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Woman to Woman

Astrological Profile for Stewart, Martha

by Gloria Star



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Austin, TX 78746


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Your Chart Data


      Name:        Stewart, Martha
      Date:          Aug 03, 1941
      Time:          01:33:00 AM EDT  +04:00
      Place:         Jersey City,NJ     
                        074W04'41"  40N43'41"







House Cusps






01  12°Ge44'






02  04°Ca43'






03  25°Ca06'






04  18°Le09'






05  18°Vi18'






06  29°Li10'






07  12°Sg44'






08  04°Cp43'






09  25°Cp06'






10  18°Aq09'






11  18°Pi18'






12  29°Ar10'





Elemental Balance

Modal Balance




4 Fire   

2 Cardinal




4 Earth  

5 Fixed  




3 Air    

5 Mutable




1 Water  











































Interpretation text copyright 1997 by Gloria Star
Program Copyright 1985-2000 Matrix Software, Inc.
407 N. State Ave., Big Rapids, MI 49307  231-796-2483

Woman to Woman

An Astrological Portrait

Prepared for Stewart, Martha

Your astrological chart provides an amazing guidepost to the most important aspect of your life: an understanding of yourself. As a woman today, you face the challenge of discovering yourself within the context of many life experiences. You wear a variety of faces and play many roles, experiences which can both enhance and complicate your feeling of satisfaction with yourself and your life. Your astrological chart provides indicators which help to define who you are, strengthening an understanding of your needs on every level. Each chart is different in its make-up, and the myriad combinations of influences help to underscore the importance of each person as an individual. One thing you must remember when working with astrology: it is through your free will that you make choices. Your "chart" does not make you do anything!

We are finally acknowledging and realizing within today's world, that men and women experience life differently. The workings of your psyche, symbolized by your astrological chart, are likely to be experienced quite differently through your filter as a woman than they would be if you were born male. This report is designed for you, a woman in a world of change, a woman seeking to become whole.

Your natal, or birth, chart is made up of several factors. Drawn upon a circular wheel, your natal chart shows the positions of the planets relative to your place, date and time of birth. Everything is indicated symbolically, with each symbol having specific meanings. The planets, Sun and Moon are placed around the circle, and each is placed within a particular degree of a sign of the zodiac. The planets, Sun and Moon are energy bodies, and the astrological signs indicate how these energies work. Just as you are a complex of feelings, needs, drives and desires - your natal chart maps these qualities. You will also notice that the planetary symbols fall within particular segments of the circle. These segments, called "Houses", indicate the specific environments and relationships which are part of your life. You may find, upon reading your report, that there are a few contradictions. For example, one factor may indicate independence, while another shows strong dependency. It is not unusual to experience contradictions within yourself, and that is just what your chart illustrates about you! But when you reflect upon these qualities within the context in which they are explained, you may discover some self-illuminating facts about yourself. Self-understanding has a marvelous way of emphasizing your personal power!




An Overall Glimpse at Your Astrological Chart

The astrological signs are defined by one of four elements: fire, earth, air or water. The fire and air elements have a yang (masculine polarity) quality, and tend to be more outgoing and assertive in their nature, whereas the earth and water elements have a yin (feminine polarity) quality, and are more receptive by nature. The elemental balance in your chart is determined by the amount of energy within each elemental sign. The factors added together to find this balance of energy include the Sun, Moon, planets and the angles of the Ascendant and Midheaven.

With fire and earth both very strong in your chart, you may be especially creative, and are focused on achieving high levels of productivity. You definitely make an impact on the people in your life, and can leave a lasting impression. Instead of waiting for life to happen to you, you prefer to create life on your terms, and may need to be more attentive to the responses of people who are in your path on the way to achieving the realization of your dreams. This combination of elements has been described as a steamroller type of personality, so keep that in mind before you take off on your next major project! The elemental balance in your astrological chart shows that water is a weak factor. Emotional situations can be rather uncomfortable for you, although you may be somewhat fascinated by others who display their feelings readily. The world of your inner self, your emotional self, can seem tremendously difficult for you at times, and if you're overwhelmed by emotion, you may find yourself shutting down in order to keep your feelings under control in order to avoid pain. Your best therapy is to deal with your feelings, and to acknowledge them. And you may also need to be more attentive to the feelings of others, or you could be accused of being cold or uncaring. Self-sufficiency is one thing, but total distance can be quite lonely. Stimulate your emotional nature in a positive sense by getting into the water element and enjoying it. Swim, take long soaking baths, or let yourself walk outside in the rain on a warm day. And if you're really feeling brave, rent a tear-jerker movie, make a cup of tea, grab your hankies and close the door.

Another aspect of your basic nature is determined by the balance of the modes in your chart. The modes are also defined by sign, which are grouped together as either cardinal, fixed or mutable. You have fixed energy strongest, which helps to account for your ability to stay with a project, relationship or idea until you are satisfied or until your responsibility is fulfilled. The downfall of this strength is not knowing when to let go, and you can be quite stubborn when facing the possibility of change or challenge. Your strongest mode of energy is mutable, conferring a powerful sense of adaptability to your personality. Your flexibility is your strength, but your distractible nature is your weakness. Sometimes you may feel like a circus juggler with too many objects in the air at one time, and you may need to constantly remind yourself to focus on the task at hand instead of leaving something midstream. Your weakest link is in cardinality, which indicates that you sometimes feel reluctant to get started, especially in new situations. 

When you view the whole picture of your chart, you'll see that there is an emphasis of planets on the left side of your chart. This hemisphere strength indicates that you are driven by a need for independence and autonomy, and that you feel most validated when you feel that you're living life on your own terms. You may find it difficult to allow others to support or help you, even when you want them to lend a hand, and can certainly have trouble asking for assistance (especially if you feel it diminishes your sense of self to do so!). Relationships can be difficult for you unless you are in a situation which allows equanimity and equality, but be careful of your tendency to want to take the lead all of the time. True equality means that both partners are powerful.

You may also be concerned with the areas in your chart which appear to be empty. Never fear, these houses are not really vacant! You are just not placing as much emphasis in these relationships or environments, or you may be satisfying these needs through other dimensions of your life.




Projection of Your Real Self

Sometimes showing the world who you really are is not easy, and sometimes the world may not respond as you had hoped! It's helpful to take a look at the differences and similarities between the attitudes, impressions and images you project and the person who resides at the core of your being.

With your Sun in Leo you're likely to radiate a sense of regality and power, even if you're just sitting at home in your old jeans. Although you may not demand to be the center of attention, you can certainly carry it off when the spotlight is on you. You're driven by a need to create and express yourself, and enjoy playful people and situations. When challenged your pride can get in your way unless you develop some objectivity about yourself, which can be a tough job if you're too self-absorbed. It's okay to think of yourself as royalty some of the time, but just remember that others may not see you that way!

Your Ascendant is the face you present to the world, and shows how others see you. Your Ascendant, or rising sign, is Gemini. You may always appear young and are certainly likely to be young in your attitudes, regardless of your age. Others may see you as intelligent and witty, and your interest in a wide variety of ideas and people can certainly help you develop a cosmopolitan air. Whether or not you talk a lot, you are a communicator. Pay attention to your hands and facial movements. You have a lot to say! The energy associated with your Ascendant is Mercury. With Mercury in Cancer, you may appear to be a good listener, and when you do speak your mind, the feeling behind what you say is difficult to ignore.

Your Moon is in opposition to your Ascendant, which can indicate that you have conflicts between what you need for yourself and what others demand or need from you. You may also place too much emphasis on living your life based upon taking care of others, and may feel emotionally drained as a result. Part of the undercurrent of this energy comes from wanting to be connected or needing a partner. This is perfectly okay as long as you create relationships in which your needs and desires count, too. But watch for a tendency for things to get one-sided, and remember to give yourself ample opportunities to fulfill your own needs.

With your Sun in sextile aspect to your Ascendant, you can be quite effective in meeting life on your own terms. Positions of respect and authority feel natural to you, and you can be an excellent leader. Applying your natural talents and abilities is easy for you, so easy, in fact, that you may not take full advantage of your personal resources.

Mercury is in semi-square aspect to your Ascendant, indicating that you may not display full confidence or trust in your own intellectual abilities. One of the best ways to deal with this dilemma is to develop your communication skills more fully and effectively. You may even find it helpful to take a few risks by entering into conversations with people you may not know very well. Challenge your mind by reading or studying material which is outside your everyday interests in order to expand your thinking. But most of all, make an effort to listen carefully or think through things before you automatically react to them.

With Venus in square aspect to your Ascendant you may continually underestimate your worth or value as a person. You may have fallen victim to the idea that your appearance is the only key to your beauty and, whether or not you think you are physically attractive, may never be quite satisfied with the way you look. On a deeper level, you may be dealing with a sense of inadequacy which may stem from a feeling that you are not lovable. Being lovable begins with the way you feel about yourself, and by becoming more accepting and loving toward yourself, you nurture the true essence of love - which resides at the core of your inner self. You may also struggle with the experience of putting yourself at risk or putting forth effort in order to achieve the realization of your desires. You may find that you actually appreciate something more if you attain it through your own efforts than if it were simply given to you.

With Mars in sextile aspect to your Ascendant you may be a hard worker and are likely to be in continual motion. You're happiest when you are in active pursuit of something, and your energetic attitudes can frustrate those who always want to keep things quiet. Channeling some of this energy into fitness is a good option since you may become emotionally agitated and restless if you develop a sedentary lifestyle.

With Jupiter conjunct your Ascendant, you are a natural promoter. When you believe in something, you're likely to let everyone know, and your enthusiasm can inspire others to follow your lead. Others cannot help but see your optimism and faith in the future. You can also be somewhat self-indulgent and need to watch a tendency to think that you should have absolutely everything you want. This can be especially problematic in the weight-gain department, since knowing when to say, "No," is not always easy for you. Physiologically, your body may expand much easier than it contracts!

There are many different facets of the Moon in your chart. But when it comes to your identity, your Moon speaks volumes about who you are at the deepest level: the soul of your being. Your Sagittarius Moon shines through as a quality of wisdom, adventure and spirituality. Despite all the outside distractions, your real self is striving to achieve a true sense of truth, honesty and integrity. Deep within yourself you are the Wise Woman and will open most gracefully to those individuals and circumstances which allow you to express and develop this part of yourself. To do this you need one thing above all else: true freedom. It's easier said than done!




