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The sample gives you a good idea about someone famous, but how much better would it be to find out about yourself or someone you know - or want to know better? Each report is personalized and you can count on the information to pertain specifically to you or the person you choose to look at. Knowledge is power; find it here.

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AstroInsight Report for

                          Crowe Russell

                          April 7, 1964
                12:00 PM [ birth time not known ]
                     Wellington, New Zealan

                        Veraxs Int'l Inc.
                     3355 Bee Cave Road #606
                      Austin, TX 78746 USA
                       Phone: 512-826-5401

This report contains specific tactics to help you achieve your
destiny. If you pick up just one appropriate tip and stick with
it, this report will have paid for itself many times over.

This report is not to be taken for medical or legal advice and
is not for therapy or fortune telling purposes. It is not even a
substitute for a live reading with a real astrologer. It is an
exercise of free speech and of the press. You are reminded that
life is what you make it. Enjoy yourself.  Different planetary
energies can work at cross purposes. No doubt, like yourself,
this report is vast enough to contain contradictions. Each
section will help you to identify and resolve some of your
conflicts and quandaries. This report can even encourage you to
raise your hopes.


             Lucky Lottery Numbers for Crowe Russell

    The following are your exclusive lucky numbers based upon
       the position of the heavenly bodies at your birth.

             17   2   6  29  16  27  12  06   5  38


                  Crowe Russell's  DAILY NUMBER

Technical stuff & your numbers


Sun        17  Ari  12
Moon        7  Aqu  03
Mercury     6  Tau  20
Venus       2  Gem  54
Mars        6  Ari  37
Jupiter    28  Ari  44
Saturn      1  Pis  25
Uranus      6  Vir  29
Neptune    17  Sco  14
Pluto      12  Vir  06
Chiron     16  Pis  27
Ceres       5  Cap  23
Pallas      6  Sag  55
Juno        4  Sag  29
Vesta      18  Aqu  51

Crowe Russell's Birth Data

Born on April 7, 1964 at 12:00 PM in Wellington, New Zealan

Tropical  Placidus   Standard time observed
GMT: 00:00:00   Time Zone: 12 hours East
Lat. and Long. of birth: 41 S 18    174 E 47   

Aspects and orbs:
Conjunction      :  7 Deg 00 Min
Opposition       :  7 Deg 00 Min
Trine            :  3 Deg 30 Min
Square           :  3 Deg 30 Min
Quintile         :  1 Deg 45 Min
Biquintile       :  1 Deg 45 Min
Sextile          :  3 Deg 30 Min
Septile          :  1 Deg 10 Min
Biseptile        :  1 Deg 10 Min
Triseptile       :  1 Deg 10 Min
Semisquare       :  1 Deg 45 Min
Sesquiquadrate   :  1 Deg 45 Min
Novile           :  1 Deg 10 Min
Binovile         :  1 Deg 10 Min
Quadranovile     :  1 Deg 10 Min
Decile           :  1 Deg 45 Min
Tridecile        :  1 Deg 45 Min
Undecile         :  0 Deg 42 Min
Semisextile      :  1 Deg 45 Min
Quincunx         :  1 Deg 45 Min

                            Chapter 1

                    Elementally Crowe Russell

Introducing the "building blocks" of astrology

     The ancients conceived of four elements that made up the
universe: fire, earth, air and water. The section that follows
provides a broad, general outline of your character and
describes your "elemental" make-up.

                    Crowe Russell: The basics

Five or more planets in Mutable signs:

     You're more versatile than most people.  You enjoy variety
and become bored easily.  You're pretty good at adapting to
change and going with the flow. In fact, you'd rather go with
the tide than against it.  Put another way, you're accommodating
and obliging.  You can adjust.

     You're good at getting the word out- by phone, by pen or

     It's possible that you do six or seventeen dozen things at
a time.  You're certainly not suited for the Zen approach of one
thing at a time; nevertheless, try and focus yourself more.
Establish your top two priorities in each of several arenas of
your life.


                            Chapter 2

                      Sun for Crowe Russell

     The Sun gives you light and life. It also represents how
and where you shine. The Sun is the star of self-expression,
ego-identity, leadership, honor, glory and pride.

