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The Indra Report for

                         Bush George W.

                          July 6, 1946
                  7:26 AM Daylight Savings Time
                     New Haven, Connecticut
            Latitude 41 N 18    Longitude 72 W 55   
     GMT: 11:26:00  Time Zone: 5 hours West. Tropical Zodiac

This Report called Life Potrait (Version 1.7) creates a
psychological mirror of your life, by interpreting the
astronomical symbols present at your moment of birth using a
large amount of prewritten text.  Life Potrait describes your
basic motivations, perceptions, inclinations, and character from
a number of different perspectives giving a highly accurate
composite view of your life.  Your contradictory urges and
drives as well as your chief focuses are described in Life
Potrait.  You will understand yourself better by studying this
material.  Your Life Potrait report provides guidelines for
personal improvement and self discovery. Your life can improve
quickly and dramatically if you apply the suggestions given
here.  By raising your aims and expectations you can obtain a
deeper self-understanding and thereby resolve your inner
conflicts and contradictions.  Life Potrait is not meant as a
substitute for astrological consultations, therapy, or the study
of astrology; it is an interactive tool to enhance these things.
Truly, Life Potrait provides a foundation for

The Life Potrait Report is divided into Twelve sections or
chapters, reflecting the Twelve basic areas of your life.

           I.  The Structure and Intent of Your Life
                     A.  Hemisphere and Quadrant Emphasis
                     B.  Elements and Modes Balanced
                     C. Ascendant and Midheaven.
                     D. The Conjunctions
           II.  THE SUN - Your ego structure.
           III. THE MOON - Your personal life.
           IV.   MERCURY - Your mental life.
           V.    VENUS - Your love nature.
           VI.   MARS - Your energy.
           VII.  JUPITER - Your values.
           VIII. SATURN - Your obligations.
           IX.   URANUS - Your search for freedom.
           X.    NEPTUNE - Your spiritual aspirations and ideals.
           XI.   PLUTO - Your need for fundamental change.
           XII.  Summation
                     A. Your Uniqueness.
                     B. Your Easiest Areas.
                     C. Your Most Persistent Difficulties.
                     D. The Growth Aspects.
                     E. The Declinations.
                     F. Your Karmic Direction.

                           MyAstro Inc
          3355 Bee Cave Road #606, Austin, TX 78746 USA
SECTION I.  The Structure and Intent of Your Life.

There are four items of general interest that we want to take up
here in Section I: A) Hemisphere and Quadrant Emphasis, B)
Elements and Modes, C) The Ascendant and Midheaven, and D) The
Conjunctions.  These four categories give us an intelligent
overview of how you structure personal experience and what you
aim for in life.  This general patterning gives us a context to
understand the specific personal meaning of the material in
Sections 2 through 11.

     A.  Hemisphere and Quadrant Emphasis

The different areas of life are laid out in the horoscope by
spatial territories called houses.  These areas of life show
interests and general involvements for each person.  These areas
can be grouped together for a vast overview of most basic
inclinations of the person. The most useful general groupings of
houses is into hemispheres and quadrants.  Emphasis in a
hemisphere or quadrant shows a particularly strong focus toward
life from that perspective.

          1. Hemisphere

The horoscope can be split into 2 equal parts, either
horizontally (giving us the upper and lower hemispheres) or
vertically (giving  us the right and left hemispheres).  The
Upper Hemisphere shows the outer, more extroverted side of the
personality, the Lower Hemisphere shows the more introverted and
hidden side of the personality.  In the Left Hemisphere planets
are rising and this shows action.  In the Right Hemisphere
planets are setting and this shows reaction.

Most planets Below the Horizon

You have the majority of your planets below the horizon showing
that you need time each day in isolation in order to recharge
your batteries.  You have a personal approach to life,
preferring to work with people more than things and needing
contact with the familiar in order to feel secure.

Most Planets Rising

You have the majority of your planets on the eastern half (or
left-hand side) of your chart showing that you take great pains
to be sure that you are free to act as you wish in life.
Freedom of movement and expression are important to you.  You
have a strong feeling that you make your own destiny.

          2. Quadrant

The two ways of splitting the horoscope into hemispheres can be
applied simultaneously giving us four quadrants.  The FIRST is
called the quadrant of personality.  The SECOND is called the
quadrant of the environment.  The THIRD is called the quadrant
of relationship.  The FOURTH is called the quadrant of service.

Most Planets in the First Quadrant

You have the majority of your planets in the first quadrant
showing you will seek a lot of life experience to enhance you
and develop your sense of selfhood.  Your own personality and
its uniquenesses and intricacies are the major focus of life
experience for you.

     B.  Elements and Modes

The Elements and Modes show what we aim for in life.  They show
our broadest focus and in the most general sense, how we go
about achieving our goals.

          1. Elements

The four elements (fire, earth, air and water) are the most
comprehensive inventory of the personality that we have.
Everything in the universe including the human personality can
be examined in terms of the four elements.  FIRE is your basic
enthusiastic urge,  EARTH shows your concern for the material
world,  AIR is the element of abstract thought,  WATER is your
empathy impulse.  Fire and earth are primitive and focus on the
self.  Air and water are derivative and focused on others.  Fire
and air are naturally extrovert, optimistic, active, and freedom
oriented.  Earth and water are basically introvert, pessimistic,
passive, and security oriented.


You have 30% of your chart in the fire element.  This fire
supplies you with great energy for your own personal projects.
Still, you suffer if the projects that you select are too big.
You need quick victories to keep from losing heart, and to keep
believing in yourself.  The magic ingredient is believing in
yourself.  When you forget this, your life produces much
frustration; you end up driven by duty more than desire. The
trick to working with your fire element is to design the
placement of your energy so that you get sufficient positive
reinforcement, enabling you to keep reinvesting in your own


Since Mars the only planet you have in an earth sign, just 10%
of your chart in influenced by the earth element.  Earth is the
controlling element for how your energy works.  You struggle
very hard to be practical and thorough in life.  Other people
are more concerned with results than you are.  You experience
frustrations because the material circumstances of your world
don't support your picture of what you want.  This changes as
you focus on the fundamental building blocks of your future.  To
make progress on your path to success you are forced to
concentrate exclusively on the results of your efforts.


You have a large volume of air in your chart.  You are a true
people person.  You like connecting people with people, people
with ideas, and ideas with ideas.  You are interested in
everything and may find yourself studying many subjects at once
and taking great interest and pleasure in things other people
find irrelevant.  You may end up being very trivial in your
perspective on life even though your scope of vision is vast.
Still, others find you gregarious and pleasant. Avoid
procrastinating on projects and chores.   Gathering more data is
no substitute for action.   When your house, existing in this
material plane, is on fire, don't collect more data, GET OUT.


You have 20% of your chart in the water element.  You work hard
during this life to develop your emotions.   You have lots of
opportunity to work on your feelings.  Your sense of emotional
inadequacy drives you to express your feelings more.  The
outward appearance of caring substitutes for real concern while
you are young; true empathy develops later in life.