Understanding Your Inner Feminine Self

Although the temptation is to think that just because you are a woman you are in touch with your inner feminine self, this is a much more complicated task than it appears to be! First of all, the model for the true power of femininity has been lost over recent history and is now becoming re-energized. Recovering this power is a personal task for each woman, and learning to use feminine power constructively on a collective level is another challenge for today's woman. This process is the cradle of self-healing, and provides the essence of your personal security.

The primary energies associated with your inner feminine self are the Moon and Venus, but Neptune and Pluto are also significant in your experience and expression of this part of your psyche. The Moon is the energy which filters through your subconscious self, and tells the story of your connection to the part of you which provides nurturing, support, care and comfort. The person who projects the model for your Moon energy is your mother, and you see her through the lens of your own emotional matrix, signified by the Moon. As you mature, you learn to send this energy into the world, but to be truly effective, you must first own this energy and know how to use it to care for yourself!

Through your Sagittarius Moon, you yearn to find your sense of home, comfort and inner peace through developing knowledge. You may hope to experience horizons which reach beyond what you knew as a child. Your mother may have inspired you to reach beyond your limitations, or you may have seen her as a teacher who seemed to have the answers for everything. Even as a young girl, your mind could reach into the possibility of what life was like in other parts of the world, as you are becoming a whole woman, an interest in other cultures may even stimulate your desire to travel to other lands or to learn different languages. The real thirst you feel is to know Truth. Your search for truth may be found through your dedication to building a strong spiritual foundation in your life. But you may also find that truth resides in accepting and embracing cultural diversity. You're most comfortable when you can be candid, and may surprise people with your brash and outgoing nature. Sometimes, you may feel that "femininity" is the last thing you possess, but your brand of feminine self is comfortable standing toe to toe with men in the world - so what if you have lace on your boots! Your moods are usually optimistic, since the future is a consideration for you in any situation. Isn't that what your Mom might have said?

With your Moon in a supportive trine aspect to your Sun, you may be quite capable of integrating the masculine and feminine elements of your psyche. This indicates that your experience of relationships between men and women has not been especially difficult. In fact, you may have a strong connection to both your mother and father. Your experience of life as a woman is not likely to seem especially limited, since you may be quite comfortable dealing with the world on your own terms without feeling that you have to be in conflict on gender issues. Self-respect and sincerity radiate through your personality, and men and women alike may respond to your requests or leadership. But you may not feel particularly motivated to achieve high levels of success, since it might seem easier to take the easier road. This is fine as long as you're happy with your life. But if you feel you want or need more, you may simply need to get moving and set your sights on options which will allow continual growth on every level.

The energy of your Moon in square aspect to Venus stimulates a feeling of discontent. You feel internal conflict when you want what you cannot have, and can be caught in the throes of emotional turmoil when you are faced with letting go of one situation in order to move into something different. That old adage, "you can't have your cake and eat it too," applies to the type of dilemma you frequently face, especially in the realm of relationships. When faced with compromise, you feel depleted. Yet you may also fail to allow yourself to really go for the things you want, since the fear of losing something that valuable can be overwhelming. You are highly susceptible to emotional blackmail, and may be reluctant to admit it when you feel strongly for someone because you don't want to be vulnerable. All these attempts to keep yourself protected act like a barrier against your happiness. And until you address your fears of intimacy, you may never have a fully functional relationship. You could gain exceptional benefit from studying human psychology and learning about human behavior. Working in a therapeutic group situation could also provide methods for you to understand the manner in which you relate to others and they relate to you. Then, you can ultimately risk developing a gradual intimacy. A female friendship provides a safe starting place, since part of your frustration arises from a lack of trust of yourself as a woman. Sharing your feelings and thoughts with a friend, and taking responsibility for becoming a good friend yourself, will help you overcome the barriers which may have been in place since you were a young girl. Jumping into an intimate relationship before you've learned to trust yourself and your feelings can leave you vulnerable, and may even expose your mate to your unresolved issues.

With your Moon in trine aspect to Mars, you can be quite confident about expressing your feelings and asserting yourself in a positive manner. Your knack for dealing with people is excellent, and you can be quite effective dealing with men on your own terms. You are likely to find the male-female dance quite interesting and enjoyable, and the differences between men and women are more intriguing to you than they are perplexing. As a mother, you can be especially supportive, since you enjoy dealing with your children on their level and generate an atmosphere of safe support, creativity and fun. In relationships, you are not likely to hesitate about expressing the way you feel, and can show all your emotions, including anger, without worrying if they are "acceptable."  Since you take yourself at face value, you may also have the same approach to dealing with others, which makes for a great ingredient in any relationship.

Your Moon is in opposition to Jupiter, adding a strong sense of optimism and a desire to see life getting better and better. You can also get yourself into trouble if your expectations are not fulfilled, and need to learn the importance of setting reasonable limits. This includes limits on eating, spending and doing things for other people. Now, you don't have to become a miser, in fact, you probably could never carry it off, since somewhere, somehow, your generous nature would spill out. And you've probably learned that excessive restraint is not particularly effective for you either, since you need a few indulgences here and there.  Finding the balance point is the key: and that relies upon your setting those limitations. Yes, you can move the limits if you discover that you can handle it; and you really have to remain alert to your expectations about yourself and others. It's easy to feel that you would be happier if only you had more, or if only you could do more, become more or experience more. Finding a positive channel for this need to push the limits is absolutely necessary, or you may discover that you are never satisfied with yourself. As a mother, you can be an amazing and inspiring guide, supporter and teacher. But you need to remember to allow your children to grow at their own rate, and to live their lives in a manner which fulfills their needs for personal expression.

With your Moon in square aspect to Neptune, your imagination is highly active, and your emotional responses can be especially dramatic. Your emotional sensitivity can range to extremes from ecstasy to despair, and you can respond just as powerfully to an imaginary stimulus as to something "real."  Your idea of reality can be somewhat different from the norm because you feel the vibrations of everything around you. But since you are functioning on the physical plane, it is important for you to learn to distinguish physical reality from the reality which is beyond the physical. Once you've accomplished this, you can draw more reasonable emotional boundaries, and can feel much more in control of your life. You also need these boundaries in order to avoid being used or abused by others in your life. Your compassion can be a wonderful thing, and ministering to the needs of others does, indeed, fill your soul. You may have difficulty separating your feelings from the emotions and feelings of others, and can find it difficult to walk away from the situations which you must leave behind. Your yearning for a soulmate can lead you to see only what you want to see in the man you love, instead of accepting him for what he is. In relationships, you are quite prone to high levels of co-dependency or addictive behavior patterns, and may be the one who ends up falling victim to another's emotional instability unless you learn to give yourself some psychological space. This is not as easy to do as it sounds, because when you are attached to someone, you can be very deeply attached. But sacrificing yourself to the needs of another, especially if they are self-abusive or if they are abusing you, can destroy your spirit. Developing skills in meditation, contemplation and other self-reflective techniques can help you feel more connected to the core of your inner self, and may impart the objectivity you need to determine if you are in a situation which can allow you to make your dreams come true, or if you're in a living nightmare. Spending time developing your creative or artistic interests can have a similar strengthening effect upon your psyche.

Your Moon is in the First Quarter Moon Phase of the lunation cycle, indicating that you approach the fulfillment of your desires and needs by taking action. The frustration of waiting for someone else to get something started may leave you feeling that you're always the one who blazes the trails. You do get a rush from forging ahead, and may even accomplish greater growth in the process. The frameworks you are creating can not only sustain you, but may also become part of the social system. The archetypal quality associated with this moon phase is that of the "Wild Woman", a quality which is expressed in an uninhibited form of sexual and spiritual energy. Through this quality, your passion drives you to experience life as an erotic satisfying experience, unfettered by the restraints others may so easily embrace. Your willfulness may also be rather intense, and sometimes you may feel that you are at odds with yourself. Many of the old habits, attitudes and teachings you learned as a young girl may seem obsolete, since you're more likely to want to create your life on your own terms. There is a thread which continues throughout your life which binds you to all  you have been and to the traditions which forged your foundations. Crisis is definitely something you understand, since you not only experienced it in your early years, but seem to attract it now. You have a healthy respect for the power of crisis - which is the peak moment of change - since you know it leads to a new phase of experience and opportunity.

Through the energy of Venus you express your feminine wiles, and also locate the part of yourself that needs to be emotionally expressive. Your sense of inner beauty and feelings of personal worth are also functions of Venus. Venusian energy is part of your connection to other women, and the placement of Venus in your chart can tell you a lot about your openness and acceptance of your own femininity. Although your Moon may indicate your basic emotional nature, the manner by which you express your feelings is frequently through Venusian energy.

Through the energy of Venus in Virgo you love the simple things of life. Your delight in the beauty of spring flowers, a kitty's warm purr, a baby's soft skin and the wrinkled smile around your lover's eyes make life worthwhile. Little escapes your eye for detail, and you appreciate excellent workmanship and self-expression. Your own natural beauty radiates best when unencumbered by excess, and you may sparkle in soft colors and elegantly tailored attire. Comfortable, soft, flowing garments may be your preference whenever possible, but you can also look great in a silk suit. You may have little time or tolerance for excess, and although you may enjoy romance, may not go out of your way to create it. However, you do know what you like, and once you've developed trust in a close relationship, may be quite open about your preferences. It's easy for you to be overly critical of yourself and others, partly because you notice everything and have such definitive taste and favorites. You can also be tolerant, although you have to work to develop this skill to its fullest extent. You may find it difficult to experience the love you dream about, especially if the guy who catches your eye turns out to have dirty fingernails. Give him a bar of soap and see how he cleans up before you strike him from your list entirely. 

Your expectations of yourself are quite powerful. Stimulated by the square between Venus and Jupiter, you may be rather flamboyant in your manner and may not know when you've had too much of a good thing. Setting limits is difficult and frustrating, since in your heart you may believe that anything is possible. If you see yourself in unrealistic proportions, or if you expect impossible things from life, you may feel continually disappointed. You might even try to make up for the deficiencies by overindulging yourself or overspending. There's nothing wrong with optimism, but there is a difference between optimism and unrealistic expectation. Learning that lesson is one of your challenges, and if you are to have the faith in yourself that you deserve, you'll have to face it. Believing that having enough money or status will make up for a lack of personal worth can get you started on the wrong foot. Try again. You are a creative, witty and visionary woman with a lot to offer. Now, that's a good beginning.

