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                     NEW AGE LESBIAN REPORT

             Astrological Guide for Personal Growth

                         Degeneres Ellen
                        January 26, 1958
             12:00 PM [Precise birth time not known]
                     New Orleans, Louisiana


                        Veraxs Int'l Inc.
                     3355 Bee Cave Road #606
                      Austin, TX 78746 USA
                       Phone: 512-826-5401

     This astrological report is designed as a guide for the New
Age woman and in it I have considered how the astral influences
affect a woman in particular. A great difference exists between
the interpretation of a horoscope of a man and a woman, and that
is what I am trying to make clear here.

     This report is divided into two sections:  the first one
analyzes your personality with its multiple facets (Sun and Moon
positions); and the second one analyzes the twelve astrological

     This report is not merely descriptive. In the majority of
cases, ideas are suggested that can help your personal
evolution. The subjects are approached from different points of
view such as metaphysical, spiritual, nutritional and general.

     In a few places there may be certain contradictions because
an astrological influence may favor one aspect of life and harm
another. Because of that, it is necessary that you read the
report with a bit of logic and, especially, that you let your
intuition guide you.

     Woman has greatly changed her social position over time and
the realization of the New Age depends in great measure on her.
Because of that it is necessary that you know yourself, that you
know your potential and your limitations, because by working on
your personal evolution you help everyone else as well,
contributing to the evolution of all life.

                     Birth Astrological Data

      The natal chart is a map of the sky that shows the
astrological positions at the moment and place of birth. For
the benefit of students of Astrology, these positions as well
as other technical information are listed below:
Sun        6 Aqu 18
Mercury   14 Cap 24
Venus      9 Aqu 41
Mars      24 Sag 17
Jupiter    1 Sco 03
Saturn    22 Sag 09
Uranus     9 Leo 46
Neptune    4 Sco 45
Pluto      1 Vir 40

Tropical  Placidus   Standard Time observed
GMT: 18:00:00   Time Zone: 6 hours West
Lat. and Long. of birthday: 29 N 57    90 W 04   


Conjunction  : 7 Deg. 00 Min
Opposition   : 6 Deg. 00 Min
Square       : 6 Deg. 00 Min
Trine        : 6 Deg. 00 Min
Sextile      : 5 Deg. 00 Min

                           FIRST PART

                Your essence. Your self. The Sun.

                            Character is destiny. By improving
                            your personality you create good
                            conditions for your future.

Sun in Aquarius:

     Degeneres, you were born under the sign of Aquarius and
your ruling planet is Uranus, which makes you rebellious,
independent and unconventional.

     You like to be free and cannot stand the routine or
limitations of daily life, and because of that, your style is
personal, informal and at times a bit hasty. You are very
curious and are attracted by everything special, different or
mysterious. You are enthusiastic about traveling, adventure and
the possibility of meeting new people and being in new places.
You have a facility for communicating and making friends any
place you are. Your independent attitude allows you to relate to
all but not to commit to anyone. Your agile mind absorbs
everything in which you are interested quickly, but you are
easily bored when a subject is slow or monotonous.

     Your life is full of changes and surprises. You are a very
creative person and you always impart a personal touch to
everything you do. You have the capacity to invent, and to
transform things around you. Your style, and the course of your
life, will always be unpredictable.

     Even though you love freedom, love will lead you to choose
strong, possessive and dominant people, to whom you will give
yourself passionately and totally. In time you will feel the
need to be independent and have your own space which could
generate a crisis. You need others to have confidence in you and
to encourage your personal progress. You look for a lifetime
companion and not necessarily a lover in the traditional sense.
You like intelligent, special and atypical relationships.

     Degeneres, you were born to change the world around you and
to offer new ideas. You will probably be criticized for your way
of thinking or acting, but if other people are open to it, you
will widen their horizons. You were born to break rules and to
challenge norms, especially when they are obsolete or
old-fashioned. Your humanitarian, altruistic and futuristic
vision will allow you to think of the group interest first. Your
other missions are to create, to invent, to innovate and to
develop your imagination.

