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The sample gives you a good idea about someone famous, but how much better would it be to find out about yourself or someone you know - or want to know better? Each report is personalized and you can count on the information to pertain specifically to you or the person you choose to look at. Knowledge is power; find it here.

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                       NEW AGE MAN REPORT

             Astrological Guide for Personal Growth

                          George W Bush
                          July 6, 1946
             7:26 AM [Precise birth time not known]
                     New Haven, Connecticut


                      Veraxs Int'l Inc.

                     3355 Bee Cave Road #606
                      Austin, TX 78746 USA
                       Phone: 512-826-5401

     This report is divided into two sections:  the first one
analyzes your personality with its multiple facets (Sun and Moon
positions); and the second one analyzes the twelve astrological

     This report is not merely descriptive. In the majority of
cases, ideas are suggested that can help your personal
evolution. The subjects are approached from different points of
view such as metaphysical, spiritual, nutritional and general.

     In a few places there may be certain contradictions because
an astrological influence may favor one aspect of life and harm
another. Because of that, it is necessary that you read the
report with a bit of logic and, especially, that you let your
intuition guide you.

     It is necessary that you know yourself, that you know your
potential and your limitations, because by working on your
personal evolution you help everyone else as well, contributing
to the evolution of all life.

                     Birth Astrological Data

      The natal chart is a map of the sky that shows the
astrological positions at the moment and place of birth. For
the benefit of students of Astrology, these positions as well
as other technical information are listed below:
Sun       13 Can 47
Mercury    9 Leo 50
Venus     21 Leo 30
Mars       9 Vir 18
Jupiter   18 Lib 09
Saturn    26 Can 30
Uranus    19 Gem 09

Tropical  Placidus   Daylight Saving Time observed
GMT: 11:26:00   Time Zone: 5 hours West
Lat. and Long. of birthday: 41 N 18 29 72 W 55 43


Conjunction  : 7 Deg. 00 Min
Opposition   : 6 Deg. 00 Min
Square       : 6 Deg. 00 Min
Trine        : 6 Deg. 00 Min
Sextile      : 5 Deg. 00 Min

                           FIRST PART

                Your essence. Your self. The Sun.

                            Character is destiny. By improving
                            your personality you create good
                            conditions for your future.

Sun in Cancer:

     George W, you were born under the sign of Cancer and your
ruling planet is the Moon, which endows you with sensitivity and
a great paternal instinct.

     You are a very emotional person who perceives everything
happening around you. You have many illusions and fantasies
about your life, which will, at times, lead you into
self-deception. You are a very protective man and you express
your paternal role with everyone. You want to build a
harmonious, happy and stable home, and you feel comfortable in
those places which offer you peace, harmony and security. You
are very intuitive, easily understanding other people's
feelings, which makes you a natural psychologist. Your friends
and relatives will tell you their problems and you will provide
moral support for many people.

     You are very close to your loved ones, and to those objects
that hold a sentimental value for you. Because of that, you will
not let go of objects or relationships easily. You will be a
traditionalist, a patriot and a defender of your own. Though you
rarely show yourself as an aggressive person, you will be very
tenacious when the time comes to protect your interests. Your
humor varies, depending greatly on what is happening around you.

     In love matters, you will look for a woman who will offer
you stability and protection, and who dreams about building a
home with many children, just like you do. You will show a lot
of devotion and will surrender to love, leading to
overprotectiveness and even to the putting aside of your own
interests. You are very willing to please and are interested in
seeing the woman you love happy, even if this means you have to
keep silent about your own needs.

     George W, you were born to teach, to educate, to nurture
and to feed children. One of your main tasks is to teach others
to respect family life, social togetherness and traditions. Your
mission is to make people think about stability and what is
lasting and to see how important their feelings are.  You will
be an example of a father and companion.

     To evolve, you need to learn to develop certain defenses to
your extreme sensitivity; you should not be so dependent and so
attached to the same old thing. You should try to find a way
around becoming desperate and feeling deserted away from your
loved ones, and have more confidence in your own resources and
abilities. You will have to conquer your natural shyness that at
times does not allow you to say what you are really thinking or
feeling. You have to avoid the tendency to manipulate others or,
alternately, to become a victim.

Sun Square Jupiter:

     You tend towards laziness and self-indulgence. You may be
overly optimistic and believe that everything will be magically
resolved. You may think that you can do whatever you want
without considering others; if so you must combat such

     You must learn to place limits on your relationships,
objectives and ideas in general, because you can see everything
on a large scale and therefore underestimate the details of
certain situations. Also, you need to learn to control yourself
with food, drinks, and pleasures in general because you can be
excessive very easily and gain a considerable amount of weight.