Although the planets Neptune and Pluto move very slowly and are generational in nature, they do have an influence upon your psyche. These energies define much about the collective experience which shapes your inner self. You're experiencing Neptunian energy when you're in the midst of reverie, when you're deep in dreams and when you're feeling compassionate. Neptune drives your imagination, the realm of illusion and your psychic sensibilities. Because Neptune is difficult to grasp on a physical level, there is a lot about this energy that can be problematic, and when you are caught in the negative grasp of Neptune, you can give in to addictive behaviors, escapism and deception manifesting. But you do have a way of channeling this energy. It is through Neptune that you find the heart of compassionate love and understanding. This is the doorway to your inner self.

With Neptune in Virgo, you are part of the generation of women born from 1928 to 1943 who have understood the importance of developing and maintaining sound minds and bodies. In the perfect world envisioned by your generation, health, good education and clean environments are extremely valuable - and you have individually and collectively instilled this attitude into the developments in modern society. Your role as a woman in the world has also been influenced by a strong desire to learn and to become proficient in dealing with the world. The vision of sound health on every level held by your generation is still powerfully influential in the development of educational models, health facilities and other institutions which support the betterment of life on earth. 

Pluto represents the primordial essence. It is from this level that all transformation occurs: birth, death, illness and healing. It is also here that the powerful kundalini force continually regenerates itself. This is the space of all creation and all power. It is the space of origin: the Great Mother.

With Pluto in Leo, you are part of a generation of women born 1938 - 1957 who have had to learn about manifesting power and breaking the illusion of the patriarchy. You are among the women who have reshaped society. If you've developed a career, you may have done so against an old system. Instead of destroying that power base, your task within the collective is to change the nature of power through love and creativity, and through honoring the sanctity of life.




Owning Your Inner Masculine Self

For centuries, women were not allowed to assert themselves in the world, and carefully learned the role of supporter of their "men." Those who failed to respond in this manner were frequently shunned or punished, although there have always been women who defied convention! During this century particularly, women have broken out of their strictly "conventional" roles, and have been making their way in the world. Because of this, women have been successful at fulfilling more of their needs, and owning their own power more readily. As a result, a woman's relationship with the men in her life has also changed. Despite women's collective knowledge about the need to be whole persons, it is still sometimes easier to allow men (fathers, brothers, lovers and husbands) to "own" certain qualities. (They, in turn, prefer that women own certain qualities - like emotions!) But to become truly whole and functional, it is necessary to find and incorporate your inner masculine self into your sense of wholeness, instead of projecting that part of yourself onto others (most usually men) in your life.

Through the process of becoming at home with your ego, you gain a true sense of personal strength and power. To own this power, you must learn to acknowledge that it is okay to be recognized for who and what you are. Your Sun energy is the primary factor in the expression of ego needs. As a young girl, you may have seen your father through the filter of your Sun. His power of getting out into the world, and the manner by which he did it, have shaped your own sense of personal identity. And today, the Sun in your chart may symbolize significant men. But this energy is, in itself, the core of your spirit.

Since you're no stranger to the spotlight, you've probably had ample opportunities to express your assertiveness and personal strength. Your Leo Sun is a magnet for attention, and your actions and attitudes determine whether or not that attention is helpful or detrimental. You have the potential to radiate a powerful energy and may be an inspiration to those who need a stable source of confirmation that life is, indeed, okay. You can be intimidating to men who are unsure of themselves and may even take advantage of this; just try to remember your own insecurity when you first faced raw power! Taking on the challenge of leadership can be one of your most fulfilling experiences, although you can be quite domineering in some situations. If you've been giving away your power to the men in your life, you have probably attracted strong-willed individuals. But to become truly complete, you must learn to embrace and express your own individuality in a manner which opens your creativity and fills your heart.

Your ability to assert yourself and pursue the fulfillment of your needs and desires is strengthened through the energy of your Sun in trine aspect to Mars. When you find yourself in situations which require you to take positions of leadership, you are quite capable of rising to the challenge. When you feel you need support, you can also reach out to others who will enjoy sharing the experience with you. Understanding that you are a strong woman and allowing yourself to test your strength in pursuit of your aims brings renewed vitality into your life.

Your confident, optimistic attitude supports your ability to express your personal assertiveness. The energy of the Sun in sextile to Jupiter strengthens your ability to act with conviction and hopefulness. You may also be quite accessible - comfortable with yourself, radiating a friendly, easygoing attitude. Both men and women may find you easy to be around, although you may be more interested in some of the pursuits considered "masculine," like politics, sales or sports. You like your masculine side, and that works to your benefit.

You really don't have to fix all the men in the world, but with the influence of your Sun in semisquare aspect to Neptune, you surely can attract needy, addicted, or unreliable men. The more aware you are of your needs to take charge of your personal identity, the less you will project onto men. Strangely enough, you'll also begin to attract a different quality of men, who may still be needy or wounded, but are working on themselves. You may feel most powerful when you're playing the role of either victim or rescuer, but be careful. In these scenarios, there are usually no winners.

You may be tempted to allow your life to be absorbed by the will and expectation of the men you love, from father to lover to husband. You may even have had an experience  early in your life which tested your ability to survive. In truth, the conjunction between your Sun and Pluto indicates that you need to know what it is to express the charisma and intrigue which are the essence of your power as a woman. Men may be both fascinated and overwhelmed by your intensity, and you're likely to stir up a bit of controversy with anyone who is uncomfortable with their emotions, including their sexuality. As you fully integrate the essence of your will and drive with your need to create change, you can become an effective healer and powerful catalyst for growth.

Mars energy is assertive, aggressive and combative, and can be angry. These are not "feminine" qualities. In fact, women who possess and project these qualities from within themselves often get bad names, and are called "ball-busters," or other expletives, by the men who are dealing with them. But to become fully whole, you need to accept the manner in which you can utilize your Mars energy so that you are confident and strong with it, and so you can get into the world and make things happen for yourself!

Pursuing the fulfillment of your needs and desires is something you do with great courage and strong assertiveness. With Mars in Aries, you learned early that you like to do things that are challenging. Whether you're involved in sports, career pursuits, or building a family - you're the woman who will forge ahead despite the odds. You may also be quite comfortable expressing your anger, openly and directly. Who say's it's not ladylike? 

You get an extra boost of confidence and courage with Mars in sextile aspect to Jupiter. You may find it much easier to take a stand, instead of relying on someone else (like a man!)  to fight your battles. And if you have something to say, you much prefer to speak your mind, although sometimes actions do speak louder than words.

You may be very disciplined, at least some of the time, with Mars semisquare Saturn. It's that "some of the time" which is at the core of the problem. Consistent effort is not your strong suit unless you really want what you're going after. When you want something badly enough, you can be quite persistent, sometimes to the point of compulsive. If you expect that men are the only ones who are really supposed to be responsible for all the difficult concerns in life, you'll be frustrated when you realize that he (or they!) are taking charge. You can be quite good at being in charge once you learn the difference between focus and restraint. Until you are taking responsibility for your own actions, you are only functioning in a limited capacity. Fearing the effects of taking assertive action is a denial of your own power and stifles the development of your inner masculine strengths.

The energies of Mars and Uranus are in semisquare aspect, illustrating one dimension of your rebellious personality. You may wait until you've had it to the brim before you act, which can be quite disruptive to your own life and to the lives of those around you. Learning to express your discontent or frustrations when they arise can help you vent your anger more effectively and may even confer a more positive sense of self-direction. If you're around angry males, you may feel a lack of control or direction because of their disruptive actions and attitudes. Once you begin to exercise your needs for autonomy and independence, you'll see your relationships changing. Taking a stand can be very empowering, and initiating change will free your spirit.




Developing Your Mind

Education and learning are lifelong processes. Your approach to developing your intellect is multifaceted, but there are special indicators in your astrological chart which help you understand the best ways to develop your mentality. Improving and strengthening communication skills is also part of developing your mind, since connecting to others is certainly improved if you can effectively illustrate your point of view!

Although the energy of Mercury is traditionally considered to be the main indicator of your mentality, there are also other qualities which are part of your mental and intellectual self. First, let's look at Mercury, which is the energy through which you link your thoughts and ideas with others. You are a receptive thinker with Mercury in Cancer and can use your convictions and personal feelings about someone or something to your advantage when you need to express your ideas. You may have a photographic memory, with outstanding abilities to recall anything you've seen or learned. If you really want to remember something, see it in your mind. Your ability to recall the details can be quite amazing. Although you can be a little sentimental, and may love romantic stories and songs, you can be objective when necessary. You may be a first class storyteller, with an excellent ability to use different inflections in your voice.

Your need to be socially correct can get in the way of saying what you really want to say with Mercury in semi-square aspect to Venus. You may also be too sensitive to the way others communicate with you, and if confronted with harsh or abrasive behavior, may have difficulty dealing with the person or situation. However, this influence does stimulate an interest in developing you communicative and social skills.

Disciplining and focusing your mind is supported by the energy of Mercury in sextile aspect to Saturn. You learn best in situations which follow a pattern and allow practical experience to play a part in developing your understanding or skills. When necessary you can also do very well studying a subject on your own, although you may truly appreciate the guidance of a dedicated teacher or mentor.

Your imagination is easily stimulated with Mercury in sextile aspect to Neptune. Self-expression flows readily, and writing, music, painting and photography can all be worthwhile avenues for you to express your ideas and view of the world. You may be an excellent mimic and talented actress.

The energy of your Moon also has a mental component. The Moon is the realm of thought, the process of subconscious thinking, and plays a strong role in intuitive thinking. Through your Sagittarius Moon, you are most drawn to subjects which appeal to your higher nature. You cannot separate your feeling for the natural order of things from the way you learn. You may be most interested in subjects which are philosophical and which provide pathways to understanding the greater truths of life and laws of the nature and the universe. Always on a quest, you may be fascinated with knowledge and wisdom but can be uncomfortable if you have to focus on any one subject for too long.

Jupiter also plays an important role in learning, stimulating you to look ahead into the realm of possibility, beyond the horizon of the now. Through the energy of Jupiter, you share what you know with others. As a woman, you are likely to feel most at home when you use this energy to encourage and support others, but you can also apply this to yourself! Your philosophical approach to life and learning is rather eclectic with Jupiter in Gemini - kind of live and let live in your attitudes. You may also appreciate the diversity of ideas and cultures existing on the planet and can benefit from exploring them. Sometimes, you may think you have to know about all of them, but the important part may be to discover the link between the many schools of thought and cultures on our world. Oh, that's right, you're not limited to this world... what about life in other galaxies? How do they run their cities? Now, that should really get you going!

