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Get a free report based on your True Horoscope and see how accurate and useful it can be. These are select but complete portions of our few full-length reports for you to personally sample. If you've never seen a true astrological report written specifically for you, then these reports offer unique experience.

Get an ebook about you

Here we provide you with instant access to free personalized reports about you, or someone you choose. If you enjoy the reports and find them revealing, you'll have the option to purchase all the chapters in the full-length version.

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1. Merlin Natal report

2. Adult report

3. Karmic Insight report

4. My Child report

Relationships made easy

Want to know about your close relationships? Our love compatibility reports will amaze you with useful insight. Take a peek into all your relationships - no charge. Our full-length reports include chapters on every important aspects of Romantic, Personal or Business relationships. These reports are popular for one reason, they really help you have a clear understanding because of the advantage of having several different perspectives.

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1. Compatibility and Romance report

2. Composite for Lovers report

3. Psyche and Eros report


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