Sun in Aries:

     Essentially, if you want to be happy, you need to be first
and best. Somehow, some way, you need to find a competitive
outlet. Ultimately, you only compete with yourself. You begin
with the question posed to every solar superhero, "How will you
use your super powers?"

     You are here to start something new, to go where no one
else has gone, and to do what no one else has done. The stars
dare you to be a pioneer, a champion, and a doer.

     One of the symbols for your Sun is the flaming torch. This
is the sacred fire of your inner temple, and this energy will
always be available to you in everything you do.

Sun Biquintile Pluto:

     You can become a star by dealing with power issues and
power complexes. You tend to be obsessive and extreme in your
drive for power. However, once you consolidate your position,
you can move ahead. Once you define and commit yourself to a
goal, your physical strength, mental energy, and creative powers
make you unstoppable.

     You can take up a cause. You can right wrongs and fight
injustices. You can change yourself and your environment. If
anybody can begin again and restructure for change, it is you.

Sun SemiSquare Venus:

     You know how to please people, and you want to be liked.
You can become a star by swaying and persuading others with your
natural charm and style. Comfort, pleasure, and luxury are
necessary ingredients in your life in order for you to be you.

Sun SemiSquare Saturn:

     Virginia Woolf said, "I don't believe in aging. I believe
in forever altering one's aspect to the sun."

     You're serious, responsible, industrious, and hardworking.
You probably matured early and may have missed out on much of
the joy of childhood. You tend to get along well with mature
people and the elderly. You can become a star by becoming more
purposeful. You can become a self-made person due to your
ability to discipline yourself and your actions.

     You can become a star by learning how to get more joy out
of the sheer struggle of life. Become consciously aware of the
rules that you have made for yourself and for others. Become
aware of internal voices that judge you.

Sun Semisextile Chiron:

     Either metaphorically or literally, you have probably been
wounded or have wounded others. Either way, you're something of
a maverick, who needs more privacy than most people.
Paradoxically, you can heal your wounds by healing similar
wounds in others. You can become a star by finding a mentor who
can teach you to master certain special skills. You can develop
healing powers.

     Powerful galactic forces are urging you to become a Wise
Person. Once you have acquired the true key to your destiny, you
can light the way for others, one at a time.

Sun Quincunx Neptune:

     You may have difficulty drinking alcohol. If you must
drink, a little bit will take you a long way. So use it in

     If other sections of this reading confirm this, you're
quite charismatic but can be easily bamboozled. You are advised
to take a cautious approach to all things occult and mystical.
Learn to trust your first impressions. The more you trust
yourself, the easier your life becomes.

     Learn to be objective and take people, places, and things
with a pinch of salt. You can become a star if you learn to see
people as they are, not as you would like them to be.

     You have refined aesthetic tastes and profit by having
original art and live music in your life. You are like a Jaguar
automobile. In order to run smoothly, everything must be finely
tuned. You are keenly aware, sensitive, and psychically attuned.
Be selective as to who and what you allow around you. To become
a star, learn to trust your first impressions and go with them.


                            Chapter 3

                     Moon for Crowe Russell

     Astrologically speaking, the Moon is an instinctual force.
It is a symbol of your emotional life including such things as
home, family, mother, dreams, feelings, the public, women and
your early childhood.


                            Chapter 4

                    Mercury for Crowe Russell

     Mercury describes patterns of thought, of learning, and of
assessing reality. Consequently it affects your self-image and
your thinking processes.

Mercury in Taurus:

     It's not likely that you'll jump to conclusions or be
rushed to make up your mind. Also, once you make a decision, you
are hesitant to change it. You have a pretty clear idea about
what you want and what you don't want. You want money, material
goods and good food.

     You have a good mind for business. It is important that you
learn to think and work at a comfortable rate of speed and
control your probable tendency to repeat yourself needlessly.
You could earn money through real estate, art, antiques and
things of beauty.

Mercury Trine Uranus:

     Small and effective actions are better than too much talk.
Learn to speak through your deeds. To make more money, learn to
assimilate more information, especially in more technical
subjects. When you feel yourself getting very bored with your
work, it is time for you to look for a different job. You can
make more money by becoming more independent in your thinking
and progressive in your actions.