Confidence in your ability to learn is stimulated through the energy of the Sun in sextile aspect to Jupiter. This can also indicate a positive relationship with your teachers, and may stimulate your own desire to share what you know with others. You enjoy the feeling of reaching beyond your limitations through developing your understanding.

With Mars in sextile aspect to Jupiter your eagerness to explore new vistas is strengthened. This is literally a courageous approach to learning, and you might even enjoy pitting your ideas against another just for the fun of it. After all, that sense of expansion through competition is what this aspect is all about!

Your deep curiosity about the way things work is stimulated by Jupiter in semi-square to Pluto. You're not likely to be satisfied with blanket explanations of anything. You want to turn over a few rocks, particularly in the philosophical department, and to find out what's lurking underneath. This is okay, but the manner by which you do it makes all the difference in the results!

The purpose of Saturn is to provide clarity, structure, form and discipline - elements which are certainly important to learning. Saturn functions primarily as your inner teacher. Mothers are the most influential Saturnian models in western society. They provide the structure, guidance and support for their children in the realms of learning, socialization or personal growth. Once you enter society as a child, teachers play the Saturnian role. But the role of mothers and teachers in relationship to Saturn is to help you define the structure upon which you will build your life. Then, you "own" your Saturn, and know how to discipline and focus your own energy.

You may not enjoy school with Saturn in Taurus. Better yet, you probably do not enjoy tests. But when you have a chance to prove yourself, you can be stubbornly persistent until you've achieved satisfaction. Your sense of structure is amazing, and you may be quite adept at growing things. Try to apply your understanding of the processes of nature to your own development.

The areas of your chart which are connected most strongly to mental and intellectual development are the 3rd, 9th and 11th Houses. The 3rd House of your chart deals with communication and the development of concepts.

It's easier for you to communicate and share ideas about things which stimulate your emotions with Cancer ruling your 3rd House. You may also have a high memory capacity, thinking in terms of whole pictures. However, you may not really be a good student, because you would prefer to "absorb" information; it seems so much easier that way. You do absorb a lot, but when you need facts, may regret that you neglected to fire up the old brain cells. With the Moon ruling your 3rd House, you are most likely to share your ideas with people who feel familiar and safe. You also prefer to communicate with passion and feeling. Stale numbers may never appeal to you.

The influence of the Sun in your 3rd House shows that you literally shine as a communicator. As a young girl you probably enjoyed school and the experience of learning, especially if you gained positive recognition for your efforts. The energy of the Sun here adds to your abilities as a speaker, writer and conversationalist. Your people skills may be among your greatest assets. The sciences can also be interesting to you, and you may have a special  ability to shed light on subjects which are difficult for many people to understand.

Looking beneath the surface and searching for what lies beyond the facade is stimulated by the energy of Pluto in your 3rd House. You can be an avid researcher or scientific thinker and may be quite adept at understanding many of the mysteries of life. Your interest in subjects which are somewhat taboo, like sexuality, birth and death, adds a special dimension to your personality. Your ability to concentrate can be quite good, although you can be quite obsessive in your thinking. Since you may not realize the extent of your own mental intensity, you may wonder why some people have difficulty being around you. They may be uncomfortable with your penetrating insight (especially if they have something to hide), but may also feel that you know more than you do. You rarely let on about everything you know or think, and can be quite secretive about anything which is important to you.

Your 9th House shows your approach to higher learning, which is usually accomplished through a college or professional degree program. Subjects like philosophy, religion, political science, cultural pursuits and the like are strongly associated with this facet of your development.

You may take education seriously, and are likely to prefer learning things that have a realistic basis with Capricorn on the cusp of your 9th House. A practical approach is much more suitable than abstract learning. You may be very much the "show me" type of woman who prefers to have evidence for all the theories. With Saturn ruling your 9th House, you are a prime candidate for academia, and might fit into the academic pattern quite nicely, including becoming a teacher. Regardless of your aims, your education needs to provide a reasonable option for making a living. This energy also stimulates a somewhat orthodox approach to religion and philosophy, although you may have a strong affinity for nature religions and ritual.

There are no planets in your 9th House, indicating that extended education in a formal setting may not be your highest priority. Although you may be quite philosophical or approach life itself as a learning experience, you may have interruptions in formal education or may find that you learn in different ways than those found in more academic settings. To further understand your approach to education study the meaning of the sign on the cusp of the 9th House explained above, and reflect on the energy of Jupiter and its sign and house placement as indicators of the development of your higher mind.

Through the 11th House you learn from peers, and connect with your community. The 11th House involves your special interests, too. This is very much the school of life, because this is also the area which relates to developing your goals.

Your desire to have the things you want and to experience a life of true security begins with your dreams. With Pisces influencing your 11th House, your dreams play a major part in accomplishing your aims. Your ability to envision what you want from life can be quite empowering. And if you can do something which confirms the probability of making your dreams happen, then you can be even more successful. Although you have to start with the dream, at some point you need to touch the physical reality. It's like career day at school. You may think, "I'd like to be a doctor." But until you follow a doctor around for a few hours and get a sense of what it would be like, you may wonder if it actually fits. By making some physical connection to your dreams, you can become a masterful creator of your life. Neptune's rulership of this house adds a desire to make a difference in the world to your goals. You know that you can be part of the change which will add meaning and compassion to the experience of life.

When you have a goal, your action, energy and courage play a significant part in achieving it with Mars in your 11th House. You may enjoy challenges and can accomplish more if you are met with situations which require you to rise to the occasion. You may also prefer to stir up activity levels when things start to get a little boring or stale. Choosing the outlets within your community and among your friends and professional associates which will allow you to make a difference can be very important. But you may also find that you become too involved in the social side of life and lose track of your larger goals. When you do focus on your aims, you have no trouble doing whatever is necessary to make them happen.




Your Special Edge

It's true. Women are definitely the intuitive sex. The process of intuitive awareness may be more developed for you as a woman because you are more cyclically aware, thanks to your anatomy and hormonal changes. But there is something more. As a woman, your natural affinity with the energy of the Moon increases your receptivity, an important ingredient in opening to the intuitive process. Intuitive awareness is multifaceted. You can use it when you're dealing with emotional and psychological issues, you can apply it to your creative expression, and you can take advantage of your intuition in your work as part of your decision-making. Developing your intuitive process is like developing any other sensibility - you have to concentrate some time, effort and energy in order to finely hone this element of your psyche. Although some quality of intuition may be there innately, to make the most of it, you must learn to trust, listen and incorporate it into your life.

The parts of your chart which are most strongly associated with intuitive sensibility are the water houses: the 4th House, the 8th House and the 12th House. The 4th House is connected to your soul history. It is here that you seek a sense of home, a connection to your family, and a feeling of safety and comfort. It is here that your soul remembers your past, even if your conscious mind cannot fit the pieces together.

With the sign Leo on the cusp of your 4th House, you may feel that your family fate is indeed tied to your own. Yet you may also feel drawn to break away from the restraints which are implied in your family history, and to do things which support your individuality and autonomy. You may nourish others by example: in fact, your example can have a greater impact upon your family than you may realize! By listening to your intuitive voice concerning the best way to handle family needs and develop a true sense of security, you may be able to set your ego aside. With the Sun ruling your 4th House, you may find that sometimes your ego can get in the way of your intuitive process. It's important to define the difference between selfish desires and true inner guidance. Strive to avoid trying to control the yearnings of your soul. Sometimes you may have to tell your ego to sit quietly and listen to the part of you which speaks in a quiet whisper.

With Venus in your 4th House, you may love the comfort of being at home. Your inner home, that place where you feel serene and one with yourself, is a place of beauty, and your soul adores basking in that experience. You may also experience a deep sense of satisfaction from the pleasure of being around those you love. Caring for  your soul involves creating a space which allows love to grow in your life, and that space reflects your values and personal artistry.

The 8th House brings you into your deepest emotional attachments, and is the space where you are alchemically transformed. This is the seat of your magical power: your ability to change yourself in order to become whole. Here is the heart of healing, but here you also hide your greatest vulnerabilities. Most people shy away from dealing with 8th House issues like sex, death and taxes. After all, there can be problems with any of them, and they are not easy to explore out in the open. But there is more. For your intuitive development, this area represents the part of you which holds your power, and you must learn to accept and embrace this side of yourself to feel truly satisfied with your life.

With Capricorn influencing your 8th House you may have quite a struggle in matters pertaining to the processes of change and personal transformation. This includes your feelings about aging, and your tendency may be to do whatever you can to avoid the aging process. Some things are inevitable, such as physical changes. Living in fear of the things you don't understand, like aging or death, will only block your ability to deal with these changes positively. You can control many of the effects inevitable changes will have in your life by focusing your mind and energy upon constructive possibilities. Saturn's energy is also an important factor in matters of this house, and you are likely to discover that the healing and rejuvenation you desire can only occur when you are taking full responsibility for yourself and your life circumstances.

Since you do not have any planets in your 8th House you may not feel very strongly driven to probe into the mysteries of life. Perhaps you do not have issues in this regard, but there may also be other factors in your chart which drive you in this capacity, and do not need the additional focus in this particular area. To further understand your 8th House study the sign associated with it explained above, and look to the planet associated with that sign.

The 12th House is the space of your dreams. Here, you surrender your conscious self and float into the beyond. This is also the place in your psyche which contains your past, and where you are one with all humanity. Your superconscious self rests in this part of your psyche: the part of yourself that transcends your everyday reality.

With Aries influencing your 12th House, you may have a highly active subconscious self. Your dreams may reveal that you are more temperamental than you appear, and you need a place to channel this fiery quality. By actively participating in understanding your dreams, you may discover a new realm of awareness. With Mars ruling this house you may be more successful participating in "active" forms of meditation, such as yoga, tai chi, martial arts or dance. Just sitting quietly trying to gain a sense of what is happening on the inner realms may leave you feeling frustrated. But once you've learned to channel that energy, you can then develop a quality of mindfulness which accompanies you in every state of consciousness. You can develop a very powerful intuition, but may not always listen to it!

Your desire for solitude may be stimulated by Saturn's influence in your 12th House. You may need ample time to reflect and clarify and can benefit from regular periods of meditation which will allow you to release your anxieties and open to true inner peace. It is critical that you learn how to deal with and address your fears, because they can inhibit your ability to remain open to your intuitive and creative sensibilities. Finding your inner dragon and discovering ways to either live with or banish that part of you which is overwhelming will restore your faith in yourself and in the divine order.

