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Enjoy reading the sample below. It gives you a sense of just how unique this report is, and what it can provide for you or for someone else who would benefit from it. This specialized report offers you something out of the ordinary. A different perspective can change your focus - for the better.

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Flower Essence And Gem Stone Report for

                         Kournikova Anna
                          June 7, 1981
     Calculated for 12:00 PM (Precise birth time not known)
                     Moscow > Moskva, Russi

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

        This report is based on the positions of the planets at
the time of your birth. For the benefit of students of
astrology, these positions, along with other technical
information, are listed below:

Sun       16 Gem 29              Pluto     21 Lib 42
Moon      21 Leo 04              N. Node    4 Leo 11
Mercury    5 Can 02              Asc.       5 Vir 35
Venus      2 Can 31              MC        25 Tau 33
Mars       1 Gem 30              2nd cusp  24 Vir 48
Jupiter    0 Lib 37              3rd cusp  20 Lib 47
Saturn     3 Lib 00              5th cusp   5 Cap 47
Uranus    27 Sco 19              6th cusp   9 Aqu 35
Neptune   23 Sag 41

Tropical  Placidus   Daylight Savings Time observed
GMT: 08:00:00   Time Zone: 3 hours East
Lat. and Long. of birth: 55 N 45    37 E 35   

Aspects and orbs:
Conjunction  :  4 Deg 00 Min     Trine   :  4 Deg 00 Min
Opposition   :  4 Deg 00 Min     Sextile :  2 Deg 00 Min
Square       :  4 Deg 00 Min     Quincunx:  3 Deg 00 Min

Note:  Most trine and sextile aspects are not interpreted
       because they do not present strong challenges and
       problems with one's well-being.

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

                        Veraxs Int'l Inc.
                     3355 Bee Cave Road #606
                      Austin, TX 78746 USA
                       Phone: 512-826-5401
        This report is designed for those who are interested in
tools which can support their own efforts toward growth and
well-being on all levels. Using astrology, flower essences,
gemstones and gem elixirs, color, music, aroma therapy,
visualization, and other methods, one can transform difficult
patterns in one's life and manifest more of one's positive

        Our emphasis is not so much on eliminating undesirable
traits or experiences as on bringing one into balance so that
the positive expression of one's astrological signature can
manifest. A person who is essentially inward and shy and who has
trouble making his way in the world will not become a dynamic,
flamboyant world-conqueror, but he can build confidence in
reaching out to others. Rather than attempt to get rid of his
shyness, the focus would be on discovering the positive gifts
his gentleness may offer him and alleviating the more extreme,
isolating aspects of his shy nature. Using these "vibrational"
tools, issues that one may have struggled with for years can be
eased, and long-buried talents and loves can be awakened.

        Many of the tools suggested herein, including astrology,
work on what esotericists refer to as the energy bodies, the
chakras, or the aura. This subtle energy field, which emanates
from every living thing, is where our energetic and emotional
habits, thought patterns, belief systems, and so on reside.
Introducing the energy pattern of a flower, plant, gem, or
mineral into one's aura directly affects one's emotional and
mental energies, and over a period of time this promotes
long-lasting changes.

        The key factor in using any of these remedies or tools
is one's positive intentions, willingness, and desire for
harmony and health. They are not "magic". Used consistently and
with conscious intention, they reinforce and accelerate desired
changes. In the back of this report is a listing of resources
where you can obtain the flower essences and other products
suggested for you. There are also other tips and instructions.

        As you read over your report you may see a number of
areas that you would like to work with. There is a lot of
information here and the possibilities can be very exciting!
However, it is usually best to attend to one issue or cluster of
related issues (a theme) at one time. Choose whichever one is
most meaningful or troublesome to you at present. Keep in mind
that you will NOT manifest all of thepotential imbalances
mentioned. Some issues may have already been resolved, and some
will simply not be relevant. In deciding which issue to focus
on, follow your intuition. Remember, too, that gentle,
persistent effort is usually necessary in re-patterning and
creating any real change. Best Wishes to You!

