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The sample gives you a good idea about someone famous, but how much better would it be to find out about yourself or someone you know - or want to know better? Each report is personalized and you can count on the information to pertain specifically to you or the person you choose to look at. Knowledge is power; find it here.

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Destiny's Map Report for

                           Geena Davis

                        January 21, 1956
                12:06 AM [ birth time not known ]
                     Wareham, Massachusetts

                      Veraxs Int'l Inc.

                     3355 Bee Cave Road #606
                      Austin, TX 78746 USA
                       Phone: 512-826-5401

This report contains specific tactics to help you achieve your
destiny. If you pick up just one appropriate tip and stick with
it, this report will have paid for itself many times over.

This report is not to be taken for medical or legal advice and
is not for therapy or fortune telling purposes. It is not even a
substitute for a live reading with a real astrologer. It is an
exercise of free speech and of the press. You are reminded that
life is what you make it. Enjoy yourself.  Different planetary
energies can work at cross purposes. No doubt, like yourself,
this report is vast enough to contain contradictions. Each
section will help you to identify and resolve some of your
conflicts and quandaries. This report can even encourage you to
raise your hopes.


              Lucky Lottery Numbers for Geena Davis

    The following are your exclusive lucky numbers based upon
       the position of the heavenly bodies at your birth.

              0   4   0  18   5  28  28  01  16  22


                   Geena Davis's  DAILY NUMBER

Technical stuff & your numbers


Sun         0  Aqu  08
Moon        3  Tau  20
Mercury    12  Aqu  49
Venus       4  Pis  26
Mars        4  Sag  39
Jupiter    29  Leo  42
Saturn      0  Sag  42
Uranus      0  Leo  18
Neptune     0  Sco  23
Pluto      28  Leo  01
Chiron      5  Aqu  28
Ceres      18  Aqu  34
Pallas     28  Cap  03
Juno       27  Sag  40
Vesta       1  Sco  43

Geena Davis's Birth Data

Born on January 21, 1956 at 12:06 AM in Wareham, Massachusetts

Tropical  Placidus   Standard time observed
GMT: 05:06:00   Time Zone: 5 hours West
Lat. and Long. of birth: 41 N 45 45 70 W 43 20

Aspects and orbs:
Conjunction      :  7 Deg 00 Min
Opposition       :  7 Deg 00 Min
Trine            :  3 Deg 30 Min
Square           :  3 Deg 30 Min
Quintile         :  1 Deg 45 Min
Biquintile       :  1 Deg 45 Min
Sextile          :  3 Deg 30 Min
Septile          :  1 Deg 10 Min
Biseptile        :  1 Deg 10 Min
Triseptile       :  1 Deg 10 Min
Semisquare       :  1 Deg 45 Min
Sesquiquadrate   :  1 Deg 45 Min
Novile           :  1 Deg 10 Min
Binovile         :  1 Deg 10 Min
Quadranovile     :  1 Deg 10 Min
Decile           :  1 Deg 45 Min
Tridecile        :  1 Deg 45 Min
Undecile         :  0 Deg 42 Min
Semisextile      :  1 Deg 45 Min
Quincunx         :  1 Deg 45 Min

                            Chapter 1

                     Elementally Geena Davis

Introducing the "building blocks" of astrology

     The ancients conceived of four elements that made up the
universe: fire, earth, air and water. The section that follows
provides a broad, general outline of your character and
describes your "elemental" make-up.

                     Geena Davis: The basics

Four or more planets in Fire signs:

    You tend to be active, dynamic, mobile and assertive. You
know that you are special, and you seem to have a charmed life.
Intuition is your thing and you live by your own code, which is
usually positive and life-affirming. Competitive and flamboyant,
you give people a strong and immediate impression of who you
are. Those who are more timid and slow may find you too
overwhelming, rash and willful. You are usually self-motivated.

     You may or may not carry a vision of the future. If you do,
it is your passion and inspiration that can make you the hub of
the wheel and an inspiration to others. Once you are
sufficiently inspired, you can accomplish virtually anything. On
the contrary, when you are without a vision, an aspiration or a
goal, you become a candidate for spontaneous combustion.

     You need to control your energy in order to avoid burn out.
Make the most of cat naps.

Fewer than 2 planets in Earth signs:

     Because of a certain restlessness and discontent, you're
not the most practical person in the world. You may even be a
bit spacey. In fact, sometimes you may wonder if you are of this
world. Try using a "to do" list to your advantage and train
yourself in the habit of carrying out important tasks without
procrastinating. The things of the mundane hold little interest
for you.

