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Destiny's Map Report for

                           Elton John

                         March 25, 1947
                             9:14 PM
                         London, England

                      Veraxs Int'l Inc.

                     3355 Bee Cave Road #606
                      Austin, TX 78746 USA
                       Phone: 512-826-5401

This report contains specific tactics to help you achieve your
destiny. If you pick up just one appropriate tip and stick with
it, this report will have paid for itself many times over.

This report is not to be taken for medical or legal advice and
is not for therapy or fortune telling purposes. It is not even a
substitute for a live reading with a real astrologer. It is an
exercise of free speech and of the press. You are reminded that
life is what you make it. Enjoy yourself.  Different planetary
energies can work at cross purposes. No doubt, like yourself,
this report is vast enough to contain contradictions. Each
section will help you to identify and resolve some of your
conflicts and quandaries. This report can even encourage you to
raise your hopes.


              Lucky Lottery Numbers for Elton John

    The following are your exclusive lucky numbers based upon
       the position of the heavenly bodies at your birth.

              4  24  18  07   7  43  11  10   4  10


                   Elton John's  DAILY NUMBER

Technical stuff & your numbers


Sun         4  Ari  20         Pluto        11  Leo  10
Moon       14  Tau  17         True Node     4  Gem  10
Mercury     9  Pis  46         Asc.         25  Lib  10
Venus      24  Aqu  00         MC            3  Leo  28
Mars       16  Pis  38         Ceres        24  Pis  03
Jupiter    27  Sco  22         Pallas       28  Aqu  12
Saturn      2  Leo  01         Juno          0  Cap  09
Uranus     18  Gem  07         Vesta         3  Tau  37
Neptune     9  Lib  35
Chiron      7  Sco  43

Elton John's Birth Data

Born on March 25, 1947 at 9:14 PM in London, England

Tropical  Placidus   Daylight Savings Time observed
GMT: 20:14:00   Time Zone: 0 hours West
Lat. and Long. of birth: 51 N 30    0 W 10   

Aspects and orbs:
Conjunction      :  7 Deg 00 Min
Opposition       :  7 Deg 00 Min
Trine            :  3 Deg 30 Min
Square           :  3 Deg 30 Min
Quintile         :  1 Deg 45 Min
Biquintile       :  1 Deg 45 Min
Sextile          :  3 Deg 30 Min
Septile          :  1 Deg 10 Min
Biseptile        :  1 Deg 10 Min
Triseptile       :  1 Deg 10 Min
Semisquare       :  1 Deg 45 Min
Sesquiquadrate   :  1 Deg 45 Min
Novile           :  1 Deg 10 Min
Binovile         :  1 Deg 10 Min
Quadranovile     :  1 Deg 10 Min
Decile           :  1 Deg 45 Min
Tridecile        :  1 Deg 45 Min
Undecile         :  0 Deg 42 Min
Semisextile      :  1 Deg 45 Min
Quincunx         :  1 Deg 45 Min

                            Chapter 1

                     Elementally Elton John

Introducing the "building blocks" of astrology

     The ancients conceived of four elements that made up the
universe: fire, earth, air and water. The section that follows
provides a broad, general outline of your character and
describes your "elemental" make-up.

                     Elton John: The basics

Fewer than 2 planets in Earth signs:

     Because of a certain restlessness and discontent, you're
not the most practical person in the world. You may even be a
bit spacey. In fact, sometimes you may wonder if you are of this
world. Try using a "to do" list to your advantage and train
yourself in the habit of carrying out important tasks without
procrastinating. The things of the mundane hold little interest
for you.

Four or more planets in Water signs:

     A great deal of your time is spent in the world of
feelings, emotions and intuitions. For the most part, your life
is experienced as an ebb and flow of emotional tides and
currents. You usually react strongly to the emotional atmosphere
of any given situation. You don't deal with people so much by
their outward appearance as you do by their inner state. You
seem to know things intuitively and have some degree of psychic
power. Your best communication is often nonverbal.

     You are very impressionable though you try to hide it.
Since intangibles play a great role in your life, practicality
or intellectualism isn't necessarily your thing.

     Few things bring you greater happiness than a successful
close personal relationship.  You have an innate understanding
of the interconnectedness and interdependence of all forms of
life. Empathy, compassion and emotional rapport are your
strengths. However, not many people are ready to merge with
another the way you are so you need to learn to recognize and
respect other peoples' boundaries. Because of your constant
awareness of other peoples' emotions, you need to protect
yourself in ways such as the practice some form of daily prayer
or meditation.

     All things aquatic and nautical fascinate you and you are
in your natural element when surrounded by water. So, get
yourself a hot tub, a waterbed, an aquarium or a fountain. Or
live by a great body of water. Because of your heightened
sensitivity to fluids, you are advised to drink purified water
or bottled water.

Five or more planets in Fixed signs:

     More than likely, you're determined, purposeful and
persistent.  You could also be more introspective,
strong-willed, slow and deliberate than most people.  Before you
act, you like to turn things over and over.  Maybe you're more
than a touch inflexible and stubborn.  At any rate, you are not
easily pushed, pulled or pressured.  Once you've made up your
mind, you stand your ground with firm conviction.

     Once you make up your mind and are willing to pay the
price, you usually get what you want.  It may take time, and you
may have to overcome obstacles, but that is no matter.  If you
are committed, you are a powerhouse.  After you overcome
inertia, you're persevering, steady and stable.


                            Chapter 2

                       Sun for Elton John

     The Sun gives you light and life. It also represents how
and where you shine. The Sun is the star of self-expression,
ego-identity, leadership, honor, glory and pride.

Sun in Aries:

     Essentially, if you want to be happy, you need to be first
and best. Somehow, some way, you need to find a competitive
outlet. Ultimately, you only compete with yourself. You begin
with the question posed to every solar superhero, "How will you
use your super powers?"

     You are here to start something new, to go where no one
else has gone, and to do what no one else has done. The stars
dare you to be a pioneer, a champion, and a doer.

     One of the symbols for your Sun is the flaming torch. This
is the sacred fire of your inner temple, and this energy will
always be available to you in everything you do.

Sun in 5th house:

     You can find yourself and be yourself by throwing yourself
wholeheartedly into the creative world. Constantly remind
yourself that luck is the result of creative planning. Give
yourself permission to have more fun and pleasure. You can be a
superstar in the game of life. It is your destiny to have the
lion's share of fun. Go for it.

     You can lose yourself by constantly telling yourself so
often that you're not creative, and that you're not good enough,
until you believe it. Since to a large extent you define
yourself by your originality, it is crucial that you allow
yourself the open mind of a child.

     You can ground yourself and get closer to the earth by
joining an environmental organization such as the Sierra Club,
the National Wildlife Federation, or the Audobon Society. Go for
more nature walks with your friends. Assume an active leadership
role in an environmental group.

Ruler of 5th house in 12th:

     Work to diminish the impractical, hypersensitive side of
human nature. To give from the heart, help the underdog and
those who can not help themselves. You are very well suited for
a position that is behind the scenes such as a museum, hospital,
prison, orphanage, cemetery, spy or secret intelligence agency
or other such institution. To express your love, you might work
"behind the throne." You may take your pleasures in solitude.
You might even like secluding yourself behind closed doors. You
have a great secret talent that could propel you into becoming
an "overnight success."  You can really achieve something by
"playing with the controls" of your visions. You can do
something original, creative and brilliant with your spiritual

Sun Opposition Neptune:

     You are better off if you are careful about your
consumption of alcohol. For you, a little bit will take you a
long way. You would profit from some form of regular meditation
or prayer.

