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Use these reports to unveil the hidden and the not so hidden parts of your friends as well as yourself. Through the years we have developed patterns of communication with others, and these patterns of communication shape our relationships. While we cannot control the behavior of others, we can adapt to how we relate to them. How successfully you relate to another is dependent on your Interpersonal intelligence.

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Patterns of Personality [ more details | sample ]
Unveil the hidden

Interpersonal intelligence means your ability to read the feelings, intentions, and desires of others -- even when hidden -- and your effectiveness acting upon this knowledge.We invite you to browse through some of our sample Friends & Family Reports. Imagine the Interpersonal intelligence you'll gain in all your important relationships by asking these two questions: "What's going on with this person?" and "How do I want to act on this knowledge?"

Truth about friends & family

Share these reports with others to better their understanding of relationships by placing them in a whole new light. For hundreds of years, people in all walks of life have looked to Astrology and horoscopes to enrich their understanding about themselves and others. . With theFutureMinders' exclusive Friends & Family Reports, we have brought this knowledge to the Internet Age so that anyone can access the insight contained within them.

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Browse through the sample reports and choose the reports right for you. We have special membership pricing for volume purchases - please check theFutureMinders Premium for details. The reports are displayed on screen, emailed to you and saved on site for your convenience. We email the reports in a word document form, and they can be printed or kept for future reference.

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