                The Sun: General Characteristics

        The position of the Sun in your birth chart represents
the person you are at heart and the path you must follow to
fulfill yourself as a unique individual. It also indicates your
personal strength and vitality, as well as what activities or
life experiences you require to feel alive and to replenish your
life force. The Sun represents your personal identity.

Sun in Gemini:

Key issues: The need to communicate, ask questions, make bridges
or connections between people and ideas.

Key qualities: light, quick, versatile, changeable, curious,

        You are, in a fundamental way, an intellectual creature.
Lively and inquisitive, you thrive on ideas, conversation,
books, cultural and social life, learning and experiencing new
things. You tend to live in your head and may be flighty,
ungrounded, and poorly connected to your body. Restlessness and
any number of interesting diversions and distractions can
prevent you from focusing on and achieving or even defining your
goals. You may be a dabbler, trying one thing after another, or
simply interested in and involved in many things. Though easily
bored and somewhat adverse to routine, you actually need to
establish some order and regular rhythms in your life to feel
and be your best.

        Your gifts include your wit, intelligence, humor,
appreciation of paradox and absurdity, ability to use language,
and openness to newness and change. Because you tend to be
polarized in your mind, you may also need to develop depth,
heart, feeling, and empathy.

Patterns of Imbalance:

        For increasing focus and concentration: the flower
essences MADIA and PENCIL CHOLLA CACTUS. For fear of aging and
mortality, the wish to be young forever, "peter pan" syndrome:
the flower essence CHRYSANTHEMUM. For nervousness and living too
much in the head: the flower essence FAIRY DUSTER.

        For being more grounded and embodied: the flower essence

The gemstones and minerals to wear, carry or take as an elixir:

        AQUAMARINE, which brings calm and clarity to an
overactive mind.

        CITRINE, which amplifies mental concentration and

              Moon and Venus: Emotions and Feelings

        The position of the Moon in your birth chart reflects
your emotional nature, what you need to feel nurtured, what
feels familiar and comfortable to you. It is also your
deeply-held beliefs and mostly unconscious or instinctive
responses, which play themselves out in your closest personal
relationships. Your moods, memories, dream life, and
feeling-self are depicted by the moon in your birth chart.

Moon in Leo:

Key issues: Needs to feel important, to be seen as individual,
to shine and express oneself creatively.

Key qualities: enthusiastic, warm, love of games, drama, and

        You prefer and instinctively seek out a warm, sunny,
light atmosphere. Golden yellows, saffron, and other bright,
warm shades are nurturing, healing colors for you to wear or
surround yourself with. Emotionally, too, you are warm and
generous, and often just being in your presence has an
encouraging, cheering effect that feels very supportive to other
people. Unless other aspects of your birth chart strongly
indicate otherwise, you are not especially introspective or
interested in delving into anything that is not particularly
happy. You probably get along well with children because
emotionally you are a big kid yourself, both in your childlike
simplicity and enjoyment of a good time, and in your need for
alot of praise, recognition, and "strokes".

        You have a deeply-rooted subconscious need to feel proud
of yourself which may be expressed in many ways: feeling
slighted or hurt when you are not appreciated for your personal
contributions, striving always to be the best and to stand out
from the crowd in some manner, and/or an unwillingness to
express or even acknowledge that you have any petty,
less-than-magnanimous impulses or emotions.

        You also have a flair for dramatics (especially playing
up your feelings), and for doing things in a big way.

Patterns of Imbalance:

        Often your imbalances are due to excesses on your part:
overdoing, overspending, overeating, working too much, playing
too much, not accepting your limitations. This may be more of a
problem for those closest to you who care about you; you have a
streak of stubborn pride which resists being influenced. Unless
you want to change, you will not.

Flower essences that may be appropriate for you when you are out
of balance include:

        For emotional honesty, willingness to acknowledge and
feel pain or other difficult feelings and emotions, not putting
on a false mask of cheeriness; for denial and avoidance of the
dark side of life and of oneself: the flower essences AGRIMONY

        For being subtly domineering or seeking attention in
negative ways: the flower essence SUNFLOWER.