     If other sections of your reading confirm this, you're
quite charismatic but can be easily conned by a deceitful
person. You are advised to take a cautious approach to all
things occult and mystical. Learn to trust your own first
impressions. The more you trust yourself, the easier your life

     Learn to be objective and take people, places, and things
with a pinch of salt. Eat more wholesome grounding food such as
grains, soups, and stews. You can become a star if you learn to
see people as they are, not as you would like them to be.

     You have refined aesthetic tastes and profit by being
surrounded by original art and live music in your life. You are
like a Jaguar automobile. For your life to run smoothly,
everything must be fine-tuned. You are keenly aware and
sensitive and psychically attuned. It's important for you to be
selective as to who and what you allow around you. To become a
star, learn to trust your first impressions and go with them.

Sun Trine Saturn:

     Virginia Woolf said, "I don't believe in aging. I believe
in forever altering one's aspect to the sun."

     You're serious, responsible, industrious, and hardworking.
You probably matured early and may have missed out on much of
the joy of childhood. You tend to get along well with mature
people and the elderly. You can become a star by becoming more
purposeful. You can become a self-made person through your
discipline and follow-through.

     You can become a star by learning how to get more joy out
of the sheer struggle of life. Become consciously aware of the
rules that you have made for yourself and for others and become
aware of the inner critic which is always judging you.

Sun Trine MC:

     You need a challenging career. You would do well to work in
a field where you can express the full force of your
personality. At times you may find that you tend to overwhelm
others. However, you will be happier and better off by
commanding their respect. You can become a superstar by
developing character and dignity.

   You have leadership ability. Your profession could put you in
the public spotlight. Before you set out to achieve your goals,
it is important for you to define your basic sense of self,
will, and purpose. You are likely to accomplish something very
great in life. Powerful people will become your friends and

Sun Sextile True Node:

     A powerful person may help you to achieve your destiny. You
are capable of becoming an exemplary individual.

     You can successfully reach your goals through contacts with
the right people. An important person will help you to achieve
these goals.

     You've probably heard about past lives but your present and
future lives are just as important.  Attune yourself to your
present and your future, and you will be a winner.

Sun Novile Moon:

      Have the courage to follow where your heart leads you,
namely to the power of emotions and unconscious feelings. Will
dramatic changes be necessary?  Be honest with yourself. You
could get more involved with land, property, housing, real
estate, agriculture, food, cooking and catering. You're suited
for more commitment to your dreams, women in general, family,
crowds, bodies of water, fishing, boating, symbols, and

Sun Novile Venus:

     Have the courage to follow where your heart leads you,
namely to the power of beauty and art. Will dramatic changes be
necessary?  Be honest with yourself. You could get more involved
with biology, diplomacy, the plant kingdom, sweets, luxuries and
food. You're suited for vocations involving banking, finance,
and the stock exchange, plus anything creative, artistic or
beauty enhancing.


                            Chapter 3

                       Moon for Elton John

     Astrologically speaking, the Moon is an instinctual force.
It is a symbol of your emotional life including such things as
home, family, mother, dreams, feelings, the public, women and
your early childhood.

Moon in Taurus:

     You can be pretty much set in your ways. You stand by your
decisions and are more than a little bit stubborn. It is highly
unlikely that you will be pushed into a rash decision.

     Under stress, you dig in and get the job done. You can also
create the impression that you're conservative to the point of
narrow mindedness. The truth is that you like to move at your
own rate which is cautious and methodical. To cut back on stress
and find satisfaction, you would enjoy a good neck rub.

     You have specific desires for good food and comfortable

     Eat, drink and be merry. You take great pleasure from your
senses. Neck ties, necklaces, or scarves accentuate your

Moon in 7th house:

     Emotional commitment is a key issue for you. In exchange
for safety and support, you're willing to share yourself with
another. You feel good when you're nurturing people and they
appreciate it.  You're at home when you're with your favorite
companion.  You can get just about anything you want by giving
other people what they want.

Ruler of 4TH house in 8th:

     To function properly, you require a great deal of privacy.
You might cultivate a great interest in the occult. To feel
really secure, you need to undergo some sort of
self-transformation . See chapter 10 for more information.

Moon Opposition Chiron:

     You can do great healing work in conjunction with your
dreams. You might write letters to Chiron and place them under
your pillow for inspiration. For more information, read the
section on Chiron in Chapter 8.

Moon Square Pluto:

     Your sensitivity is strong and intense. From time to time
you need to take a chance on an emotional adventure. You were
made for enriching relationships. You can relate to others once
you have mastered your own self assurance. There could be a
touch of the fanatic or zealot in you or your mother. You will
need to learn to deal with emotional extremes, insatiable needs,
and insane demands made upon you.

Moon Biquintile Neptune:

     Part of you is sensitive, romantic and subject to changing
moods. You can relate to people through music and art. Find your
tune and dance to it. You can experience spiritual, mental and
physical healing.

     People see your aura and are drawn by your mystique. You
can make the most sensuous dreams come vividly true. You take an
emotional approach to life.

     You can learn to make excellent sales presentations and do
creative work. By making small sacrifices you can reach your
specific goals. However, you can be almost too idealistic at
times. Give yourself an edge by clearly defining what you want
and then going for it.

     You tend to be kind and forgiving. You will relate more
successfully to people once you learn to express your feelings
in an earthy, sensuous, physical way. Go ahead and live out some
of your fantasies and enjoy yourself.

Moon Sextile Mars:

     You tend to react to others with criticism. You need to
remember that most people are touchy about being criticized and
will appreciate any sensitivity you show for them. It would help
you to burn off some steam through participating in some
competitive sport.

     Sometimes, when you get psyched, you like to take the
initiative. You have the courage to overcome obstacles. You can
be successful in starting new projects with other people. Yes,
it might be up to you to fire the emotional charge and get
things going.

     You are self-reliant and like to take the initiative. You
will relate successfully to people once you learn to understand
and have control of your emotional energy and to pace yourself
to the person you are dealing with.

Sun Novile Moon:

     Focus your emotions and drive yourself toward a new goal.
Concentrate your activity and your creativity into one area. You
can successfully relate to people by learning when to take a
leap of faith into something new and when to give something

     You can successfully relate to others when you see the
light and make a new balance between your conscious will and
your deepest feelings for home and family.

     Take your most ambitious idea, the one that has the
strongest emotional content behind it, and make an action plan.
Make your idea a reality. Give your feelings new life.

Moon Binovile Venus:

     Your cheerful disposition can make it easy for you to
relate to people. Your tact and diplomacy serve you well. Your
sensitivity and tenderness can bring you love. When you adjust
your emotions to social circumstances, Cupid adjusts his arrow
for you. Enjoy your physical and emotional desires.

     Give yourself permission to leave relationships that you do
not really want to be in. What you need to learn is that you can
set yourself free from your own traps. You can have challenging
relations with women. If you are a woman, you are challenged by
your femininity and the role of gender.

     You might have a sweet tooth and relate to people in a
sensuous and sumptuous manner. Make your home pleasant. Get out
in public and enjoy success. You can do very favorable things in
conjunction with women. This includes business and politics as
well as in the personal dimension.


