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             Friends and Family for Chelsea Clinton

                        February 27, 1980
                            11:24 PM
                      Little Rock, Arkansas

       Calculated for:
       Time Zone 6 hours West
       Latitude: 34 N 44 47
       Longitude: 92 W 17 22

       Positions of Planets at Birth:
       Sun     position  is   8 deg.  47 min.  of  Pisces
       Moon    position  is   9 deg.  45 min.  of  Leo
       Mercury position  is  21 deg.  08 min.  of  Pisces
       Venus   position  is  21 deg.  23 min.  of  Aries
       Mars    position  is   4 deg.  36 min.  of  Virgo
       Jupiter position  is   4 deg.  50 min.  of  Virgo
       Saturn  position  is  24 deg.  48 min.  of  Virgo
       Uranus  position  is  25 deg.  34 min.  of  Scorpio
       Neptune position  is  22 deg.  30 min.  of  Sagittarius
       Pluto   position  is  21 deg.  26 min.  of  Libra
       Asc.    position  is  16 deg.  21 min.  of  Scorpio

                         9845 Shoup Ave
                      California 91311 USA
                       Phone: 818-772-8786
          Chapter 1: The Image Chelsea Clinton projects

Scorpio Rising:

    She is very strong-willed and proud, but intensely private
and not easy to know well. Behind her quiet exterior lies a
great deal of emotional depth, sensitivity, complexity, and also
fierce determination. When she wants something she goes after it
rather quietly but insistently and wholeheartedly - and she
usually gets it.

    She is not a person who lives lightly or superficially.  She
wants to live passionately and intensely and is not averse to
challenge, danger, or to facing the darker side of life - human
pain and struggle. She functions well in crisis situations and
often seeks them out, enjoying the experience of living at full

    She is very intuitive about other people and especially
about their unspoken feelings and hidden motives. She usually
has strong, immediate gut reactions, either positive or
negative, which proves to be correct. She approachs life very
instinctively and is not always fully conscious of why she feels
or act as she does. She also has a very strong affinity with
animals - an acute sensitivity and a nonverbal kind of rapport
with them.

    In relation to others, she is rather cautious, sometimes
even suspicious, until she gets to know and trust them - and
trust doesn't come easily to her. When she commits emotionally
to someone, be it friend or lover, she is intensely loyal and
devoted to them and also expects the same kind of unwavering,
undying loyalty in return. If she is ever betrayed by someone
she cares deeply for, she is capable of hating and retaliating
with as much fervor as she once loved. Nothing is done halfway.
In fact, she is intensely involved and often jealously attached
to whatever she cares about, be it person, idea, or cause. There
is definitely a streak of emotional fanaticism in her.

    Because of a natural reserve, others may see her as
something of an enigma. She is quite self-protective and often
defensive. She is also very magnetic, especially to members of
the opposite sex.

           Chapter 2: Chelsea Clinton's true identity

Sun in Pisces:

    At heart she is very gentle, impressionable, and receptive
-a dreamer. The worlds of her imagination, feelings, and
intuition are as real to her as anything in the outer world,
though she may have trouble verbalizing or interpreting her
inner experiences in a way others can understand. Mystical,
artistic, musical, emotional and imaginative, she has a rich
inner life, though she may seem rather unobtrusive and quiet
outwardly. She usually keeps to herself.

    She has great sensitivity and empathy with others, and she
often senses things psychically or intuitively which proves to
be correct. She is tolerant, forgiving, and nonjudgmental,
accepting people unconditionally regardless of their flaws,
mistakes, or outward appearance. She has deep compassion for the
suffering of any fellow creature and often feels others' pain as
if it were her own. She sympathizes with the needy, the
disadvantaged, the misfits of society. She is capable of giving
selflessly, living a life of devoted and compassionate service
to others, as a healer, physician, social worker, or minister.
However, she tends to give indiscriminately, to let others take
advantage of her kindness, and to encourage the weak to remain
so by becoming dependent upon her. She has little sense of
boundaries, of limits, of knowing when to say "no". Moderation
and self-discipline are not her strong points.