Gems and minerals that may be beneficial to wear, carry, or take
as an elixir include:

        GOLD, which strengthens self-confidence and loyalty to
one's finer self.

        SUNSTONE, which supports and enhances your innate sunny
vitality and positivity.

        RUBY, which builds confidence, courage, and opens the
heart center.

        MEXICAN FIRE OPAL, which stimulates the solar plexus
chakra and enhances creativity and self expression.

        When you are feeling mildly out of sorts, brief
sunbathes or exposure to bright full spectrum light can help
you, also.

        The position of Venus in your birth chart reveals your
capacity for love, intimacy, pleasure, giving and receiving, and
relationships. Representing, also, your taste in beauty and your
values, it is a key to how you can create harmony within

Venus in Cancer:

        You are a lover of home and hearth, and of things
familiar. Sentimental and devoted to maintaining close ties to
your past, people and places become more valuable and precious
to you as time passes. You are a nurturer, a protector, a
caretaker. You enjoy being needed by loved ones, and get great
pleasure from mothering or nurturing them. (Self care and self
nurturance tends to come second). When out of balance, though,
you can be stingy, miserly, and overly protective towards "me
and mine". Flower essences that can be quite useful to you
include : POMEGRANATE (for ambivalence or confusion between
values of home versus career; and to promote self nurturing),
and HONEYSUCKLE (for nostalgia and attachment to the past that
prevents living fully in the present).

Venus Square Jupiter:

        You have a great capacity for pleasure and enjoyment, so
much that it can be something of a problem. On the light side,
you are very generous, openly sharing and giving, and liberal
with your affection as well as your money. You love to go out
and celebrate, play, have a good time, and do it up right. You
appreciate quality, the best of everything. However,
self-indulgence, bordering on laziness, is apt to be your
downfall. Over eating, drinking excessively, gambling, going on
shopping sprees which you cannot afford, falling for
get-rich-quick schemes which promise tremendous reward for
little work or investment, choosing an easy, well-cushioned life
over one that requires more effort and integrity on your part.
Any or all of these could be vices or even addictions of yours.

        Trusting in divine providence or your own luck, you may
be imprudent and fail to conserve your resources or plan for
rainy days. In addition, you may hide your troubles behind a
mask of cheerfulness. To help promote emotional honesty and
healing of whatever addictive behaviors you may use to avoid
your pain or unhappiness, the flowers essence AGRIMONY is

        Also useful if you are working to overcome
self-indulgent habits are the essences SELF-HEAL and TOMATO

Venus Square Saturn:

        In many ways, love, intimacy, and relationship are not
easy for you, and you may struggle with loneliness, shyness,
social isolation, feeling unlovable, unattractive, or unwanted.
Or you may have suffered such losses or pain in love that you
fear trusting and opening your heart. If so, your coolness and
apparent indifference may well reinforce your aloneness.
Insecurities about your ability to keep the affection and
loyalty of a lover may compel you to put excessive value on
commitment and guarantees in the relationship, perhaps
maintaining an essentially joyless or even abusive situation for
the sake of "security". However, periods of solitude, and even
of deprivation and loneliness, may serve to teach you about your
own heart, your deepest values, and how to love and care for
yourself, which can lay the foundation for honest, deep, and
nourishing relations with others. Thus your mature years are apt
to be more gratifying than your youth.

        Flower essences that can support the opening and healing
of your heart, or resolving thorny issues in relationship,
include: CROWN OF THORNS (to help let you go of the belief that
love and suffering must go together), BLEEDING HEART (for
releasing past hearthache), HOLLY (a "master essence" for
healing the distortions caused by a lack of love: envy,
jealousy, hatred or self-hatred), STICKY MONKEY FLOWER and
POISON OAK (for fear of intimacy, unwillingness to be
vulnerable), MALLOW (to relax barriers to closeness and trust),
PEONY and ALPINE AZALEA (for opening the heart and the spirit of
love), COLUMBINE (for self-appreciation and self-love, healing
feelings of being alienated and unwanted.).

        The gemstones which can be worn or taken as an elixir
(combined with any of the above flower essences, or taken alone)

        Energy work on the heart and sacral centers can be very
helpful, also.