     You have an intuitive, astute, independent and original

Mercury Semisextile Mars:

     Your powerful mind and enterprising spirit will help you to
realize your goals. You're restless, curious and impatient. You
need to slow down from time to time to improve the quality of
your communication.  Fast talking may or may not be appropriate,
depending upon circumstances.


                            Chapter 5

                     Venus for Crowe Russell

     Astrologically speaking, the planet Venus is the force of
affinity.  Venus represents a good part of what you attract,
cherish, enjoy and are receptive to. Venus describes much of
what makes life worth living - among others, love and

Venus on Tropic of Cancer

     Once you are comfortable with some of the more uncommon
features of your personality, your sense of self-worth &
self-love will increase dramatically. If the truth be told, your
personal taste is away from the mainstream. In fact, your flair
for the unique could earn you a pretty penny.

TIP: Do something different with color and style.

Venus in Gemini:

     Good conversation and a variety of interests are important
to you. You are most often attracted to someone with whom you
have an intellectual rapport. You can increase your powers of
attraction literally through the wink of an eye.

     "If only you were half as lovely and twice as true". You're
a natural flirt and send out seductive signals. You don't always
mean to. It's just the way that you are. Perhaps you do not
realize the effect you have on others.

     You're more light and lively than most people. Unless there
are contradictory signals in other sections of this report, you
don't easily go for intense, heavy commitment. You may have some
issues around commitment and fidelity. When dealing with another
person, it's important for you to state your intentions clearly
and be open and honest with them. If you go through a bad
relationship, do not despair. There are indications in your
chart that a possible second relationship will be better than
your first.

     You often get what you want with charm, wit, and courtesy.
You naturally accommodate yourself to a variety of situations
and may have an "easy come, easy go" attitude towards money.

Venus Square Saturn:

     Does your value system sometimes put you in conflict with
authority figures?  You take relationships very seriously, and
when you feel needy, you get very serious which may actually
keep people away, even as you try to reach out to them.
Sometimes, you believe that you will never find the kind of love
you seek.

     Relationships are not always easy for you because you feel
the amount of affection you receive from the other person is not
enough for you. You and your committed partner may spend a great
deal of time on your work and every-day duties. Therefore, you
may have to struggle to create a warm, personal home
environment. Getting into a committed relationship may be
prevented or delayed as you tend to do better if you make that
commitment at an older age. Some, but not all, of your romantic
needs might be sacrificed due to the necessity to take care of
an elderly parent or relative. You also could be psychologically
bound to a parent and thus restrained from attracting romantic

     However, responsibility may only temporarily prevent
romance. With time and effort, you could find true love. You
might choose a love relationship with an older, more mature
individual. Your love life will probably improve as you mature.

     You can find satisfaction by finding the "right" career.

Sun SemiSquare Venus:

     You struggle to be popular and well-liked. You can learn to
use your charm to get what you want.


                            Chapter 6

                     Mars for Crowe Russell

     Astrologically speaking, the planet Mars is the force of
motivation and mobilization. It is a symbol of your drive,
action and energy.

Mars in Aries:

     You can get what you want in a headstrong, direct, and
aggressive way. You want what you want when you want it -NOW!
Your personal desires urge you to take the initiative. You need
to express yourself with passion and vigor.

     Automobiles and/or firearms will go a long way toward
eliminating some danger to your life. Create and live your own
hero myth. Push ahead on self-improvement programs. Aspire to be
first and best at something you truly love. Find a competitive
or challenging outlet.

     Become very clear about when it is the right time for you
to go after what you want and when it is better to wait.  Learn
to combine your initial enthusiasm with more follow-through and
sustained perseverance.

Mars Decile Saturn:

     Duty and financial planning can motivate you. You can
develop good organization, discipline and follow-through. Your
plans can lead you to excellence. To get what you want, you may
have to move the earth. You can be moderately aggressive in your
romantic pursuits.