Fewer than 2 planets in Cardinal signs:

     If you are what you do, what have you done for yourself
lately?  Give yourself permission to move ahead and take the
next step.

Five or more planets in Fixed signs:

     More than likely, you're determined, purposeful and
persistent.  You could also be more introspective,
strong-willed, slow and deliberate than most people.  Before you
act, you like to turn things over and over.  Maybe you're more
than a touch inflexible and stubborn.  At any rate, you are not
easily pushed, pulled or pressured.  Once you've made up your
mind, you stand your ground with firm conviction.

     Once you make up your mind and are willing to pay the
price, you usually get what you want.  It may take time, and you
may have to overcome obstacles, but that is no matter.  If you
are committed, you are a powerhouse.  After you overcome
inertia, you're persevering, steady and stable.


                            Chapter 2

                       Sun for Geena Davis

     The Sun gives you light and life. It also represents how
and where you shine. The Sun is the star of self-expression,
ego-identity, leadership, honor, glory and pride.

Sun in Aquarius:

     Essentially, you're friendly and you enjoy people. But if
the people are emotionally needy, then you start looking for
your space. If there are confirming signals in other sections of
this report, you are able to march to the beat of a different
drummer. You can be rather eccentric as well as just a bit
stubborn, unpredictable, and contrary.

     You can be a fabulous communicator, due to the fact that
you are perceptive, intelligent, and highly intuitive. It's
important for you to emphasize your originality and
independence. You're no snob nor hypocrite. You have the
potential to develop tremendous social skills. The more you
adopt the "live and let live" attitude, the more friends you
will make.

Sun Conjunct Chiron:

     Either metaphorically or literally, it's probable that you
have been wounded in some way. In either case, you are something
of a maverick, who likes your privacy and prefers to strike out
in your own way. Paradoxically, you can heal your wound by
healing similar wounds in others. You can become a star by
finding a mentor who can aid in mastering certain special
skills. You have the ability to develop and use healing powers.

Sun Opposition Uranus:

     There is a bit of a rebel leader and a trouble maker in
you. In itself, this doesn't mean that you're good or bad. It
just means that you're self willed, excitable, and capricious.
You're not likely to put up with being told what to do. You can
gain respect by channeling your reform-minded energy into a bold
and practical enterprise. To become a star, it's important for
you to respect other people's need for freedom.

     You're more original than most people. If you want to
contribute something positive to the world, you need to take
action in a less erratic manner and to be more practical and

     You're brilliant, original, and independent, though
somewhat impulsive and rebellious. You're naturally innovative
and can become a star by adjusting your talents to the
Information Age. Committing to a serious partnership is
challenging for you, to say the least. Go ahead and give
yourself permission to enjoy unusual relationships with
interesting people.

Sun Square Neptune:

     You are better off if you are careful about your
consumption of alcohol. For you, a little bit will take you a
long way. You would profit from some form of regular meditation
or prayer.

     If other sections of your reading confirm this, you're
quite charismatic but can be easily conned by a deceitful
person. You are advised to take a cautious approach to all
things occult and mystical. Learn to trust your own first
impressions. The more you trust yourself, the easier your life

     Learn to be objective and take people, places, and things
with a pinch of salt. Eat more wholesome grounding food such as
grains, soups, and stews. You can become a star if you learn to
see people as they are, not as you would like them to be.

     You have refined aesthetic tastes and profit by being
surrounded by original art and live music in your life. You are
like a Jaguar automobile. For your life to run smoothly,
everything must be fine-tuned. You are keenly aware and
sensitive and psychically attuned. It's important for you to be
selective as to who and what you allow around you. To become a
star, learn to trust your first impressions and go with them.

Sun Sextile Saturn:

     Virginia Woolf said, "I don't believe in aging. I believe
in forever altering one's aspect to the sun."

     You're serious, responsible, industrious, and hardworking.
You probably matured early and may have missed out on much of
the joy of childhood. You tend to get along well with mature
people and the elderly. You can become a star by becoming more
purposeful. You can become a self-made person through your
discipline and follow-through.

     You can become a star by learning how to get more joy out
of the sheer struggle of life. Become consciously aware of the
rules that you have made for yourself and for others and become
aware of the inner critic which is always judging you.