                   Mercury: Thinking and Ideas

        The position of Mercury in your birth chart describes
your intellectual qualities, how you communicate or express
yourself verbally, and in general how your thinking patterns

Mercury in Cancer:

        You are very subjective, and your personal associations,
past experiences, emotional prejudices, loyalties, etc.
influence your thinking and your judgement a great deal. It is
hard for you to separate thinking and feeling. You do have a
good memory, and retain what you learn. Consider taking the
flower essence HONEYSUCKLE if you are dwelling incessantly on
the past.

Mercury Conjunct Venus:

        You possess a keen sense of form and design and a great
appreciation for beauty, elegance, and grace of expression. An
idea must appeal to your senses or aesthetic sensitivities
before you will accept it. That is, you have to be charmed or in
love with the thought, or it is of little interest to you.

        You are gifted in the arts and also in social arts and
graces, and to be at your best you must have a life that
includes friendship, conviviality, and many small pleasures and

        There is no real blockage to your creative gifts except
perhaps your own belief that you are "only" an appreciation or
connoisseur, and not a talent in your own right. Write or speak
about what you love!

        Gemstones that can facilitate your creativity include:
AQUAMARINE and KUNZITE, either worn on your body or taken as an

Mercury Square Saturn:

        Intellectually, you are systematic and cautious,
thorough and exacting. You have a great capacity for mental
discipline, serious scholarship, and/or quietly handling mundane
necessities and details that others find terribly dry or
tedious. You are a heavy thinker, eschewing intellectual "light
weights" and alot of superficial, frivolous talk. Socially, you
may be shy, tongue-tied, or a bit clumsy. When out of balance,
you can become cynical and skeptical, dense, mentally rigid and
overly cautious, untrusting, pessimistic, or fearful, always
anticipating and preparing for the worst. You also may doubt
your own intelligence, believing yourself to be slow or stupid.

        Flower essences that can be helpful include: WHITE
CHESNUT (for worry and negative thinking), FILAREE (for
exaggerated worry and an inability to gain a wider perspective
on daily events), SCOTCH BROOM (for greater optimism about the
world or future events), SHASTA DAISY (for over
intellectualizing and inability to think or understand
wholistically), TRUMPET VINE (for impediments in speech,
difficulty in verbally expressing oneself, holding back one's
voice), and FISHHOOK CACTUS (for defensive barriers to

        You may have blockages in the throat chakra and/or brow
chakra, which can be cleared and opened with energy work (such
as Reiki polarity, or other laying-on of hands). Gemstones and
gem elixirs to help facilitate this process include:
MALACHITE-AZURITE (breaks up mental regidity and congestion in
You could wear these or place them upon your brow or throat for
15-20 minutes at a time.

        "Toning" or sound exercises to open your throat can be
extremely helpful to you, in developing confidence in your
ability to verbally express yourself, developing your ability to
visualize and use your imagination, and letting go of
rigidly-held concepts, as well as increase your overall sense of
well-being. Sing as often as you can, especially while doing
creative activities such as painting, sculpting, cooking. The
sound associated with the throat is "Hreeemmm", which can be
repeated while visualizing blue light or blue energy being
emitted from your throat area. ("The Book of Sound Therapy" by
Olivia Dewhurst-Maddock is a good resource if you wish ti
investigate further.) "Laugh Therapy" is also good medicine for

                    Mars: Ambition and Drive

        The position of Mars in your birth chart indicates your
will power, physical vitality and sexual drives, and your
capacity for decisive action and self-assertion, as well as the
musculature and adrenals in the physical body.

Mars in Gemini:

        Your physical vitality and drives fluctuate
considerably. You tend to work in short bursts of energy and
enthusiasm, then slack off, and to run on nervous energy. You
are mobile, versatile, spontaneous, capable of responding
quickly as needs arise, but may also scatter your forces or
dissipate them by talking too much. You are easily diverted, and
need to develop continuity and to build stamina. The flower
essence INDIAN PINK (which promotes staying centered and focused
while under stress, and the ability to coordinate and manage
diverse activities) may be quite helpful.