          2. Modes

The three modes are CARDINAL, FIXED, and MUTABLE.  The modes of
expression show how you act out your urges in the world.  They
represent your most basic responding mechanism toward all of
life experience.  The cardinal planets show direct expression in
physical action, leadership ability and strength.  The fixed
mode planets in your chart show reaction, consistency,
persistency, endurance and stubbornness.  The mutable planets in
your chart show synthesis, blending, malleableness, thought,
forethought, debate and wisdom.  The following statements show
the way the three modes manifest in your life.


You have an abundance of cardinal planets in your chart.  You
are very active.  You are able to choose a direction and go your
own way in life.  You are stronger than most of the people you
know and this gives you a natural desire for leadership.  Be
aware, you act impulsively and this can be either a strength or
a weakness.  Try to control your assertions so that you stay in
harmony with your environment and you won't suffer from
self-inflicted accidents or difficulties.


You have 30% of your planets in the fixed mode.  You know how to
persist on a course of action that you have selected.  On the
other hand, you have good sense generally as to when to desist.
You are well poised between your ability to change and your
inclination to let your habits carry you forward.


You have 20% of your chart in the mutable mode. Your natural
preference is to act or stay put when a circumstance of
significance arises in your life.  When important ingredients in
your life are beyond your control you are capable of making deep
and meaningful adjustments even though this is not your first

     C.  The Ascendant and Midheaven (Signs and Aspects)

          1.  The Ascendant

The ascendant is symbolic of our relationship to our immediate
environment.  This is the point rising in the east when we are
born. One manifestation of our immediate environment is our
physical body. The physical environment includes our body, our
surroundings and our emotional and mental states.  Thus, the
ascendant tells us how our inner core expresses itself, and how
we take in information from others and the universe generally.
The sign rising in your horoscope tells us the type of energy
you are processing, the type of physical body that you have for
doing the processing and the natural inclinations you have in
the personal arena in life.  The planets in aspect to your
ascendant tell us the kind of energy and stamina you have as
natural allies in life.  The ascendant is opposite the seventh
house cusp (the place where we meet others and the world).  This
axis (ascendant-decendant) is how we clarify ourselves through
relationships. Planets in aspect to this axis indicate the types
of people and the types of relationships we seek as well as how
and why we seek them.

                               LEO RISING

You have a strong, fixed, and sunny projection of yourself into
your environment.  You can be very openhearted and very kind to
others but for all your optimism and openness you can suffer
from narrow self-interest and have difficulty seeing larger
issues than circumstances in your own life.  Freedom and
immediate pleasure keep your attention in the moment but your
self-concern and a stubborn quality can stop you from  achieving
as much as you would like in life. Everyone seems to genuinely
like you; despite this fact very few people ever get really
close, as your aura of self sufficiency keeps you distant.  You
identify a lot with how your relationships go in life. Still, it
is usually more positive for you to directly and personally
express the artistic and creative side of your nature rather
than have this flair for the dramatic emerge in the interactive
arena, where it has the tendency to create chaos.  However,
regardless of the difficulties, you do always "land on your
feet".  Your environment and relationships will always emanate a
basic sense of good taste regardless of how high or how humble
your surroundings.

Mercury Conjunct the Ascendant and in the 1st House and

You have a way with words.  You spin out new ideas and share
them with others.  You talk to anyone and everyone.  Much of
your conversation will revolve around yourself and your projects
until you learn the  art of listening to others.  When this is
grasped you become an avid learner from all of life.  You have
lots of nervous energy that needs some positive outlet.
Exercise your body as well as your mind.  Your environment is
quite important to your learning process.

Mars Semi-Sextile the Ascendant

Your physical energy and strength is not always what you would
like it to be.  What you are attempting to accomplish in the
world seems to require more than you have to give.  Actually,
you really do have enough endurance to achieve your goals in
life, but, you must not waste time and potency in small minded
or moody attitudes.  The incremental approach generally gets you
to your goals.

Uranus Semi-Square the Ascendant

You have a way with people.  You are hard for people to keep up
with because you switch directions and a course of action with
no forewarning.  Personal freedom is so important to you that
you let nothing get in the way of your exercising it.  When this
creative quality is integrated into your personality you do much
to elevate other people's lives.

Neptune Sextile the Ascendant

You are very imaginative, and can often guess what others are
looking to find.  You have a chameleon-like quality that knows
how to give others what they want.  This is at the root of your
aesthetic taste and your creative and dramatic ability.   You
are moved emotionally to get along with others and your psychic
skills show you how to do this.  You have a wish to transcend
your own limits which can place you working in large
institutions or find you engaging in escapist activity.  The
most positive escape is the spiritual path which is a higher
accommodation to the ideal, or the arts which is a manifestation
of the higher desire for harmony and beauty.

Pluto Conjunct the Ascendant and in the 1st House and

You are intense and transformative and it shows on you
physically. Your demeanor is very polarizing.  Some people are
attracted to you by your inner strength and resolve, others are
frightened by what they perceive as an uncompromising quality.
You have stamina that defies logic. Many times you will feel to
be at the end of your rope and some deep pool of energy gives
you your second wind.  You experience the heights and the depths
emotionally and not much in between.  Because you have a need to
be in control of your life you distrust your own emotions when
they leave you vulnerable to anyone.  Loyalty is often a
prerequisite to any emotional agreement.  Events of your life
keep giving you the opportunity to exercise control.  "Real
control  is self control".

          2.  The Midheaven

The Midheaven is the high point in your chart.  It indicates
what you aspire for, what you see as your duty, and what
authority and limits are about.  Because of this basic meaning
the Midheaven indicates how you live out your social station and
what you do for your career.  The point opposite the Midheaven
is the fourth house cusp, referred to as the nadir, which is the
indication of our roots, our heritage. This axis
(Midheaven-Nadir) indicates the way we grow in life.  The sign
on the Midheaven shows our basic energy and approach toward
dealing with the world.  Planets in aspect to the Midheaven show
qualities of our inner being that we wish to contribute to the
world and that we wish to be fulfilled through our interaction
with the outer world.

                             ARIES MIDHEAVEN

You are quick to start projects.  You may not have a lot of
follow-through.  Basically, career supplies you with an
emotional arena.  You are quick and like being first.  If you
have staying power in your career, success comes to you.

Moon Opposite Midheaven and in the 3rd House and unafflicted.

Your early childhood environment and your family life have a
profound effect on your development and get carried over into
your adult years as a special kind of nostalgia for the good
things of the past.  Your thoughts and feelings change quickly;
you find it easy to express this versatility to others.  People
find your likeable, and generally resonate with what you have to
say.  In the long run, you will build on your earliest
experiences to share something with the general public.

Venus Trine Midheaven

Your timing and sense of social grace really facilitate  your
getting along with others.  You like working with people and
have a gentle side of your personality that emerges in career.
You will long for some artistic expression.

Mars Sesquiquadrate Midheaven

You  are  a powerful person and you express your energy  with  a
great amount of force.   Periodically you have an abrupt
discharge of  energy and emotions.  Fighting with your superiors
can become a way of life if you aren't careful.

Jupiter Opposite Midheaven in the 3rd House and unafflicted.

You have a confident outlook and positive expectations for your
future. This is a great help in bringing about positive
circumstances.  You may miss key factors in projects going on
around you but you are lucky and someone always seems to help
you out.

Saturn Square Midheaven

You can hold yourself back in life because you unconsciously
fear being in a position with too much responsibility.  For all
of this, you end up as a leader, having to make decisions and
execute them.  Others rely on you because you are responsible.