     It is probable that you had an overprotective or uncaring
father, from whom you inherited your optimism and positive
mentality. Throughout your life, you will also search for a
protective woman who will resolve your major problems. You must
avoid any tendency to irresponsibility and stagnation; try to
exert yourself in every task that you undertake without simply
waiting for the solutions to come your way.

Sun Sextile Mars:

     You are a very constructive man, full of energy and
vitality. You will find yourself attracted to enterprises that
entail some type of risk or that require great decisiveness
because you feel that you have the necessary strength to
overcome any obstacle. You are very positive, frank, open and
direct with your opinions. You are willing to help those in need
and you will be a support for many people around you.

     You will feel attracted towards people who, like you, are
open and sincere. You will always be active and willing to
undertake new paths. You will find support in strong people with
a dynamic character. It is probable that the relationship with
your father is very dynamic and gives you strength and
self-confidence. In time, you will choose to marry an
aggressive, active and protective woman.

                           SECOND PART:

                          Your Destiny.

Mercury in Leo:

     Your mind is dynamic, intense and unyielding. You are
decisive and proud of your ideas; you are persistent and even
stubborn and inflexible if someone contradicts you. You like to
organize and direct others. You exert a great amount of energy
and are very enthusiastic about your plans and, generally, these
plans are good and successful. George W, you like to know about
everything and also to excel; because of that, you can be a bit
arrogant and vain. Your manner of communication is frank and
open; you express your emotions and thoughts openly, though you
at times exaggerate and dramatize everything in order to make
your life more theatrical and capture the attention of others.
You possess a great sense of humor and much creativity which
make you apt to excel in any kind of job that places you in
contact with the public. You learn and study more when you feel
challenged or when your personal pride is at stake. You always
want to be number one and you use all your energies to succeed.
You can also become angry easily and possibly aggressive when
defending your honor. If you fortify your ego and self-esteem,
you will be a very successful person.

Mercury Conjunction Pluto:

     Your mind is very profound, subtle, persuasive and prone to
extremes. You are very persistent and tenacious in your
purposes, and you are fascinated by the unknown or inexplicable.
It is probable that you hold on to your ideas with a certain
fanaticism and inflexibility. Your verbal aggressiveness can
lead to arguments and disagreements with your companions.
Nevertheless, you will be very convincing and you could excel in
investigations, chemistry, surgery or explorations.

Mercury Sextile Neptune:

     You have a great imagination and are deeply inspired by
beauty, and you have artistic talents, especially for music and
painting. You are very idealistic; you dream of a better world
and you possess a fine sensitivity for interpreting the emotions
of others. Nevertheless, your feet are planted on the ground
and, in spite of your fantasies, you will not lose yourself in
ramblings. Probably you do not have a tremendous amount of
mental discipline which makes studying logical sciences, such as
mathematics, harder. You will excel naturally in matters where
you can channel your great creativity and imagination.

Venus in Leo:

     You are ardent and romantic. Your emotional displays are
always exaggerated and a bit dramatic. You feel a great love for
life and for people though you are selective and prefer people
who stand out from the rest. You are endowed with a love of self
and at times will show your vanity. You prefer to demonstrate
your good taste and refinement; your clothing and physical
appearance will be important to you. You love having a busy
social life, and you especially love the opportunity to show
yourself off and stand out. You will experience many romances
but once you fall in love, you will be very loyal to your

Venus Sextile Jupiter:

     You have a very strong sense of justice and harmony. You
express yourself freely and your feelings are ample and sincere.
You enjoy life very much and you will find a lot of love on your
way. Your social life is very intense and you receive support
and cooperation whenever you need it. You have a strong
aesthetic sense that will be reflected in your possessions and
you feel at home in a warm, comfortable and well-decorated
environment, preferably rather quiet. Your positive attitude
will lead you to be lucky in general and to obtain what you want
without much effort. It is probable that because of this you are
can also be a bit lazy.

Venus Sextile Uranus:

     You love your freedom above all other things. Your feelings
can be unusual and your aesthetic taste very original. Your
great creativity excels and you can be very successful if you
dedicate yourself to some artistic activity. Your rebelliousness
is understandable and you will never be destructive. Your
personality is magnetic and unconventional and will awaken much
attraction in the opposite sex. Your romances could be fleeting
and very special. You will always seek what is different, unique
and original.

Mars in Virgo:

     You are unemotional, scientific and very logical. You love
to work and show great enthusiasm when you feel that you are
collaborating in a good cause. Your analytical mind can make you
critical and a perfectionist. You want everything to be done
well and as perfectly as possible; because of this, you could
lose your patience with inefficient or slow people. As you
mature, you will demonstrate a great sense of responsibility and
will easily learn to perform all the tasks that you should. It
is probable that you have certain conflicts in demonstrating
your aggressiveness and that you channel all your energies into
work. You can harbor strong anger that will poison you inside
and lead to explosions. Your great fear is losing control of
yourself and in the future, if you have not done so already, you
will try to contain your passion, so that your image will be
more distant and contained. It is important that you learn to
use your aggressiveness positively to defend your place in

Jupiter in Libra:

      Since childhood you have learned to recognize beauty
everywhere. You are elegant and precise in your movements; you
attract others and could be very popular and loved. You will
develop a strong sense of justice and will always defend the
rights of others, even when they do not request it. In your
search for balance you could be excessive and when the time to
choose comes, indecisive. This astral influence helps insure
future marital happiness.