        Jupiter and Saturn: Opportunities and Challenges

        The position of Jupiter in your birth chart represents
the principle of growth, improvement, expansion, faith, and the
quest for ultimate meaning or broader understanding of life.

Jupiter in Libra:

        You seek to grow and expand your understanding of life
through relationships to other people. You have well developed
gifts of diplomacy, discretion, a sense of fairness and balance.
Through cooperative efforts with other people, you feel
connected to the larger order of life.

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn:

        You grow by having a positive attitude and philosophical
approach to obstructions, difficulties, frustration, and the ups
and downs in life. Vacillating between hope and doubt,
confidence and fear, idealism and pragmatic realism can impede
your progress (both spiritual and material). Become steady and
patient, accept limitation, work with whatever is at hand in the
moment, develop practical programs, skills, and strategies,
learn to love what is difficult in your life. Read the "Tao te
Ching" or "How to Handle Trouble" by John Carmody. Use regular
ritual as a way to connect with spirit.

        At times, pessimism and an inability to envision a
better future or to see the big picture may impede you. Fearing
success or overexpansion as much as failure, you may be blocked
from taking any successful course of action.

The following essences can help:

        GENTIAN, for discouragement and despondency after a
setback; for feeling cut off from a source of faith or hope; to
ease persistent skepticism which leads to a sense of meaningless
or depression.

        SAGE, to help perceive the higher purpose and meaning in
life's events, and to offset the tendency to see life as
ill-fated or undeserved.

        On a physical level, your liver may function sluggishly,
and a program to boost and tonify the liver would also help with
all of the issues mentioned above.

        The position of Saturn in your birth chart represents
the bones, the skeleton, and the principles of hardness,
heaviness, structure, stability, form, and boundaries. It shows
what is hard for you, what you struggle with, where patterns of
rigidity or fear hinder you, what is heavy for you, where you
develop character, maturity, and depth through being tested.

Saturn in Libra:

        You take commitments, promises, obligations, and
responsibilities towards other people very seriously, so much so
that these can feel like overwhelming burdens at times. You may
have rigid expectations of how you and/or others should behave.
Too much emphasis on form, doing the right thing, or social
acceptance can hinder you considerably. Fear of committed
partnership can be equally inhibiting, but a willingness to
enter into relationship with all of its attendent shadows,
problems, and potential pain is part of your inner development.

        Flower essences that can be particularly useful to you
include: DOGWOOD (for "flow" and flexibility in relationship)
and BASIL (for easing tensions; facilitates negotiations and
getting to the essence of a problem in relationship).

                           APPENDIX I


       The following information will enable you to make up your
own flower essence remedies. However if you wish to try them but
are not interested in doing it all yourself, you can contact a
flower essence practitioner. Many astrological counselors and
other holistic practitioners use the flower essences and gem
essences in their work.

       1. Choosing your essences: Generally you can use up to
five essences at a time. Some people believe five essences is
ideal, as the number five is associated in myth and folklore
with the healing process. Others find using a single remedy at a
time most effective. Follow your own intuition and impulses on
this, but please do not try to address too many issues at once.
Gem essences can be used with flower essences.

       2. Making the remedy: Once you have chosen the essence or
essences you wish to take, purchase them from the supplier in
the concentrated form ("stock" bottles). You will need a glass
dropper bottle such as pharmacists use for eye drops, which are
sold at some pharmacies as well as through the flower essences
companies. The one ounce size is standard. It should be
sterilized by boiling it for a few minutes, then letting it
cool. Then, put four drops of each concentrated essence into the
bottle, close it, and shake it vigorously for about a minute so
that the essences are well blended. Fill the bottle about 3/4
full with distilled or spring water. (For a more potent remedy
you may wish to use color-solarized water instead, as described
in the color therapy section). Then, close the bottle and,
again, shake vigorously for about a minute. To preserve the
mixture, add a teaspoon or so of either brandy or applecider
vinegar. (They work equally well; it is a matter of personal
taste and preference).