     Sometimes it may seem as if the hand of authority wants to
smack you silly. Learning to work with "Mars-Saturn energy" can
be a real pain in the you-know-what. If you find yourself faced
with many difficulties to overcome, you can be the kind of hero
who moves mountains. Resolve the conflict that exists between
your motivations and your conflicts. Determine that the
responsibilities you choose will be a turn-on for you. Learn to
combine caution and prudence with decisive action. Learn when to
stop and when to go.

     Usually, you're a productive, methodical worker. You can
learn to become self-reliant. You can develop exciting career
options and powers of endurance.

Mercury Semisextile Mars:

     You have strong thinking powers. You are good with words
and numbers. Sometimes you get so excited that you can't sit
still. You have a sharp tongue and a quick mind. Debating,
commentating, broadcasting and writing can all be suitable
activities for you.

     When you feel nervous, restless or irritable, meditation
might help you. You need constructive mental channels through
which to use your mind and your knowledge successfully.

     Having a strong mind and good mental energy, you can be a
brisk, lively communicator.  For the most part, you are
plain-spoken and alert. You enjoy such things as investigations
and battles of wit.

Mars Quincunx Uranus:

     Excitement motivates you. You have very fast reflexes and
can be drawn to high speed machines and the martial arts. Until
you deal with issues around anger, you may be accident prone.
You can be brutally frank and, at times, fearless and
headstrong. You have a strong, fighting spirit. For better or
worse, your friends will play a decisive role in your destiny
and fate.

     You operate by your own rules and thrive on hard work. You
do not easily submit to restraint. Sometimes you feel almost
irresistible urges to change or break free from commitments.

     You are flamboyant and strong. You can achieve the unusual
and the extraordinary.

Mars Triseptile Pluto:

     Your physical and psychological conditions are intertwined.
When the chemistry is right, you are superhuman and unstoppable.
You have strong desires and physical needs and a fearless
persistence and determination to get what you want. You are
motivated by satisfaction. You can be quite willful and
obsessive in the pursuit of pleasures. You can learn to be
dynamic and courageous without being cruel, brutal, or sadistic.
Be forceful and friendly and you can accomplish a great deal. To
get respect, learn to administer your authority fairly.

     You enjoy vigorously intense power plays. You experience
very powerful and passionate energies. Energy exchanges will
transform you, your life, and your lifestyle.  You are motivated
by passion and deep commitment to people and causes.

     People want to see your actions and your leadership
abilities. Demonstrate your courage and self-confidence. To
really pursue your goals, you need an exercise program suited to
your individual needs.


                            Chapter 7

                    Jupiter for Crowe Russell

     Astrologically speaking, the planet Jupiter is the force of
encouragement and expansion. Jupiter's placement indicates what
your most important beliefs are and where you have the
opportunity for glory.

Jupiter in Aries:

     The more you become self sufficient and learn to think for
yourself, the easier your life will become. Opportunities for
growth and expansion can be created through your natural

     If people don't appreciate your frankness and leadership,
leave them. Assert yourself through adventure. Reach out.
Acquire an innovative philosophy and a pioneering spirit. You
can do something very big with your ideas.

Jupiter Sextile Saturn:

     You rather enjoy the difficult struggle to get ahead and
you plod steadily forward in the face of adversity. However, you
should make the big decision to be nicer to yourself. Instead of
unfavorably comparing yourself to others, learn to recognize
your own self worth and give of yourself to others.

Jupiter Sesquiquadrate Pluto:

     One of your biggest challenges is to find the right focus
for your organizational skills and leadership abilities. You are
good at solving problems for others. How about also doing it for

     You might want to break away from popularly accepted codes
and rely more upon your own moral standards. You confront
authorities and demand reforms. Halfway measures won't do for
you. Be patient and tolerant and do not accept mamby-pamby
compromises. Your relentless striving can bring you new


                            Chapter 8

                    Saturn for Crowe Russell

     Astrologically speaking, the planet Saturn is the force of
discipline. Saturn defines your duties, responsibilities and the
structure of your life. Saturn represents mastery, seasoned
professionalism, efficiency, consolidation and dependability.

Saturn in Pisces:

     You pay more serious dues than most people. You can be held
back until you work through some guilt complexes, have free
expression of yourself, and build up your feelings of self
worth. In short, you need to learn to truly let go. Be realistic
about psychology and the human dilemma.