                            Chapter 4

                     Mercury for Elton John

     Mercury describes patterns of thought, of learning, and of
assessing reality. Consequently it affects your self-image and
your thinking processes.

Mercury in Pisces:

     You tend to absorb ideas easily, learning through osmosis
rather than study. You're somewhat psychic, intuitive,
telepathic and receptive to the thoughts of others although you
may not be entirely aware of it. You are also very
impressionable and need to be in an environment which serves
your needs. Your style of communication can be mysterious and
rather ethereal. You may even be somewhat of an absent-minded
professor type.

     You can be overly sensitive to criticism and will benefit
from private coaching, mentoring and tutoring. You may be
secretive and keep your own ideas to yourself. Be sure to find
the right balance between normal privacy needs and being a

     Your vivid imagination is an asset in the arts and creative
endeavors. And you can put it to good use. You may be involved
in photography and film work. You need to learn to get your
ideas across in a clear and orderly fashion.

Mercury in 5th house:

    You may enjoy spending time with your favorite hobbies, and
you have fun playing intellectual games. Creative writing would
also be an interesting pasttime for you. You can accomplish
something great by doing what makes you feel proud.

Ruler of 3rd house in 2nd:

     You probably like to talk about resources, liquid assets,
earnings, values, money and possessions. Once you develop good
communication skills, you will get extra riches and rewards.
Your ideas can make you successful in the financial world.

Mercury Conjunct Mars:

     Your powerful mind and enterprising spirit will help you to
realize your plans. You are restless, curious, and impatient and
need to slow down from time to time to improve the quality of
your communication.  Fast talking may or may not be appropriate,
depending upon circumstances.

Mercury Trine Chiron:

     You should read and write about holistic health practices.

Mercury Biquintile MC:

     The more clearly you express yourself, the more successful
your career becomes. Share your ideas with the world at large
and circulate your information, particularly with a bit of

    You could achieve a degree of public success in connection
with mental activities.

Mercury Sesquiquadrate Asc.:

     You're good at talking and thinking. You have a talent for
exchanging thoughts and ideas. There is somewhat of a pixie
about you and your appearance. When your mind and your hands are
not occupied, you are bored.

     Although criticism can be helpful, when it is professional
or solicited by another, take care that you don't find yourself
belittling or degrading others when not called for. It can be a
strong signal that you need to work on your self esteem and
improve your own condition.

Mercury Quincunx Neptune:

     Your imagination works overtime. You can paint pictures
with words. You can think on your feet. You can become a super
salesperson. Some of your most creative work is done at an
unconscious level, almost as if you are attuned to a faraway
source. You could be an actor, a dreamer, a mystic, a faith
healer or a psychic, or probably you are some combination of
these. Instead of letting your imagination play tricks on you,
work to communicate meaningful and significant information.
Since you can unconsciously attune yourself to other people's
thoughts and motivations, you need to stay centered, balanced
and grounded. Since you are naturally psychic and prophetic,
organization is a key to your success.

    You need to learn a middle path between fantasy and reality,
to be creative without being an escapist. Your imaginative
powers are second to none, and you could do creative work for a
living. With an extra creative effort, you could turn your
richest fantasies into reality.

Mercury Quincunx Pluto:

    Your mind is resourceful, probing and persistent. You are
fascinated and, at times, even obsessed with the mysterious and
the unknown. You can become persuasive or cunning and sly. You
can become very successful in fields such as surgery, research,
analysis, propaganda, politics and exploration.

     Be relentless in following your mental routines and in time
you will gain insight. This will help you find an appropriate
outlet for sharing your deepest, most penetrating thoughts and

     There is no doubt that you can ferret out the truth but can
you learn to express the truth without being unduly harsh or
blunt? Since most disagreements are not worth fighting over, you
are advised to learn to sidestep, intercept or redirect
unnecessary controversy.

     Instead of trying to control others, it would be more
effective for you to practice self control. Instead of wasting
energy arguing about right and wrong, why not pursue what feels
right for you? You have great appeal for the masses.

Mercury Biseptile Jupiter:

     Both common sense and business sense are yours. You can be
constructive and can develop literary skills. You have a mind
for politics and for propaganda. You might want to start your
own Zine.  A Zine is a sort of magazine that came about as a
result of desk top publishing and the photocopy and offset
printing processes. One way or another, you can make money from
your ideas.

     You're prone to exaggeration and could use this tendency to
create humor. You might try joking about people who sermonize.
In other words, make some fun at the expense of preachy

     Pick, polish and perfect your best idea. Figure out how to
effectively put it into practice. Find a way to make your
efforts rewarding; then work hard to achieve your goals. Some
additional education will prove to be helpful.


                            Chapter 5

                      Venus for Elton John

     Astrologically speaking, the planet Venus is the force of
affinity.  Venus represents a good part of what you attract,
cherish, enjoy and are receptive to. Venus describes much of
what makes life worth living - among others, love and

Venus in Aquarius:

     Friendship, social contacts, and freedom are important to
you. You have more than the usual appreciation for modern and
progressive ideas. You find the concept of newness greatly

      Modern art and electronics have a great interest for you.

     You are attracted to unusual relationships with unusual
people. Both you and your partner tend to be more detached than
emotional. You will not put up with jealousy or possessiveness.
You like to also be a friend to the one you love.

     Financially speaking, you like to spend a larger percent of
your budget on things such as computers and other technology.

     You like doing business with groups rather than with one
individual at a time.

Venus in 4th house:

     You can find love and be in love right at home. Your love
life is very much determined by environmental conditions. A
cozier atmosphere leads to deeper love. Create more domestic
ambiance. Add a new splash of color to your home. Improve your
love life by making your home a more lovely place to live in.

     Fill your home with original art. Make your home a
sanctuary for love. Purchase plants and fresh flowers.

Ruler of 7TH house in 5th:

     You can be extraordinarily romantic and will likely marry
for ardent love. You and your partner might do very creative
work together in business or in the arts.

Venus Trine Asc.:

     You have natural charm and beauty and fair features. You
can get what you want through the use of tact and diplomacy.
People love your artistic, sociable, and harmonious attitude.
Venus Square Jupiter:

     If you're not enjoying life, perhaps you're allowing others
to unduly influence you for the worse. You should avoid people
who really don't care about you or your interests.

     It's important to maintain your self respect by not paying
too much attention to the unreal expectations of others. Become
more aware of your own needs.  You can be generous but do not
allow others to take advantage of your generosity. You can help
others to step up and step out without allowing them to step on
you. Allow other people to assume more care and responsibility
for themselves.

     If you're not happy with the quality or number of people in
your personal life, it would be good to get out and meet new
people so that you can attract a bigger circle of friends.

     You have a great deal of magnetic personal power and
attract others to you due to your cheery, friendly personality.
People are also attracted to you because of your honesty. You
could earn income by expressions of your creative and artistic
abilities. You can attract new business through your active
social schedule. You can gather others around you in the spirit
of fun and love. One way or another, you can cash in on your
talent for dealing with the public.

     As you are probably aware, you will be happier if you can
accept the fact that your moods are cyclical. So enjoy different
activities at different times in your cycles. There are times
when it is the right time to go out and make some new friends so
learn to be aware of those times and act on it. A sense of humor
can prove to be one of your biggest assets.