        3. Using essences: The standard dosage is four drops
four times a day, taken under the tongue. Taking more than four
drops will not increase the remedy's effectiveness, and taking
it more than four times a day is usually not necessary except in
crisis situations. However, if you feel inclined to use it more
frequently than four times a day, these remedies cannot be
harmful in anyway. They are self-adjusting, meaning that you
will simply not absorb more than you can use.

        To further activate the remedy's effect, you may wish to
use a simple affirmation that corresponds with your intent and
the nature of the remedy. For instance, if you are taking a
remedy to increase your receptivity to love, you can say "I now
let love and appreciation into my life", each time you take the
remedy. Keep the words simple, positive, and framed in the
present tense. Or, you may wish to put a self-adhesive label on
your bottle, with a list of the essences it contains and a short
phrase such as "receptivity to love" or "opening the heart"
which you will see each time you take the remedy.

        Other very effective ways to use your remedy are to add
7 drops to a bath and/or several drops to an atomizer or spray
bottle filled with water and spray it around the rooms of your
house or workspace.

        4. What to expect: Please understand the flower essences
do not "take away" troublesome feelings or attitudes. Some
people actually experience a temporary intensification of the
issues the remedy is designed to address, what is referred to as
a "healing crisis", as strong emotions or other reactions begin
to surface. Naturally you can temporarily stop taking the remedy
if you get too uncomfortable. You can also get some support
while this process is occurring, since a willingness to
experience and feel what is actually there is an intrinsic part
of the healing. Most people, however, find the remedies quite
gentle. Insights into the nature of the problem and how you are
contributing to or maintaining it may emerge. Or, you may simply
notice a gradual attitudinal, emotional, or energetic shift, and
more harmony in that area of your life. Some very sensitive
people feel the effects of the remedies on their chakras
(particularly the heart and solar plexus) immediately upon
taking them.

        If the pattern you are working with is longstanding, as
the ones which are related to your birth chart are apt to be,
you may need more than one bottle of given remedy. Or, after one
bottle, you may want to give it a rest, and then go back to that
remedy later. If you frequently "forget" to take the remedy or
simply lose interest in it, this may be a signal that now is not
the time for that particular one.


        Color can be used to calm or energize, to cleanse, to
stimulate a given energy center in the body, or to promote
balance and an overall sense of well-being. In addition to
paying attention to how color affects you and using that
awareness in your choice of clothing and home or office decor,
here are two methods to utilize color:

        1. Color-solarized water: This is a very easy method.
The supplies needed are a clear glass jar or bottle, colored
cellophane (which can be purchased at an art supply store),
drinking water, sunshine, and a clear quartz crystal (optional).
Sterilize the jar or bottle, fill it with water, and if you wish
add a clear quartz crystal (this magnifies the effects of the
color). Then, close the bottle, wrap it in the colored
cellophane, and secure the cellophane with a rubberband at the
top. Place the bottle in a sunny spot for 2-6 hours, preferably
outdoors. After removing the crystal, you can drink it freely
and/or use it to make your flower remedies.

        2. Color Breathing: This exercise can be used to clear
your energy system of psychic debris, stimulate a sluggish or
blocked chakra, and promote healing. Choose a place that is
well-ventilated. You may stand or sit as you prefer, keeping
your spine erect. Begin by taking 2 or 3 deep, gentle breaths,
inhaling slowly through your nose and exhaling through your
mouth. Then as you breathe in, see and feel the color filling
your entire body. As you continue to breathe, imagine the color
surrounding your body as well, extending out about two feet all
round you, to create a beautiful egg-shaped bubble of colored
light. Simply breathe in this color for 5-10 minutes.

        To work on a particular chakra, you may start by
breathing clear, white, or golden light (as described above).
Then focus your attention on the center that needs clearing or
balancing. For the base or root chakra, imagine a glowing sphere
of bright, apple red at the very base of your spine. As you
breathe, imagine the light becoming stronger and brighter. For
the sacral center (located about 2 inches above the pubic bone)
the color is orange. For the solar plexus (halfway between the
navel and sternum), the color is bright yellow. For the heart,
green or pink. For the throat, sky blue. For the brow center
(located between the eyebrows and up about one inch), indigo
blue. For the crown center (at the top of the head), purple,
violet, or white. (You may use which ever one you feel most
attracted to).