Sun Decile Venus:

     You know how to please people and you want to be liked. You
can become a star by swaying others with your natural charm and
style. Comfort, pleasure, and luxury are necessary for you to be

Sun Quincunx Jupiter:

     There's something big about you and your character. You're
generous and have a zest for living. You are lucky, and you tend
to be warm, outgoing, and happy.

     Your natural optimism and open-mindedness bring out the
best in those you gather around you. Your lively sense of humor
can compensate for many of your other less desirable traits.
Celebrate big deals over big meals.


                            Chapter 3

                      Moon for Geena Davis

     Astrologically speaking, the Moon is an instinctual force.
It is a symbol of your emotional life including such things as
home, family, mother, dreams, feelings, the public, women and
your early childhood.


                            Chapter 4

                     Mercury for Geena Davis

     Mercury describes patterns of thought, of learning, and of
assessing reality. Consequently it affects your self-image and
your thinking processes.

Mercury is Retrograde

     In your early years, you tended to be in your own little
world, focused within. As you age and mature, your focus will
become more external. Your mind will move into higher gear, and
learning will become easier.

     You may have started your life by being rather
self-conscious and shy, especially about speaking and
communicating. You may even appear absentminded. You are, in
fact, contemplative and attuned to, and aware of, subtle
psychological states. You just can't always explain what you are

     In time you may develop special communications skills and
make your mark on the world. Along the way, to make life easier
and more fun, you would do well to learn to make some small talk
and be more natural with casual acquaintances.

Mercury in Aquarius:

     You are lucky to have a mind which is keen, quick, accurate
and naturally prone to original thinking. Progressive,
cutting-edge thoughts attract your interest. You could be a
reformer, inventor or multi-media whiz kid.

     You are also very inventive, tending to be quite
intellectual. You may be one of those reform-minded individuals
who set forth to improve the world and you can use modern mass
communication tools to your advantage.

Mercury Quintile Saturn:

     Your infancy and childhood might have been difficult.
Therefore, you might have a fear of being perceived as "stupid".
You can overcome it by working to develop your reasoning powers.
With effort, in time, you can have deep thoughts and do
excellent mental work.

     Good planning will bring you rewards. You are mentally
resourceful and can capitalize on opportunity. You probably seek
the counsel of an older person at times.  Your mental discipline
is good for business. You also need a well-organized work place
in order for you to do your work well.
Mercury Biseptile Neptune:

     Your imagination can work overtime. You can paint pictures
with words. You can think on your feet. You can become a super
salesperson. Some of your most creative work is done
unwittingly, as if you are attuned to a faraway source. You
could be an actor, a dreamer, a mystic, a faith healer or a
psychic, or probably some combination thereof. Instead of
letting your imagination play tricks on you, work to communicate
meaningful and significant information.  Since you can
unconsciously attune yourself to other people's thoughts and
motivations, you need to stay centered, balanced and grounded.
You are naturally psychic and prophetic. Organization is a key
to your success.

     Learn a middle path between fantasy and reality. Be
creative without being an escapist. Your imaginative powers are
second to none, and you could create for a living. With an extra
creative effort, you could turn your richest fantasies into


                            Chapter 5

                      Venus for Geena Davis

     Astrologically speaking, the planet Venus is the force of
affinity.  Venus represents a good part of what you attract,
cherish, enjoy and are receptive to. Venus describes much of
what makes life worth living - among others, love and

Venus in Pisces:

     It is actually not so much love for a specific person as it
is the "ideal" of love that matters to you. This may make you
appear to be fickle and inconsistent. You may be at different
times in your life either a savior, a martyr, or a victim.

     You probably have a highly developed appreciation for
music, art and poetry. It would be good for you to put more of
your energy there. The power of art and music can not only
soothe you, it can improve your relationship with money.

     Serenity and tenderness are keys that open doors to good
romantic encounters for you. If you've been looking for love in
all the wrong places, try joining a psychic study group. To
increase your powers of attraction, wear a variety of sandals,
shoes and foot decorations.

Venus Opposition Jupiter:

     If you're not enjoying life, perhaps you're allowing others
to unduly influence you for the worse. You should avoid people
who really don't care about you or your interests.

     It's important to maintain your self respect by not paying
too much attention to the unreal expectations of others. Become
more aware of your own needs.  You can be generous but do not
allow others to take advantage of your generosity. You can help
others to step up and step out without allowing them to step on
you. Allow other people to assume more care and responsibility
for themselves.

