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Love And Romance
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               Love and Romance for Marilyn Monroe

                          June 1, 1926
                             9:30 AM
                     Los Angeles, California

       Calculated for:
       Time Zone 8 hours West
       Latitude: 34 N 03 08
       Longitude: 118 W 14 34

       Positions of Planets at Birth:
       Sun     position  is  10 deg.  27 min.  of  Gemini
       Moon    position  is  19 deg.  06 min.  of  Aquarius
       Mercury position  is   6 deg.  47 min.  of  Gemini
       Venus   position  is  28 deg.  45 min.  of  Aries
       Mars    position  is  20 deg.  44 min.  of  Pisces
       Jupiter position  is  26 deg.  50 min.  of  Aquarius
       Saturn  position  is  21 deg.  26 min.  of  Scorpio
       Uranus  position  is  29 deg.  00 min.  of  Pisces
       Neptune position  is  22 deg.  13 min.  of  Leo
       Pluto   position  is  13 deg.  23 min.  of  Cancer
       Asc.    position  is  13 deg.  05 min.  of  Leo

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     Chapter 1: What's the secret to Marilyn Monroe's love?

Venus in Aries:

    Her love feelings and desires are easily aroused but it may
be difficult to sustain her romantic interest in a relationship
after the initial, exciting "chase and conquest". She enjoys a
partner who is dynamic and alive, someone with a strong
independent streak, and she does not like things to become too
peaceful or predictable in the love arena. She wants to see
sparks fly once in awhile, even if that means instigating a

Venus Sextile Jupiter:

    She appreciates beautiful surroundings and congenial
company, and though she enjoys helping people, she will rarely
put herself out too much in order to do so. She is good-humored
and generous at heart but inclined to be lazy.

      Chapter 2: What are Marilyn Monroe's deepest desires?

Mars in Pisces:

    	At heart, she avoids confrontation and prefers to yield
rather than fight.  Often she has difficulty defining or knowing
what she wants, but she does well when words are few. She can
have an uncanny ability for doing the right thing at the right
time because she has a feel for the moment.  She gets what she
wants by being more passive than active; when she is in touch,
she can deliver and experience blissful satisfaction.

She does not have a strong ego drive for being in charge or for
winning at the expense of someone else. Being first, being best,
being on top doesn't mean much to her, and she can be quite
happy in a supporting role, as long as her desire are being met.
She is gentle and impressionable and is motivated by sights,
sounds, and touch. She is driven by a creative imagination and
can bring in slight changes to repetitive methods that keep them
from getting stale. She bores easily, although she acts on very
subtle clues that a partner misses or does not understand.
Seemingly passive, she is sensitive to having her needs met, and
although she finds satisfaction in more ways than most, she is
motivated by high ideals in the people and the desires she

                Chapter 3: Who is the attraction?

Aquarius on 7th house cusp

     Love, for her, is a beautiful friendship and there is
nothing in her life more important to her. She is a total
romantic and if she doesn't always express this, it is because
she has been hurt or disappointed and she is too proud to show
her vulnerability.

     She is warm and charismatic and shines in a group. She is
also quite shy and often needs to be alone. She draws unusual
and independent people who admire her emotional intensity but
don't share it. Detachment can both intrigue her and hurt her

     She has a tendency to romanticize everyone she feels
attracted to. Someone who is emotionally unresponsive, erratic
and unemployed, would immediately be labeled as brilliant,
visionary and too poetically free to worry about social
standards or her needs.

     Once the attraction wears off or her feelings have been
hurt one too many times, the unconventional behavior is
reevaluated and the relationship ends as suddenly as it began.
She loves unusual people when they are loving, idealistic and
let her feel free.

                 Chapter 4: How do they connect?

Uranus, Ruler of 7th house, is in 8th:

     There is nothing casual about her relationships.  They are
formed impulsively with intense, often talented, original
people.  Sex is always primary although other values are
important as well.  If, for one reason or another, the
relationship should end, it will do so abruptly.  One or the
other simply leaves.  If, on the other hand, the relationship
endures, circumstances will prove the catalyst for many changes
over the years.

     Shared finances may prove unpredictable either because
earnings fluctuate or something unexpected develops with regard
to an inheritance, a business or insurance matter or, God
forbid, taxes.  The normal life changes and cycles everyone
experiences will, of course, be experienced by her and her
partner -- but with a difference.  The transitions will not be
gradual.  Rather, they will be volcanic, leading her into the
next phase which will feel less like a next phase than a new
life.  Her values will have changed, her resources will have
changed and her relationships will have changed to better
reflect her new circumstances, be they psychological or material
or both.  If the relationship cannot make that transition, she
may be ready for someone new.

             Chapter 5: What more is there to tell?

Sun Sextile Asc.:

     She regenerates herself through periodic transformations of
her life situation. Her relationships can only endure if her
partners grow and change with her so that she winds up still
pointed in the same direction. Otherwise she will leave them

Moon Square Saturn:

     While she may not be overly demonstrative emotionally, she
takes close personal relationships very seriously and always
feels a strong sense of responsibility and loyalty. She is not a
fair-weather friend. When someone needs her, she is always

Moon Opposition Neptune:

     She is sensitive and intuitive and has an active inner life
only known by those who are very close. She and her close ties
like to share a private world no one else can enter and she
spends most of her time alone together or with close friends and
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