

Apr 29, 2000    (Apr 29, 2000 to Apr 30, 2000)   Merc Oppos Merc

You're in the mix now or it's time to hang it up. Communication
flows easily or meets major resistance. Really, it could go
either way. Work with people to find the right solutions.

Apr 30, 2000    (Apr 29, 2000 to May 1, 2000)      Ven Oppos Ura

You might attract some weird new friends or have an exciting
time clubbing. But be aware that romantic attractions formed now
are probably infatuations! Acting on feelings rather than on
values often leads to sexual promiscuity and compulsive
behavior, potentially with disastrous results. THE ASTROLOGER
GENERAL'S WARNING: blowing off common sense and rationality may
lead to nights in jail, betrayed friendships and unexpected

Apr 30, 2000    (Apr 29, 2000 to May 1, 2000)     Ven Oppos Merc

Your sentiments and the ideas (or communication) of another
could clash. What they say may seem rude or be unappreciated.
But if you're willing to really listen to others, great dialogue
can result. Put a hold on gossip and meaningless conversation. A
good time to let others know you appreciate them.

May 3, 2000     (May 3, 2000 to May 4, 2000)      Merc Sxtil Jup

This influence will help you balance the big picture with the
details. For example, if you want to apply for a job or go to
school away from home, this is the time to plan it out and
possibly to apply. Vacations, schoolwork and travel are all

May 4, 2000     (May 4, 2000 to May 5, 2000)     Merc Oppos Mars

Your thoughts may not be in sync with your feelings, and this
could result in a clash with someone today. Try not to get stuck
on your point of view. Either agree to disagree or steer clear
of arguments. Disagreements could become heated and result in
hard feelings. Refrain from sarcasm and words that become
weapons. You're vulnerable to mechanical problems, health
problems, and fights at home. Take care.

May 6, 2000     (Apr 28, 2000 to May 14, 2000)     Sat Oppos Ven

An old romance could reenter the scene or you could be separated
from a loved one. You could be into somebody who's not into you,
or your parents may not approve. This is an initiation of the
Heart. Venus also deals with finances and you could find
yourself in a crunch. Relationships and projects worth keeping
demand considerable effort but pay off in the long run.

May 7, 2000     (May 6, 2000 to May 8, 2000)       Ven Sxtil Jup

The breezes feel warm and favorable. A good time to settle any
outstanding grievances with diplomacy and kindness. A time
perhaps of giving service to life, extending a hand, helping
those in need. Potentially positive for increased cash flow.

May 8, 2000     (May 7, 2000 to May 9, 2000)      Ven Oppos Mars

You love 'em and you hate 'em. You're so turned on you're almost
torn up! Under this magnetic influence, you could be attracted
to almost anyone. Have fun but be careful! A lot of unplanned
pregnancies and broken hearts happen this way. You might have to
deal with jealousies, anger, strong sexual urges. Navigate from
the heart.

May 8, 2000     (May 7, 2000 to May 9, 2000)       Sun Oppos Sun

About six months have passed since you began the birthday cycle
kick off. During the next three months, be prepared to deal with
experiences that could force you to look deeper into yourself.
Your "mirror" could be someone at home, your parents, teachers,
police, employers or members of the opposite sex. Your test is
to tune into what life is trying to tell you and keep your

May 8, 2000     (May 8, 2000 to May 9, 2000)      Merc Oppos Sun

You're ready for brainstorming, for swapping ideas, for
defending your point of view. All this could be very energizing.
Watch out, however, that conversations not turn into arguments
due to a bruised ego. The better you feel about yourself, the
easier it'll be for you to keep out of fights and arguments. But
if you carry a chip on your shoulder you'll react to words as if
they were cannonballs! A little humility won't hurt, especially
when dealing with older persons.

May 8, 2000     (May 8, 2000 to May 9, 2000)      Merc Sxtil Sat

It's time to get to business. Put your mind to work and take
care of any details on your desk. Stuff you may have felt
blocked on is easily resolved now. Take advantage of this clear
frame of mind to turn in those job or school apps, meet with
parents, employers or other authority figures. Need an extension
on your paper deadline, a later curfew perhaps? Ask now!

May 8, 2000     (May 7, 2000 to May 9, 2000)       Sun Sxtil Sat

You're up to tackling projects that require real discipline and
organization. Hard work pays off. Progress you make now could
benefit you for some time to come. A good time to approach
parents, employers, or other authorities.

May 9, 2000     (May 8, 2000 to May 10, 2000)     Merc Oppos Ven

Meaningless conversation and gossip could leave you feeling
scattered. Social events may demand an awareness of appropriate
dress, speech, etc. Diplomacy may be in order to mend or avert
communication breakdowns with loved ones or friends.