Jupiter Trine Uranus:

      You possess a great originality and creative power. You
are determined and practical and will achieve any goal that you
set out to do. Your personal freedom will always be important
and you will resist ties and limitations. You possess a great
mental energy, and though you could be very warm you will not be

Saturn in Cancer:

     It is possible that you received little tenderness during
your childhood, or perhaps your home life was a bit complicated
so that you feel certain inhibitions about showing love and
emotions. Nevertheless, you will have a great sense of
responsibility to your family throughout your life. You could be
hypersensitive or easily hurt, and if so, your reaction will be
to go to a place where you feel secure and protected. Basically,
George W, you need emotional security and it is to be hoped that
you received many demonstrations of affection from both parents;
otherwise, you will be very shy, often melancholic, somewhat
solitary and have difficulty in understanding others.

Uranus in Gemini:

       You belong to a generation of progressive and innovative
thinkers, a generation characterized by an elevated level of
culture and a large number of ideas that will transform social
life. You are curious and, fundamentally thanks to the use of
your sixth sense, intuitive. Your generation are avid learners
and curiosity will lead you to travel and exchange ideas. On the
negative side, you must learn to use your initiative
consistently, not leaving your projects partially done, and you
must also express yourself calmly.

Neptune in Libra:

      Your generation is interested in new concepts concerning
law and social relations. They are altruistic, humanitarian,
passionate and lovers of peace, but they could also show an
impractical, lazy or unwilling side. George W, as a part of your
generation, you must choose your companion and best friends
carefully, because your tendency to idealize and not see things
realistically will lead to deceptions. If you do not act
coherently and with a certain emotional detachment when making
your marital choice, this astrological position could lead to a
future separation.

Neptune Sextile Pluto:

      You possess a great creative and artistic ability. You
will also fight against injustices and will seek reforms in the
legislative system. Your intuition is powerful and will lead you
to study and reveal the secrets of nature. It is probable that
you are not totally understood in your ideas about freedom or in
the use of your mystical knowledge; nevertheless, your interest
in the subject will not wane.

Pluto in Leo:

      Your generation has a lot of personal pride and confidence
in themselves. They are more worried about their individual
development than about group growth. During this period
outstanding leaders and heroes will emerge serving as an example
to others. George W, as a part of this movement, you have a
strong sense of authority and the ability to do well in business
and the management of people. It is probable that you are often
selfish and that you do not listen to nor accept suggestions or
advice from others. You will be inclined to enjoy life's
pleasures and will possess a strong desire to lead or dominate.

      How you can relate yourself to the rest of the signs

     The following list will help you understand how you can
relate yourself to the rest of the signs. If you happen to
know the other person's rising sign, you have to combine it
with his/her sign in order to get a more complete description
of that person.


     You will feel a great personal identification with people
of this sign and together you can develop projects common to
both. A good sign for marriage.


     A relationship tied in with business, finances or financial
aid is favored over a romantic one. The union offers stability
and protection but could also be out of an interest in money.


     You could maintain very good communication and an
interchange of ideas. A mental or light relationship is


     A personal and intimate relationship in which deep emotions
will be shared. A very good sign for marriage because it
indicates the possibility of making a home together.


     A relationship of mutual love and attraction. You can enjoy
and share many happy moments but difficulties exist in
maintaining the relationship over time. Ideal sign for courtship
or romance, not for marriage.


     An unequal relationship in which one offers more than the
other. A difficulty exists in openly expressing feelings. A work
relationship is favored over a romantic one.


     Ideal sign for marriage or associations. It is also
possible that one of your best friends is of this sign. This is
a sign of complements; each can have opposing personal
characteristics and that generates attraction.


     Magnetic and intense attraction is indicated. Sign of
passionate and uncontrolled romance based on a strong sexual
attraction. A relationship that implies a dare or a strong
emotional experience.


     A sign that represents a second marriage; a happier and
more spontaneous relationship based upon the exchange of ideas
common to both. One could assume a protective or teaching role
with the other. Probability of an encounter in a foreign land or
of long voyages together.


     A sign that stands out in your destiny. The people of this
sign, both friends and lovers, will exert an important influence
in your life. It is an ideal sign for marriage because it points
out objectives and ambitions common to both, but it can also
indicate too much worry over social status.