Your intuitive self can be highly stimulated with Uranus in your 12th House. You may have flashes of insight which vanish as quickly as they come, and may need to develop some manner of focusing your mind in order to take advantage of your sense of knowingness. Your meditations can be freeing, but you may have trouble just sitting quietly. An active form of meditation, such as hatha yoga, tai chi, chi gong or even dancing can be both inspiring and clearing for you.

The energy of your Moon plays an important role in your intuitive development. Since your Moon is related to your subconscious mind, it should not surprise you that this is the part of you that contains all knowledge about yourself and your life. Occasionally it's a good idea to purge from your psyche the things you no longer need - much like an internal house cleaning. Your hormonal cycles provide an excellent opportunity to do just that, and by using this natural rhythm to release, you can feel much more open to clearer transmission of intuitive thinking!

Through your Sagittarius Moon, your mind is open to all sorts of possibilities. Since your search for Truth may take you on many adventures, it seems natural to you that your might find keys to developing your intuitive self through adopting a more spiritual approach to life. Integrating the spiritual into your everyday life is crucial to your personal growth. You simply cannot abandon your principles in any of your thoughts or actions without feeling strong repercussions. 

There are other points related to the Moon which you'll find in your chart. They are called the Moon's Nodes, and are not planets, but points in space. The influence of the Moon's Nodes is felt on an inner level. From the South Node, you learn about your past and the natural inclinations which may influence many of your subconscious choices. In some ways, the South Node suggests old habits. The North Node of the Moon suggests a spiritual and emotional challenge, and represents the directions you may feel compelled to follow in your evolutionary path.

Your challenge with the North Node in Virgo is to develop a clear sense of discrimination and pure thinking. You may discover that teaching or guiding others provides and excellent avenue for personal service, and when you look back over your life, may recall many incidents of others seeking your judgment, support or guidance. When you've allowed yourself to surrender to truly serving the needs of the situation at hand, you've found new abilities and strengths. With your South Node in Pisces your old tendencies to escape the burden of responsibility or to live in a world of fantasy will accomplish very little in the realm of personal growth. You are learning to employ your imagination and sensibilities toward the service of humanity.

Uranian intuition is the flash of insight. Sometimes that flash is so brilliant that you change your entire life to follow it's glow. This is also the part of you which defies restraint, and certainly your intuitive mind can celebrate that possibility!

The influence of Uranus in your 12th House has been explained earlier in this section of your report.

Neptune's energy takes you into the world of the etheric - the place beyond the physical which is filled with mystical wonder. You surrender to this part of yourself when you meditate, when you give in to your creative muse, and when you give of yourself to others. In developing your intuitive and psychic sensibilities, Neptune provides a primary ingredient: letting go. Through this energy you surrender yourself to the greater truth. But be careful: you can also surrender your will to the power of deception and abuse through another of Neptune's doorways!

With Neptune in your 5th House it's easier for you to release and open your intuitive mind when you're in the midst of creating. Your imaginative and impressionable sensibilities work to your advantage when applied to self-expression - like music, the arts, dancing, writing - but any creative outlet allows you to open to this flow. Any situation which allows you to open your heart will enhance your psychic abilities!

Pluto's insight is on the deeper psychic level. Through Plutonian energy you can read between the lines. You see the twitch of an eye that tells the truth, you read the movement of hands, the tone of voice that betrays what words fail to say. Developing your Plutonian energy requires that you reach into the very depths of yourself and become familiar with your entire being. Yes, that includes your shadow self, your darker side - and it also encompasses your passion, your strength of survival and your ability to heal.

You may have a very penetrating mind with Pluto in the 3rd and can be a psychically gifted. Your ability to use words to create change can be amazing, and you may also be quite gifted using your voice as a tool for healing and transformation. You may be capable of probing into mysteries and finding information long after others have given up on finding anything.




Nurturing and Creating a Home

Nurturing. Mothering. These experiences are associated with womanliness, but are not the sole definers of your womanhood. Although women are the only ones who can become mothers, it is not necessary to be a mother to become an exceptional nurturer! Nurturing is a natural expression for women - but the manner in which it is done is very individualized. Whether with children, lovers, partners, friends - or even with your own parents - you have ample opportunities to nurture others. The person who needs your nurturing most, however, is YOU. Although caring for others can fill a special place in your soul, the way you care for yourself is especially important. You may derive nourishment from developing your talents and skills, or through your work. Study or travel can be nourishing. And something as simple as a long soak in the tub can refill your spirit. Part of nourishing yourself is physical, part emotional and part is definitely environmental: what you create in a home. In exploring these factors together, you can begin to see the link between these different levels of personal fulfillment.

Yet another facet of your Moon beyond what you've already explored, is what your Moon shows about your deepest needs. You can only feel whole when these needs are answered and fulfilled. Although it is tempting to look outside, your wisdom tells you that a great part of the responsibility for nourishment comes from within yourself.

With the Moon in Sagittarius, your drive to fill your hunger for truth and freedom may lead you into pursuits which develop your mind. However, you also may have to learn to ask for personal space when you need it, and to respect the same needs from others. When nurturing others, you encourage them to develop their own independence. At home you need a place which provides a real sense of space, and where you also have a place for reflection - a room like a study or library, or an alcove in your bedroom might be just perfect. Give yourself ample time to walk in the woods or a park, to read something inspirational, or to have an open discussion with someone you admire. Take time to travel, even if that only means a different route to work or exploring an unknown part of your home town. Vacations away from home can be positively rejuvenating. When you're feeling low, you might be most recharged by adding these things to your life. They feed your soul. 

Saturn also plays a positive role in nurturance. Despite the bad rap Saturn sometimes receives, this energy is necessary to your stability and growth. Through Saturn, you learn to take responsibility for yourself and your actions. Saturn also seems to be the repository of your fears, and it's important to understand and deal with these emotions in order to be whole. Trying to repress such feelings blocks your ability to feel the positive, supportive energy that life has to offer. In many respects, the energy of Saturn is played out in your life by your experience with authority figures. Your mother and father, extended family and teachers were your primary Saturnian influences when you were a young girl, and their direction and guidance still whisper in the way you approach establishing your personal security. As an adult woman, you express Saturn through the manner in which you take responsibility for yourself and your needs for stability and security.

You have definite ideas about the way things should be with Saturn in Taurus, and your manner of supporting and caring for others can be quite stabilizing. But you don't enjoy sudden change, and would prefer to follow a traditional path, especially when dealing with your children. Tried and true methods somehow seem safer to you, although anything that adds an element of protection may seem like a good idea when it comes to those you love. Other aspects of your chart may indicate that you like to forge ahead of the times, but in your heart, you can do it only if you see some continuity. With continuity you can be comfortable and confident with experimentation. But just jumping into something without some proof or connection does not sit well with you.

Your 4th House illuminates what you need in a home environment, where you will feel most comfortable and how you like to live. It is here that you create a feeling of safety, where you can let your hair down and be yourself.

The qualities of Leo radiate through this part of your chart, indicating that you need a home which is solid, strong and where you can occasionally hold court! Although you may not always entertain, you love having a place which is warm and inviting to others. Plenty of light will feel most nurturing, so make sure the sun can shine in. In the winter you'll adore a warm fire. Your decor may range from simple to lavish, although you to love to add dramatic touches. The influence of your Sun in this house adds a need to feel that you are in control of your personal environment. Even though you may be generous and enjoy entertaining, you're not likely to appreciate unannounced or uninvited visitors.

The energy of Venus in your 4th House generates a quality of beauty in your personal space. You love being surrounded by beautiful things, music and colors which make you feel alive. You may also demonstrate your own artistic sensibilities in the way you decorate your home and may use your home as a base for creating and producing your own works of art. Your love of family can also be exceptional, and establishing your own family may be one of your most rewarding experiences. Having people around you who appreciate and care for you is just as important as having people near who need your support and tenderness.




Meeting the World on Your Terms

Career and financial arenas were for many years primarily part of the "man's world." Women stayed at home, cared for children, and took care of the social needs of the family. Now that so many women are in the work place, and with the advent of more open relationships where both partners are likely to share paying bills and making financial decisions, the world is changing. You can define your identity in the world in many ways today, including developing a career. Meeting the world on your own terms involves uncovering the manner in which you might shine most effectively and the way you use your resources, and creating a pathway which allows you to realize your goals.

The Midheaven, which is usually near the top of your astrological chart, is signified by an astrological sign. This point in your chart represents your vocation, your calling in life, and the sign at the Midheaven gives you several clues about your path in the outside world. Just as importantly, the Midheaven signifies your blossoming into wholeness and the manner by which you might best accomplish this experience. Your 10th House also provides information about your career path.

With Aquarius at your Midheaven, your interest in areas which are off the beaten track may be marked, but you may also find science fascinating. You need to be recognized for something unique which sets you aside from everybody else, and you require freedom to get there. For a career to satisfy you, it will have to provide a mental challenge, and it would be even better if your could utilize technological innovations in the process. Your life path may be most fulfilling when you feel that you're on the leading edge and when you're experiencing a real sense of uplifted awareness. The energy of Uranus also influences your Midheaven, adding a need to employ your intuitive insights to your career endeavors. When you're working independently, you're inspired to put forth your best efforts. You may also be somewhat revolutionary in your approach to your work.

With Uranus in Taurus you may use your innovative ideas in a more practical circumstance. You're great at figuring out unique ways to make the best of the resources at hand to get the job done.

The process of work itself is usually seen through the 6th House in your chart. Through this facet of yourself, you express your approach and attitudes about working, and your ability to cooperate with others is also indicated here. This house is related to your physical health, and it's no surprise that you might hear the complaint (or feel it yourself), "I'm sick of my job." Instead of feeling thrown off balance by the tasks required to get through life, there are ways to use this part of your time and energy to strengthen your life.

Libra on the cusp of your 6th house indicates that you need to work in an environment which is serene and pleasant. Your productivity can be affected if you work in a hostile environment. However, if conflicts arise, you may be the peacemaker. With Venus ruling this house you may enjoy working with others, and can be helpful and supportive, especially toward those people you really like. You might enjoy working in a field which allows you to use your sense of fair play, like the law. Or you might be successful in the beauty industry, interior design and decorating, or fashion design.