Uranus Sextile Midheaven

Your humanitarian and futuristic instincts supply you with
unique problem solving skills.  Your natural drive in career
will be toward the new, the innovative, and the progressive.
You have a knack for discovering the way to get the most freedom
in your job.
     D. The Conjunctions.

A Conjunction occurs when two planets are in the same immediate
area of the Zodiac.  The conjunctions in your chart show central
linkings of basic energies in your life.  When one area
(represented by a planet) expresses itself, it brings along the
other area (represented by the other planet).  When you are
studying the rest of this printout of your life, keep in mind
that linking of these energies is a central theme in your life
and these areas should be studied together.

ersonal life, and  JUPITER - Your values, as a single unit.
This Conjunction colors your unconscious habits and your basic
attitude toward life. This is an extremely important ingredient
of your identity and represents a primary attribute of your

 single unit.  This Conjunction is a central indicator of the
way you interact with people and your environment

SECTION II.  The SUN - Your Ego Structure

The Sun is the center of the solar system.  All life revolves
around it within this sphere.  In the same way, the ego is the
center of personal identity and gives integration and continuity
to individual experience. In this sense, it might be said that
the Sun shows character.  This is the fixed pillar at the center
of the person around which all else circulates or revolves.

The sign placement of the Sun shows the center of the
individual's basic character.  The sign of the Sun is the most
primary indicator of the forms of experience you are attracted
to.  Further, this most important placement shows how and why
you are attracted to these experiences.

The house placement of the Sun sign shows the primary area of
expression for the individual in life.  There is a
psychological, emotional, and physical significance to the house
placement of the Sun. Aspects to the Sun show ways that the core
of the personality are linked to other component elements in the
individual's life.  Aspects to the Sun have a deep and
overriding significance in the life of the individual and are
generally more important, more prominent than other aspects in
the chart.


Your emotional roots are important to you and you have a
nostalgic streak in you that is very powerful.  Your family
connections and sentimental attachments from the past form the
basis for your decisions.  How you feel about people or
situations is the primary ingredient in choosing a direction.
Your attachment to feelings from the past, both good and bad,
are like mud.  This gives continuity and meaning to experience
but it also keeps you stuck like glue to your habits even when
they don't serve you any more.  Work on being more optimistic
without giving up consistency, and more innovative without
giving up well-worn habits.  Learn to accept people at face
value who are different and your life will be more fun and more

Sun in 12th house

You are an idealist.  You are open to the crosscurrents of
society. You need time alone to sort out your own material and
to avoid overload.  Because you perceive too many options you
may have difficulties in getting started on a project, but the
"long haul" generally works for you because you often surprise
others with your endurance when you are emotionally committed to
a course of action.

Sun in 12th house Unafflicted

You are often moved to do things which improve the quality of
life in our society.  You may enjoy working in some large
institution or in a capacity of service.  There is a natural
rhythm in life of moving in and out of contact with the outer
world.  Your inner life is rich and will periodically absorb all
of your attention.


You have a tendency to get in your own way.  You have material
and emotional needs that cut against the grain of what you try
to accomplish for ego satisfaction.  You have some real success
in life but it can be short-lived or fluctuating until the time
that you have eked out some reasonable compromise between your
inner drives and your mechanisms and techniques for
accomplishing your goals.  When you have difficulty mastering
sufficient physical vitality or enthusiasm for a goal you have
chosen, it is time to get to the roots of the inner conflict
that is stealing your energy.


Your energy and vitality fluctuate.  You are driven to
accomplish but forward progress is frustrated until your inner
self-dissatisfaction is resolved.  Getting a clear picture of
your direction in life requires you to make some-short term
sacrifices in order to make long-term gains.


You are full of energy.  When you get excited about a project
you are very enthusiastic and quick to act on a plan.  Your
sense of right and wrong translate into action.  You are brave,
willing to "stand up for what you see as right".


Energetic, enthusiastic, (and at times) very combative, you have
a way of getting to your goal.  You enjoy the contest of others
trying to stop you.  Your creative energies flow very strong
when you are opposed.


You are lucky, but suffer from the tendency to "overplay your
hand". You feel lucky and justified in the good coming to you.
Your optimism easily becomes opportunism.  Your life improves
when you insist on "earning your own way".  Pride will sometimes
block your vision. Conceit leads you to wrong choices.  Try
being more empirical and less superstitious.  Learning comes
naturally and when you translate this quality into learning
about yourself, life gets better in many ways. Strive for
integrity when you catch yourself being overly pompous.


You are lavish and extravagant, generous but very overindulgent.
Those who know you well give you great latitude with your petty
vanities (which are numerous).  In the long, run self-confidence
is the maker of success.  Pride is responsible for your
failures. You understand yourself when you learn to judge your
life by the results rather than by the feelings and intentions.


You have a deeply secretive side to your nature.  You are
romantic, humanitarian and idealistic.  You suffer from an
excess of emotion and exaggerated sensitivity to anything that
goes wrong in life. Unfortunately, something going wrong can
mean merely that it didn't live up to your expectations which
can be quite inflated.  Your life becomes a dynamic, unstoppable
force for good once you accomplish two things: one, you must
become self disciplined (i.e. ascetic) enough that you overcome
self-indulgence in every form, and two, you must know life by
knowing, really knowing, yourself.


Idealistic and hypnotic, you dissolve the world around you.
Your sense of self and the world is without boundaries.
Definition is difficult for you because of this.  You can
lighten up and inspire others, but, lead them down the "primrose
Path" until you know where you are going. Once your own
direction is clarified (no easy task) you can help others.  You
are compassionate but have confusion as to an appropriate manner
of expression.  Until you gain self-definition helping others is
always fraught with danger .

SECTION III.  The MOON - Your Personal Life.

The Moon inscribes a circle around the earth.  It moves more
swiftly than other astronomical bodies and thus represents day
to day and moment to moment movements, adjustments and
preoccupations.  The Moon is the symbol of the personal life
which is molded and shaped by our environment, by events, and by
social and familial expectations. Further, the Moon shows our
responses to life which are based on our past habits,
experiences, our heritage and our individual and collective

The sign placement of the Moon shows how you project yourself to
the general public, how the instinctive and imaginative
component of your mind operates, how you express your feelings
and your most general experiences of your family and mother.

The house placement of the Moon shows how and where you make day
to day adjustments.  Further, it shows the things you are most
interested in dealing with in order to gain emotional

The aspects of the Moon show the general characteristics of the
personality that are emphasized.  Planets in aspect to the Moon
are symbolic of qualities in the personality that are used
instinctively, habitually and with a high degree of


You are charming and refined with a strong desire to please.
You are friendly and generally get along well with people
because you are basically very tolerant.  You like being the
diplomat, the peacemaker. You instinctively feel others' point
of view.  Avoid being paralyzed through over-sensitivity to
others' perspective. Your feelings are so refined that it is
difficult at times to establish your own equilibrium.  Having
your own space, which is totally yours, can help you create
inner peace through creating external beauty and order.

Moon in 3rd house

You have deep emotional connections to your early childhood.
Your memory is keen, your mind is versatile and you feel
comfortable in an environment where learning is valued.

