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Astro Talk Back

If you can afford only one report, buy this one. It is the only report that gives you an in-depth character analysis as well as a look at the major cycles affecting you now and in the future. Read about your “burn rate,” your “soul type” along with other uniquely personal features. This one has it all.

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Time Line to Top

Want a forecast for the future that is well organized and to the point? Here’s the one you need. Divided into monthly sections, this report makes it easy to look and plan ahead. Succinct yet on the mark, it will help you get the most out of what’s in front of you and what’s on the horizon.

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Child Star to Top

Want to help your child become a master? Buy this report and discover his or her talents, potentials, and challenges so that you can be a better guide and parent. Understand your child more fully as well as how to handle his or her unique abilities. Ensure your children’s success by knowing everything you can about who they are.

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Woman to Woman to Top

Who understands you better, a woman or a man? Written for women by women, this report leaves nothing out. Read about “Your Special Edge” or get an in-depth look at your “Power issues: Sex, Money, and Control.” Presented in a narrative form, this report flows page after page. Share it with your friends. Better yet, give it as a gift to all the women in your life.

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Simpaticos to Top

Whether looking for the perfect relationship or to perfect an existing one, you must have this report. Based on your selections, it thoroughly evaluates any kind of relationship, so you will know how well you match – or mismatch – as well as how to get the most out of the time and space you share together.

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Solar Return to Top

This is an amazing guide (book). It forecasts in great depth the year from one birthday to the next. Not only does it describe the general trends for those 12 months, it provides over 50 dates during that period and what to expect from them. You can easily know beforehand when to “go for it” and get the most out of your time and when to “hang back” and wait. Indispensable.

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Opportunities to Top

The right career choice means a lifetime of fulfillment. Whether for you or someone else, this report is an indispensable guide for achieving success in the world. Learning about “your vocational indicators” and “your career success” will help you get on the right path and stay there.

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StarLight Solutions Forecast to Top

Finally, the answers to your questions are here. You read a forecast, and you wonder what it means. You comprehend the message, but you want to know how to apply it. This report provides that missing insight. It gives you detailed forecasts as well as practical tips on how to best utilize the upcoming major phases – a can’t-miss combination.

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Asteroid Goddess to Top

Discover the secrets to who you are in this exclusive report. Fills in the gaps of other horoscope reports by exploring in depth the feminine forces at work - and at play - in both women and men. Order this report for yourself, and for others, to understand how the goddess energy is indispensable for a happy and fulfilling life.

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Eroscope to Top

Do you know your lovemaking style? More importantly, do you know your partner’s – or prospective partners’? Focusing exclusively on the most thought-about subject, this report delivers a detailed, personal report on sex and how to get the most out of it. Learn about yourself... learn about others. Enjoy!

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The Sky Within to Top

This is a must have. “Like a letter from a very close and very wise personal friend,” this report is unlike any other. Written in a narrative and fluid style, it gradually reveals your true nature (or of anyone you choose). Rather than simply listing personality traits, it seamlessly weaves them together to give a complete picture – one that you will want to look at over and over again.

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Complete Relationships to Top

Here is the only all-in-one relationship report just for you...and the partner you choose. Incredibly comprehensive, it leaves nothing out in describing and analyzing you and your partner and the relationship that you share. In addition, it gives you suggestions on how to make your relationship better by building on its strengths. Buy this before you commit. Buy this to help strengthen the ties.

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Friends and Lovers to Top

Who makes a good lover and who makes a good friend? Find out in this revealing report. Want to know about your relationship with a boss, a co-worker, an acquaintance, a present or potential lover? It’s all here. Just select whether the other person is a friend or lover – or perhaps both! No one needs to know – it’s your choice.

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Relating Potential to Top

Save the headache and the heartache: test-drive a relationship first. How? Enter the birth date of another person in this report and find out how well you will get along. Whether it’s for love or work or play, get the inside look beforehand. Already involved? This will help you better understand whomever you choose.

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