You have no planets in your 6th House, but still need to do something productive with your life. This may be an indicator that you do not feel a need to focus all your attention on working. Look to the influences suggested by the sign on this house and to the planet ruling this house for more information about how to best approach fulfilling your needs for productivity and duty.

As a woman, you are innately creative. Although you may not consider yourself an artist, your creative spirit and drive are the mechanisms through which you shape your own life. Creative self-expression is seen strongly in the 5th House of your chart, and by incorporating these elements into your career, you will gain greater satisfaction from your work. If you have the time to concentrate on more recreational forms of creativity, this is the part of your chart which indicates what brings you pleasure. Life itself can certainly be a pleasurable experience - all the time, not just on holidays!

Virgo's influence on your 5th House shows that you approach creativity and play in a rather matter-of-fact manner. You're happiest when you're producing something, and may feel most satisfied when you've put your best efforts into whatever you're doing. Regardless of your choices, you'll work diligently toward the best possible mastery of your talents and skills. You may have strong manual dexterity skills, and can be quite adept as a writer, teacher or musician. Whatever your artistry, your precision and attention to detail will set you aside from everyone else. Mercury's association with this house adds a mental dimension to whatever creative avenues you pursue. It also indicates that you may find special enjoyment from recreation which is mentally stimulating.

You're fortunate to have Neptune in your 5th House. This imaginative energy adds a special touch to your creative power and heightens your artistic sensibilities. Music and the arts may be an important part of your life, and you may love drama and the theater. You may also have an excellent eye for photography or cinematography.

One of the most powerful creative drives in your chart is your Sun. Since this is the energy which can drive you to be noticed, learning to cultivate this aspect of yourself in a positive manner can amplify your success in life.

Well, admit it, sometimes it's just fun to show off with your Sun in Leo. You may even be quite low-key, and gracious about giving others the spotlight. But you know that when you're shining in all your glory, that the light can be blinding for a moment, and then, well, you're just gorgeous!  To feel a true sense of success, you may need that few moments of fame and glory. And if you're doing it right, the Universe may even grant you more!

Your individuality is expressed through many different energies in your chart, but the energy which is most closely associated with the unique and individualistic part of yourself is Uranus. Through Uranian energy, you display your ingenuity and make the breakthroughs which allow you to move into new experiences. Uranus also prompts your rebellious nature, and the placement of this energy in your chart shows you where you are staging your own personal revolution.

With Uranus in Taurus your primary focus for change has revolved around a need to establish values which are meaningful in the context of your own life experience. Along with other women born from 1935 to 1942, you have discovered the importance of making the most of your resources. Your shared insights with other women born with Uranus in Taurus have been connected to environmental and financial issues, and you may still feel that you are fighting for true value for women within society. The areas where you have broken ground for your own self-actualization and establishment of personal worth are shown by the house where Uranus resides in your chart. 

The energy of Uranus in your 12th House indicates that you may not always show your unique talents to everyone. However, you can be quite effective in bringing innovative changes even in such situations as institutions, and may be rather adept at working within a system to bring about alterations or modifications. You may also be a natural psychologist, whether you work in that field or not!

The energy of Chiron is also a powerful factor for your outreach into the world. Through Chiron, you discover both strength and vulnerability. The vulnerability represented by Chiron is, in many ways, like a doorway which allows you to penetrate a deeper level of personal mastery. This is the process of initiation not unlike that which a Shaman must endure in order to learn how to travel between the worlds. Through Chiron, you learn how to travel between the world of your inner self and the world outside to achieve a sense of true purpose and wisdom.

You have Chiron in Leo, bringing your focus to the need for a life purpose which is centered upon experiencing a true connection to creative power. This power can be directed into many arenas but may be most effective when you have a position of leadership or authority. When you're providing entertainment, sources of recreation, places for personal achievement, encouragement for personal development or insights into the nature of love you shine and feel alive. 

With Chiron in your 3rd House your words and manner of communicating have a significant impact upon your ability to accomplish your purpose and aims. Learning about the power of mind is one of your primary lessons, and directing your thoughts toward positive, uplifting possibilities will open many more doors than worrying or complaining.




Opening Your Heart

Ah, Love.... Songs, poems, novels, fairy-tales, movies all extol the power and pleasure of love - and for good reason: love is the food of life! There are many opportunities to love, in fact, a love affair with life is not a bad idea. But you also may need to "grow" love by sharing it, and therein is the seed of all relationships.

The planetary energies which are most usually associated with love are Venus and Neptune. Venusian energy radiates directly from your heart, from the center of yourself, where love resides deep within. Loving is an inner experience. The more you open to the love you hold within yourself, the more it grows. Your feelings of worthiness are represented by Venus, and as you grow to understand and appreciate your own value as a woman, it becomes easier to let this love energy flow through your life. Neptunian energy is Divine compassionate love - the love which does not judge and readily forgives. Neptune is the realm of romance, mysticism and heavenly perfection. Truly transcendent Neptunian love arises when you have healthy boundaries of your own, otherwise, you can become a victim of your own illusions!

Sometimes, you may feel that you are not really worthy of the love you need with Venus in Virgo. This feeling stems from that yardstick you use to measure your own perfection. And who says that you have to be perfect in order to be lovable? You can place the same restraints on yourself by feeling that you can only love someone if they meet your detailed list of criteria. All these fancy restrictions may just be your way of assuring that you won't be hurt, because the thought of someone that you care about might reject you is almost unbearable. So, let's start from square one. You do need love, and when you love, you love deeply. You love most easily when you have reached a real understanding and know that you are truly accepted for who you are. You don't have to get that tummy tuck in order to be lovable after all!  To keep your heart open, you need to remind yourself that you are whole, perfect and loving. To sustain love, you strive to make life wonderful; that's good. But trouble arises when you start trying to fix somebody because you love them. Oops! Instant opportunity for pain! So before you pull out your doctor kit, think about the situation first. Maybe you, or your sweetheart, are perfect as you are. Imagine that....

You may wonder why you always seem to have to give more than you receive in love relationships with your Moon in square aspect to Venus. This frustration probably has its roots in your soul's history, and until you can allow love to just flow openly from your heart you may always feel that the books are not balanced. Disappointments in love may have wounded you in the past, so you may have a little sensitivity as a result. Your initial reaction when you feel your heart opening may be to guard yourself, since you don't want to repeat the pain of disappointment. The only way to change this is to learn how to fill your own heart with joy and love through the pure experience of love itself. Love without expectation. Love just to love. And begin by loving yourself and knowing that you deserve the kind of love which brings mutual tenderness, respect and comfort.

The semi-sextile connection between your Sun and Venus adds a positive measure of charm to your personality, and may enhance your ability to express your feelings of attraction. You can send just the right subtle signals when you're interested in someone, but have to be careful about assuming the outcome.

With Mercury in semi-square aspect to Venus, you may have trouble clearly communicating your feelings. Sometimes it's just a matter of semantics. You can also send mixed messages, and may attract men who do the same thing. Clarification can be achieved by first reflecting upon what you really want to say, and then making sure that you are understood. Intent is not always enough!

Not that you are only interested in a man for his money, but it's definitely a consideration since you have Venus square Jupiter. But just looking for Mr. Right who has the bucks is never quite enough, and you know it. So, you love wonderful things and have expensive tastes, but if money becomes the real drive, you may have all the stuff and little of the real satisfaction. However, if you fail to take finances into account when making a commitment in your relationships, you'll do yourself a disservice. Just knowing where to put money on the priority list is the problem! Being honest with yourself is where you start, and taking that honesty into your relationship is the next step.

As one of the generation of women born with Neptune in Virgo, you are working toward a sense of spiritual perfection. This influences every aspect of your life, especially your relationships, and those relationships which distort your sense of divine harmony may be especially difficult for you to tolerate. But you may also have a kind of addiction to perfection which makes it almost impossible to feel that you really deserve the love you need. When you realize that everything is perfect, including you, loving gets easier, since self-acceptance is easier. This is especially critical at this time in your life when you are facing the process of aging. After all, you've had a kind of fascination with youthful vitality. You can still radiate that energy regardless of your chronological age, and may finally be willing to deal directly with the perfection of each stage of your life. In your relationships you will be challenged to release dysfunctionality and face your real needs. These include a life of truly simple pleasures, unencumbered by external pressures which get in the way of just enjoying the company of those you love.

Setting emotional boundaries is not easy for you with your Moon in square aspect to Neptune, and you may find that you are continually giving of yourself while asking nothing in return. Oh, but you dream about it; and you need support, strength and love from the man you adore. There are different ways to express these needs, and therein is the variation in possibility of receiving. If you're whining, complaining or suffering, you may be ignored. And you don't have to be sick to gain support, either. There are healthy ways to ask, but if you're in an unhealthy situation, it's difficult to get the answer you need. If you're feeling victimized, take the first step of deciding that you no longer want or need to be the victim. A lot will change after that!

Since your Sun and Neptune are in a semisquare aspect, you may have trouble seeing men as they are. Your dream of the perfect man has probably met defeat more than once when you've awakened to realize that there is no such animal. You still can fall into the trap of seeing only the illusion and failing to realize the real person. Once you have a stronger sense of yourself as a whole person, you will not be tempted to project so much of yourself onto the men in your life.

Beautiful words, poetic ideas and spiritual quests are all part of your fantasies of love with Mercury in sextile aspect to Neptune. And if you put your energy and focus into creating the manifestation of these ideals, you may actually see some of those dreams becoming real. You'll adore a man who spirituality is genuine and whose ability to show compassion is part of the core of his being, because that is a reflection of a true part of yourself.

Energized by the trine between Saturn and Neptune, you may attract relationships which support your needs for self-actualization. Your ability to make choices which reflect your deepest needs is strengthened, and you are more likely to explore many different facets of a relationship before seriously committing to it. You are very capable of listening to your inner voice and directing what you feel from an inner level into your everyday life. If you are still seeking to find your life mate, begin to work on an inner level to prepare yourself fully to become the partner you need to be. Allow some time to visualize the life you wish to live and the types of thing you want to accomplish individually and within a relationship. See yourself as whole, happy and fulfilled. That energy will radiate from the core of your being, and can be the perfect magnet to attract the partner you desire.

You were born when Uranus and Neptune were in trine aspect to one another, a cycle which influences a generation of men and women. You're among the women willing to try things which are out of the ordinary, and are part of a generation whose efforts are focused on breaking into new territory in the fields of psychology, spirituality and consciousness. As an individual, you may feel comfortable exploring directions which would have been unthinkable to your parents and which can open new possibilities for your personal growth.