     More than most people, you are limited by the amount of
responsibility you take for yourself.

     Do not wear cheap shoes. Treat yourself to some massage
toys that are especially for the feet. Allow yourself the luxury
of a frequent foot massage. Make it a point to get a
personalized consultation from someone who tells fortunes by
reading feet.

     You could work behind the scenes for the government, or a
large institution. Whenever you feel the need to indulge in self
pity, channel your energy into work for the less fortunate.

     Be moderate or abstinent with alcohol. Steer clear of drug
abuse. Eat fresh garlic and avoid horror movies and people on
the dark side of the occult.

Saturn Opposition Uranus:

     Conservative and radical elements conflict within you. You
can gain power once you realize there is more to the common good
than public posturing. Beware the magnetism that fascism can
hold for radicals and revolutionaries. Respect the rights of
others and you will gain more self respect.

Venus Square Saturn:

     Part of you is shy and reserved and possibly even
anti-social. Your parents may be a burden. One way or another,
the demands of the world seem to stand between you and love.
Discontent will be your lot until you define your values, and
clarify your goals. To gain more power and a big payoff read
Dale Carnagie's classic How to Win Friends and Influence People.

     In growing up you could have been told that you weren't old
enough to do what you want, and that you mustn't touch things.
If you're 21 or over, you are old enough and you can touch

Jupiter Sextile Saturn:

     You have some natural born sense of serious purpose and
fortuitous destiny. To gain lots more power and success you need
only cultivate your innate realism. You may experience a golden
period of your life when you are 56 to 60 years old.

Sun SemiSquare Saturn:

     Your self respect and self expression may be limited,
especially due to childhood problems associated with the father.
The proper effort over the right amount of time will free you
from hardship and drudgery. You have most assuredly learned from
the school of hard knocks, now you can learn from the school of
gentle caresses. You can gain more power and a big payoff by
understanding that negative conditions are neither permanent nor

Mars Decile Saturn:

     Your personality is somewhat spartan and contains elements
of fortitude and precision. You have some innate mechanical
abilities. You are naturally cautious, practical and sensible.
By choosing your battles carefully, you can increase your
winning percentage. It is not hard for you to gain more power.
In fact, you are a natural.


                           Chapter 8A

                    Chiron for Crowe Russell

     Discovered in 1977, Chiron is a relative newcomer to
astrology. Named after the half-brother of the Greek god Zeus,
Chiron is a comet from outside our solar system, according to
the latest scientific findings. In Greek mythology, Chiron was
tutored by the Sun and the Moon (Apollo and Artemis) and, in
turn, taught the offspring of other gods.

     Chiron taught special skills such as astrology, philosophy,
ethics, music, medicine, horseback riding, and weaponry. These
skills where thought necessary for gods, and humans, to achieve
their destinies. The position of Chiron in your birth chart
denotes what and where you may teach or be taught. It is also
where you can be healed and how you can heal others.

     A Centaur, who is part human, and part horse, Chiron is a
half-breed. His higher self sometimes struggles with his own
animal nature. What follows is a description of the "chironic"
side of your character.

Chiron in Pisces:

    To become more spiritual, you need to become more of a
maverick. Rearrange your concept of the gods. TIP: Read THE 12TH
PLANET by Zecharia Sitchin ISBN 0-380-39362-X. It's the
astounding, overwhelmingly documented story of Earth's celestial

      Open new doorways to the world of mystery. Do it secretly.
Imagine for a moment that you're Mr. Spock of Star Trek fame,
Yoda the Jedi Knight or Helen Keller mentoring the blind, then
give some sagacious thought to how you can best help those who
can not help themselves. Do it reverentially.

Pluto Opposition Chiron:

     You could take a maverick approach to command and control
issues. You could exert a great influence on people's sanity.
Immerse yourself with learning experiences on the use and abuse
of power.

Neptune Trine Chiron:

     There is something very mysterious about your identity.
Deal with the power of projections, be they movie projections,
psychological projections, or forecast projections.

Sun Semisextile Chiron:

     Expand your consciousness enough to be of service to
others. Your most personal ordeals may be resolved by learning
and applying healing skills. Surrender to something creative
within yourself; then share it with other people. "They" could
say it can't be done, until you do it.