    She is a lover and a peace-maker rather than a fighter, and
she tries to avoid open conflict. She will patiently ignore or
"tune out" problems in hopes they will go away by themselves,
rather than directly confronting them, and she tends to lack the
positive fighting spirit that is sometimes necessary to overcome
challenges. She is fluid, open, nonresistant, and somewhat
passive. She does things in a subtle, often covert, manner.

    Her gifts may also lie in the realm of the creative,
artistic, or musical, for she has a great sensitivity,
inspiration, and limitless imagination. She responds very
strongly to beauty and to love.

    Her faults include a tendency to be lazy and negligent, and
to wallow in self-pity rather than taking strong, definite
action to change her life for the better. She also tends to
become so detached from her immediate environment that she lives
in a disorderly, chaotic sort of hodgepodge, though this
probably bothers those around her more than it bothers her.

Sun Opposition Mars:

    She is direct, energetic, sometimes aggressive and
combative. She often feels that she needs to fight to get what
she wants and she tends to have a "me-first" attitude that
angers or irritates others. She is hasty, restless, impatient,
and sometimes reckless.

Sun Opposition Jupiter:

    She has big aspirations and a desire to succeed in life in a
grand way. She tends to exaggerate, to promise more than is
possible, and to misjudge through over-optimism. However, she
never loses her hopes for the future. Restlessness and
discontent with responsibilities and limitations in life can be
troublesome for her.

            Chapter 3: The way Chelsea Clinton feels

Moon in Leo:

    Warm, loving, and generous in her affections, she inspires
tremendous devotion and loyalty in her loved ones. This is good,
since she would never settle for anything less! She wants to be
adored and worshipped like the king or queen that she feels she
is, and it is difficult for anyone to resist the warmth and
attention she lavishes on those she cares about. She has a great
deal of pride and needs to be recognized and appreciated. The
way to really hurt her feelings is to ignore her. She is
genuine, sincere, and has a strong sense of personal integrity.
She hates emotional games and dishonesty.

Venus in Aries:

    Her love feelings and desires are easily aroused but it may
be difficult to sustain her romantic interest in a relationship
after the initial, exciting "chase and conquest". She enjoys a
partner who is dynamic and alive, someone with a strong
independent streak, and she does not like things to become too
peaceful or predictable in the love arena. She wants to see
sparks fly once in awhile, even if that means instigating a

Venus Opposition Pluto:

    She experiences powerful, compelling emotional and sexual
attractions, and she may feel that she has little choice or
control over her desires. She has an intense need for love and
may be emotionally greedy or insatiable. Her love life is
passionate and often tumultuous and painful as well. Jealousy,
power struggles, or over-possessiveness can become areas of
conflict in her relationships. Positively, she can be unusually
creative and bring about beneficial and healing changes in the
lives of others, motivated by her deeply felt love.

Venus Trine Neptune:

    Sensitive and compassionate, she tends to be the "giver" in
any relationship. She has high ideals and a refined attitude
towards love, seeking to relate in ways that is beyond ego needs
and selfishness. She is attracted to people with artistic or
mystical inclinations.

          Chapter 4: Communicating with Chelsea Clinton

Mercury in Pisces:

    She is more of a poet than a rational scientist, for her
mind does not function in a strictly logical, linear fashion.
The language of music, art, or poetry is natural to her, and she
is also able to think in highly abstract and symbolic terms.
Translating her thoughts and impressions into concrete, everyday
language may be difficult for her at times and consequently she
may appear less intelligent or at least less quick-witted and
verbal than others. This was especially true of her as a child,
and she probably daydreamed a good deal also. She is intuitive
and is able to sense what others' thoughts and feelings are,
even before they say anything to her. She often forms an opinion
about a person or situation without much factual knowledge of
them, and her impressions are usually correct. She can be
somewhat absent-minded and she becomes so immersed in her own
thoughts that she overlooks things in her immediate, tangible
environment. She is extremely open-minded and believes that
anything is possible. Intangible or spiritual forces seem just
as real to her as anything in the concrete world. Her
imagination and her sympathetic understanding of other people
are two of her greatest gifts.

