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Comparison of

                         Ciccone Madonna


                         ODonnell Rosie

                     Birth Data for Ciccone:

                         Ciccone Madonna
                         August 16, 1958
                            12:00 PM
                    Bay City, Michigan       

                    Birth Data for ODonnell:

                         ODonnell Rosie
                         March 21, 1962
                            12:00 PM
                    Commack, New York        

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                     3355 Bee Cave Road #606
                      Austin, TX 78746 USA
                       Phone: 512-826-5401
     This Friends Report is divided into 4 chapters.

     Chapter 1 describes your temperaments and personalities.
The issues described in Chapter 1 become particularly powerful
if you have a close or long-lasting relationship. Idiosyncrasies
or quirks in another person's personality do not bother us as
much if our relationship is a casual one. For example, if one
person is neat and tidy and the other is sloppy, this is more
likely to become a concern if you depend on each other in a
business partnership than if you are casual acquaintances.

     Pay close attention to the issues described in Chapter 2
because these are the most important themes in your
relationship. For example, if themes of open communication and
friendliness are emphasized, then you can count on this
relationship growing into a close, long-lasting friendship.
However, if friendliness and harmony between you are hardly
mentioned at all, your relationship will be a more formal, less
personal one and you probably won't think of one another as
close friends. Note also that the material in Chapter 2 is
presented roughly in order of importance, so that the material
presented at the beginning of Chapter 2 is the most powerful.

     Chapter 4 describes issues in your relationship of less
importance than those presented in Chapter 2. Chapter 3
describes situations and circumstances that arise over time if
your relationship is a long-lasting one.

     If a statement appears to contradict another statement,
then your roles are likely to alternate. For example, a
statement that Ciccone is more aggressive than ODonnell, and
another statement stating that ODonnell is more aggressive than
Ciccone, means that you alternate roles, with Ciccone sometimes
being the leader and ODonnell being the follower, and sometimes
just the opposite. Also, read the statements carefully, as it is
likely that a careful reading will reveal different kinds of
aggressiveness or areas in which the aggressiveness is likely to
express itself.

     To make the most of this report, combine this astrological
analysis with other things that you know about each other. For
example, if your relationship is strictly business-related and
close, personal friendship is unimportant to both of you, then
it will not concern you if there is little warmth in the
relationship. However, a lack if warmth and sympathy, or a
tendency to be critical and judgmental of one another, is a more
serious problem in a parent-child relationship. You may also
want to order a Natal Report for each of you. The Natal Report
describes your individual traits. The material in Chapters 2, 3
and 4 of this report describes the dynamics of your
relationship, but does not describe your individual natures.

    Your birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of
the planets at the time of your birth. For the benefit of
students of astrology, these positions, along with other
technical information, are listed below:

Positions and Data for Ciccone:
Sun     position is 23 deg. 19 min. of Leo        
Moon    position is 14 deg. 33 min. of Virgo      
Mercury position is  5 deg. 32 min. of Virgo      
Venus   position is  0 deg. 47 min. of Leo        
Mars    position is 15 deg. 30 min. of Taurus     
Jupiter position is 26 deg. 26 min. of Libra      
Saturn  position is 19 deg. 08 min. of Sagittarius
Uranus  position is 12 deg. 42 min. of Leo        
Neptune position is  2 deg. 18 min. of Scorpio    
Pluto   position is  1 deg. 44 min. of Virgo      

Tropical Zodiac   Standard time observed.
GMT: 17:00:00     Time Zone: 5 hours West.
Lat. and Long. of birth: 43 N 35      83 W 53   
House System: PLACIDUS

Positions and Data for ODonnell:
Sun     position is  0 deg. 36 min. of Aries      
Moon    position is  4 deg. 43 min. of Libra      
Mercury position is  9 deg. 09 min. of Pisces     
Venus   position is 13 deg. 36 min. of Aries      
Mars    position is  7 deg. 21 min. of Pisces     
Jupiter position is 29 deg. 04 min. of Aquarius   
Saturn  position is  8 deg. 31 min. of Aquarius   
Uranus  position is 27 deg. 12 min. of Leo        
Neptune position is 13 deg. 09 min. of Scorpio    
Pluto   position is  8 deg. 18 min. of Virgo      

Tropical Zodiac   Standard time observed.
GMT: 17:00:00     Time Zone: 5 hours West.
Lat. and Long. of birth: 40 N 50      73 W 17   
House System: PLACIDUS

Note: Birth time of at least one person is not precise.
                            Chapter 1
          A Comparison of Temperaments and Life Styles
      that Affect Your Ability to Harmonize with Each Other

Ciccone's Sun in Leo and ODonnell's Sun in Aries:

     Both of you are independent, self-motivated individuals,
very much concerned with your own creative work and interests.
ODonnell, however, often acts in a manner that is socially
inappropriate while Ciccone is more aware of appearances and is
more concerned with the response of others. ODonnell is somewhat
indifferent to other people's opinions, while Ciccone craves
approval and affirmation from others.