May 9, 2000     (May 8, 2000 to May 10, 2000)      Sun Oppos Ven

It feels good when someone appreciates you and notices why
you're special. This is a friendship pick-a-upper! However, you
could experience a clash of ideas or values. Somehow they block
your plans or get in the way of your social life. If necessary,
stand your ground. Meeting in the middle, however, may be the
only way to work out problems, especially when dealing with
parents and with people in charge. If hidden tensions in close
relationships surface, it's okay. Be patient with that close
buddy or special someone!

May 11, 2000    (May 6, 2000 to May 15, 2000)      Jup Oppos Sun

Opportunities appear all around you but how they work out
depends on your ability to pull in the reins; it's easy to
over-extend your wallet or exaggerate your vision. You'll have
to deal with other people's resentment and anger if you make
unrealistic promises that you cannot fulfill. Examine carefully
any proposals before making binding commitments. Plans that are
overblown could prove to be costly. In interpersonal
relationships, watch out for an arrogant attitude that says,
"I've got all the answers!" that could cause just about anyone
to be turned off.

May 11, 2000    (May 7, 2000 to May 15, 2000)      Jup Sxtil Sat

Now's the time to get ahead! Present parents, employers, or
authority figures with your plans if you're looking for their
support. The more you put in to this upper influence, the more
you'll get out of it. A great booster for demonstrating your
maturity; others notice and reward you. Your vision,
organizational abilities and sense of responsibility are your
guides to success. Opportunities to move forward open up. If
you're looking for a job, now's the time to grab it. Much gain
comes from travel and from educational advancement. A great
transit for writers! For some, a spiritual Path opens during
this cycle.

May 15, 2000    (May 13, 2000 to May 16, 2000)      Mars Sqr Jup

The ante's up, player! You're willing to gamble long and take
risks. Despite the rush, you may not be on the roll you imagine.
Chances are, you're overreaching the mark, underestimating the
odds. Losses could be costly, so weigh the dice carefully before
you place your bets.

May 15, 2000    (May 13, 2000 to May 16, 2000)    Mars Trine Plu

Your sense of purpose and determination is intensified. You're
working through some killer internal changes that could lead to
great new beginnings. Changes made now could have long lasting
consequences. Nevertheless, if you push too hard you could be
too oppressive to yourself and others.

May 15, 2000    (May 14, 2000 to May 17, 2000)    Mars Oppos Nep

Neptune is your connection to the unseen worlds, your data line
to the Muses. Great artists and musicians thrive in the hit
charts and physical media but resemblance to reality is tenuous.
Escape into sex, drugs, alcoholism and the delusions of denial
leave one fighting for air. Mommy and Daddy won't always be
there. Have fun, but use your brain. Someday, you'll have to
make a living with it. Unpleasant events or emotions, the
results of past actions may appear on the screen of your life.
Your impulse may be to run and hide or play the victim, but it's
best to face such times head on. If it doesn't sit well with
your heart, don't do it!

May 15, 2000    (May 15, 2000 to May 16, 2000)     Ven Oppos Sun

You may find yourself butting heads with someone you care about
over values. Especially in close relationships, you could feel
insecure. You'll get nowhere by showing off, blowing your cash,
weeping and wailing and otherwise losing your cool! Venus deals
with beauty. Go shopping, change your hairstyle or get some
culture! And while you may be at your creative and romantic
best, it's easy to overindulge. Wear that outfit, visit that
bistro, go on that date; just check your vanity and insecurity
at the door.

May 16, 2000    (May 15, 2000 to May 17, 2000)     Ven Sxtil Sat

A positive aspect, especially if you're involved in the arts. A
good time to select a new wardrobe or decorate your room.
Sometimes old friendships and important relationships are
rekindled during this time. It's easy to relate to employers and
authority figures. There's a sense of mutual appreciation. Long
term friendships or romances sometimes develop under this

May 16, 2000    (May 12, 2000 to May 20, 2000)     Jup Oppos Ven

All that glitters is not gold. In the yin/yang potential of all
oppositions, these two bountiful planets could usher in a period
of of at least relative happiness and an overall sense of well
being. You may be experiencing a strong attraction to a special
somebody. Vacations could be a ball, but vacation romances
probably are best left where they left off. If you tend to be
uptight, this transit could help you loosen up and enjoy life.
Yet, even happiness can turn sour if you overdo it. You could
regret ignoring the need for boundaries in an intimate
relationship. If your cash is burning a hole in your pocket,
stash some. Do you really want to spend all your green on one
ride? Sometimes relationship conflicts center on cultural or
moral differences that have to be sorted out. Give any important
partnerships formed during this cycle time before committing to
serious engagements.

May 16, 2000    (May 16, 2000 to May 17, 2000)     Ven Oppos Ven

It's helpful to remember that oppositions attract. When they
don't, you're looking at potential tug of wars. At best, some
positive social interactions, and at worst a real clash of
values. Diplomacy is Venus' weapon of love!

May 17, 2000    (May 17, 2000 to May 18, 2000)      Merc Sqr Jup

You're in a problem-solving mood. However, if you're going to
get an apartment or buy a car, read the fine print! Schoolwork
could suffer if you're not in the mood or if you're sloppy.
Ignoring details today could force you to make a do-over later.