Venus Sesquiquadrate Neptune:

     You are kind and sensitive but, at the same time, high
strung and temperamental. At times you are a starry eyed
romantic dreamer and a romantic idealist. You can be both
appreciative and compassionate toward those you love. Due to
your sensitivity, it would be a good idea to be sure you are
clear about your intentions before you become involved with
people. In other words, you are encouraged to decide what you
consciously and unconsciously want in relationships.

     You should cultivate more faith in yourself by
disassociating yourself from people who try to tell you what you
should do. Do what you feel like doing. Do what feels good. You
can substantially improve your chances for success by
associating with people who share aspirations and joys. In some
way, you might turn your love for music into a money making

Venus Tridecile Chiron:

       You should connect with a group of like-minded
individuals.  For instance, you could find happiness in a
writers' or artists' colony, or a meditation or healing circle.
For example, you could go to a variety of seminars or creative
workshops. The key to success is to work in groups as opposed to
going it alone.

Sun Novile Venus:

     When it comes to personal relationships, you make an effort
to be sincere, direct, open and honest. Your compliments are
effective. Your genuine respect for others can have miraculous

     To get more love in your life, develop your grace, charm
and sense of values. You can learn to use more allure and appeal
to get more of what you want. You thrive on the appreciation
people show for the favors you do for them. You can throw fine
parties. You can support and encourage the arts. Learn to sing
or do something else in order to express yourself with ease and

Moon Binovile Venus:

     Affectionate, tender and graceful, you like things to be
running smoothly and harmoniously. You're a sensitive, caring
person. To be happy you need a beautiful, loving environment. To
get what you want, become more receptive to the arts. In order
to keep the peace you may be have a problem with confrontation.

     Your creative efforts have a strong effect on people's
emotions. You can contribute to the public good.


                            Chapter 6

                       Mars for Elton John

     Astrologically speaking, the planet Mars is the force of
motivation and mobilization. It is a symbol of your drive,
action and energy.

Mars in Pisces:

     Water can both energize and relax you. You might make your
bathroom a more lavish place. Install a water fountain or an
aquarium in your home. To increase your agility and love for
life, try swimming, sailing, dancing, or surfing.

     Although you're not aggressive in the usual sense of the
word, you do have strong emotional desires. And you have the
strength to effect others emotionally. Your feelings may be so
strong that they seem to drown others out.

     Your temper is like a firecracker with a wet fuse. You're
slow to burn and hard to ignite.

Mars in 5th house:

     Get yourself into the limelight. You were born for drama,
romance, and passion. Take some chances. Put more energy into
your hobbies. Take a bold new approach to physical fitness. Go
for the lion's share of fun.

Ascendant in Libra and Venus in Aquarius:

     You may come across to others as being polite, gentle, and
friendly. At times you can wear a mask or assume a persona that
shows you as being diplomatic and considerate of others. When
seeking a mate be sure to look for someone who can appreciate
your softness.  It's also important for you find a partner or
significant other who can make decisions easily and who will
take action when you hesitate to do so.

     At your best, you believe it's important to see the other
person's side and to be cooperative. At your worst, you may be
see as indecisive. However, appearances are usually somewhat
deceiving. For a better look at the real you read on. Please
note that this section of the report is most time sensitive and
can be off if your time of birth is not accurate.

     However, in apparent contradiction to the above, you can be
rather progressive and unorthodox in your approach to some
situations. You have the ability and drive to reach incredible
goals. Once you establish the right criteria for good
friendships, you are halfway to success.

     Because the planet Venus is said to be the "ruler" of your
chart, Chapter 5 on Venus is crucial to understanding ways that
you can make your life run more smoothly.

Mercury Conjunct Mars:

     You can put the power of thought to good use. You are good
with words and numbers. Sometimes you are so excited that you
can't keep still. You have a sharp tongue and mind and quick
repartee. Debating, commenting, broadcasting and writing can all
be suitable activities for you.

     If you feel nervous, restless, or irritable, you may find
it helpful to meditate. You need positive channels for your
quick mind. Learn to use your mind and your knowledge to your

     With a strong mind and good mental energy you can be a
brisk, lively communicator.  For the most part, you are plain
spoken. You like to get involved in investigation and battles of

Mars Square Uranus:

     Excitement motivates you. You have very fast reflexes and
can be drawn to high speed machines and the martial arts. Until
you deal with issues around anger, you may be accident-prone.
You can be brutally frank and, at times, are fearless and
headstrong, and show flashes of uncommon ability. You have a
fighting spirit and exceptional strong energy. For better or
worse, your friends will play a decisive role in your destiny.

     You operate by your own rules and thrive on hard work. You
do not easily submit to restraint. Sometimes you feel almost
irresistible urges to change or break free from commitments.

Mars Biquintile Pluto:

     Your physical and psychological conditions are intertwined.
When the chemistry is right for you, you are superhuman and
unstoppable. You have strong desires and physical needs and a
fearless persistence and determination to get what you want. You
are motivated by self-satisfaction. You can be quite willful and
obsessive in the pursuit of pleasures. You can learn to be
dynamic and courageous without being cruel, brutal, or sadistic.
Be forceful and friendly and you can accomplish plenty. To get
respect, learn to administer your authority fairly.

     People want to see your actions and your leadership
abilities. Demonstrate courage and self-confidence. To really
pursue your goals, you need an exercise program suited to your
individual needs.

Moon Sextile Mars:

     When you feel you can't effectively express your
personality, you can get moody and become emotionally tense,
excitable, impatient and quarrelsome. You should find ways to
use your energy to care for others in some way.

     For the most part, you are emotionally dynamic, energetic
and independent and enjoy robust good health. Spicy food perks
you up.

Mars Sesquiquadrate Saturn:

     Duty and financial planning are important to you. You can
develop good organization, discipline, and follow through. Good
planning can lead you to excellence. To get what you want, you
may have to move the earth. You can be moderately aggressive in
your romantic pursuits.

     Sometimes it may seem as if the hand of authority wants to
smack you silly. Learning to work with "Mars-Saturn energy" can
be a real pain. If you are faced with many difficulties to
overcome, you can become the kind of hero who moves mountains.
You should be sure that the responsibilities you choose will be
exciting for you. Learn to combine caution and prudence with
decisive action. Learn when to stop and when to go.

     Usually, you are a productive, methodical worker. You are
self-reliant with strong powers of endurance.

Mars Tridecile Jupiter:

     You believe in yourself and have good timing. You can put
your beliefs into action. Ready for something new?  With your
enterprising spirit and talent for organization, you can
probably pull it off. You show flashes of rebellious bravado and
might enjoy golf?!

     Put more energy into your education. To win more money and
love, learn to act decisively on your big ideas. Strong physical
desires motivate you. Find your true ideals. Allow them to
direct your energy and you will find a renewed optimism and
enthusiasm. "Fortune favors the bold". Intense stamina helps you
to be goal-oriented and adventurous but, at the same time, a
willful, wayward risk taker. Back up your motivation with good
preparation. You will get your opportunities. Keep your blood
pressure down. Make long walks through good scenic areas a part
of your lifestyle.


                            Chapter 7

                     Jupiter for Elton John

     Astrologically speaking, the planet Jupiter is the force of
encouragement and expansion. Jupiter's placement indicates what
your most important beliefs are and where you have the
opportunity for glory.