     If you're not happy with the quality or number of people in
your personal life, it would be good to get out and meet new
people so that you can attract a bigger circle of friends.

     You have a great deal of magnetic personal power and
attract others to you due to your cheery, friendly personality.
People are also attracted to you because of your honesty. You
could earn income by expressions of your creative and artistic
abilities. You can attract new business through your active
social schedule. You can gather others around you in the spirit
of fun and love. One way or another, you can cash in on your
talent for dealing with the public.

     As you are probably aware, you will be happier if you can
accept the fact that your moods are cyclical. So enjoy different
activities at different times in your cycles. There are times
when it is the right time to go out and make some new friends so
learn to be aware of those times and act on it. A sense of humor
can prove to be one of your biggest assets.

Venus Opposition Pluto:

      You're artistically gifted and can be intensely original.
You have strong personal power and passion. You understand the
power of love. Therefore, you should focus on relationships that
benefit you and are positive for your well-being. You have the
ability to evaluate people's motives. You can use the
transforming power of love to create opportunities for
irreversible changes for the better. In other words, you can be
a force for social progress.

     You also have extraordinary earning powers and people are
attracted to your charisma. Read THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON by
George S. Clason. It contains the laws of money and wealth and
the practices necessary to create riches.

Venus Square Mars:

     If you want to be happy, you should follow your passion. It
may also be helpful to learn new social skills and find more
personal inputs and outlets. You should share your charm and
personal warmth. You usually express emotions easily. If your
love life isn't what you would like it to be, you should explore
the ways in which you are working against yourself and your
success. Learn to have self-love and self-confidence. In order
for you to act more decisively, you must first resolve your
inner conflicts. Be sure to break free from any love-hate
relationships you are involved in. And learn to be more tactful
as you relate to others.

Sun Decile Venus:

     When it comes to personal relationships, you make an effort
to be sincere, direct, open and honest. Your compliments are
effective. Your genuine respect for others can have miraculous

     If you want to get more love, you should develop your
grace, charm and sense of values. You can learn to use more
allure and appeal to get more of what you want. You thrive on
the appreciation people show for the favors you do. You can
throw fine parties. Your influence is celebrated. You can
support and encourage the arts. Learn to sing or to express
yourself in other ways with ease and pleasure.

Venus Semisextile Chiron:

       You should connect with a group of like minded
individuals.  For instance, you could find happiness in a
writers' or artists' colony, or a meditation or healing circle.
Attending a variety of seminars or creative presentations can be
of benefit to you. The key to success is to work in groups as
opposed to going it alone.


                            Chapter 6

                      Mars for Geena Davis

     Astrologically speaking, the planet Mars is the force of
motivation and mobilization. It is a symbol of your drive,
action and energy.

Mars in Sagittarius:

     You are naturally enthusiastic. You can be somewhat
dashing, flamboyant, and adventurous. You have strong opinions
and an urge to convince others of your point of view. To add
more zeal to your life and your lifestyle, try skiing, golf,
nordic track, camping, equestrian events or archery. If that is
too strenuous, try long walks in exotic locations.

     Once you find the right philosophy, you will acquire new
strength and vigor. With the wrong philosophy, you can feel
burned out and depressed. You can be rash and extravagant.

     Action plans for great goals may revive your spirits.

Mars Conjunct Saturn:

     Duty and financial planning can motivate you. You can
develop good organization, discipline and follow-through. The
plans you make can lead you to success. You can be moderately
aggressive in your romantic pursuits.

     Sometimes it may seem as if the hand of authority wants to
smack you silly. Learning to work with "Mars-Saturn energy" can
be a real pain. However, if you are faced with many difficulties
to overcome, you can be the kind of hero who moves mountains.
You should only take on responsibilities that you enjoy. Learn
to combine caution and prudence with decisive action. Learn when
to stop and when to go.

     Usually, you are a productive, methodical worker. You are
also quite self-reliant. You can develop exciting career options
and powers of endurance.

Venus Square Mars:

     You have a lot of charm and can be quite tender with
others. You undoubtedly have a strongly emotional life. However,
you can be susceptible to flattery. You are probably flirtatious
and fickle and may have a turbulent love life. You can run hot
and cold when relating to others, thereby making you a candidate
for love-hate relationships. You're both demonstrative and
demanding. Learning a little tenderness and tact can help you
get what you want.