     To evolve, you need to learn to develop patience towards
those things that you cannot change or towards people who do not
follow your rhythm. You must control your eccentricity,
rebelliousness and bad temper so as to not waste your energy
protesting over things you find unacceptable. You can easily
fall into whimsical and childlike attitudes, or change your
feelings quickly, acting coolly towards people who love you. You
must learn to keep yourself flexible, tolerant and unselfish in
regards to others' opinions and interests.

Sun Conjunction Venus:

     You are a charming and sociable woman. Your pleasant and
loving disposition will allow you to relate to and receive much
help and protection from people who love you.

     You are very good at arts and crafts. Your aesthetic and
creative sense needs avenues of expression; it is necessary that
you use these abilities because this way you will beautify your
life. You love good treatment and delicate manners as well as
expensive and luxurious things. You will enjoy life very much
and its pleasures, and love will be the main route for you to
obtain happiness.

     This astrological conjunction can delay the solidification
of a stable relationship but in exchange it will contribute to a
happy and harmonious one. You will find a gentle and sensitive
woman who will give you all the love you need.

Sun Square Jupiter:

     You tend towards laziness and self-indulgence. You may be
overly optimistic and believe that everything will be magically
resolved. You may think that you can do whatever you want
without considering others; if so you must combat such

     You must learn to place limits on your relationships,
objectives and ideas in general, because you can see everything
on a large scale and therefore underestimate the details of
certain situations. Also, you need to learn to control yourself
with food, drinks, and pleasures in general because you can be
excessive very easily and gain a considerable amount of weight.

     It is probable that you had an overprotective or uncaring
father, from whom you inherited your optimism and positive
mentality. You must avoid any tendency to irresponsibility and
stagnation; try to exert yourself in every task that you
undertake without simply waiting for the solutions to come your

Sun Opposition Uranus:

     You are very rebellious and independent and people consider
you eccentric in your tastes. Your style is neither traditional
nor common. You find yourself attracted by anything different
and you reject social norms and other limiting impositions. You
are an anarchist and impose your own laws and game rules, which
makes you difficult to understand. You are also very anxious and
energetic and do not like to wait:  you need movement. You
probably feel pleasure in speed and other intense sensations,
which makes you prone to accidents.

     You will call attention to yourself wherever you are. Your
personal magnetism will be very strong and you will always give
others something to talk about. Your creativity and originality
may also surface but you are not very practical and probably not
concrete with many of the ideas you have. You must learn to be
more patient, persistent, and to direct your energies in a
better way to gain successfully what you want.

     The relationship with your father was not conventional and
it was probably very tense, with great differences of opinion
and lack of mutual understanding. As a child you looked for
attention in order to receive more love and that only
accentuated your rebelliousness and discontent. You are
interested in having a friendship with your lover that will
allow you to keep your freedom, but it is probable that your
impatience will cause you to quickly end the relationship. You
must learn to be more flexible, less whimsical and also
understand that not everything can be done your way.

Sun Square Neptune:

     You are very susceptible to slights and are easily hurt.
You tend to underestimate your own value and your chances of
success, giving way to fears and insecurities. You have a huge
imagination, much inspiration and a sensitivity towards living
beings, and you can excel in humanitarian jobs, but first you
must learn to be more practical, solid and realistic in your

     The relationship with your father was confusing and weak,
generating insecurities during your childhood. You may have had
an evasive or ambivalent father with a weak character who did
not offer you the love that you then needed. This may have
become your first deception in love.

     You must learn to not become a victim and assume that you
have control over your life; do not become bewildered or submit
to internal fears. Your self-esteem may be low and it is
necessary to elevate it first so that you can establish better

     A strong tendency to evasiveness exists that can lead you
to vices. Strengthen your spiritual side and trust your own
resources to solve your problems:  nothing will be so terrible
in reality as it may seem to you.