     You are both immensely proud and neither of you wants to
take the back seat in any relationship. There is a great deal of
harmony between you, but being two spirited and somewhat
volatile people, when you clash your fights are likely to be
dramatic and boisterous.

Ciccone's Moon in Virgo and ODonnell's Moon in Libra:

     Both of you have rather refined sensitivities. You also
respond more reasonably and logically, rather than impulsively
or emotionally, to most situations.

     One difference between you is that ODonnell can see merit
in just about anyone's viewpoint and often doesn't have strong,
extreme views, while Ciccone does have very clear, definite
ideas, and the annoying habit of correcting other people when
they are "wrong". Ciccone is also self-critical and often tries
to live up to impossibly high standards for behavior,
appearance, performance, or technical ability, whereas ODonnell
is less judgmental and more tolerant in general. Ciccone's
fussiness rubs ODonnell the wrong way at times, but for the most
part you are able to get along very well.

Both of you have Mercury conjunct or in hard aspect to Pluto:

     You share an intense fascination with the hidden, secret,
or mysterious side of life, and are not content with superficial
answers. There is a natural researcher or detective in each of
you which investigates the behind-the-scenes aspects of your
lives. You ferret out the real nitty-gritty, the taboo topics,
the truth about issues that other people hide from.

     Both of you are also somewhat extreme, fanatical, or
zealous about your opinions, and you may try to coerce other
people into agreeing with you, against their will. Intellectual
power struggles, or even using mental powers to manipulate
others' behavior are pitfalls for both of you. Since both of you
have this tendency, you could be doubly potent - or doubly
dangerous -together.

Both of you have Venus conjunct or in hard aspect to Neptune:

     Both of you are highly idealistic about love and
friendship. You seek friends who are sensitive, open, loving,
and inwardly beautiful, and you may expect too much of people in
this way. Because you only want to see the good or "angel"
qualities in others, you may delude yourselves into believing
that other people are more perfect or saintly than they are. You
may ignore or overlook the more flawed, human, earthy aspects of
your friends, and thus be greatly disappointed when you come to
realize how petty or selfish they can be at times. You both are
learning that unconditional love, compassion, and seeing the
Light in other people does NOT mean not having clear boundaries,
or ignoring poor behavior on another's part, or denying your own
less-than-beautiful feelings or desires. It also does not mean
you need to "save" or rescue other people from their problems
-something you are both inclined to try to do.

     A common spiritual path or dedication to beauty in some
form is apt to be an important ingredient in your friendship.

                            Chapter 2
   Major Themes in the Relationship: What Brought You Together

Ciccone's Mercury Conjunct ODonnell's Pluto:

     Your conversations tend to be probing and deep. You enjoy
uncovering the underlying motivations and causes of a situation.
Frequently what starts out as a light, friendly conversation
ends up as an in-depth psychoanalysis of each other! ODonnell
may dominate your conversations and at times tries to force
Ciccone into agreeing or believing whatever ODonnell wants!

Ciccone's Mercury Opposition ODonnell's Mars:

     Stimulating conversations or hot debates are likely.
ODonnell challenges Ciccone's ideas with vigor. Ciccone may
respond by doing the same in return. Although these challenges
and criticisms are made with good intentions, they easily
precipitate arguments. Both of you must be careful to respect
each other's beliefs and not belittle each other's views or your
relationship will deteriorate into feelings of mistrust, nasty
tempers, and the bad habit of throwing darts at each other.

Ciccone's Mars Opposition ODonnell's Neptune:

     You can act very silly and childish together. When the two
of you get together, you love to let your imaginations run wild.
You have difficulty accomplishing anything of a serious or
mundane nature together, and you prefer to explore artistic,
religious, and metaphysical areas, rather than focus on more
mundane affairs.

ODonnell's Sun Trine Ciccone's Venus:

     Yours is a congenial and enjoyable relationship, for you
both appreciate and like one another. You also share a
similarity in tastes and enjoyment of leisure activities and

Ciccone's Moon Sextile ODonnell's Neptune:

     You feel extremely comfortable with each other, and it is
not surprising that you have become close friends. The intuitive
rapport for each other is very strong, and you feel supportive
and sympathetic towards each other. You also work well together
in artistic, musical, and humanitarian areas.