The houses in your chart which amplify love relationships are the 5th, 7th, and 11th Houses. Through the 5th House, you experience giving love. It is through this facet of yourself that you have love affairs, playful and recreational relationships and where you produce the offspring of loving. The offspring can range from artistic endeavors to children. But when dealing with relationships, this is the space which is usually occupied by loving another in an intimate sense.

Virgo's influence on your 5th House adds a practical and methodical approach to love affairs. You're not likely to open your heart unless you have a meeting of the minds. You may even have a list of the characteristics you hope to find in a lover and may not let a number of men through the door if they fail to meet your strict criteria. This sense of discrimination can be quite helpful, particularly if your tend to be overly romantic. The energy of Mercury plays an important role in the way you show love. You may enjoy sending special cards and letters to keep the connection strong, and might even be tempted to write poems or stories based upon your experiences of love. Maintaining a mental connection with your lover will always be important. You can also close the door to your heart by allowing feelings of imperfection or inferiority to get in your own way. Take a personal inventory (that should be easy for you!), and oil those rusty hinges on the doors to your heart. Allow yourself to play a bit more. Your sensuality can be a lot of fun when you let it out.

Neptune's energy in your 5th House encourages you to spend a lot of time dreaming about the perfect love. Reverie and fantasy can be healthy, and in the best situations your intimate relationships will allow plenty of time for you to indulge in playful fantasy and high-level romance. Be alert to the possibility of falling in love with love, or with the things you wish to see in others, and try to take off your rose colored glasses from time to time. Make time in your life for giving of yourself, whether through charitable ventures, in community service or through your creative or artistic self-expression. And avoid the temptation of looking for a love that will rescue you from a life that does not fit your dreams.

The 7th House of your chart illustrates what you're seeking from a partner. More importantly, this part of your chart also tells a story about the kind of partner you really want to become. This is also the realm of social contact, and provides information about your approach to socialization. Although marriage agreements are shown through the 7th House, planets here (or a lack of planets here) do not "promise" marriage or its lack. But if your 7th House is highly activated, you may be more motivated to find a partner.

Since you have Sagittarius influencing your 7th House, you need lots of freedom within your partnership or marriage. Any partner who tries to hold you back will only be frustrated, so he may as well give you the independence you require or he won't have you at all. You may also attract highly independent men, and in order to have the trust and understanding required to sustain a partnership, need to clarify what you expect from one another. You'll appreciate a man who is an excellent companion and enjoys traveling down the road of life with you, although you may each take your own personal journeys from time to time. During the periods in which you connect, you need to plan, talk and envision your future goals and desires. Since Jupiter's energy is influential in this area, you can gain excellent support through a partnership when you're participating together in something that will allow you to feel that you're heading toward a brighter future.

Your Moon resides in your 7th House, opening your soul to the hunger for a mate. If anybody yearns for the experience of a soul mate, it is you. However, finding that man can be difficult, especially if you over idealize. In essence your soul mate is inside you, waiting for you to fully embrace her!  But you may give more of yourself to a partnership than many women might. You need to know the support and caring of a mate, and in order to grow emotionally must feel that your needs are important to your partner. Feeling at home with a man has many dimensions, and the promise of creating a home with your partner is high on your list of priorities. Good questions to ask before marriage will center around home and family. Just be sure that the answers are mutually supportive! 

It is through the 11th House that you learn about unconditional relationships, and where you open to receiving love and support from others. Here you find your friends, your supportive professional allies, and your community. Through this facet of yourself you develop your special interests. And here you set your goals for the future. It's wonderful the way friends can support your aims, provide feedback when you need objectivity, and comfort you when you're facing challenges. Your approach to friendship is also seen through this part of your chart.

You have Pisces on the cusp of your 11th House, signifying that your friendships can have a spiritual and deep-seated emotional bond. Those who share your beliefs and ideals will be readily invited into your circle, and you may have lifelong friends whose history parallels your own. Compassionate understanding is the tie that binds when it comes to your friends, but you can also get into trouble if you fail to maintain your emotional boundaries with your friends. If you feel that a friend is taking unfair advantage of you, examine the part you play in that situation. You may need to clearly define when you are and are not available to them. Neptune's influence in this house adds a special psychic connection to your close friends. This energy enhances your ability to forgive your friends, too. It's probably a good idea to be very careful when you're making business agreements with friends, since it would be difficult for you to draw the line between business and friendship. If at all possible, try to avoid linking the two. Overall, it is through your friendships that you develop your most compassionate links to your heart. These relationships teach you how to open to receiving love. For you to open your heart to let love in, you may first need to forgive yourself and let go of the past.

Participating in activities with your friends can be invigorating with Mars in your 11th House. You may even rely on your friendships to motivate you, although you can be quite a motivator yourself when others are counting on your support. Your display of courage and strength attracts friends, and working together to accomplish something important can forge a powerful bond with your friends. You may have several male friends, and will probably like women who are rather independent and assertive. If you're uncertain of your own power or do not stand up for yourself, you may attract "friends" whose influence can bring turmoil and disruption into your life. Also, if you've not found positive ways to deal with your anger, you may attract other people with whom you create destruction. These disrupters are not really friends in the truest sense, especially if they're always helping you get into trouble. It may be up to you to develop your Mars assertiveness powerfully enough so that you can break your ties.




Power Issues:  Sex, Money and Control

Personal power is an individual expression, and has different meanings for each person. As a woman in the world today, your opportunity to experience and express your personal power is largely dependent upon the manner in which you develop it. Particularly in the Western World, as times have changed and the power base has gradually evolved beyond the patriarchal control of the last centuries, women are seeking to define their place in the world: collectively and individually. Gaining influence in the world through career and financial development, you begin to understand the different levels of power. Within the family, your roles are also evolving. You are also more free to express your sexual needs and desires, and demand that you are respected as a person and not sexually abused. But everything stems from your ability to identify, embrace and assimilate the true nature of your power as an individual woman.

On a personal level, you can begin to identify much about your own power by looking deeply into the meaning of your 1st House: Your Personality Self. Early in your report you read about what you project about yourself as identified by your Ascendant. Your first House further defines that projection of the Self, and is an area where you carve out much about the way you show yourself to the world on your own terms.

Through your Gemini Ascendant you show the face of the eternal questioner, always eager to discover something new in the world around you. Your power emerges through your ability to communicate effectively with others. By developing your mind and increasing your understanding, you may become an important link in the evolution of human thought. But you are distractible, and it is that tendency to get off track which can undermine your power. Instead of developing your understanding, you can wade in the shallows of simplicity, glancing across the surface and never penetrating the depths of wisdom. The power of the present moment holds many opportunities for you, especially when your mind is focused and connected to the here and now. From this point, you can create endless possibilities for your personal growth, which will be further enhanced  through mental clarity and awareness of the world around you.

Jupiter's energy in your 1st House adds confidence to your personality and is very empowering. Your humor and open-minded attitudes can be very attractive, and your desire to experience life as an adventure adds an optimistic quality which may attract positive fortune. You may love sports and fitness activities, but you can also be self-indulgent. To establish your physical power and strength, you need to allow time in your life to build your endurance and support your physical vitality. Staying active may actually enhance your personal confidence! You are also strengthened when your life path supports your highest beliefs and ideals, but will lose power if you adopt hypocritical or prejudicial attitudes.

Another power space on your chart is your Midheaven. This point, which is usually at the top of your chart and marks the cusp of the 10th House, is like the crown and torch of the Statue of Liberty. Here too, are the indicators of the types of people you most admire, and the clues to what you need to develop within yourself to attain unshakable self-respect.

Through your Aquarius Midheaven you are well aware of the importance of a group-oriented power base. However, this power in numbers works only if you are affiliated with those whose views and ideals reflect and strengthen your own. You admire those whose efforts are dedicated to the principles of liberty and universality. Work for the collective or humanitarian service can encourage your rise to prominence and influence.

Your sense of security with yourself plays a valuable role in achieving your ambitions with your Moon in sextile aspect to your Midheaven. In addition you will be most successful in the world when you feel good about what you're doing. Finding a life work which fills your soul not only supports your personal growth but also touches the lives of others in a positive manner.

With your Sun opposition to your Midheaven you may struggle between your needs for security and your ambitions. You may fear success, especially if you feel that success in the world will mean exposing yourself or your vulnerabilities. But if you work toward establishing a true sense of personal security, outside success may not feel as threatening to you.

When you are focused on your ambitions you are quite capable of carrying through until you reach your goals. Mars in sextile aspect to your Midheaven adds strong drive to your abilities to achieve success in the world. You may enjoy work which has plenty of challenges, but you can also be successful in areas which simply allow you to stay active.

With Jupiter in trine aspect to your Midheaven, the doors to achieving your ambitions are likely to open rather easily. You may have excellent connections, but your confidence in your skills and abilities is what draws the attention of the people who are there to use their influence to support your aims. From positions of influence, you can also be quite generous and helpful to others. Sometimes, you can be a little lazy about reaching your goals, especially if you feel you deserve to be there already. But once you put your efforts into something, there's no stopping you.

Someone once said that money makes the world go around, and from all evidence, it certainly seems to be a powerful force. Money, in fact, symbolizes power. With money, you can have what you want. With more money, you can have more of what you want. Without money, you may want what you cannot have. Your relationship with money is an extremely intimate and seductive force. The way you use your resources - money, time, energy - says a lot about how you perceive your own power and personal worth. This facet of yourself is expressed through the 2nd House of your chart. Here, you express your value systems. The important special link between finances and self-esteem cannot be understated, and is especially important for you as a woman. In order to extract the real value of your talents and services from others in the world (such as what you are paid from your job), you must first value yourself.

The qualities of Cancer radiate through your 2nd House, indicating that you take a protective approach to handling your finances and personal resources. Your emotional attitudes about material things plays an important role in your values, and you may find that you hang onto some things simply out of sentimentality - including your deeply ingrained attitudes about money. If you've been taught that money is the root of all evil, you may find it quite difficult to abandon that attitude and allow yourself to feel good about financial success. When you stop to evaluate your own need for material security, you'll find that establishing a solid financial base is an important step toward strengthening your worth on many levels. The energy of your Moon plays a major role in your approach to finances, and you need to recognize the cyclical nature of the economy if you are to deal with it effectively. You may even work well in a profession which is cyclical in its production and demand or can be successful in areas which rely on time-honored resources, like real estate, antiques, or the food industry. Since you may feel drawn to use your resources, including time money and energy, to assist others, it would make sense that you'll be more effective when you know how to attract, develop and positively maintain your own.