                            Chapter 9

                    Uranus for Crowe Russell

     Astrologically speaking, Uranus is the force of liberation.
Uranus is where you change unexpectedly and are surprised. It's
where you are unusual, eccentric, or extraordinary.

Uranus is Retrograde:

     When you are feeling especially anxious and socially
alienated, it may be a sign that you are rebelling against
yourself. Allow yourself the freedom to be unique and, possibly,
unconventional. Unusual friends are pluses too. You can be.

Uranus in Virgo:

     Your work life can be erratic; reform your work place.
Make some inquiries.  Free yourself and others in the slave
labor pool.  You get a 7 year itch to have an unusual job, and
learn to do your job in unusual ways.

     Parts of your diet are unsettling.  It is important that
you free yourself from unhealthy and restricting habits.  Renew
your interest in organic food and high tech nutrients and

Uranus Conjunct Pluto:

     It's possible that you may push the limits until you break
through (What?)...  You were born to experience social change.
It is possible that if you consciously probe the deepest parts
of your unconscious mind(s), and process your stuff, progressive
historical forces will prevail.  Sometimes you may face
anthropological and sociological disruptions in your personal
and professional life.

     Strive to overcome personal problems by overcoming your
humanity and becoming a transhuman.  Start by developing a new
technical skill.  Scope out futurism.  Read science fiction.
Take some time to be left alone and some time for

Saturn Opposition Uranus:

     Unusual ambitions stir you to restlessness.  With enough
self control, you can do anything.  Work to resolve the conflict
between your duty and your need for freedom.  If it's tried and
true, keep it.  If it's bold and new, check it out.  When
necessary, confront authorities and work for individual rights.

Mercury Trine Uranus:

     Novelty excites you.  People have come to expect you to say
unexpected things.  Your mental ingenuity is strong and you can
come up with the most original ideas.  Put some of your insights
and inventions in gear.  An inventive mind, quick decisions and
a sharp tongue are yours to wield.  Learn how to make exciting
changes less stressful.  Break free from tradition.

     Unusual, original approaches to professional people could
generate cash surprisingly fast.

     Confront the media.  Call talk shows.  Write letters to
editors.  Publicly express your interest in profound things.
Learn to hold and develop your attention.  Do specific
meditative exercises and you will get some immediate and amazing

Uranus Quintile Neptune:

     Idealism colors your lifestyle more strongly than you
realize.  In an instant you can cultivate a new interest in the
unusual.  If you chronically space out or feel indifferent,
chances are good that you need new friends, new spiritual
practices and new food combinations.  Develop your sixth sense.
Take a psychic development class, or an intuition workshop or

     A tantalizing life is yours.  Guard against dishonesty.
Combat foo foo.  Rebel against trickery and deception.
Neutralize fanaticism.  It might not be a bad idea to phase
through a 12 step program.

Mars Quincunx Uranus:

     You're courageous, original and impatient.  You need a
variety of action and excitement.  You can be about as
unconventional as is humanly possible.  You can develop unique
physical powers.

     If what you've begun is unworthy of finishing that's OK.
Start to think about the worthiness of finishing before you
commit your energy to something new.

     Confront bullies.  Resist being dominated.  Develop your
own unique strength.  Curb your temper and any asocial and
antisocial tendencies that you may have.  Enjoy some more mutual
high spirited, high energy encounters.  Find outlets for your
excess energy and learn when to take it easy.


                           Chapter 10

                    Neptune for Crowe Russell

    Neptune represents fads, impressionability, style, glamour,
imagination and inspiration.  Neptune is the force of deep space
and the force of consciousness expansion.

Neptune is Retrograde:

     You're a bit self-absorbed with past difficulties and anger
from the past. Sometimes you sail on wave after wave of
uncharted space. In order to stay focused you need an annual
retreat to distill your inspiration and your creative juices.
You can make daydreams real. It's your choice; you can be a
channel for higher or lower spiritual forces.

