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Senior Report Back

As you mature in age and experience, you look at life differently than when you were younger. The focus of this report is on the same personal challenges and talents, discussed in other natal reports, but from the perspective of one who has already "been there and done that." This shows what is still possible and what is left to learn.

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Vocational guidance to Top

Is it what I want to do, what I like to do, or what I have to do? An indispensable tool for those who wish to learn more about their true vocation, this report delivers valuable insights regarding your talents.

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Relocation to Top

Location, location, location is a familiar slogan when buying (or selling) real estate, but it also can be applied to temporary moves. Use this short and informative report when planning vacations, visits, as well as changing residences. Learn how certain places are more favorable for you.

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My Child to Top

This report, written specifically for parents, focuses on the concerns you may have about your children, including needs, talents, health, relationships, and education as well as potential problems.

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Compatibility of friends or family to Top

Analyzing the relationship of two people, this report is exceptionally clear, providing insights on how to handle problem areas and how to better appreciate each other. The Compatibility Report reveals the most significant issues of the relationship and emphasizes them throughout the report.

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Heaven Sent for friends or family to Top

Whether looking at family members as friends or adversaries, you will find this well-written report tells all. No matter what type of relationship, this report helps you gain a deeper understanding of it, by delving into the details of your interactions.

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Astro Journey to Top

What unique and interesting insights are revealed here! Written especially for people from 14 to 24 years old, this report applies to any adolescent. It focuses on the transiting issues that are important to this age of life.

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Child Star to Top

Want to help your child become a master? Buy this report and discover his or her talents, potentials, and challenges so that you can be a better guide and parent. Understand your child more fully as well as how to handle his or her unique abilities. Ensure your children’s success by knowing everything you can about who they are.

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