Mercury Opposition Saturn:

    She has an aptitude for solving difficult mental problems
due to her careful, methodical approach, attention to detail,
and tenacity in following a matter through to its conclusion.
She has good powers of concentration and enjoys studying and
thinking in solitude. She can get wrapped up entirely in her own
thoughts and completely engrossed in some small detail. She is
slow and cautious, but extremely thorough in her work.
Conservative and something of a skeptic, she may be
narrow-minded or closed to any idea which has no concrete proof
or scientific verification. She prefers dealing with facts
rather than abstract speculation. She may also be distrustful or
fearful of anything she cannot understand with her rational
mind. She is well-suited to work in research or any field that
requires careful study and thought.

Mercury Square Neptune:

    Her mind is highly imaginative and creative and she
possesses dramatic, artistic, or musical abilities. As a child,
she enjoyed daydreaming, fantasizing, pretending, and probably
lived in her own little world" a good deal. She perceives things
which are not obvious to other people and she has an uncanny
ability to "read" people and situations without being told
anything about them. However, she must learn to discriminate
between true psychic perception and her imagination. Learning to
discipline and focus her mind is necessary if she wishes to use
all of her creative potential. Otherwise, she could be simply a

    Communication with others is difficult for her because she
often finds words frustrating and inadequate to express her
experiences and perceptions. Also, she may purposefully mystify
or deceive others.

Mercury Trine Uranus:

    Independent and free-thinking, she dislikes being told what
to do and how to do it, and she especially does not like being
told how to think, for she insists on discovering her own truth.
She does well in a rather unstructured environment that allows
her to make her own decisions and to respond to the needs of the
moment, rather than following a routine, standardized way of
doing things. She is also suited to a fast-paced atmosphere,
which she finds exciting and stimulating. Her mind functions in
an intuitive, nonlinear fashion and sudden insights and flashes
of inspiration often come to her "out of the blue". She has an
aptitude for science and new technologies especially interest
her. She also has a penchant for astrology or other esoteric

      Chapter 5: Chelsea Clinton's motivations and actions

Mars in Virgo:

    She is a perfectionist and has high standards for her own
work. She often feels that if she wants something done right she
must do it herself, for others do not do as thorough a job as
she does. Doing a task well is very important to her, and she
may labor over minute details that others wouldn't bother with.
She strives for accuracy, efficiency, and precision, and she
becomes very irritable when things are not done "right".

    On the other hand, she can become so much of a perfectionist
and so self-critical that she will not even attempt many
activities and projects, feeling that her efforts simply won't
be good enough. She is usually modest and realistic in assessing
what she can accomplish and, if anything, she underestimates
herself. Of course, practice makes perfect, and if she does
apply herself diligently in some area, she gradually gains
self-confidence as she masters skills and develops expertise.

      She conserves her energy and paces herself so that she
does not waste or diffuse her efforts. An unwillingness
 to take risks or venture from the beaten track can sometimes
limit her opportunities. In short, she may not aim high enough
and settles for too little in life.

Mars Conjunct Jupiter:

    She has a positive, "can-do" attitude and tackles life's
challenges with relish. She is self-confident and has a strong
will to succeed, to see how much she can do and how far she can
go. No matter what she accomplishs, she does not rest on her
laurels. She wants to keep on going, to do even bigger things.
She is forward-looking, enterprising, and enthusiastic about new
projects. She is not happy in situations that do not offer her
challenges and the potential for growth and expansion in the
future - no matter how secure or satisfactory they may be in
other respects. She enjoys competition, but she competes mostly
with herself, to see how much of her vision and potential she
can really achieve. She makes a good leader, inspiring courage
and confidence in others. She usually enjoys good health and
high vitality.

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