Moon in 3rd house Unafflicted

Your friends and acquaintances think of you as a good
communicator. You can be very good at arbitration because you
naturally empathize with several points of view.  Part of you
always stays childlike and attached to the pleasant memories
from your early childhood.


Your Moon in aspect to your Sun is a central feature of you
life. This aspect is the primary indicator of your basic energy.
We talked about this aspect in the Section -  The Sun - Your Ego

You have a naturally pleasing manner.  You seem to know what
people expect and how to present yourself.  Women often play a
key role in your life because you really understand them
instinctively.  You are a gentle person preferring diplomacy to
confrontation.  Your grace and elegance puts others at ease.


You have a special understanding and appreciation for the
gentle, receptive and harmony seeking aspect of life.  Because
of this quality every relationship contains some happiness and
satisfaction for you. Marriage is a special mechanism for
growth. You have a good imagination, good artistic skills, and
empathy; all of which keeps you attuned to the public at large,
who in turn generally supports you. Your ease in social
relationships, natural charm, and graciousness gives a
pleasantness to the way you present yourself.


You are sincere, generous and joyful.  Your life tends to go
from good to better mostly because you are optimistic and expect
it. For the most part you are healthy and robust.  Sometimes
extravagance and overindulgence can cause you difficulties.  Too
much of the good life ends up limiting your freedom.  Once you
learn moderation and contentment you experience deep and
continuous inner joy.


You are a good idea person.  You are highly emotional and
intuitive. New thoughts and methods come to you in flashes.
Make it a practice to write new ideas down as they occur.  Your
ability to explain your thoughts to others, once initially
shaped in written form, can find further refinement through
discussion if you are a careful listener. You are seldom
satisfied unless you are making changes and the more innovative,
the better.


You take bold steps in your approach to everyday problems.  This
gives your personality a sparkle and excitement that others love
and respond to.  You know how to make excitement out of everyday
activities, as you search out new methods for performing routine

SECTION IV.  MERCURY - Your Mental Life.

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun.  From the viewpoint of
the earth it seems to dart back and forth across the face of the
Sun, having three retrograde cycles a year.  Mercury is the
planet of your mental life.  It shows how you receive, process
and disseminate information. The sign placement of Mercury shows
your basic attitude and mental habits.  The aspects of Mercury
show your scope of vision and your methods for accomplishing


Your mind is authoritative, self-sufficient, dramatic and
comprehensive.  You don't just passively collect knowledge, you
create knowledge when you study.  You relate everything back to
you.  When you speak, you don't just say something, you state
it. A certain dignity is always hanging in the air.  Although
you follow a chain of thought, you have a tendency to build to a
climax in very broad terms.  You improve your standing in your
world when you learn respect for other people's point of view
and increase your own grasp of detail.  When you need to adjust
and adapt to life's demands, generally you don't.  You carry the
standard off the battle field rather than surrender or even
adjust.  When you are too inflexible, you are prone to being
either humiliated or ridiculed.

Mercury in 1st house

You use your reasoning skills to get by in life.  Your eyes and
your attention flit from thing to thing in your environment.
You are adaptable and good at imitating anything that you have
observed.  You can be quite eloquent.  You are interested in

Mercury in 1st house Unafflicted

You are good at knowing how to explain yourself and your actions
to others.  You know when to stop explaining and when to change
direction in your approach to a problem.  In this sense you are
very clever.


You see the future in everything that you do.  You aspire to
some long range goal or value.  This may surface in a spiritual
longing or in an artistic pursuit.  You have talent for creating
beauty and a natural eye for what looks nice.  You do well in
any career that engages your ability for aesthetic design.  You
have powerful and often quite accurate premonitions.  Learn to
work with and integrate your psychic perceptions.


Compassionate and psychologically attuned to another higher
dimension, you communicate to others in picture imagery.  You
are an idealist and have an ability to communicate your special
ideal to others.


You have a powerful and stubborn mind.  You are a great
researcher and a good detective.  This doesn't always help in
your personal life.  Others may find you too suspicious, too
challenging, or too secretive.  You are always mulling things
over inside of yourself.  You live in a sea of mental symbolism.
You respond to implications and inferences rather than to
people, circumstances and events. You have a special knack for
mathematics, symbolic logic, computers, biology, and meditation.
At times your mind will overload and you seem to do a reversal,
overlooking the simplest details that others take for granted.
Get rest and learn when to stop and start.

SECTION V.  VENUS - Your Love Nature.

lanet Venus shows the way you express your love nature and what
you aspire for in life as good or beautiful. Venus has much to
do with how you form your values.  The sign placement of Venus
shows the type of love energy you have.  The house placement of
Venus shows the natural area of expression of the love energy.
The aspects of Venus indicate how and under what circumstances
you express the gentle and loving side of your nature.


You are an openhearted lover.  You are creative and
demonstrative.  You are a lover of pleasure and luxury and want
people to think well of you.  You have a flair for the dramatic.
You inspire others to act because they sense the genuine
wholehearted approach in you, which is lurking behind your
continuous pose.  You seek inner harmony through some dramatic
or creative self-expression.  When you warm up to someone, the
relationship becomes an outlet for the artist in you.  You are
very generous and need to be more discriminating as to where to
give and when.  A noblesse oblige attitude and outlook colors
the way you pour out love, affection, and material help onto

Venus in 1st house

You are loving and often physically attractive.  You know what
to present to others and you are good at putting on a happy
face. Your sense of taste and social diplomacy is noticed by
others. You like other people and desire their appreciation.

Venus in 1st house Unafflicted

Your charm and basic honesty attracts people into your life.
Your artistic instincts can be developed into genuine talent,
for you can see the beauty in life.  Others see this beauty
manifest in you, as you have a knack for putting your best foot


You have an aspect between Venus and the Moon.  This shows that
you have a powerful emotional nature and are affected at a deep
level by other people's thoughts and opinions of you.  This was
taken up in some detail for you in Section -  The Moon - Your
Personal Life.


You believe in yourself and in people.  Your life tends to
improve as you go along.  You have a habit of knowing how to get
one positive side of life pulling together with another positive
quality.  You acquire money and position as if it was natural to
you.  You are good at blending people and attributes of people
together to get the most for the effort.  Luck in life is a
direct result of your optimism.  Your life betters materially
through marriage.


Your refined sense of tastes and your skill at convincing others
of your point of view contributes to a charmed life.  You get
where you are going faster when you ask for what you really
want. You have a good sense of the beautiful and you know value
when you see it.  Your sense of rhythm, beauty, time and spacial
relationships give you some high caliber finesse.  This gives
you extra success and fringe benefits in every line of work and
all your personal relationships.


You are a colorful and romantic individual that looks for the
unique in life and generally finds it.  You have unusual ideas
about sex and human relationships.  Behind your revolutionary
zeal is a real humanitarian that wants to see a better world
free of prejudice.  You have a good eye for spotting unusual
sources of income.  Although the picture fluctuates a lot,
finances get easier as you get older.


Colorful innovative expressions of your love nature keeps you in
motion and forming new relationships.  You are insightful and
experimental as to how to create harmony and balance.  Your love
of freedom and desire for exploration leads you into relating to
people from different cultural backgrounds and age groups.