                           SECOND PART:

                           Your destiny

Mercury in Capricorn:

     Your mind is very solid, scientific and cautious. It is
probable that you do not make decisions rapidly but instead
carefully study every step you take. Degeneres, you are a very
good organizer and will excel in leading others. In your studies
you show an affinity for concrete subjects that teach you more
about how life really is. Your analytical mind registers every
detail in your excellent memory. Probably you do not indulge in
much fantasy because you are very practical and you do not wish
to waste time on dreams. You are very responsible and
self-disciplined in your studies. Your manner of communication
is reserved and serious, but despite your seriousness you have a
sarcastic sense of humor that will allow you to alleviate the
tensions of the responsibilities you assume. You are
conservative, traditional and inflexible with your ideas. Your
are able to concentrate well and you are very persistent in
everything you set out to do. You must learn to not be so
materialistic, dogmatic and distrustful.

Venus in Aquarius:

     You are very sociable and popular. You do not have
prejudices or inhibitions in your relationships, which will
allow you to meet a great variety of people. You are liberal in
your way of feeling and your romantic attractions can be sudden
but not always lasting. You will run away from every
relationship that tends to tie you down or to limit your
freedom. You feel more comfortable with a friendship than with a
serious relationship. It is probable that you appear to be a bit
detached or unemotional in spite of your congeniality because
your emotions are controlled by your intellect and therefore you
do not feel comfortable with demands or expansive demonstrations
of love. Your love life is special and different and you will
experience atypical situations; additionally, your choice of a
partner will not satisfy your family. You find happiness in
everything different and unconventional.

Venus Opposition Uranus:

     It is possible that since childhood you have experienced
tense and irregular situations that will affect your future
romantic choices. You can be selfish, unstable and hasty; love
will appear suddenly but can also disappear with the same speed.
You are very particular in your choices and your family will
never understand your special taste. You are independent and
very rebellious about commitments, which is why you will have
problems staying in a relationship for a long time. You must
learn to have patience, to accept others the way they are and to
control your impulses. You could be eccentric and have very
atypical tastes and you will surely not follow family tradition.
You could also be nervous and irritable, and uncomfortable with
exaggerated displays of affection.

Venus Square Neptune:

     It is probable that you enjoy escaping from reality. In all
likelihood, one of your parents is very submissive and evasive
and so you learned to find refuge in your fantasies. You are
idealistic and you frequently feel deceived by your friends or
your companion. You could possess a strong feeling of insecurity
and thus adopt the role of victim. It is important that you
learn to act with more bravery, to confront your problems and to
avoid escapist behaviors that will only aggravate things. If you
feel hurt, you tend to sleep or to hide from people instead of
showing your pain. You seek a love so idealized that it will be
almost impossible to find.

Mars in Sagittarius:

     All your actions are motivated by your ideals. You work
intensely for causes with which you identify, and you possess a
strong sense of justice. You do not like routine and enjoy
outdoor activities very much. It is important to practice a
sport or physical activity where you can utilize your immense
energy. You also have a conquering and restless spirit that will
lead you to know all about your environment and to travel to
different countries, where you will learn other cultures and
languages. You can feel a conflict with the Church: you reject
its rules yet you display a strong but very particular feeling
about your spirituality. In all spheres you need to feel free;
otherwise, you will be impatient and aggressive.

Mars Conjunction Saturn:

     You can have a conflict between your actions and your
inhibitions. In spite of having good organizing ability, it will
be difficult for you to control your dynamic energy. It is
important that you learn to act and solidify your aspirations,
instead of just thinking about them. You could seek approval
before taking action and, if your inhibitions are too great, you
could even harbor resentment for a long time.

Jupiter in Scorpio:

      You love mysteries and suspense stories. You are an
eternal investigator and you ask many questions about everything
because you possess a desire to know the world. You can
demonstrate, also, a great interest in the supernatural world
and you could be inclined towards the spiritual and mystical.
You have great faith and confidence in yourself and you are very
persistent in the search for your objectives.