Mars Sextile Chiron:

     You are somewhat of a maverick and you need an arena where
you can run and play hard. Strengthen your body-mind

Mars Decile Neptune:

     Quicken your pace towards that which inspires you. Allow
psychic vibrations to move you. You're creative, artistic, and
imaginative. However, you might have an escapist tendency. Be
careful with food, alcohol and drug consumption. Exercise
quality control. You can have allergies that are as related to
your moods as they are to the pollen in the air. Put some of
your passions into spiritual pursuits. You can be psychic. Your
magnetic appeal can draw others to you. Fun, romance, dancing,
art, and music turn you on. You can dance.

     You're lofty in your aspirations and can become somewhat of
a crusader. You should focus on goals that may seem out of reach
but are still within sight. You can benefit through cooperation
with non-profit organizations. Devote some of your energy to the
pursuit of the high and the holy. You can find the best in
yourself and in others. You can be motivated by social
responsibility. You can become a great dancer and do anything
that requires physical grace.


                            Chapter 7

                     Jupiter for Geena Davis

     Astrologically speaking, the planet Jupiter is the force of
encouragement and expansion. Jupiter's placement indicates what
your most important beliefs are and where you have the
opportunity for glory.

Jupiter is Retrograde:

     It hasn't been easy for you to find your place in the
community. You are more philosophical and meditative than most
people. Somewhat socially reclusive, you often prefer your own
company. On the other hand, you also have a great need to belong
to a group. This is one of your most important choices. Will you
make an effort to create a place for yourself in the community,
or will you become progressively more isolated and alienated and

     Search out groups of people who share your belief systems
and with whom you are psychologically attuned. This may take
some time to find the proper fit. The people that you are
looking for may be out of the ordinary, uncommon, or atypical.

Jupiter in Leo:

     Natural exuberance and openheartedness will win you
friends. Grand ambitions and an appetite for special
consideration colors your life. You have a flair for overdoing
things. You need your share of luxuries and pleasures, including
favorite toys and forms of amusement. Give people a good show
and they'll give you their money. Get your act together and take
it on the road.

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto:

     One of your biggest challenges is to find the right focus
for your organizational skills and leadership abilities.

     You might want to break away from popularly accepted codes
and rely more upon your own moral standards. Confront
authorities and demand reforms. Half-way measures won't do. Be
patient and be tolerant and do not accept namby-pamby
compromises. Your relentless striving can bring you new freedom.

     You have a great appetite for life, a driving ambition, and
excellent organizational skills. You can be successful in fields
such as politics or investigation.

Venus Opposition Jupiter:

     You are warm and cordial when relating to others. You value
good fellowship and the good life. However, using self
discipline would improve the results.

     Take care not to be unduly and overly influenced by the
optimism of others. Learn to apply more financial safeguards.
You are eager for much too much all at the same time. Try to
curb your appetites.

Jupiter Square Saturn:

     You can actually enjoy the long, hard struggle to get
ahead. And you can plod steadily forward in the face of
adversity. Instead of unfavorably comparing yourself to others,
you need to learn to recognize your own self worth and give of
yourself to others.

     There is no need for you to be an extremist. Embrace both
your liberal and your conservative side. By learning to be
honest with yourself, you will be able to face reality better
and develop your potential for success. You may be frustrated by
a streak of bad luck but it is not sufficient justification for
you to stop your efforts to improve your condition.

Jupiter Sextile Neptune:

     If somebody tells you that their fantasies and imagination
are greater than yours, they are exaggerating. You can
successfully work with and develop your abundant creative

Jupiter Semisextile Uranus:

     If there is confirmation in other sections of this report,
you like to try new things and solve problems. You are free,
optimistic, and uniquely yourself. In other words, you can be a
genius and you can be a success.

     Innovate, differentiate and take calculated risks.
Continually improve your skills and your long range vision.
Focus on opportunity, growth and success.

Sun Quincunx Jupiter:

     You like to do things in a big way and with a flourish. You
are bigger than life and can over-eat, over-drink, and
over-speak. Have you figured out what may cause you to


                            Chapter 8

                     Saturn for Geena Davis

     Astrologically speaking, the planet Saturn is the force of
discipline. Saturn defines your duties, responsibilities and the
structure of your life. Saturn represents mastery, seasoned
professionalism, efficiency, consolidation and dependability.