ODonnell's Venus Trine Ciccone's Uranus:

     This is a lively, enthusiastic, exciting relationship. You
feel very uninhibited with each other and are able to express
yourselves freely with each other. If you both enjoy dancing,
music, or similar sports, then you have found an excellent
partner for these activities!

                            Chapter 3
         Destiny and Final Outcome of Your Relationship

Composite Sun Sextile Mars:

     Together you will be inspired to take action and do things
that you may not have had the courage or confidence to do before
you became friends. You help one another come out into the
world, to participate more fully and more boldly. Whatever you
do together as a team is infused with a sense of energy and
vital purpose, and you can get a lot done. Physical activities,
sports or outdoor adventures, for instance, are a key part of
the health of your relationship.

Composite Mercury Conjunct Venus:

     A shared sense of style, elegance, and aesthetics is
destined to be a focus with the two of you. Discussions about
art and literature are likely to be common.

     You have a very friendly and cordial relationship. You find
it easy to talk to each other in a friendly, easygoing manner.
This friendship is likely to be a lasting one.

Composite Mercury Quincunx Neptune:

     In your alliance a lack of clarity and realism may well be
your downfall. Wishing or imagining that some fiction is in fact
the truth can cause a lot of trouble for the two of you. When
you are together your rational judgment seems to be impaired,
and your fantasies take over! If the two of you have business
dealings or other important practical matters to attend to, it
would be wise to check and re-check your facts or to get a
clearheaded third party to review your plans.

     Above all, be absolutely honest and unambiguous with one
another. Misinterpretations, confusion, mixed messages, and a
loose connection with reality can and will play havoc with you
two, unless you both sincerely try to be straight with one
Composite Venus Quincunx Neptune:

     A great deal of disillusionment and shattered dreams can be
avoided if the two or you are rigorously honest with yourselves
and with each other. If either of you pretends to be more than
you are, or misleads the other in any way, this can be the
downfall of your friendship.

     None of us are perfect, and it appears that any
exaggerating, hiding of facts, or reluctance to be honest, will
come back to haunt you. This relationship will force both of you
to "clean up your act" no matter how clean it may be already!
You will be forced to change your attitudes and values, and you
will need to be flexible and adaptable. Hopefully you can do
this, and you will become better people as a consequence.

Composite Sun Conjunct Mercury:

     Yours is an intellectual relationship, among other things.
Exchanging thoughts, studying together, sharing information,
talking and bantering, turning one another on to new books or
ideas, sparking one another's curiosity and interest in the
world - all of these are important aspects of your relationship.
A certain detachment and the ability to think about and talk
about what is going on between you are also highlighted. Put
simply, becoming more conscious or more informed and educated is
a significant reason the two of you are drawn together.

Composite Sun Conjunct Venus:

     Your relationship will grow to become a strong friendship.
You are also able to work together well in any endeavor that
requires good artistic sensitivity. There can also be an element
of vanity, artifice, or wanting to show-off in whatever you two
do together. Hiding or downplaying your difficulties and the
ugly parts of your relationship may be helpful to a point, but
if you try to do this despite your actual conflicts, then deeper
troubles may never get attended to. However, whatever friction,
dissonance, or ill will develops between you, there will also
always be an urge to harmonize, reconcile, and ease your
differences, and to create cooperation. It will take a lot for
the two of you to ever turn against each other entirely.

Composite Sun Quincunx Saturn:

     Circumstances beyond your control and not of your choosing
may intrude themselves upon you or you may find that duties,
obligations, and commitments don't enable you to spend much time
having fun together. Beware of reinforcing thoughts of gloom and
doom, try to focus on what you do enjoy doing together, and you
will be able to help each other through your difficulties.

Composite Moon Square Jupiter:

     Humor, laughter, and exuberant high spirits tone your
entire relationship. If you just want to feel good, being with
one another will do it. There is a feeling of easiness and
comfort between you, and if either of you tends to be too
serious or pessimistic, your friend knows how to offset this.
You will lighten each other up and be able to see the funny or
absurd side of things together.

     You help each other to attain and enjoy a high degree of
prosperity and material comfort, and you are both generous and
open with others. You will enjoy and be richly blessed in your
friendship with one another. In very simple terms, just to be
happy is one of the reasons your relationship exists.

Composite Mercury Square Pluto:

     This relationship is destined to profoundly change your
ways of thinking and understanding the world. Deep, subconscious
forces are at work here and the two of you will delve into
aspects of yourselves and the world which are normally
concealed, avoided, or taboo.