Jupiter Conjunction Neptune:

      You possess a very fertile imagination which will be
expressed in numerous creative fields. You must learn not to
indulge in excesses and to take advantage of your musical,
artistic and visionary inspiration. You are likeable and
idealistic; you will be very interested in religion and in the
mystical world. You could tend to live in a fantasy world and
not confront your daily problems.

Jupiter Sextile Pluto:

      You express enthusiasm and vitality in your actions, and
you infect others with your energy. You possess a great
organizing power and could excel in professions related to
business, politics or education. You will be interested in
practically everything, and because of that there are no limits
to your possibilities. You are constructive and positive, and
will achieve much success in life.

Saturn in Sagittarius:

     In many areas of your life you are conservative, believing
only in principles that have been proven for a long time. You
feel an important closeness to religion, philosophy and higher
education. You are independent and capable; you will always seek
justice and truth. You are intellectually disciplined and
possess great powers of concentration, which will allow you to
achieve what you desire through diligence and work. Reputation
and social situation will be very important to you. You can
excel as a professor, speaker or political leader. Your sense of
justice will be affronted easily and you will sometimes be

Uranus in Leo:

      You belong to a generation that has willpower, pride and
also selfishness. Your group will display rebelliousness towards
authority in all its manifestations. Your parents and teachers
will find it difficult to dominate and control the people of
your generation. In addition, you have originality and the
freedom to create new forms of artistic expression; you enjoy
being unconventional and different in your appreciation of
humanity. You will be very sure of your ideas and your ego will
be prominent. It is important that you learn to discipline
yourself or you could become very scattered in your purposes.

Uranus Square Neptune:

      You could be changeable with your ideas; your idealism
could make you unpractical or lead you away from reality. Your
desires for change and transformation will not find easy paths
of realization, so you must learn to be objective and not become
too fanatical. It is also important that you learn to control
the tendency to avoid conflicts.

Neptune in Scorpio:

      Your generation is characterized by their interest in
occult sciences and the mysteries of life, and the investigation
of these phenomena. They have a great imagination and psychic
sensitivity; they also profess a preference for mystery or
horror movies and themes that evoke deep and complex emotions.
Degeneres, as a part of your generation, you will be magnetic,
emotional, and possess a great regenerative capacity. It is
important that you give free expression to your emotions because
they will be very intense and complex; this also includes your
sexual life, which could be full of fantasy. It is probable that
you will experience a few romantic deceptions because of not
being totally realistic.
Neptune Sextile Pluto:

      You possess a great creative and artistic ability. You
will also fight against injustices and will seek reforms in the
legislative system. Your intuition is powerful and will lead you
to study and reveal the secrets of nature. It is probable that
you are not totally understood in your ideas about freedom or in
the use of your mystical knowledge; nevertheless, your interest
in the subject will not wane.

Pluto in Virgo:

      Your generation seeks to establish the perfect order,
rejecting everything ugly, disorderly, dirty or grotesque, and
developing a clear idea of what is good and what is bad. They
are conservative and, in spite of a few rebellious individuals
who will express their nonconformism, order will be the main
influence during this period. Medicine, nutrition, ecology and
education will also be predominant on your list of interests.
Degeneres, as a part of this movement, you will display an
analytical, inventive, technical and perfectionist bent. You
will be interested in psychiatry, medicine and also in business
in general; in other matters, you could be puritanical or

      How you can relate yourself to the rest of the signs

     The following list will help you understand how you can
relate yourself to the rest of the signs. If you happen to
know the other person's rising sign, you have to combine it
with his/her sign in order to get a more complete description
of that person.


     You will feel a great personal identification with people
of this sign and together you can develop projects common to
both. A good sign for a loving and stable relationship.