Saturn in Sagittarius:

     For you to get past your limits you need to keep an open
mind and avoid dogma of all types. Once you pay your dues, you
could become a teacher, a preacher or a political creature.
Parts of you are somewhat conservative and not receptive to new
ideas. If you work at it you can avoid the pitfalls of religious
fundamentalism. Work to respect, understand and appreciate other
people's ways of doing things. Learn to apply the 1960's adage,
"If I can't dance at your revolution, I won't come."

     You could level some just criticism at religious hypocrits.
Be realistic about dietary restrictions. Avoid fried food, and

Mars Conjunct Saturn:

     You are capable of great work efforts and discipline. Your
organizational abilities can see projects through from inception
to completion.

Saturn Trine Uranus:

     You are somewhat willful, determined and reform minded. You
can implement original ideas in a practical way. Self discipline
brings you opportunity for freedom. To get more power you need
to cultivate your interest in politics, big business and

Jupiter Square Saturn:

     You can gain more power and a big payoff through more long
range planning and preparation. Step back from a few of your
battles with the world. Work to forge some friendships and
solidify some social alliances. Combat some stress with food

Saturn Square Pluto:

     World problems can be a bummer and you may be better off
without the evening news and the daily newspaper. Tune out doomy
gloomers. Get your information from divergent sources. To get
more power get on line to computerized networks of information.

Mercury Quintile Saturn:

     You have a practical and logical mind. You are somewhat
studious and purposeful. To gain more power, develop your powers
on concentration.

Sun Sextile Saturn:

     You tend to be emotionally cool, and can do some of your
best work in private. Your organizational and executive
abilities can create success. At least part of you is patient
and precise. You will probably accomplish just about as much as
you make up your mind to.

     There are indications that you will have a long life, so
please take good care of yourself. You can gain more power and a
big payoff by making your health, well being and longevity a

Saturn Semisextile Neptune:

     You can get more power by becoming a high spirited
pragmatist, and a practical idealist. Learn to give up cheap
thrills in the present moment in order to secure something more
valuable and useful in the future.

   Once you find your faith, you can dissolve any and all fears.
You can create many practical applications for what your
imagination conceives. To insure your success, stay centered and
do your share of spiritual work.


                           Chapter 8A

                     Chiron for Geena Davis

     Discovered in 1977, Chiron is a relative newcomer to
astrology. Named after the half-brother of the Greek god Zeus,
Chiron is a comet from outside our solar system, according to
the latest scientific findings. In Greek mythology, Chiron was
tutored by the Sun and the Moon (Apollo and Artemis) and, in
turn, taught the offspring of other gods.

     Chiron taught special skills such as astrology, philosophy,
ethics, music, medicine, horseback riding, and weaponry. These
skills where thought necessary for gods, and humans, to achieve
their destinies. The position of Chiron in your birth chart
denotes what and where you may teach or be taught. It is also
where you can be healed and how you can heal others.

     A Centaur, who is part human, and part horse, Chiron is a
half-breed. His higher self sometimes struggles with his own
animal nature. What follows is a description of the "chironic"
side of your character.

Chiron in Aquarius:

    To become more fully human, you need to become more of a
maverick. Rearrange your concept of social interaction. Do it
with a smile. Open new doorways to the world of friendship. Do
it with specific goals in mind. Imagine for a moment that you're
Mr. Spock of Star Trek fame, Yoda the Jedi Knight or Helen
Keller mentoring the blind, then give some sagacious thought to
your place in society.

Sun Conjunct Chiron:

     Expand your consciousness enough to be of service to
others. Your most personal ordeals may be resolved by learning
and applying healing skills. Surrender to something creative
within yourself then share it with other people. "They" could
say it can't be done, until you do it.

Uranus Opposition Chiron:

     If other sections of this report give confirmation, you're
one of a kind, independent and individualistic. Study the myth
and figure out how you can relate to Prometheus.

Mars Sextile Chiron:

     Try new methods to overcome obstacles. Heal your own
ability to assert yourself in a healthy way. First, build up
some muscle tone, bulk and definition. Then leave the pack and
go after what you want. Your maverick appeal can be socially
Venus Semisextile Chiron:

     Forbidden fruits could attract you so much that you come to
express the taboo creatively. You could devote yourself to the
arts or woman's rights. Help society move beyond the patriarchy
by reconnecting with your own instincts for beauty.


                            Chapter 9

                     Uranus for Geena Davis

     Astrologically speaking, Uranus is the force of liberation.
Uranus is where you change unexpectedly and are surprised. It's
where you are unusual, eccentric, or extraordinary.

