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We live in the communication era. Technology has made it possible to be in instant communication, via satellite or computer, to persons around the world. Yet the skills to connect to another person emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually are needed as much today as ever before.

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Power reports can help you

While there are numerous books, articles and seminars on building and enhancing communication skills, Power Reports offer unique insight to immediately improve communication. When you have insight into a person, you also have a better understanding. With a deep level of insight and understanding, you can communicate confidently and effectively in any situation.

Get what you want

In the business environment personal communication is vital and Power Reports offer you a clear edge by letting you get to know your business partner(s), important clients or your top level managers in the most personal way.

Learn how to ask

In these reports, you'll learn about their communication strengths and weaknesses, their likes and dislikes, emotional character, how they like to communicate, what makes them happy, and the burdens they shoulder.All these qualities help mold an individual's characters and how they like to communicate. Imagine the personal power you'll be wielding when you really know the type of person you are dealing with, in important negotiations and meetings. Power reports will give you an opportunity to walk in their shoes and see the world from a unique perspective.

Improve your rate of success

It is estimated that only about 10% of all communications depends on words, the other 90%, being nonverbal, includes facial expressions, eye contact, tone of voice, body posture and motions, and positioning within groups. In person-to-person communications, messages are sent on two levels simultaneously. If the nonverbal cues and the spoken message are incongruous, the flow of communication is hindered. Right or wrong, the receiver of the communication tends to read the intentions of the sender on the non-verbal cues he or she receives.

Studying the personal information revealed within Power Reports will enable you to communicate in a more sincere and honest manner and while improving your non-verbal communications.

Have the results you want

Browse through the sample reports and then buy as many reports as needed. We have special membership pricing for volume purchases - please check theFutureMinders Premium for details. The reports are displayed on screen, emailed to you and saved on site for your convenience. We email the reports in a word document form, and they can be printed or kept for future reference.

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