You are easily led by your feelings.  You are an idealist and a
sensitive soul that is having a tough time getting your values
to manifest.  People take advantage of you at times because you
empathize with others' pain.  You have artistic talent but this
is not meant to be a life as an artist.  Consequently, you will
have difficulties in youth getting reinforced for your aesthetic
efforts.  Later in life you will be a patron of the arts.  Your
artistic sentiments will come out and into full bloom in the
realm of people.  It takes you a long time to discover who is
reliable and who isn't because you would rather believe in the
inherent goodness of each person.  You somehow expect that every
person will have the same value system and perspective as you.


You have a romantic ideal and a vision of beauty that is
difficult to express or explain to others.  It is important that
you don't spend too much energy trying to "see with your ear" or
make "a silk purse out of a sows ear".  Accept that the natural
domain of the senses (and their perceptions) is different from
landscape covered by your emotions and mind.  When you accept
this basic difference in realms, you are able to communicate
your impressions to others with greater simplicity and without
sacrificing any of your aesthetic charm.

SECTION VI.  MARS - Your Energy.

Mars is the planet of desires.  It shows how you aim at your
goals and how you power yourself toward your goals.  Mars
represents your most fundamental wants.  The sign placement of
Mars shows the fundamental nature of your assertions.  The house
placement of Mars shows the area of your life you are most
likely to focus on.  The aspects to Mars show how and to what
extent your desires and assertions are involved with other
aspects of living.


Your desire for technical perfection can mean that you end up
suppressing your wants.  You do have skills but often lack the
drive to do much with them.  You need to build self-confidence.
You work well in any area that allows you to serve others or
that lets you create order.  When it comes to careful, detailed
work, you are either a pro or you get completely entangled in
the minutiae and the situation decays around you.  You take
comfort in carefully defined details in any situation.
Consequently, any time you feel threatened you retreat into
details that make you feel safe.  The trade-off? Certainty costs
you vision; you loose sight of the larger picture. You learn to
see "the forest for the trees" when you become more courageous.

Mars in 2nd house

You have a desire for money.  Your attention tends to focus on
how much you are paid and how others view the monetary worth of
your work.  You see material reward as an important calibration
of how much the world values your efforts.

Mars in 2nd house Unafflicted

You are acquisitive.  You have a knack for knowing the value of
things material.  Your drive to accumulate is rewarded.  You
achieve security and a solid base of operation in the physical
world even though there may be some wide fluctuations in your
financial picture.


You have an aspect of Mars to the Sun.  This shows that you have
a very strong and direct nature.  Your energy and vitality are
key ingredients to your self concept.  This issue is taken up in
some detail in the Section -  The Sun - Your Ego Structure.


You are a perfectionist.  You can pick at yourself and others
unmercifully, trying to get circumstances in your life to match
some unspecified standard.  Your energy becomes freer to work in
an unencumbered way when you recognize that you aren't really
looking to match an objective standard at all.  What you want is
to find some emotionally and psychologically defendable ground
to stand on.  The real trick in life for you is to keep moving.
This is not easy since you should really only move ahead on a
project after forethought or planning; your judgements tend to
be colored by your fears or your momentary desires.  You work
very hard for what comes to you. This is unavoidable.  But, you
could end up working very hard for no gain. This is avoidable
through balancing your drives with your responsibilities.  You
find that you have better health and much freer energy if you
get vigorous physical exercise at least three times a week.


Little errors in judgement can throw you into a tither as you
try to complete tasks to which you feel attached.  Your timing
and time allotment is thrown off with the rest of your judgement
when you get emotionally upset working under pressure.  You are
able to complete more as you set priorities before you start any


Jupiter is the king of the planets.  He is in charge of the
order of creation.  Jupiter shows your values, where you feel
confident and in control, and where you feel you have something
to teach others.  The sign placement of Jupiter shows your
values in life. The house placement of Jupiter shows the area of
life you feel luckiest in and the area you receive the most help
from other people and from the cosmos.  The aspect patterns to
Jupiter show the direct network of good and administrative power
in your life.


You value everything and have great ability to see usefulness in
everything and everyone.  You are genial, social and a great
host because you are "in tune" with what goes on in others.  You
value people.  You are just, balanced and look for sincerity and
idealism as part of the higher vision of truth.  You look for
opportunities with others and feel that you naturally belong in
partnership.  You feel that you have something to teach others
about relating as an equal. You are kind and sympathetic to
others and feel that their concerns are interesting and worthy
of your attention.  Your sense of justice and appropriate
balance gives you a natural talent in art, mechanics,
architecture, law, politics, teaching, mathematics, drama and
hundreds of other fields involving proportion and symmetry.  You
are a master at being able to infer the whole from seeing a
small portion of an object, idea, ideal, or picture.  You see
opportunity everywhere because you see potential everywhere
based on your ability to extrapolate and infer.  Your higher
vision of truth is constantly relating ideas to ideas, people to
people, and people to ideas. This imaginative quality of yours
is the source of great talent, great luck, and great vision.
When you learn to focus this talent toward a specific goal, this
life becomes very productive. Without focus you still have charm
and graciousness that helps you make your way in life.

Jupiter in 3rd house

Have confidence in your ability to learn and gather information.
You showed great promise early in life.  You are accurate and
confident in the way you organize big projects.  Sometimes you
have difficulty being in the here and now because so much of
your energy is invested in the future.

Jupiter in 3rd house Unafflicted

You get along with others because you have the ability to
inspire them with your words.  You give people faith in life by
formulating your ideas and explanations from an optimistic
perspective.  You get along best when you have a great amount of
motion in your daily life.


You have an aspect from Jupiter to the Sun showing a deep
connection between your values and your ego.  As a consequence
of this you have a stronger faith in your beliefs than most
people and you are more likely to act on them.  You have the
potential for being quite an inspiration for others.  In Section
- (The Sun - Your Ego Structure) there is more commentary on
this trait of yours.


You have an aspect from Jupiter to the Moon showing an interest
in expressing values through your daily life.  What you believe
has more impact on what you do than it does for most other
people.  The information on this topic in Section - (The Moon -
Your Personal Life) may be helpful in grasping how you do this.


You have an aspect of Jupiter to Venus.  This indicates that you
expect the positive to happen.  Your life values easily adjust
to your taste, love nature and your sense for the beautiful.
This creates some feeling of abundance for you.  Your values are
in tune with your affection.  You may find the information in
Section -  (Venus - Your Love Nature) useful in understanding
this process.


You are a real humanitarian, wishing only the good and best for
yourself and the world.  You are a possibility thinker.  You
envision the good and ask "why not"?! You see a broad and very
versatile picture of the way things are in life.  Often this
vision allows you to take advantage of critical timing of
personal events.  You are at the right place at the right time.
To others you appear lucky.  You are!  Your personal successes
are in tune with your basic humanitarian outlook.


Your underlying faith in life leads you to the right conclusion
and the right spot, even when circumstances are difficult.  Your
luck descends at times when you act spontaneously and without
forethought.  Your pictures in life are painted with bold
strokes indeed.  You operate with great confidence and
swiftness, believing that life is full of potential for you.

SECTION VIII.  SATURN - Your Obligations.