Uranus is Retrograde:

     When you are feeling especially anxious and socially
alienated, it may be a sign that you are rebelling against
yourself. Allow yourself the freedom to be unique and, possibly,
unconventional. Unusual friends are pluses too. You can be.

Uranus in Leo:

   It is important that you free yourself from a restrictive
romantic life. Enjoy some liberating artistic expressions.  You
get a 7 year itch to allow creative spirits to motivate and
excite you.  Unique fun and bizarre amusements are yours.  Do
others find your wardrobe unusual and unsettling?.

Sun Opposition Uranus:

     New ideas stimulate you to somewhat hyperactive and
eccentric behavior.  People find you impatient and exciting.
Your unbridled passion for freedom can be contagious.  The more
that you develop your personality and your individuality, the
more you become original and unpredictable.  Restlessness
challenges you to confront authority figures.  Focus your energy
impulses until they are brilliant.

Uranus Opposition Chiron:

     Chiropractic care can give you a decisive edge.
Participate in seminars.  Create some of your own.  Information
will heal you.  Make the most of learning techniques.  Learn
things with your mind as well as your body.  Develop your sense
of body electric through acupuncture and acupressure.

Saturn Trine Uranus:

     Unusual ambitions stir you to restlessness.  With enough
self control, you can do anything.  Work to resolve the conflict
between your duty and your need for freedom.  If it's tried and
true, keep it.  If it's bold and new, check it out.  Develop
your leadership abilities.  You can be a self starter.  You can
be conscientious and helpful.

Uranus Square Neptune:

     Idealism colors your lifestyle more strongly than you
realize.  In an instant you can cultivate a new interest in the
unusual.  If you chronically space out or feel indifferent,
chances are good that you need new friends, new spiritual
practices and new food combinations.  Develop your sixth sense.
Take a psychic development class, or an intuition workshop or

     A tantalizing life is yours.  Guard against dishonesty.
Combat foo foo.  Rebel against trickery and deception.
Neutralize fanaticism.  It might not be a bad idea to phase
through a 12 step program.

Jupiter Semisextile Uranus:

     A longing to be free drives you to be unconventionally
resourceful.  Unusual and alternative ideas can earn you
hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Many uncommon friendships can
be yours, as can be an unorthodox lifestyle.

     By blending scientific and religious elements you can
inspire, fire up and supercharge others.  You can make great
predictions.  Regimentation is not for you.  Develop social
skills and people managements tactics.

     Seek something new and undiscovered.  Develop caution
concerning investments and speculation.  Expect sudden changes
in your outlook.  Impetuous and provocative social behavior will
get you attention.


                           Chapter 10

                     Neptune for Geena Davis

    Neptune represents fads, impressionability, style, glamour,
imagination and inspiration.  Neptune is the force of deep space
and the force of consciousness expansion.

Neptune is stationary

     You are a "Neptunian Character." You can be: the idealist,
artsie type, movie star, rock star, mystic, chemist, socialist,
spiritualist, or photographer. You have a great mystique and
powerful aura. Like the Jaguar automobile, with plenty of good
maintenance and fine tuning you can be a high performer. You're
especially sensitive to your environment. Aquatic and nautical
themes increase your good luck. For better or worse, your
imagination is one of your biggest personality traits. You could
be in the public eye a long time.

Neptune in Scorpio:

     When it comes to the taboo world, you're part of a
generation that tends to have a blind spot. Your religious
beliefs and disbeliefs are radical and extreme. Once your
generation takes off its rose colored glasses and stops
idealizing power and money, you can really get into the swing of
things. Power and money are for the most part, energy to be
circulated. Get into the flow, but don't hold on, especially to
macabre bizarre death wishes. Opt for life extension, cultivate

   Write the affirmation "Divine prosperity brings me plenty of
fabulous riches and fabulous orgasms. Divine prosperity helps
those who help themselves." 7 times a day for seven weeks. For
at least 5 minutes a day for 5 weeks, concentrate your mind
exclusively on the meanings of "power".

Sun Square Neptune:

     You're unconsciously in contact with the emotional life of
others. You don't have to be hypersensitive or vulnerable, but
you do need to be grounded in your own identity. To do this, try
adding more fresh root vegetables to your diet. If you have been
having trouble diagnosing medical conditions, try a

     You can develop subtle uses of power through hypnosis and
magic. Develop your ability to see through appearances. Get more
involved with music, poetry and metaphysics. You have unique and
vivid dreams. Learn to distinguish between fact and fantasy.
What does the expression, "You can't cheat an honest person,"
mean to you?.
Uranus Square Neptune:

     The hand of prophecy will touch you. You can inspire your
astrologers and psychics. You can become charismatic and
glamorous by waking up and revising your values. Get wired to
something holy.