     The joint study of depth psychology or occult powers, and
using this knowledge to convey a message or convert other people
to your ways of thinking are a definite potential. Using the
power of the mind and words to influence others is emphasized.
At your worst, the two of you may seek to propagandize or
brainwash other people. Avoid fanaticism and overzealousness,
for others will perceive you as dangerous extremists.

     If you overtly or covertly try to force your opinions and
ideas onto one another, your relationship could become an
intellectual mine field. Used constructively, the interaction
between you will bring to light many previously hidden truths
and much deeper understanding.

Composite Venus Square Pluto:

     There is a very strong possibility that the two of you will
become involved in a clash of wills and a personality conflict.
The source of the problem stems from ingrained emotional
patterns in each of you, that cause you to be irritated by minor
flaws in the other person's personality. Unresolved emotional
issues from childhood and from other relationships intrude on
your friendship. Much of the source of the problem is
unconscious to both of you, and some of the seemingly minor
irritations and frustrations you experience with each other have
deeper roots than you might suspect. If your problems are not
resolved, then a lot of jealousy, competitiveness, and power
struggles will ensue which eventually will dissolve your
friendship. Both of you must be willing to learn, to change, and
to grow. Very few people are readily willing to change their
values, goals, beliefs, and habits and this relationship
requires that both of you be willing to refine your habits,
improve your communication skills, and be very honest with
yourself and with each other.

Composite Mars Square Saturn:

     In addition to whatever success this relationship holds,
there will be considerable frustration as well. One or both of
you feels that you cannot do what you want, or that you are
constantly being checked, watched, and judged. Projects you
undertake together may seem like a great strain, a constant
battle, a grind, a struggle against overwhelming odds. A certain
grimness and pessimism can permeate your interactions. However,
all is not for naught, and the constant effort may eventually
lead to an important accomplishment.

     If you are expecting this friendship to be a casual, light
happy acquaintance, then you are mistaken. This relationship can
lead to success in a joint effort, but only after much hard work
and effort.

     Most importantly, refrain from being excessively critical
of each other or cynical towards one another. Even a little
joking can turn bitter quickly, and things said in jest between
you can have a biting edge that was not originally intended. If
you truly respect each other and give each other recognition for
achievements and contributions, much of the negative potential
described above can be avoided.

                            Chapter 4
                Other Themes in Your Relationship

Ciccone's Sun Conjunct ODonnell's Uranus:

     You inspire each other to try new things, experiment, and
investigate alternatives. You may have met each other, for
example, during a time period when both of you were breaking
free from traditional values and exploring new possibilities.
This is a good relationship for shared creative, innovative
activities. You inspire each other, and have good times
together, but you also find that commitments or contracts with
each other are difficult to adhere to over time. This
relationship works well as long as you don't make too many
demands on each other.

Ciccone's Mercury Opposition ODonnell's Mercury:

     You often hold opposite views on a subject and you often
approach a problem in opposite ways. For example, one of you may
be more methodical, logical, pragmatic, etc. while the other's
approach is diametrically opposite, being primarily
philosophical, idealistic, and intuitive. Fortunately, however,
these differences are not likely to lead to major conflicts, and
often serve to complement each other. Only if either, or both,
of you is very fixed and dogmatic in your thinking will this
difference create serious problems.

ODonnell's Jupiter Opposition Ciccone's Pluto:

     You help bring one another's dreams and aspirations to
life, challenging one another's negative or limiting attitudes,
inspiring one another to be all that you are capable of being.
You stimulate an almost fanatical desire to grow, to expand, and
to succeed in a big way, no matter how you define success. There
is a tremendous sense of adventure and of limitless
possibilities, either for exploring your inner worlds or in
changing and improving conditions in the outer world. You do
tend to go to extremes, to be a bit too zealous together at
Ciccone's Jupiter Trine ODonnell's Jupiter:

     You encourage one another to grow and to be all that you
can be, and through your mutual belief in one another's
abilities and aspirations, you help each other live more fully
and freely. Because you see the best in one another, you
naturally draw it out. You tend to agree on ethical, religious,
philosophical, or spiritual matters, to have a similar approach
to such issues, and to overlook or minimize your differences.

Ciccone's Jupiter Sextile ODonnell's Uranus:

     You encourage one another to be free, to loosen up and let
go, and there is a lively, exuberant playfulness between you.
You will have a lot of fun and adventures together! By following
your intuition and spontaneous impulses, you are likely to be
unusually lucky together also.

Ciccone's Uranus Square ODonnell's Neptune:

     Bursts of inspiration, creative imagination and insight, or
strange psychic experiences makes your relationship lively and
unusual. You may do some rather bizarre or unusual experimenting
together. Avoidance of responsibility or reality can be a
problem at times.
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