The planet Saturn shows where you feel restricted.  You feel
obligations and fears through Saturn.  Because of your feeling
connected with Saturn you are either responsible or neglectful.
The sign placement of Saturn shows the basic type of energy
connected with your obligations.  The house placement of Saturn
shows an area of life that you feel restricted in and work hard
to obtain the things that come to you.  The aspects of Saturn
show the most direct involvement of other areas of your life
with your feelings of responsibility.


You are fearful of others hurting you emotionally.
Consequently, you have great difficulty being open enough to be
vulnerable. You are quite sensitive but you don't know how to
let others into your inner recesses.  You tend to be pessimistic
and that doesn't aid your cause. Avoid allowing your opinions
and past history to close your mind.  You can become more
emotionally expressive. You are happier when you take this

Saturn in 12th house

You are deep inside of yourself.  You are reserved and prone to
periods of seclusion.  You need to be left alone when you are
working as you are so sensitive to everything and everyone
around you.

Saturn in 12th house Afflicted

You may suffer from vague fears and deep self-doubt.  You need
to be able to separate yourself from other people's intentions
and attitudes, Overcoming unconscious fears will improve your
disposition and outlook.


You have Saturn in aspect to Mars showing a desire to build
strong foundations in your life.  This aspect of your nature is
taken up in Section -  Mars - Your Energy.

SECTION IX.  URANUS - Your Search For Freedom.

The planet Uranus is beyond the orbit of Saturn and can't be
seen without the aid of a telescope.  It represents the sky in
us, that which transcends the limits of finite life.  Uranus
raises the vibration of everything it contacts.  The sign
placement of Uranus shows your broadest striving for freedom.
The house placement of Uranus indicates your area of direct
unique expression.  The aspects to Uranus indicate the way you
express your need for higher consciousness.


You have powerful ideas that may or may not be practical.  You
are spontaneous and excitable, ready to move with a new idea.
You may be unsettled or even annoyed by activity around you.

Uranus in 11th house

You are a true patriot of social causes.  You are optimistic,
humanitarian and a true believer in the goodness of people
deciding their own destiny.  You have several different types of
friends, some quite unusual.  Your ideas are ahead of their

Uranus in 11th house Unafflicted

You are more than just an inspiration to others.  You are not a
"grandstander" but intentionally pull originality out of others;
consequently, you are supported and utilized rather than just
admired from afar.


You have Uranus in aspect to the Moon.  This indicates that you
have an emotional pattern that expresses your uniqueness.  This
is explained in Section -  The Moon - Your Personal Life.


You have Uranus in aspect to Venus.  You look for freedom in
your love life.  You express your creativity in a unique way.
This is explained in the particular in Section -  Venus - Your
Love Nature.


You have Uranus in aspect to Jupiter showing that you have a big
vision of what life can be at its best.  How this works out for
you is discussed in Section -  Jupiter - Your Values.

SECTION X.  NEPTUNE - Your Spiritual Aspirations and Ideals.

The planet Neptune has an almost perfectly circular orbit.  It
represents the part of our nature that strives for perfection,
that looks to some higher ideal.  The planet Neptune rules the
ocean and the part of us that is beyond the limits of the shores
of personal existence.  The culture moves with the cycles of
Neptune and it is the primary indicator of your connection to
the culture that you live in. The sign of Neptune shows an ideal
that you desire to manifest.  The house placement of Neptune
shows the area of your life that you want to express this ideal
in.  The aspect patterns of Neptune indicate the most direct
connections yet most subtle networking of your personality into
the world at large.


You have a powerful desire to create harmony because you believe
that by doing so you reduce the pressure on people and create
the circumstances of justice, peace, and understanding.  You see
humanitarian ideals not just as correct, but aesthetically

Neptune in 3rd house

Your mind is very impressionable and very idealistic.  You are
imaginative and good at seeing all sides of a question.  You
empathize well with others.  You have a propensity for getting
so swept up in the big picture that you don't always see the
important details of the immediate situation.

Neptune in 3rd house Unafflicted

You are very creative and communicative.  You have the ability
to make others feel at ease.  You are impressionable but you are
blessed with the ability to communicate a higher vision of the
truth.  Be patient with yourself and others so that the finer
side of this aspect of your nature can emerge.


You have an aspect of Neptune to the Sun showing that you have a
gentleness and lofty vision of life.  How this works out is
shown by Section -  The Sun - Your Ego Structure.


You have an aspect of Neptune to your Mercury showing a deep
vision of the truth and some psychic awareness.  This perception
of yours is discussed in some detail in Section -  Mercury -Your
Mental Life.


You have Neptune in aspect to Venus.  This indicates that you
are very artistic by inclination and idealistic in love.  This
pattern is described in Section -  Venus - Your Love Nature.


You are fundamentally an idealist.  You would like to see change
come about in a way that doesn't destroy the existing social
order.  You believe in transition and transformation as saner
and kinder principles of social change than revolutionary


Your higher ideals are the continuous recipient of forceful
energy for change.  Your long range perspective (even though
this may at times be unconscious) is always toward your ideals
winning out through deep self transformation.

SECTION XI.  PLUTO - Your Need For Fundamental Change.

The planet Pluto represents the dark underground part of you.
It shows your ability to transform the most fundamental
properties in your own inner nature.  The sign of Pluto is the
way the obsessive, compulsive and committed part of your nature
expresses itself.  The house placement of Pluto shows the area
of life where you make your most fundamental and most potent
changes. The aspects to Pluto show the deepest most unconscious
links in your personality structure.


At best, you believe in yourself and are willing to stand on
your own. You have a need for self expression.  At worst, you
are completely stuck on yourself, and have a strong desire to
bend everyone else to your will.

Pluto in 1st house

Life is a battle to you.  You are powerful.  You are so secret
that you don't even know what goes on in your inner depths.  You
are a loner and a magnetic and adventurous explorer.  Your
hunger for experience is insatiable.

Pluto in 1st house Unafflicted

Others don't understand you but they do respect your ability and
your vast array of potentials.  Your robust and dynamic
intensity is generally admired and utilized by others.  You may
make a good troubleshooter because you are intense and


You have an aspect of Pluto to Mercury.  This indicates that you
have a profound mental life.  This is detailed out in Section
-Mercury - Your Mental Life.


You have an aspect of Pluto to Neptune which shows your
involvement in a large cultural process.  This involvement is
described in Section - Neptune - Your Spiritual Aspirations and



Part of your style of being a person is tied to your personal
method of adapting to and interacting with other people.  This
aspect of your personality shows itself through every aspect of
how you deal with the environment.  This method of your being
encourages as well as reveals your uniqueness.


You are comprehensive in your outlook.  Your inclination is to
seek help and to change directions when you run into problems.
Not that you lack fortitude, it is just that you are able to see
an easier way to bring about changes than fighting.  You have
the ability to create opportunity by altering the focus of a
situation to become favorable to you and your projects.  You are
the master of blending ingredients together and coming up with
new opportunities.  Your keyword is Synthesis.


You have a serious and accurate manner for approaching changes
in life. You see the possible and basically push to make more of
what has happened in the past happen again.  You have a natural
talent for building on past experience.


The following material is an index of things that you have
developed as inner resources.  You may take them for granted,
but in times of reevaluation and rest this part of your
personality can provide you comfort and strength.