May 17, 2000    (May 17, 2000 to May 18, 2000)    Merc Trine Plu

A great time to cut through the crap. Whether you're taking it
to the next level in sports or in convincing others, this is the
time to make it happen. This influence is like having a ballpark
halogen light inside your brain. Subject matter previously
hidden become apparent.

May 18, 2000    (May 17, 2000 to May 19, 2000)    Merc Oppos Nep

Dense mindset alert!! Watch out, for Neptunian fog can lead you
astray. The potential here can lead towards good or bad. You're
in tune with parts of yourself that are usually blocked off.
Center yourself. Experience what is offered to the fullest but
don't succumb to cop-outs. Enjoy the music but don't crash
yourself listening to the enchantment. Getting wasted or high
will only result in missing the message. Watch out for the
temptation to lie; even little white lies make karma! Be aware
of the possibility that others could be less than honest with

Get the most out of this cycle by tuning in to higher spheres
through music, meditation, spiritual musing. Search for real
answers by unlocking your own inner potential.

May 21, 2000    (May 21, 2000 to May 22, 2000)   Merc Trine Moon

A good time to work on children's affairs or community events.
You have a natural sense for communicating with others,
especially those younger than yourself. Enjoy a chat with the

May 26, 2000    (May 24, 2000 to May 27, 2000)   Mars Trine Moon

You've plenty of get up and go, making this a good time to work
on home, family or self-improvement projects. Inspirations
regarding work should pay off.

May 28, 2000    (May 27, 2000 to May 29, 2000)       Sun Sqr Jup

This influence is like having lots of money in your hands but
not necessarily spending it wisely. You've got plenty of
enthusiasm. But you could easily go too far, take on too much,
promise more than you're willing to, or realistically can
deliver. You could get ripped off if you're not careful. Someone
older or in authority could disapprove of your actions or
decisions. It could be hard to figure out the right move. If you
believe in yourself, you're more likely to obtain the support of
others. If you feel full of yourself, you're apt to make foolish
mistakes. If you feel frustrated as to where you're headed in
life just now, wait this one out.

May 28, 2000    (May 27, 2000 to May 30, 2000)     Sun Trine Plu

Whether you're clearing out your closet or your brain, this is
the time to get rid of what you don't really need. Focus on
progress and self-improvement. You might make some important
changes in your image.

May 29, 2000    (May 28, 2000 to May 30, 2000)     Sun Oppos Nep

Neptune fog alert! In close relationships you could be seeing
what you want to see rather than what's really there. Your
expectations in another could be unrealistic and you could be
disappointed when they don't come through. You could be easily
misled. Watch out for the users! If you dote on your problems,
it's easy to feel sorry for yourself. Lasting only a few days,
you could float this one out. Nevertheless, drinking, drugs,
meaningless or dangerous sex and other escape routes could leave
you with more than a hang over! This transit often shows up in
cases of unwanted or unplanned pregnancies! At best, a time for
reflection, for understanding self and others, and for seeking
spiritual themes in the way you relate.

May 29, 2000    (May 28, 2000 to May 30, 2000)    Merc Trine Ura

Your mental genie is awake. Quick answers, great lines, and
brilliant solutions are yours to command! This is the time to
get your point across and be creative.

May 29, 2000    (May 29, 2000 to May 30, 2000)   Merc Trine Merc

You're juiced. You're quick. Get in the game! You'll have no
problem getting your point across now. A great influence for any
kind of competition, all sorts of games, plugging into the
computer, and interfacing with others. Take advantage of this
positive time to apply for jobs or schools, working things out
or making plans with brothers, sisters, roommates, classmates
and/or co-workers.

May 31, 2000    (May 30, 2000 to June 1, 2000)       Ven Sqr Jup

Not a time to follow impulses or overindulge desires. The things
you know are best may not jive with what you feel like doing.
Some self-restraint allows for fun and pays off big tomorrow.
Resist the temptation to buy stuff you really don't need or
can't afford.

May 31, 2000    (May 31, 2000 to June 1, 2000)     Ven Trine Plu

Strong attractions to the opposite sex often occur under this
influence. Something deep inside you draws you to relationships
that reveal your hidden self. This energy can also be channeled
successfully into creative work and really fun social outings. A
time to be resourceful with funds. You could get some top notch
entertainment, receive or buy something beautiful or luxurious,
buy some new duds.

June 1, 2000    (May 31, 2000 to June 2, 2000)     Ven Oppos Nep

This Neptune transit could signify serving others through
devotion and love. But be aware, due to impracticality and
foolish idealism (yours or theirs or both!), others could
disappoint you. They could simply exasperate your patience
through inappropriate behavior, extravagance, false promises,
lies or forgetfulness. It's tempting to dream of impossible
loves; the gullible could be taken for a ride. Stay centered and
keep your energies at the level of the heart or above. Make it a
point to be honest and aboveboard with others. Don't believe
everything you hear.
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