Neptune in Scorpio:

     When it comes to the taboo world, you're part of a
generation that tends to have a blind spot. Your religious
beliefs and disbeliefs are radical and extreme. Once your
generation takes off its rose colored glasses and stops
idealizing power and money, you can really get into the swing of
things. Power and money are for the most part, energy to be
circulated. Get into the flow, but don't hold on, especially to
macabre bizarre death wishes. Opt for life extension, cultivate

   Write the affirmation "Divine prosperity brings me plenty of
fabulous riches and fabulous orgasms. Divine prosperity helps
those who help themselves." 7 times a day for seven weeks. For
at least 5 minutes a day for 5 weeks, concentrate your mind
exclusively on the meanings of "power".

Neptune Trine Chiron:

     When seeking a learning or healing experience, allow your
intuition to guide you. You can develop uncommon extrasensory
skills. Like many things in life, your psychic powers will not
not likely sprout much past seed stage unless you pay attention
and take care.

Uranus Quintile Neptune:

     The hand of prophecy will touch you. You can inspire your
astrologers and psychics. You can become charismatic and
glamorous by waking up and revising your values. Get wired to
something holy.

     Allow metaphysical elements to animate and enliven you.
Seek initiation into higher consciousness. Become a visionary
genius and a visionary activist. Help to peacefully dissolve
restrictive social structures. Make the most of this transition
between great ages.

Sun Quincunx Neptune:

     You're unconsciously in contact with the emotional life of
others. You don't have to be hypersensitive or vulnerable, but
you do need to be grounded in your own identity. To do this, try
adding more fresh root vegetables to your diet. If you have been
having trouble diagnosing medical conditions, try a

     You can develop subtle uses of power through hypnosis and
magic. Develop your ability to see through appearances. Get more
involved with music, poetry and metaphysics. You have unique and
vivid dreams. Learn to distinguish between fact and fanasy. What
does the expression, "You can't cheat an honest person," mean to


                           Chapter 11

                     Pluto for Crowe Russell

    Astrologically speaking, Pluto is the force of cleansing.
Pluto represents trust and violation of trust, control,
obsessions and power struggles. Pluto is the force of intense

Pluto is Retrograde:

     Become aware of your deeply seated psychological
motivations. Recognizing and grappling with your repressed
desires and your suppressed anger will benefit you tremendously.
Among the benefits are: increased energy, productivity and peace
of mind, body and soul. Spend some time alone contemplating and

Pluto in Virgo:

     You're also part of a Pluto generation that is destined to
deal with radical transformation on the job and in everyday
routines and with health care. You have some unusual ideas about
health, healing and nutrition. Politically speaking, you may
champion practical reforms such as the advancement of

     Once you're truly committed to a project, the service and
support you offer are tremendous. You may not often be the first
person to think of a new idea, but you can be the first to
implement one. At times, you are particular to the point of
obsessive perfectionism. Then, if your needs aren't met, you can
be devastatingly critical.

Uranus Conjunct Pluto:

     You're quite different from most people in that you're
quite a bit more willful. You're really an untameable genius and
even a die hard rebel.

     You are capable of about as much personal change as you
decide. Dare to be a unique individual. Rather than reacting or
responding to circumstance, try initiating change.

Pluto Opposition Chiron:

     If you want to change your deepest, darkest complexes, you
must first acknowledge and accept them. Create a place for
psychological healing.

Sun Biquintile Pluto:

     You can work relentlessly. Make it a point to create an
arena where you can be carefree.

     Have you crossed the word "compromise" out of your
dictionary?  Keep your eyes off of self transformation and you
may plummet into a bottomless chasm. Control of others does not
bring you safety, success or satisfaction. Self control is
helpful. Self transformation is pivotal. Develop deep roots and
you will rise far in life.

Jupiter Sesquiquadrate Pluto:

     Ask yourself if you want to control others or be happy. You
have a righteous wrath. When it is triggered, woe to those who
are in the wrong. They may be smitten verily.

     If other sections of this report offer confirmation, you
could achieve great wealth. You've a talent for transforming
yourself and society. You can do something distinguished and
prominent for the great masses of people.

Mars Triseptile Pluto:

     At times you may act drastically, possibly because of
conscious or unconscious anger. The solution is to sharpen your
reasoning powers and to channel more of your considerable energy
into creative projects.
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