Jupiter is Retrograde:

     It hasn't been easy for you to find your place in the
community. You are more philosophical and meditative than most
people. Somewhat socially reclusive, you often prefer your own
company. On the other hand, you also have a great need to belong
to a group. This is one of your most important choices. Will you
make an effort to create a place for yourself in the community,
or will you become progressively more isolated and alienated and

     Search out groups of people who share your belief systems
and with whom you are psychologically attuned. This may take
some time to find the proper fit. The people that you are
looking for may be out of the ordinary, uncommon, or atypical.

Jupiter in Scorpio:

     You are sometimes motivated to make some shrewd grabs for
power and profit. You have an immense need for secrecy. You can
accomplish a lot with your deep probing and determination.

Jupiter in 2nd house:

     Drink fully and drink deeply from the horn of plenty. You
can widen the scope of your purchasing power by pooling your
resources with other people. Recognize and act upon new
financial opportunities. It is not what you possess that makes
you successful. It is how you use what you have.

     Renew your faith in the unlimited possibilities of your own
resources. You are a survivor, and you will be a winner. Doing
business with a wider scope of people will also expand your
opportunities for love and romance.

Ruler of 9th house in 5th:

     You can be blessed with creative genius. Start by getting
more upbeat and positive about life and living. You can develop
an overwhelming confidence in your ability to have fun. Reach
out beyond your present limits and develop enthusiasm and

     If there are confirming signals in other parts of this
report, you could find success working at a casino, in the stock
market, or in a theme park, cruise liner or local night club.

Jupiter Opposition True Node:

     The past life thing is yours in a big way. For example, you
might have a great interest in exploring past lives. You have
probably lived many past lives, and many people from your past
lives could be with you right now trying to finally get it

Venus Square Jupiter:

     You are warm and cordial when relating to others. You value
good fellowship and the good life. However, using self
discipline would improve the results.

     Take care not to be unduly and overly influenced by the
optimism of others. Learn to apply more financial safeguards.
You are eager for much too much all at the same time. Try to
curb your appetites.

Mars Tridecile Jupiter:

     Problems are solved "No problem" when you're around, or at
least that's what's said. Great energy crackles around you.
Possibly you're outspoken. You need a variety of activities to
complement your power.

Mercury Biseptile Jupiter:

     Sometimes you can be too fast and loose with the facts and
devoted to grand schemes. You are quite imaginative and can
learn and assimilate massive amounts of information. However,
you should learn to listen more.

     You often take big risks and then brag about it. Feeling
restless?  Travel more.

Jupiter Quadranovile Uranus:

     If there is confirmation in other sections of this report,
you can try enough new things and solve enough problems to be
free and optimistic about life and to become uniquely yourself.
In other words, you can be a genius and you can be a success.

     It is predictable that from time to time you will
experience sudden and major changes in your outlook, religious
beliefs and philosophy of life.

     Innovate, differentiate and take calculated risks.
Continually improve your skills and your long range vision.
Focus on opportunity, growth and success.


                           Chapter 7A

                       Work for Elton John

     It is a wonderful thing to do the "right" work. To make a
contribution, to provide a product or service, or to be of use
are excellent things, all the more so when you are making lots
of money and are recognized and appreciated. There is a direct
correlation between work and time. So, as they say, if at first
you don't succeed, try, try again. The information that follows
will give you an edge on your journey down the road to success.

Midheaven in Leo and Sun in Aries:

     Willpower and mastery are key words for you. You are
successful to the degree that you are expressing your authority
with pride, dignity, and a little reserve. You will be happy in
your work if you are positively using your exuberance,
fortitude, inspiration, and leadership abilities. You will not
be happy in your work if you are too vain, conceited or
arrogant. You like to receive acclaim and awards for the work
you do. However, be sure to maintain your integrity at all

     You could work successfully with high-powered executives or
famous leaders. You are suited for vocations involving men's
issues, in general, or the fields of teaching, the dramatic
arts, the stock exchange or professional sports.

     You may prefer to be self-employed or do free-lance work.
You enjoy physical activity and have a competitive drive and a
go-getting, enterprising, entrepreneurial spirit.

     Because the Sun is said to be the "ruler" of your career, a
good reading of chapter 2 on the Sun is essential to making your
professional life run smoother.

Ruler of 10 house in 5th:

     You might work in some area of entertainment such as in a
casino, a theme park, a cruise liner or a night club. Your work
could also involve children and you certainly need the
enthusiasm and exuberance of a child for you to reach all the
way to the top.

Ruler of 2nd house in 10th:

     One of your parents could help you to earn money.

     Accept your destiny as a high achiever.

     It is very important for you to establish your identity and
reputation as well as your values in a somewhat public way. Go
for a "BIG" career such as elected office.

Ruler of 6th house in 5th:

     To earn the necessities of life, creativity will be the
key. You could be involved with anything that you really love.
You might find a career in something that started out as a
"hobby". When it comes to training and task orientation, do what
you find to be pleasurable. You might even be paid for having a
good time.

Pluto in 10th house

     What totally moves you?  Where do you feel totally
absorbed? You can also advance to the top through a take-charge
attitude toward power and resources, a sense of deep commitment
and involvement, and the positive use of power. You could be
involved in research and development, detection and
investigation, or careers with an element of danger and risk.

     Other suitable work may include research, finance,
insurance, recycling, rehabilitation, corporate work, or
anything involving life and death issues. You can be an
occultist, hypnotist, or therapist.

Saturn Conjunct MC:

    One way or another, you're going to deal with the power of
hard work.

     You can also advance to the top through displaying
professionalism and expertise and being competent, diligent and
disciplined. You value tangible results and readily accept

     Suitable work may include any position where you are the
boss or are in charge. You are also suited to be a professional,
authority, or expert. Until you figure it out and get it
together, you may well be overworked and underpaid.

Sun Trine MC:

     Although it might be easy for you, you may not be
challenged enough to deal with the direct application of power.

     You can also advance to the top through self-involvement
and self-promotion. Put another way, you can become some kind of
superstar. You cater to the needs of an audience and have the
need to be special and to utilize your management and leadership

     A suitable career may involve anything where you are in the
limelight. You could work with children. Your job could involve
other people's fun. For example, you could work in an amusement
park, a theater, or a sunny resort.

Mercury Biquintile MC:

     Your special gift might be wasted. It might not be
appreciated. You might not even be free enough to do it. The
choice is yours on how to handle numbers and words.

     You can also advance to the top by doing a bit of
everything, especially active communications, mental activity,
information retrieval and storage, service and analysis,
technical and craft skills, or the dexterous use of hands.

     Suitable work may include office work, telephone work,
library work, cataloguing, travel, transportation, message
delivering, or selling tickets.

MC Sextile True Node:

     It could be easy, and yet you may not be challenged enough
to deal with the power of belonging to a mastermind group.

     You can also advance to the top through your abilities to
meet people and establish rapport. Suitable careers may include
dating services and employment agencies.

Uranus SemiSquare MC:

     It probably isn't easy, yet somehow it may be necessary for
you to deal with the power of computers, science and technology.

     In your life the unpredictability factor is strong. Not
even the world's greatest psychic astrologer would attempt to
predict all of the wonderful surprises that await you. You can
become free enough to do your own thing. You can also advance to
the top through your mental mastery and technical know-how. You
need to feed your need for excitement and stimulation and to do
the off-beat, unorthodox thing.

     Suitable work may include TV, computers, astrology,
science, or math.