Well-Aspected Mercury.

You have good mental habits that aid you in seeing solutions to
difficulties as they emerge.  You are good at locating
alternatives when your forward progress is stopped.

Well-Aspected Uranus.

You can spot unique opportunities and use them creatively for
the upliftment of any situation.  You are able to alter a
troublesome circumstance by doing the unexpected.  In any
situation, when you do anything that suddenly shifts the
dynamics, the outcome is frequently very advantageous.

Well-Aspected Pluto.

Your ability to be thorough and absolutely no-nonsense when it
comes to reorienting yourself in a time of trouble is especially
helpful.  Your sense of timing is usually accurate.  You can
turn a delicate project into an assured success by being 100%
behind it.

Uranus in the Eleventh House.

You have the ability to see and utilize the good in everyone you
meet. Your inclination to focus on the uniqueness of each person
and each situation in life gives you a powerful asset in
everything you do.


This material describes the "cutting edge" of your work on
yourself. The thoughts rendered here are meant as further
guidelines for growth. You should take difficulties and
challenges in the right spirit.  They are always positive
indicators as to how you can experience the joy of becoming a
better person and more like your REAL SELF.

Afflicted Saturn

Fear and self-restriction have stopped you many times from
enjoying life as much as you could.  Work on breaking the habit
of worrying by learning to see it and feel it as starts to
manifest and using your sense of detachment to stop it.  When
you act unkindly to others or you are reacting to their
unkindness to you, get to the roots of your fears.  Force
yourself out of your fears and refuse to let them be your
motivation.  You will see a new picture of the universe and your
place in it start to develop along very pleasing lines.

Mercury in Leo

Although your mind is persistent your observations are colored
deeply by how new information can enhance your picture of
yourself.  If you learn to take yourself less seriously, the
negative in your self picture lessens considerably.

Venus in the First House

You may suffer from a heavy dose of vanity.  The only way out of
a self-created trap is when your picture of yourself has risen
to identify with all life.  Then, you build relationships on
love and beauty that are unique and lasting.

Mars in the Second House

You suffer from being too result-oriented in your actions.
Learn to direct your energy toward activities of intrinsic worth
even if you will not personally gain from them.

Jupiter in the Third House

Your thirst for knowledge and experience can get you in trouble
because you lack concentration.  Because of this, you move from
item to item, always feeling the next thing will do it.  You
lack closure.  Becoming complete means being less impatient with
the here and now and feeling satisfied with what you already

Saturn in Cancer

Your fears often stop you from being as open with people as you
might like to be.  This fear can lead you into miscalculating
your real obligations.  You have often spent time trying to help
others in ways that didn't really aid them while ignoring the
things that you could easily do for them.  Through
understanding, it is possible to overcome some artificial
barriers and apply your skills in ways that really benefit


The Growth aspects operate differently than other aspects in
your chart.  While it is possible to use them descriptively, as
showing finer shades of meaning within the chart, we wish to use
them in a different manner for our purposes.  The growth aspects
are tools of self development.  If you apply attention to the
various qualities in your nature linked through the growth
aspects, you will see positive change over time.  These
qualities generally do not show quick effortless solutions, but
instead show a path of change requiring exertion and emotional
honesty. Under these circumstances, the way these aspects of
your nature change through time are truly amazing. The qualities
mentioned here can be the very mechanisms to release the
highest, finest side of your nature.

Mercury in Growth Aspect to Mars

You work very hard in learning to adequately express your
desire. The process starts by recognizing that you have urges
and feelings that don't emerge very directly.  You come to
understand your drives and urges more clearly, as you learn to
express your desires.  There is a transformative process here.
Through knowledge, your desires change into something more
satisfying for you.

Mercury Semi-Sextile Mars

Your frustration comes out in conversation and communication in
general.  Still, you have difficulty in correctly identifying
your inner conflicts.  Getting your life to be to your liking
requires looking at your habits closely to see how you
perpetuate your frustration.  Changing your life situation
requires careful attention to the habits that you have that
perpetuate your inner stress.

Mars in Growth Aspect to Pluto

There is a compulsive side of your personality and you have some
learning to do in this life connected with how your energy
operates. Knowing when to stop or start a project is not so much
a matter of timing as it is a matter of how to invest your
energy.  You can avoid something you want, thinking it will
require too much from you, or, start on some project, then go
overboard trying to bring it to fruition.  Once involved in a
project it is necessary to see how to regulate your energy as
you do become so obsessed with the outcome or so addicted to the
process that you lose sight of your general well being.
Mars Semi-Sextile Pluto

Since your own energy tends to be more focused on your own inner
processes, it is easy for you to lose track of goals, desires
and other people.  This in itself can be problematic, but rather
than divert your attention away from yourself, you usually
develop faster by focusing on how your own desires "link in"
with larger social needs.  Being self absorbed is okay for you
during the time you are evaluating your personal desires in
relationship to the larger picture.  This comparison and
subsequent alignment becomes your method of development.


There is another dimension to your astrology chart.  This has to
do with planets being the same distance from the celestial
equator.  When both planets are on the same side of this plane
there are called parallel.  When the planets are the same
distance but on opposite sides of the celestial equator they are
referred to as being contra-parallel. Both of these aspect
activate your ability to organize and reorganize some aspect of
your life.

Sun Parallel Uranus

You are not content with an ordinary life.  Something in you is
always "stirring the pot" so to speak.  You believe that life
can be better and you will do something to get this point across
to others while also doing something to tangibly improve your
own circumstances. Sometimes you need to learn to leave "well
enough alone " as your constant fussing can create difficulties.
Still, your originality and spontaneousness gives color and
accomplishment to your life.

Sun Parallel Pluto

You thrive on intensity.  There are deep wellsprings of strength
and mystery within you that only seem to gain fulfillment
through long protracted struggles.  Much of your fighting in
life is inner and unconscious.  This can surface as allegorical
reactions to people or things in your environment. You invoke
strong responses from others, everything from ignoring you to
direct challenging of you, to wanting to assist you.  When you
get personal you get focused and your persistence can be a real

Sun Parallel North Node of the Moon

Your life improves much through the assertion of your own unique
creative energy.  You generally connect with people through your
enthusiasm and natural inner positive qualities.  You have the
ability to change yourself by changing your circle of friends
and acquaintances.

Mercury Parallel Ascendant

Your ability to act and react quickly to circumstances in your
environment, gives your personality a lively quality.  You have
a way of letting everyone else know  exactly what you think
about an idea or situation.  You process a large appetite for
information which you, in turn, enjoy communicating to others.

Mars Parallel Midheaven

You have a strong need to express your deepest wishes through
what you do in the world.  This can give your career or outer
expression in life a demanding quality, which can make it harder
for you than most to answer to another as some judge or
authority.  Because of this, you wander some until you have the
freedom to do things your own way.

Uranus Parallel Pluto

Your basic conflicting urges from deep within your being will
rush forward every so often, causing you to make dramatic
changes in your life.  As you get used to letting the need for
uniqueness come forward and express itself, this aspect of your
nature stops being so explosive and just becomes part of the
inventiveness that makes you so fascinating.

Uranus Parallel North Node of the Moon

Harnessing the energy and enthusiasm of new and radically
different ideas improves the general circumstances of your life.
Paying attention to what you do that is different and unique
helps you create meaningful psychological separation from others
which improves your self perception.