     A relationship tied in with business, finances or financial
aid is favored over a romantic one. The union offers stability
and protection but could also be out of an interest in money.


     You could maintain very good communication and an
interchange of ideas. A mental or light relationship is


     A personal and intimate relationship in which deep emotions
will be shared. A very good sign for a stable relationship
because it indicates the possibility of making a home together.


     A relationship of mutual love and attraction. You can enjoy
and share many happy moments but difficulties exist in
maintaining the relationship over time. Ideal sign for courtship
or romance, not for a stable relationship.


     An unequal relationship in which one offers more than the
other. A difficulty exists in openly expressing feelings. A work
relationship is favored over a romantic one.


     Ideal sign for serious relationships or associations. It is
also possible that one of your best friends is of this sign.
This is a sign of complements; each can have opposing personal
characteristics and that generates attraction.


     Magnetic and intense attraction is indicated. Sign of
passionate and uncontrolled romance based on a strong sexual
attraction. A relationship that implies a dare or a strong
emotional experience.


     A sign that represents a serious relationship; a happier
and more spontaneous relationship based upon the exchange of
ideas common to both. One could assume a protective or teaching
role with the other. Probability of an encounter in a foreign
land or of long voyages together.


     A sign that stands out in your destiny. The people of this
sign, both friends and lovers, will exert an important influence
in your life. It is an ideal sign for serious relationships
because it points out objectives and ambitions common to both,
but it can also indicate too much worry over social status.


     Sign of friendship that represents common desires and
fantasies. Open, friendly, happy and warm relationship, though
probably it will not be lasting. If other common elements exist,
it may lead to a serious relationship based on friendship and
respect for each other's individuality.


     Karmic relationship initiated in previous lives. It is
possible that you have to confront strong difficulties to be
together and that it is a clandestine or secret relationship.
Also, it can indicate an impossible or intriguing love affair.
This sign is the least favorable for obtaining a happy and open
relationship; if you are involved in one, it will be difficult
for you to cut yourself off or escape because of doubts about
your destiny and the lessons you have to learn.

     Remember the following:  everything that she does to you is
what you did to her in previous lives. It is good for you to
practice the exercise of forgiveness and forget any negative

Note: if two signs are repeated, it means that the relationship
is more complex. If one of the signs is missing, its
interpretation is the same as the previous one. To make things
easier, this is the list of the signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini,
Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn,
Aquarius and Pisces.

     All relationships are PERFECT. Each situation you
experience with another person is the perfect and necessary one
for your evolution; because of this, it is important that you do
not cling to negative emotions such as anguish, depression,
fury, frustration, etc., and that you try to see at every moment
what life wants to teach you. Each person you know has a message
for you and until you listen to it, it is highly probable that
it will be repeated. Some relationships have karmic ties:  they
have been initiated in other lives and there may be dues to pay.
It is possible that what someone makes you suffer is what you
have done to him/her in another time. That is why you must
forgive and forget. In every situation repeat to yourself :
"everything is perfect"; though at the beginning you may not
understand it, later it will be crystal clear.

                            Your Health

Attention: in this section you will find recommendations to
improve your health, but in cases with specific problems you
must consult your doctor.

Sun in Aquarius:

     Aquarius rules the ankles, tibia, peritoneum and everything
related to the body's nervous system. You are very active,
vibrant, with an accelerated rhythm. You become tired very
easily and then recover quickly but your main problem is that
you go to extremes, taking your body to its maximum limits
making recovery more difficult. Nervous problems will be common:
stress, depression, hysteria, etc.; it is important that your
diet be rich in the vitamin B complex. You have a preference for
macrobiotic or vegetarian foods and your diet will be very
particular and irregular. It is also important that you learn to
relax and direct your energy in a more organized manner.