Moon Binovile MC:

     If you consider and meditate at length, a guiding spirit
will lead you to understand the truth about the art and science
of the power of unconscious feelings.

     You can turn your dreams into reality. You can also advance
to the top through belonging and closeness or running a business
out of your home.

     Suitable work may include health care, day care, food
handling and preparation, real estate and home repair.

Venus Quadranovile MC:

     If you consider and meditate at length, a guiding spirit
will lead you to understand the truth about the art and science
of the power of art and beauty.

      You can also advance to the top through working with a
partner or as a member of a team. You have good interpersonal
and counseling skills and do well in face-to-face dealings with
the public. You enjoy working in fields involving artistic or
sense-related pleasures or

arts and crafts and design-related activities.

     Suitable work may include business management, banking,
boutiques, anything with plants and flowers, or as a host or
hostess, wedding or party planner or guidance counselor.


                            Chapter 8

                      Saturn for Elton John

     Astrologically speaking, the planet Saturn is the force of
discipline. Saturn defines your duties, responsibilities and the
structure of your life. Saturn represents mastery, seasoned
professionalism, efficiency, consolidation and dependability.

Saturn is Retrograde:

     Something in you bridles against tradition, conventional
wisdom and authority. You don't like to be told what to do.
Evaluate when and where it is important to take on the

     You can do some of your best work alone. Ironically, in
your later years, you may become a leader.

Saturn in Leo:

     You can be held back until you find and master appropriate
outlets where you can get personal recognition and respect. You
have to pay some dues and work at self expression. It is your
task to stay focused and maintain some creative control and yet
remain flexible. You will get better results if you work to
enjoy life, and cultivate a sense of humor, than if you succumb
to the urge to be dictatorial and dogmatic.

     Be realistic, if you feel unloved and have excess problems
with your children, then you need to be less autocratic, power
driven and egotistic. You can insist on knowing it all or you
can be loved. Speculative investment and gambling are probably
not for you unless there are contrary messages in other sections
of this reading, then you can work very hard to become a
seasoned professional.

     Work to keep your back strong and in shape. Protect your
heart. Find out about the "miracle" coenzyme Q10 and the
antioxidant nutrient, pycnogenol.

Saturn in 9th house:

     You may be held back until you confront your fears of
higher education. However it is your duty to learn more. You can
master new things. You may have to pay some dues and build
character by overcoming any academic inadequacies that you may

     You are somewhat conservative and realistic in your belief
systems. You like to consider yourself a responsible person. You
have a point of view that may be mature beyond your years. You
prefer complex thinking and if you concentrate, you can get your
ideas across to others.

     You need to find answers to questions and you like to do it
on your own. You are somewhat studious and do not take other
people, places and things on face value. You strive to uncover
the real meaning of things. If you have lost your faith in life
then you need to move beyond superficial social values and
religious dogma. Master new thinking. Build a new framework for
your beliefs. Work to create a stable philosophy of life.

     You're trustworthy and dependable with legal affairs and
you can prosper through work related travel. In other words,
business trips pay off for you. Put some structure into your

Saturn Conjunct MC:

     Discipline and ambition, that's you. It sounds simple and
it is not easy. You can gain more power and status and security
through the consistent application of hard work and ambition. In
time, you can become a leader.

Sun Trine Saturn:

     You tend to be emotionally cool, and can do some of your
best work in private. Your organizational and executive
abilities can create success. At least part of you is patient
and precise. You will probably accomplish just about as much as
you make up your mind to.

     There are indications that you will have a long life, so
please take good care of yourself. You can gain more power and a
big payoff by making your health, well being and longevity a

Saturn Sextile True Node:

     To gain more power, cultivate some of your natural affinity
for the powers that be. You can get the approval and help that
you need to achieve your professional goals.

Saturn SemiSquare Uranus:

     Conservative and radical elements conflict within you. You
can gain power once you realize there is more to the common good
than public posturing. Beware the magnetism that fascism can
hold for radicals and revolutionaries. Respect the rights of
others and you will gain more self respect.

Mars Sesquiquadrate Saturn:

     Aspects of your life are harsh, severe and austere. It is
partly your lot to deal with some hard feelings, hard attitudes,
inhibitions and dictatorial tendencies.

     Once you improve your timing, and find a practical use for
your energy. your situation will improve. To gain more power and
a big payoff, work patiently toward a clearly defined goal.


                           Chapter 8A

                      Chiron for Elton John

     Discovered in 1977, Chiron is a relative newcomer to
astrology. Named after the half-brother of the Greek god Zeus,
Chiron is a comet from outside our solar system, according to
the latest scientific findings. In Greek mythology, Chiron was
tutored by the Sun and the Moon (Apollo and Artemis) and, in
turn, taught the offspring of other gods.

     Chiron taught special skills such as astrology, philosophy,
ethics, music, medicine, horseback riding, and weaponry. These
skills where thought necessary for gods, and humans, to achieve
their destinies. The position of Chiron in your birth chart
denotes what and where you may teach or be taught. It is also
where you can be healed and how you can heal others.

     A Centaur, who is part human, and part horse, Chiron is a
half-breed. His higher self sometimes struggles with his own
animal nature. What follows is a description of the "chironic"
side of your character.

Chiron is Retrograde:

     The teachings that you were exposed to early in your life
may not be the ones that work for you. A standard public school
curriculum may not provide the education you require. You may
need to search out a mentor or spend money on special teachers.
It's likely that you will have to keep searching for the
knowledge you need whatever that may be.

Chiron in Scorpio:

    To become more alive, you need to become more of a maverick.
Rearrange your concept of intimacy. Do it ruthlessly. Open new
doorways to the intrigue and close encounters of the intimate
kind. Do it totally, and absolutely. Imagine for a moment that
you're Mr. Spock of Star Trek fame, Yoda the Jedi Knight or
Helen Keller mentoring the blind, then give some sagacious
thought to the awesome power of the force.

Chiron in 1st house:

     Do you defy categorization?  Are you a loner?  People may
see you as a non-conformist, mentor, trainer, coach or maverick.
You're somewhat sagacious and can develop a healing skill.
Embark on a personal quest. Find someone to teach you about
yourself. To realize who you are to the fullest, you may have to
open up new fields. Break out of personal ruts. Build a bridge
between the extremes of establishment hack and rebel without a

Moon Opposition Chiron:

     "INNATALISM - The doctrine that human reproduction ought to
be discouraged in favor of radical life extension as a chief
means of perpetuating (trans)humanity." Mark Plus.

     SPECIAL INITIATION: To simplify for beginners, in the
introductory section on the moon, I neglected to point out what
you might have inferred, if you had given it thought. The moon
is also a symbol for robotics. With so much of our life
unconscious we are very much a kind of biological computerized
robot. We can learn to program our own programs. Mark Plus has
given it a go. This concludes your message on instinctive

Mercury Trine Chiron:

     You have a need to say unusual things. Some of what you say
is quotable in an unusual way.

     What kind of tricks and foolish things do you permit
yourself to think and do?  You can see through some pretenses.
Will you act upon your perceptions?.

Pluto Square Chiron:

     You could take a maverick approach to command and control
issues. You could exert a great influence on people's sanity.
Immerse yourself with learning experiences on the use and abuse
of power.

Venus Tridecile Chiron:

    You could devote yourself to the arts or woman's rights.
Help society move beyond the patriarchy by reconnecting with
your own instincts for beauty.