        If you cannot "see" the color with your mind's eye, just
imagine that it is there. An inability to visualize a certain
color often indicates a particular need for that very color.

        To derive healing benefits from visualization and color
breathing, it is not necessary to spend a great deal of time.
Five to ten minutes once or twice a day is quite adequate. And,
once again you decide when you have "had enough" of a given
color or exercise. A change in your feelings about a given color
(less attraction to or "craving" for it, or less repulsion
towards it, for instance) can be a clue.


        Aromatherapy involves the use of essential oils from
plants and flowers. It is much different from flower essence
therapy in that it is primarily the "healing fragrance" which
influences body and emotions through the scents. (Flower
essences are odorless). Aromatherapy can be utilized either as a
perfume (especially applied to the chakras), in bath water, in
massage oil, or diffused in the air via steam or incense. Read
labels carefully and take precautions using these potent oils.

                           APPENDIX II

        The companies listed below are reputable sources for
high-quality essences:

Flower Essence Services                 Desert Alchemy
P.O. Box 1769                           Box 44189
Nevada City, CA 95959                   Tucson, AZ  85733

Alaskan Flower Essence Project          Pegasus Products
P.O. Box 1369                           Box 228
Homer, AK 99603                         Boulder, CO 80306

Master's Flower Essences                Perelandra
14618 Tyler Foote Road                  P.O. Box 3603
Nevada City, CA 95959                   Warrenton, VA 22186

Australian Bush Flower Essences         Ellon USA
Box 531                                 644 Merrick Road
Spit Junction, NSW                      Lynbrook, NY 11563

        Alaskan Flower Essence Project also carries fine quality
gem elixirs. A good source for color therapy products is: Dev
Aura, Little London, Tetford, Lincs., ENGLAND LN9 6QL.

        Given below is a listing of the flower essences that
were mentioned in this report and where they can be obtained.
The mailing address of each company is given above.

Agrimony: Flower Essence Serv, Pegasus Prod, Ellon USA
Alpine Azalea: Alaskan Flower Essence Project
Basil: Flower Essence Serv, Pegasus Prod
Black Eyed Susan: Flower Essence Serv, Pegasus Prod
Bleeding Heart: Flower Essence Serv, Pegasus Prod
Chrysanthemum: Flower Essence Services
Columbine: Flower Ess Serv, Alaskan Flow Ess Proj, Pegasus Pr
Crown of Thorns: Desert Alchemy, Pegasus Pr
Dogwood: Flower Essence Service, Desert Alchemy, Pegasus Prod
Fairy Duster: Desert Alchemy
Filaree: Flower Essence Services
Fishhook Cactus: Desert Alchemy
Garlic: Flower Essences Services
Gentian: Flower Essence Service, Pegasus Products, Ellon USA
Holly: Flower Essence Service, Pegasus Products, Ellon USA
Honeysuckle: Flower Essence Service, Pegasus Prod, Ellon USA
Indian Pink: Flower Essence Service, Pegasus Products
Jojoba: Desert Alchemy, Pegasus Products
Madia: Flower Essence Service, Pegasus Products
Mallow: Flower Essence Services, Pegasus Products
Mexican Shell Flower: Desert Alchemy
Pencil Cholla Cactus: Desert Alchemy
Peony: Flower Essence Service, Pegasus Products
Poison Oak: Flower Essence Service
Pomegranate: Flower Essence Serv, Desert Alchemy, Pegasus Prod
Sage: Flower Essence Services
Scotch Broom: Flower Essence Service, Pegasus Products
Self-Heal: Flower Essence Service, Pegasus Products
Shasta Daisy: Flower Essence Service, Pegasus Products
Sticky Monkeyflower: Flower Essence Service
Sunflower: Flower Ess Serv, Alaskan Flower Ess Pr, Pegasus Prod
Tomato Blossom: Master's Flower Essences
Trumpet Vine: Flower Essence Service, Pegasus Products
White Chestnut: Flower Essence Serv, Pegasus Prod, Ellon USA
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