     To preserve good health, you must consider the following:
do not succumb to a nervous breakdown; get the necessary sleep;
perform relaxation, meditation and respiratory Yoga exercises;
maintain a vegetarian diet avoiding meat, especially, red meat;
eat plenty of fresh foods such as vegetables, fruit and white
cheeses; practice a weekly fast; do not medicate yourself or
experiment with your body; live a more orderly life, especially
at night and do not spend every night out; practice sports;
maintain good communication with your friends; perform mental
exercises to develop your intuition; and mainly, do not go to
excess in any way.

Saturn in Sagittarius:

     This astrological position can cause chronic sciatic
problems, pelvis dislocations, lumbago, rheumatism, hip
problems, and insufficient breathing, the latter requiring
exercises to aid in the oxygenation of the body.

     To have in mind:  many of your emotional unbalances are not
produced by external situations or experiences but by blood
disorders. The lack of some nutrients or intoxication or other
excesses, can often cause changes in your system and lead to
depression, anguish, fatigue or aggressiveness. Because of that,
if you want to be happy, do not neglect your body--give it the
best nutrition possible.

                   Associations. Partnerships.

                            Your companion is your reflection.
                            Everything you find in her, in
                            some way is in you.

     In order to get harmony in a lesbian relationship you have
to learn how to recognize and handle the following things: the
narcissistic portion of your personality, the fear of giving
yourself and then suffering, the idea of losing your freedom,
and the self-destructive behavior that keeps you from being
happy. Try to avoid the mistake of blaming the other one for
your sorrow; you can always choose and you must be aware of the
mechanisms and fantasies that create your love relationships.
Sometimes taking care of "your own space" is an excuse shielding
the fear of giving yourself. Changing relationships often,
without even knowing the other person or growing with her, is an
evasion, and the only thing you are demonstrating is your fear
of knowing yourself or of allowing yourself to be known. Try to
analyze your own problems, because by being aware of your
desires and fears you will have the power to control your life;
choose well in love matters and enjoy love.

     Do not evaluate the success of a relationship by the result
because it does not depend solely upon you. Always analyze what
you have done:  if you have offered yourself correctly, if you
have loved sincerely, if you have set aside your selfishness,
etc. What the other person does is her own responsibility and
you cannot manipulate it. In a couple, the responsibilities are
always divided in half; take care of your share. At times, one
gives everything and does not receive anything; it does not
matter. Destiny will take care of it, returning all the love you
may have given. Do not make the mistake of secluding or
hardening yourself or becoming emotionally detached because of
suffering caused by others. Try always to be truthful with what
you feel and give yourself fearlessly because in the Universe
nothing gets lost and everything you give, you will get back.

                       What Benefit's you.

Things that benefit Aquarius:

YOUR FAVORABLE DAY: Friday and Saturday.


COLORS: violet, magenta, electric and cobalt blue, indigo,
silver gray and deep green; in general, all bright colors and
any original combination favor you.

STONES: azurite, malachite, blue sapphire, zirconia, violet
amethyst and aquamarine.

METAL: lead. In jewelry gold favors you greatly, especially if
you combine it with one of the stones of your sign.

     Equal energies attract; because of this, people with the
same tastes gather together. If you want to attract positive
people to your life and experience happy situations, you must
take care to improve your own energy. The only way to find a
good companion, good friend, good job, etc., is by being good
yourself, radiating positive energy. Keep in mind that you will
never conquer someone using pity or threats, instead you will
provoke the opposite response. If you desire someone or
something, you have to be splendid inside and out. If you feel
good about yourself, you will attract the best.

                 BIBLIOGRAPHY:  To keep growing.


ZONES, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Ed. Grijalbo. HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR
SELF-ESTEEM, Nathaniel Branden, Ed. Paidos. I'M OK-YOU'RE OK,
Dr. Thomas A. Harris, Grijalbo. THE DANCE OF ANGER, Harriet
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4 IN 1, Conny Mendez. GOD SPOKE TO ME, Eileen Caddy, Errepar.
Vergara. THE KYBALION, Tres Iniciados, Kier. MAN AND HIS
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Goodman, Urano.

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