Pluto Parallel North Node of the Moon

You grow into your best self by diving into your own depths and
struggling with life's fundamental issues.  Your ability to find
your way through difficulties swiftly may follow on the heels of
long periods of relative stagnation.  This can give a jerky,
uneven feeling to your development.


The Moon's North Node is an all encompassing and instructive
point of synthesis in the chart; we could easily start or end
our analysis with this one single factor.  Because this
indicator is so all inclusive it most shows your karmic
direction in life. The sign placement of your North node points
to your destiny. When your actions, interests, and values are
structured by this position, your general sense of personal well
being improves. The house placement of the North Node of the
Moon indicates or points to an area of life, an arena of
experience.  By confronting, even augmenting this arena you can
inadvertently improve every aspect of your life.  By dealing
with issues connected to the North Node placement in your chart
your general character strengthens and refines.

North Node of the Moon in Gemini

Your life experience betters through acquiring new information
while being able to let go of past judgments.  Your sense for
what is right and proper can stop you from being able to
honestly appraise the situations around you.  Poor judgement can
come from prejudicial thinking and being too attached to the
appearance of things.  An addiction to "higher principle" can
give you an excuse for being ineffectual in your daily life and
unnecessarily separate you from others.  Let go of "mental ruts"
and false pride so you can learn.

North Node of the Moon in Gemini and in the Eleventh House

Your excessive self-display blocks your ability to hear and
administer to the needs of others.  Your highest values and
principles easily get sacrificed to drives, needs and impulses
of the moment.  Be willing to stand up for your friends and
assert the long-range plan.  Your demand of self-expression and
your search for freedom get in each other's way. Being detached
from your own life and observing it allows you to take yourself
less seriously.  This is necessary for you to search for and
find a higher purpose.

                          TABLE OF DEFINITIONS

These are some basic astrological definitions.  Reading through
this material can enhance your understanding of your INDRA
report.  You may want to take up a more serious study of these
symbols as a preliminary step to a study of all of life through

                               THE PLANETS

The Sun and the Moon - Basic central core of the personality.
These two bodies represent how we make decisions, how we act,
and what we value.

Mercury, Venus,and Mars - The personal planets.  These planets
indicate our everyday concerns, our interaction with others, and
our immediate environment.

Jupiter and Saturn - The planets of the culture.  These planets
represent our ability to interact with our society and its laws
and values.

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto - The planets of our higher evolution.
These planets show our ability to focus on issues that transcend
our immediate life and culture.

                                THE SIGNS

                Fire Signs - Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius
                 Earth Signs - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
                  Air Signs - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
                 Water Signs - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

          Cardinal Signs - Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn
            Fixed Signs - Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius
         Mutable Signs - Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces

                               THE HOUSES

 1st - Your personal appearance and your immediate environment.
 2nd - Your self worth and your orientation toward the material
 3rd - Your integration of basic experience and ability to
 4th - Your home and family.
 5th - Children, romance and creative expression.
 6th - Work, health and your facility with detail.
 7th - One on one relationships.  Marriage and partnerships.
 8th - Community resources,sex,ultimate issues,financial
 9th - Foreign travel, higher education, ethics and legal
 10th - Career and social standing.
 11th - Friends and higher aims in life.
 12th - The unconscious and social institutions.
 The Ascendant - The beginning of the first house.
 The Midheaven - The beginning of the tenth house.

                    TABLE OF DEFINITIONS - continued.

                               THE ASPECTS

                  ***Basic classification of aspects***

Hard or difficult aspects.  - Semi-square, Square,
Sesquiquadrate, and Opposition.  These are the aspects that help
us recognize the ingredients in our personality that need

Easy or soft aspects.  - Trines and Sextiles.  These are the
aspects that express our talents and skills.

Growth aspects.  - Semi-sextiles and quincunx.  These are
aspects that give us opportunity to grow.  They indicate long
term development of some key aspect of your personality and
behavior for this life time.

Power aspects.  - Conjunctions, Parallels, and Contra-parallels.
These are the aspects that show energy, force, reorganization
and transformational ability.

              ***Circumstances of the planets by aspect***

Afflicted - A planet is called afflicted when it has only hard
(difficult) aspects.  These planets represent our greatest
challenges and our more promising areas of growth.

Unafflicted - A planet is unafflicted when it is not limited to
only hard aspects.  This can mean that the planet has no
aspects, has only easy aspects, or has both hard and soft

Well Aspected - A planet is called well aspected when it has no
hard aspects.  This shows ease of expression and a certain
ability to bring the ingredients symbolized forward into life
with little or no conflict.

                   ***Special points in your chart***

Ascendant - This is the same as the cusp of the first house.
The Ascendant refers to your physical body and how you meet the
world, how you present yourself.

Midheaven - This is the same as the cusp of your tenth house.
The Midheaven refers to how we rise and fall in life, our social
position and our orientation to our family, culture and history.

Moon's North Node. - Our direction in life.  How we form
relationship bonds with the environment as well as people.

Vertex - A point in our chart were we tend to feel out of
control.  It is a place where we easily give ourselves over to
something beyond the scope of our own life.

East Point - A place of idealism and perfection in your chart.
It functions as another way of contacting people.

Part of Fortune. - A point where we put many parts of our
motivation together in a personal way.  It shows personal joy
and fulfillment.


SUN            position is 13 deg. 47 min. of Cancer

MOON           position is 16 deg. 42 min. of Libra

MERCURY        position is  9 deg. 50 min. of Leo

VENUS          position is 21 deg. 30 min. of Leo

MARS           position is  9 deg. 18 min. of Virgo

JUPITER        position is 18 deg. 09 min. of Libra

SATURN         position is 26 deg. 30 min. of Cancer

URANUS         position is 19 deg. 09 min. of Gemini

NEPTUNE        position is  5 deg. 56 min. of Libra

PLUTO          position is 10 deg. 35 min. of Leo

N. NODE        position is 19 deg. 36 min. of Gemini

ASCENDANT      position is  7 deg. 07 min. of Leo

MIDHEAVEN      position is 24 deg. 13 min. of Aries

EAST POINT     position is 20 deg. 44 min. of Cancer

VERTEX         position is 23 deg. 39 min. of Sagittarius


1ST HOUSE CUSP position is  7 deg. 07 min. of Leo
2ND HOUSE CUSP position is 27 deg. 36 min. of Leo
3RD HOUSE CUSP position is 22 deg. 41 min. of Virgo
4TH HOUSE CUSP position is 24 deg. 13 min. of Libra
5TH HOUSE CUSP position is  0 deg. 55 min. of Sagittarius
6TH HOUSE CUSP position is  6 deg. 39 min. of Capricorn
7TH HOUSE CUSP position is  7 deg. 07 min. of Aquarius
8TH HOUSE CUSP position is 27 deg. 36 min. of Aquarius
9TH HOUSE CUSP position is 22 deg. 41 min. of Pisces
10TH HOUSE CUSP position is 24 deg. 13 min. of Aries
11TH HOUSE CUSP position is  0 deg. 55 min. of Gemini
12TH HOUSE CUSP position is  6 deg. 39 min. of Cancer
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