Chiron Triseptile True Node:

     Is your sometimes erratic, eccentric behavior causing
problems?  Find out who you really are by exploring uncharted
territory. Get together with different types of people.

     Find a public forum to share your inner teachings and self


                            Chapter 9

                      Uranus for Elton John

     Astrologically speaking, Uranus is the force of liberation.
Uranus is where you change unexpectedly and are surprised. It's
where you are unusual, eccentric, or extraordinary.

Uranus in Gemini:

   You get a 7 year itch to free yourself from limited and
limiting forms of communication.  You can find silence
unsettling.  When you're restless, which can be extreme and
often, feed your head new and innovative information.  It is
likely that you experience some flashes of genius.

Uranus in 8th house:

     A psychological alarm clock says wake up.  Make some
changes in your ideas about, death, taxes and big bucks.  Take
another look at other people's resources.  Be open to new ideas
about insurance, banking and outside financing from

     You may experience an overwhelming urge to break free from
debt and an unsatisfactory love life.  You can experience an
important breakthrough in your income.  Be open to instantaneous
insights.  For certain, you will take a sudden step beyond the
mundane and into the world of taboo and intrigue.

     Stir up your situation by eliminating waste of all kinds.
Enjoy some secret experiments.  Develop your own unique code to
regulate your finances and personal affairs.  Become more
detached from lust and greed.  Enjoy the paradox.

Ruler of 11th house in 5th:

     Include more "fun" people in your circle of friends. Be
more of a creative, energized, enthusiastic and exuberant
friend. Learn some social roles and lessons about romantic love.
Set some realistic yet inspiring goals about the love that you

Mars Square Uranus:

     You're courageous, original and impatient.  You need a
variety of action and excitement.  You can be about as
unconventional as is humanly possible.  You can develop unique
physical powers.

     If what you've begun is unworthy of finishing that's OK.
Start to think about the worthiness of finishing before you
commit your energy to something new.

     Confront bullies.  Resist being dominated.  Develop your
own unique strength.  Curb your temper and any asocial and
antisocial tendencies that you may have.  Enjoy some more mutual
high spirited, high energy encounters.  Find outlets for your
excess energy and learn when to take it easy.

Saturn SemiSquare Uranus:

     Unusual ambitions stir you to restlessness.  With enough
self control, you can do anything.  Work to resolve the conflict
between your duty and your need for freedom.  If it's tried and
true, keep it.  If it's bold and new, check it out.  When
necessary, confront authorities and work for individual rights.

Uranus SemiSquare MC:

     Accept that right from birth, you were disruptive to the
status quo.  You are an original piece of work and could become
an extraordinary master.  If you're out of joint, the future may
require some bizarre adjustments.  Pursue the uncommon.  Success
may come suddenly.  Learn to be provocative in a public way.
Credentials can't match your experience.  You can be on TV.
Find a viable means of self-employment. Develop multi-media

Jupiter Quadranovile Uranus:

     A longing to be free drives you to be unconventionally
resourceful. Unusual and alternative ideas can earn you hundreds
of thousands of dollars. Many uncommon friendships can be yours,
as can be an unorthodox lifestyle.

     By blending scientific and religious elements you can
inspire, fire up and supercharge others. You can make great
predictions. Regimentation is not for you. Develop social skills
and people managements tactics.

     Seek something new and undiscovered. Develop caution
concerning investments and speculation. Expect sudden changes in
your outlook. Impetuous and provocative social behavior will get
you attention.


                           Chapter 10

                     Neptune for Elton John

    Neptune represents fads, impressionability, style, glamour,
imagination and inspiration.  Neptune is the force of deep space
and the force of consciousness expansion.

Neptune is Retrograde:

     You're a bit self-absorbed with past difficulties and anger
from the past. Sometimes you sail on wave after wave of
uncharted space. In order to stay focused you need an annual
retreat to distill your inspiration and your creative juices.
You can make daydreams real. It's your choice; you can be a
channel for higher or lower spiritual forces.

Neptune in Libra:

     When it comes to romance and relationships, you're part of
a generation that tends to have a blind spot. You give an
elegant guise to your religious beliefs. While the media may
have you surrounded on all sides by the glamorous apparitions of
the perfect mate, it would help if you took off your rose
colored glasses and stop idealizing your significant other. It
is also probably a good idea for you to steer clear of people
heavily involved with alcohol and religious fanaticism.

   Write the affirmation "It is safe for me to see people the
way the are, rather than the way that I would like them to be."
7 times a day for 7 weeks. For at least 5 minutes a day for 5
weeks focus your mind exclusively on the meanings of this
statement, "All observation tends to be self observation."  See
how many diverse religious customs you can incorporate into your

Neptune in 12th house:

    You can create the ideal sanctuary. Start by continuously
flooding your mind with pictures and images of healthy,
interesting, gorgeous places of retreat. Stop watching TV shows
and movies about prisons, hospitals, large institutions, and
insane asylums. Master the tall tale. Get some subliminal videos
for your TV. Enjoy a flight of fancy your private world of
secret power. As an after-thought, go hear a keynote speaker
articulate the virtues of being psychic. Be sure to sit up front
where you can hear them loud and clear. Listen for hidden
messages. Further instructions will arrive in the future.

Ruler of 12th house in 4th:

     You could be undone by water damage to the home. Your
clarity about the quality of your water supply might be a hidden
enemy or weakness. However, in every negative situation is the
potential for something good. You can reverse the effects of bad
luck if you get into the spirit of water filters, waterproof
basements, rooftops and good plumbing and drainage. Buy a camera
and take some photographs of good real estate. Listen to more
country music. Sometimes you're dreaming and sometimes you're
awake. Other times you're in trance states. Make the most of the
situation. Hypnotise yourself to create your ideal home.

Sun Opposition Neptune:

     You're unconsciously in contact with the emotional life of
others. You don't have to be hypersensitive or vulnerable, but
you do need to be grounded in your own identity. To do this, try
adding more fresh root vegetables to your diet. If you have been
having trouble diagnosing medical conditions, try a

     You can develop subtle uses of power through hypnosis and
magic. Develop your ability to see through appearances. Get more
involved with music, poetry and metaphysics. You have unique and
vivid dreams. Learn to distinguish between fact and fantasy.
What does the expression, "You can't cheat an honest person,"
mean to you?.

Moon Biquintile Neptune:

     Your major mood swings, great imagination and genuine
interest in the spiritual worlds all contribute to your
fantastic creative potential.  Know when you're playing make
believe. It's a wise person who knows their limits. Don't drink
alcohol. Learn to trust your first impressions. Regularly affirm
that the more you trust your intuition, the easier your life

     Become more consciously attuned to environmental
undercurrents. Many temptations try to lure you to a seemingly
easy path. Avoid the undue influence of gossip. Keep your
promises.  Get more involved with community benefits and events.

Neptune Sextile Pluto:

     Somewhat consciously and somewhat unconsciously you will be
influenced by and personally able to utilize supernatural
forces. We're talking seeking truth and self mastery. Put an end
to the insignificant side of your life. Develop a mystical
comprehension of destiny.

Venus Sesquiquadrate Neptune:

     You're some subtle, seductive, beautiful powers going for
you. Make the most of it by wearing nice clothes and looking
your best. Personally speaking, you've some high expectations
for relationships and tend to seek an ideal of love. Learn to
see people as they really are.

