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Birthdays :: Birthday-to-Birthday Back

By offering 3 forecasts based on a solar return, Birthday-to-Birthday, Many Happy Returns, and Solar Return-Yearly Outlook , TFM allows you to look at every birthday from 3 different perspectives in order to gauge the year ahead. In her Birthday-to-Birthday, Mary Fortier Shea provides an in-depth look for a full 12 months, starting at, or near, your birthday. Time of birth required for this report."The solar return chart is generally calculated for your location at the time of the Sun's return. This may occur on your birthday, or the day before or after. You can also calculate the chart for your natal birth location even if you no longer live there. The natal location solar return chart is not as definitive as the relocation solar return, but it can give you good information. Some individuals relocate for a short period of time, usually about 24 hours, to another location to change the yearly interpretation. The relocation adjusts the angles and cusps, orienting the planets into different houses and because of the different planetary placements different areas of life are emphasized. The free will choice to make this adjustment seems to bring this chart closest to the truth."

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