Mercury's energy in your 2nd House indicates that the way you think has a dramatic effect upon your sense of self worth. You can benefit from learning ways to use your mental energy to change your attitudes about money and finances. You can also experience financial gain through communications, writing, public relations work, sales, secretarial work or the computer industry. You, of all women, can turn your ability to talk into gold.

Resources which you share with others are reflected in the 8th House of your chart. Whether you're considering joint property and finances, inheritance, insurance settlements or tax obligations, this area is not as free and easy as the 2nd House, which seems more like what you want for yourself alone. Another layer of this part of your life deals with your sexuality, and the manner in which you open intimately to others. This is a very personal space, and it is probably one of the most guarded aspects of any woman's psyche. It is here that much wounding has taken place over many centuries, and it is here that the mask of propriety has to be removed in order to openly accept and integrate that fact that you are a person who needs wholeness and healing, and who yearns to bond at the most alchemical level with life itself.

Here you also find your compulsions. It's no wonder that you don't display this part of yourself to just anybody. You have to feel safe to open this facet of yourself, and you realize that this vulnerability can be used against you in power plays. But what you may not always remember is that this is also where you have the power! In true tantric traditions, it is through the vessel of a woman's sexual energy that a couple can ride the wave of sexual ecstasy. This also extends to the other power aspects of any relationship. If your transformational and magical qualities are blocked, the whole of the relationship will suffer.

Your approach to sexual intimacy may be quite cautious due to the influence of Capricorn on your 8th House. Although you may enjoy the games of love, when it gets to intimacy, you're not entirely footloose and fancy free. Before you achieve real intimacy, you need to establish trust and mutual respect. Otherwise you may never fully open your heart and soul to the relationship. You can be quite sensual, and will find it easier to experience the levels of sexuality which transport you into ecstasy when you indulge your sensual side. Once you've made an emotional commitment in a relationship, you may not relinquish it easily, so it's very important that you make choices for reasons which fit your deeper needs. You need to be careful of your tendency to be attracted to someone for the things or financial security he can provide. If this is your basis for getting together, you may ultimately feel trapped by the relationship.

Since you have no planets in the 8th House you may not be obsessed with too many problems or hassles with the issues of this area in your life. But you may not get off free on this one, either. Study the sign on the cusp of this house and read everything noted about the planet associated with that sign, because this is the energy tied up with your emotional attachments!

Mars energy is about getting what you want by going after it. Mars is drive. Mars is courage. Mars is desire. Mars is unabashed sexuality. Mars is the fuel for personal power. Men do Mars quite effectively, right down to fighting and war. But you also have a warrior spirit, an Amazon Self. This is your Mars. If you fail to own and utilize your own Martian force, you lose power.

With Mars in Aries, your passions can run quite hot. Your power emerges from your sense of courage and enthusiasm, and when you're really turned onto something or someone, you can be quite assertive. You can lose power if you jump into anything too quickly and will undermine your influence when you are too aggressive. Learning how to handle anger is important too, since you may be a bit short-tempered. But once you've expressed your anger, you usually go right on. You may enjoy taking the lead in sexual exchange, and can become quite frustrated if you run into rejection or denial. Sharing sex with a partner who enjoys the playful elements of sexuality can then allow you to experience the more profound levels of energy. You're most attracted to men who are independent and strong-willed, but are capable of standing up to them when you need to do so. Staying physically active helps you maintain your power on many levels, and if you've fallen into a sedentary life, you will find that regaining your physical vitality through increasing your activity level will empower you.

With Mars and Saturn in semisquare aspect, you struggle with issues of control and domination, both within your relationships and with life itself. You may not trust your own power and can attract others who test your ability to take control of your life by offering you their own set of directions and limitations. When you determine your priorities, you may feel somewhat reluctant to put them into action, but once you've set upon your path, you can be quite effective at directing and controlling your own life. Pay attention to your tendency to try to control the outcome of everything, though. Learn to accept responsibility for your own mistakes. This is not power talking, it's fear. Sometimes, you also gain power by knowing when to stop and let the traffic move past you.

When you are focused on your ambitions you are quite capable of carrying through until you reach your goals. Mars in sextile aspect to your Midheaven adds strong drive to your abilities to achieve success in the world. You may enjoy work which has plenty of challenges, but you can also be successful in areas which simply allow you to stay active.

Saturn plays the role of the big controller in your life. Sometimes that control seems to come from outside. You know - all the rules and regulations, the authority figures, the intimidating people who tell you what to do - this is the Saturn of the outside world. But you have the same traffic cop in the back of your own mind, telling you what is right and wrong, chiding you when you make a mistake, holding you back when you're about to do something stupid. Saturn control can be a good thing. This is your energy for self-discipline, clarity and focus. You need Saturn. But you need Saturn in its most productive sense. You do not need the guilt, intimidation and self-limitation that keep you from having what you require from life.

Your endurance levels are amazing with Saturn in Taurus, and it is that endurance which is the source of your personal power. You lose power when you feel insecure and when you allow jealousy, resentment or possessiveness to overtake you. Although you may think that holding onto the people and things you love will add to your power, sometimes you simply have to let go and allow change to work its own magic in your life. When you look at your inner drives, you may discover that you are driven by a fear of loss or abandonment. Even if this has not been confirmed by life experiences, it can play a huge role in your approach to your relationships and career endeavors, and it effects your self esteem. Learning to concentrate upon fostering growth and dealing with your emotional attachments by allowing some change to infiltrate your life will be very empowering in the long run.

Your realistic attitudes provide a strong foundation for your personal success with Mercury in sextile aspect to Saturn. Since you can be a superb planner, you'll find that you feel confident because you're prepared. Your intellectual development is a strong source of power in your life.

With Saturn and Uranus in conjunction you may rebel against restraints in your life as a means of accomplishing a sense of control and power. The manner in which you stage your rebellion makes all the difference between whether or not it is empowering or defeating. You cannot afford to be stuck in doing things the way they've always been done. You're here to stimulate progress, new alternatives and reasonable innovation. But you must do this in a responsible manner, or the effectiveness of your efforts will be undermined.

You may feel a deep sense of faith and trust in the experience of life with Saturn in trine aspect to Neptune. Your spirituality plays an important role in your sense of power as a whole woman, and you may find that your spiritual focus gives you strength when the mundane world falls short. Listening to your inner voice is just as important as learning the factual evidence presented through data, and you can blend your inner understanding with the external "facts" to create a wonderful manifestation of your dreams and hopes. Your faith in yourself and ability to trust your own judgment is also a strong part of your power base. This is the power of surrender to higher law.

Plutonian control is sometimes difficult to grasp, but it's definitely there. When you feel this control from outside yourself, it is undermining and extremely intimidating. The force of Pluto is buried deep within your psyche. It is unleashed and grows in a manner like the process of mitosis in a fertilized cell, which is altered, splits off, combines with other cells and ultimately becomes an organism. Through Pluto, you experience the power of life, birth, healing, and the ultimate change of death. If you are trapped in a mire of shame, guilt and self-destructiveness, you may have undergone a Plutonian transformation as a result of trauma earlier in your life. But it is this same force which plants the seeds of change that eventually can lead to the creation of a new self.

The power of your thoughts determines your experience of life. Pluto's energy in your 3rd House prompts you to transform your thinking. You must learn to trust your own intelligence, and to develop your mind in such a way that will allow you to experience an understanding of life at core levels. You ask questions, although many are never verbalized. They just drive you, like a relentless taskmaster, to look beneath the surface. You can be overcome by compulsive thought patterns, and when you do, you can find it difficult to release yourself from them. These compulsions can be a power drain, especially if they reach the obsessive level. Take the time to listen to your own thoughts. Do they offer self-confirming messages or destructive mutterings? Once you find a way to use your mind to heal your life, you will know the power you've been seeking.

With Saturn and Uranus in conjunction you may rebel against restraints in your life as a means of accomplishing a sense of control and power. The manner in which you stage your rebellion makes all the difference between whether or not it is empowering or defeating. You cannot afford to be stuck in doing things the way they've always been done. You're here to stimulate progress, new alternatives and reasonable innovation. But you must do this in a responsible manner, or the effectiveness of your efforts will be undermined.

You were born at a time when Uranus and Pluto were in sextile aspect, an influence which impacts a generation and occurs only rarely.  You are one of a generation of women who can bring about positive alterations in the fabric of society by making room for changes which require the honest use of power.  This aspect indicates an amazing ability to maintain your focus upon the ideals which have deep meaning to you. If you target true healing or restoration, you can see it through to its conclusion and rebirth.




Embracing Your Divine Self

In western society today it's okay to admit that women are Goddesses. This, in itself, implies that the power of The Source may not be solely masculine. In essence, this power contains All That Is, but as a woman, you express it through your Goddess Self. This part of yourself is always there when you feel abandoned or alone to give you comfort. Your Goddess Self is standing firmly beside you when you face a major challenge, sharing her strength and support. Your Goddess Self opens the doors to Truth and Understanding. She is the essence of all that is Love. Look in the mirror. Stare deeply into your own eyes and you will see her reflected back at you.

When you need to get in touch with your inner being, an exercise in guided imagery can help you make the transition from your everyday thinking to heightened awareness. Take a few minutes to make this journey. Before you begin, find time to be alone. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position in a place that feels safe to you. Take three deep breaths. With each breath, release the tension from your body as you exhale. As you inhale, fill yourself with energy, light and inner calm. Then, close your eyes, and take one more relaxing breath.

Imagine that you are in a place surrounded by magnificent mountains. You are prepared to make the ascent to the mountain top, and have the confidence, ability and courage to reach the peak. As you make the climb, feel yourself becoming more light and free. The trees are like old friends, and the rocks that support your feet are safe and secure. As you near the top of the mountain, you are filled with a sense of elation. Once you are standing at the peak, you see a small stone temple before you. It is surrounded by translucent light. Walking up the stairway to the temple, you realize you are transported into a sacred space. The structure looms much larger as you near its portal. Standing at the door is a wise teacher who beckons you. As you walk with your teacher and guide, you feel that you are in the presence of powerful knowledge. Your guide gives you a scroll which seems centuries old. As you open the scroll, you read words which speak to your heart. You have found true wisdom in this moment. Your experience in this sacred space reminds you that there is always a source of knowledge from which you can draw strength.

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