     Give direction to your artistic skills. Be a producer of
art or arty things. On the consumer side, shop in more one of a
kind small boutiques. It can be good to dream of luxuries and
sensuous fantasies. It is better to make specific plans for a
beautiful escape.

Mercury Quincunx Neptune:

     Love of fantasy is a contributing factor to your living in
your own virtual world.  Empathy and creative imagination are
yours. Mischievous, magical, weird and wonderful ideas are there
for you. Put some into practice. Stop making excuses. Learn to
read body language and between the lines. Instead of withdrawing
into seclusion, learn to make periodic retreats. You could learn
to communicate your ideas to others professionally. Work on your


                           Chapter 11

                      Pluto for Elton John

    Astrologically speaking, Pluto is the force of cleansing.
Pluto represents trust and violation of trust, control,
obsessions and power struggles. Pluto is the force of intense

Pluto is Retrograde:

     Become aware of your deeply seated psychological
motivations. Recognizing and grappling with your repressed
desires and your suppressed anger will benefit you tremendously.
Among the benefits are: increased energy, productivity and peace
of mind, body and soul. Spend some time alone contemplating and

Pluto is stationary

     You are a "Pluto Person." You can be: the muckraker,
producer, head shrinker, tax collector or investigator. You have
some natural detective instincts and an ability to see through
facades and appearances. You probe deeply and want to know what
motivates people. Folks feel compelled to confide in you and
tell their secrets.

     Your life has not been easy and some or much of what you
have lived through would have simply killed weaker folks. You
will power is extraordinary. You could be in the public eye a
long time.

Pluto in Leo:

     You're also part of THE ME GENERATION. You're here to find
yourself, be yourself and express yourself. The hell of it is
that jealousy and power struggles are issues you must squarely
face. Jealousy is not necessarily a trait of yours. However,
you'll have to deal with the jealousy of your peers and in

   Your generation can terrorize others with your need for
recognition, love and appreciation. When you get into therapy or
analysis, a good place to start would be any anxiety and
preoccupations with romantic love. Set the world on fire with
your ideas.

Pluto in 10th house:

     Transform your ambitions, your profession, your career,
your power, your status, your destiny, your reputation and the
direction that you're going. Purge any irresponsible tendencies
that you may have. Renew your source of professional power.
Intensify your politics. Reform an existing power structure.
Your career may feature much behind the scenes control. Become a

     Reorganization is the permanent condition of a vital
career. It is extremely important that you exert more conscious
will power over your own destiny. It is out in the public eye
that you can raise a little hell or you will get burned.

Ruler of 8th house in 4th:

    Try giving an extra considerate flavor to your
encounters.Get intense with jasmine, patchulli and sandalwood.
Share some gifts of silver and amber.

Moon Square Pluto:

     You may have unusual fears, including fears of crowds.

     Everybody doesn't want or need your help. Unless you are on
billable time or your insight is actively solicited, MYOB, mind
your own business. Emotional manipulation is not normal.

     Do you keep a tight rein on your emotional responses?
Deeper and darker than average, your emotional life can be
either a richly fulfilling experience or a personal hell. One
way or another, you will need to deal with issues of
cooperation, coercion, obsession, manipulation and

     There is a powerful tie between you and your mother. For
better or worse, in her presence or absence, the bond between
you is strong.

     The symbolism associated with the Goddess Kali provide
great insight into your situation.

Pluto Square Chiron:

     If you want to change your deepest, darkest complexes, you
must first acknowledge and accept them. Create a place for
psychological healing.

Mars Biquintile Pluto:

     At times you may act drastically, possibly because of
conscious or unconscious anger. Channel more of your
considerable energy into creative projects. You are capable of
great and heroic action on behalf of the masses of people. You
can be a force for positive social evolution.

Neptune Sextile Pluto:

     Consciously or unconsciously, historical forces will touch
you. Master a form of meditation.

     More than one opportunity will arise to turn your fantasies
into a reality.

Mercury Quincunx Pluto:

     Deal with biting insight, cruel humor and an interest in
morose subjects in your own way.

     Deep insight, shrewd thinking and a powerful consciousness
are yours to develop. You are interested in discussing forbidden
topics. You only tell people what you want them to hear. You're
a natural for psychology, analysis and detective work. Also,
you've more than your share of anxiety to work through. Some of
the great pain of the age is yours to deal with.


                           Chapter 12

                   Moon's Node for Elton John

     The nodes represent points in space where the moon's orbit
crosses the orbit of the Earth as the Earth orbits the Sun.

True Node in Gemini:

     It is possible that in a past life, you were born in a
country that is different from the country you were born into
this time around. You may be ready to clean up old legal and
religious karma. When under stress, you may experience great
difficulty in relating to the locals and their ways of thinking.

     Continually impressing others with your own personal dogma
may be the path of least resistance, but it is not necessarily
the way for you to go. In fact, your stars are calling for you
to become more receptive to new local connections. Cause
neighborhood events to happen soon. Your spiritual path lies in
finding the right neighborhood and then establishing stronger
local ties.

     Fulfill yourself through new areas of experience with your
sisters and brothers. Attune yourself to forces from the future
that are encouraging you to think more for yourself. Study great
thinkers from the past and at the same time, develop your own
unique way of thinking.

     It is possible that in a past life you lived in the Wild
West, Columbia or Peru. This time around, Akashic (a record of
all that has ever occurred) forces are leading you to visit, do
business with and make friends with people from India, Nepal and

North Node in 8th house:

     Part of the cosmic plan is that in this lifetime you are
being nudged todeep psychological states. Over the course of
other lifetimes you may have focused on more material things and
gotten into a rut. For the purposes of this incarnation the
stars impel that you please consider evolutionary energy
exchanges with the universe.

Jupiter Opposition True Node:

     Deal with agriculture and nutrition, and the fates will be
kinder to you. To the extent that by your own standards, you're
overweight or underweight, you have yet to meet the challenge to
balance consumption with output.

     It is conceivable that in a cycle of past lives you were a
lawyer, a soldier of fortune, and a bible thumper. You could
have even been a Buddha, Santa Claus and Uncle Sam. Clearly this
time around you need to do something in a big way. Everybody
wants to know when you'll pull the goodies out of your bag.

Sun Sextile True Node:

     Make friends with talented individuals.

     The creative process will play a pivotal role in your
destiny. The more that you pay attention to your most ingenious
and inventive ideas, the kinder the fates will be to you.

     In all probability, through the course of many lifetimes,
you were a taoist, cultivating yourself. Pick back up on this
and study the I Ching and the works of Lao Tsu.

Saturn Sextile True Node:

     Work with more cyclical changes, and the fates will be
kinder to you.

     Keep track of time with a calendar that balances solar
civil forces with lunar sacred forces, such as the Chinese or
Jewish calendar.

MC Sextile True Node:

     Personality will play a pivotal role in your destiny.
Concentrate on improving your character, and the fates will be
kinder to you. I see that you've spent many past lives with the
same family members, lovers, and authority figures.

Chiron Triseptile True Node:

     The more that you heed maverick personalities, the kinder
the fates will be to you. To the extent that you conform and
respond rather than go your own way, you have not yet met the
challenge of escaping slavery and servitude.

     Cycling through many past lives, you were conceivably a
shaman, witch doctor, healer, guide and astrologer.

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