     Sign of friendship that represents common desires and
fantasies. Open, friendly, happy and warm relationship, though
probably it will not be lasting. If other common elements exist,
it may lead to a marriage based on friendship and respect for
each other's individuality.


     Karmic relationship initiated in previous lives. It is
possible that you have to confront strong difficulties to be
together and that it is a clandestine or secret relationship.
Also, it can indicate an impossible or intriguing love affair.
This sign is the least favorable for obtaining a happy and open
relationship; if you are involved in one, it will be difficult
for you to cut yourself off or escape because of doubts about
your destiny and the lessons you have to learn.

Remember the following:  everything that she does to you is what
you did to her in previous lives. It is good for you to practice
the exercise of forgiveness and forget any negative emotions.

Note: if two signs are repeated, it means that the relationship
is more complex. If one of the signs is missing, its
interpretation is the same as the previous one. To make things
easier, this is the list of the signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini,
Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn,
Aquarius and Pisces.

     All relationships are PERFECT. Each situation you
experience with another person is the perfect and necessary one
for your evolution; because of this, it is important that you do
not cling to negative emotions such as anguish, depression,
fury, frustration, etc., and that you try to see at every moment
what life wants to teach you. Each person you know has a message
for you and until you listen to it, it is highly probable that
it will be repeated. Some relationships have karmic ties:  they
have been initiated in other lives and there may be dues to pay.
It is possible that what someone makes you suffer is what you
have done to him/her in another time. That is why you must
forgive and forget. In every situation repeat to yourself :
"everything is perfect"; though at the beginning you may not
understand it, later it will be crystal clear.

                            Your Health

Attention: in this section you will find recommendations to
improve your health, but in cases with specific problems you
must consult your doctor.

Sun in Cancer:

     Cancer rules the stomach, diaphragm, thoracic canal,
pancreas and gall bladder. You must watch your diet very closely
and pay special attention to the amount of food you eat, because
you enjoy eating everything and a lot of it. You are prone to
disorders of largely psychosomatic origin. Often the doctors who
see you are baffled by the symptoms you present, and if so, you
should consider your emotional balance. Fears, anxieties,
insecurities, repression, and disturbances at home will be the
most important generators of sickness, which will be manifested,
in general, as digestive disorders, ulcers, gastritis, etc.

     To preserve good health, George W, you must consider the
following: eat a varied diet, avoiding fried foods or those
foods high in fat; do not eat in excess; do not argue at the
table or eat during tense moments; soothe your anxieties by
searching for good communication; practice aerobics, swimming,
cycling or any other rhythmic physical activity; take sauna
baths that will allow you to cleanse your pores and eliminate
toxins; listen to soft and relaxing music while you eat; eat
green leafy vegetables with plenty of enzymes that will aid your
digestive process; do not drink liquids with your meals; perform
respiratory and relaxation exercises; seek contact with nature
and especially with water.

Saturn in Cancer:

     This astrological position can cause:  loss of appetite
because of emotional problems; a low level of hydrochloric acid
resulting in poor digestion; less than the required minor
gastric secretions; and poor assimilation of vitamin B-12 and
iron. In general, you will not assimilate all the nutrients of
ingested foods, which could lead to weakening of your body and
even anemia.

     To have in mind:  many of your emotional unbalances are not
produced by external situations or experiences but by blood
disorders. The lack of some nutrients or intoxication or other
excesses, can often cause changes in your system and lead to
depression, anguish, fatigue or aggressiveness. Because of that,
if you want to be happy, do not neglect your body--give it the
best nutrition possible.

                       What Benefit's you.

Things that benefit Cancer:



COLORS: light green, pale yellow, and also silver, blue and

STONES: pearls, light aquamarine, opal, moonstone, amethyst,
green or pink onyx.

METAL: silver. In jewelry you must moderate the use of gold and
combine it with your most favorable stones.

     Equal energies attract; because of this, people with the
same tastes gather together. If you want to attract positive
people to your life and experience happy situations, you must
take care to improve your own energy. The only way to find a
good companion, good friend, good job, etc., is by being good
yourself, radiating positive energy. Keep in mind that you will
never conquer someone using pity or threats, instead you will
provoke the opposite response. If you desire someone or
something, you have to be splendid inside and out. If you feel
good about yourself, you will attract the best.

                 BIBLIOGRAPHY:  To keep growing.


ZONES, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Ed. Grijalbo. HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR
SELF-ESTEEM, Nathaniel Branden, Ed. Paidos. I'M OK-YOU'RE OK,
Dr. Thomas A. Harris, Grijalbo. THE DANCE OF ANGER, Harriet
Goldhor Lerner, Urano.


4 IN 1, Conny Mendez. GOD SPOKE TO ME, Eileen Caddy, Errepar.
Vergara. THE KYBALION, Tres Iniciados, Kier. MAN AND HIS
Griscom, Light Institute.


Goodman, Urano.

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