     Allow metaphysical elements to animate and enliven you.
Seek initiation into higher consciousness. Become a visionary
genius and a visionary activist. Help to peacefully dissolve
restrictive social structures. Fight trickery and deceit. Avoid
hasty action based upon mere suspicion. Make the most of this
transition between great ages.

Jupiter Sextile Neptune:

     Some trend setting skills can be yours.  Allow your
humanitarian instincts to guide you. Your psychic and spiritual
insight can help you to do for others what they can't do for
themselves. Show some more mystical, cheerful compassion. Allow
your soft spot for animals to expand.

Neptune Sextile Pluto:

     Somewhat consciously and somewhat unconsciously you will be
influenced by and personally able to utilize supernatural
forces. We're talking seeking truth and self mastery. Put an end
to the insignificant side of your life. Develop a mystical
comprehension of destiny.

Mars Decile Neptune:

     Creative waves from cosmic tides give you a flair for
drama. You've a powerful imagination and are a bit of a crusader
and a tantalizer. Do something with color and design. Cash in on
your charisma. Be romantic and expressive. Avoid making unwise
promises or being unduly influenced by the promises of others.
Stand up for yourself. Direct some of your vanity into the
pursuit of physical fitness. You can be persistently inspired.

     Are you looking for a magic cure all?  Probably you need at
least 33 of them. Be sure to include a working fountain on your
premises, some yoga breathing, magic, tai chi, sunlight,
moonlight, fresh fruit, garlic, ginger, ginseng, leeks, hot
chili peppers, organic carrots, extra vitamin C, multi-vitamins,
anti-oxidants, kelp, algae, aerobic workouts, live music and
dancing. Let me know what's been working for you.

Saturn Semisextile Neptune:

     Put your imagination to practical use. Use your visionary
powers in pragmatic ways. Instead of projecting it away, claim
more self control. Start an unusual business.

     Are you involved with power struggles with bogus bosses?
Do you deny authority?  Is your authority denied?

Mercury Biseptile Neptune:

     Love of fantasy is a contributing factor to your living in
your own virtual world. Empathy and creative imagination are
yours. Mischievous, magical, weird and wonderful ideas are there
for you. Put some into practice. Stop making excuses. Learn to
read body language and between the lines. You could learn to
communicate your ideas to others professionally. Work on yur


                           Chapter 11

                      Pluto for Geena Davis

    Astrologically speaking, Pluto is the force of cleansing.
Pluto represents trust and violation of trust, control,
obsessions and power struggles. Pluto is the force of intense

Pluto is Retrograde:

     Become aware of your deeply seated psychological
motivations. Recognizing and grappling with your repressed
desires and your suppressed anger will benefit you tremendously.
Among the benefits are: increased energy, productivity and peace
of mind, body and soul. Spend some time alone contemplating and

Pluto in Leo:

     You're also part of THE ME GENERATION. You're here to find
yourself, be yourself and express yourself. The hell of it is
that jealousy and power struggles are issues you must squarely
face. Jealousy is not necessarily a trait of yours. However,
you'll have to deal with the jealousy of your peers and in

   Your generation can terrorize others with your need for
recognition, love and appreciation. When you get into therapy or
analysis, a good place to start would be any anxiety and
preoccupations with romantic love. Set the world on fire with
your ideas.

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto:

     If other sections of this report offer confirmation, you
could achieve great wealth. You've a talent for transforming
yourself and society. You can do something distinguished and
prominent for the great masses of people.

Venus Opposition Pluto:

     Possibly unrecognizable outer circumstances have led you to
hold some resentment and need for domination over all love
relationships. The more you try to manipulate those around you,
the sooner you will lose the possibility of getting what you
want from them. Don't become a victim of your own hellish hate.
Get to the root of your mother complexes.

     When it comes to your personal capacity for love,
manipulation and power are both issues. You are challenged to
let go of the need for control. Then you can let go of the games
that you do not enjoy and you can put more of your love energy
into games that are creative, exciting and pleasurable, such as
transforming the world of art.

Saturn Square Pluto:

     If you're fearful of being manipulated it's probably with
good reason and from hard experience. Avoid vigilantes.

     As you mature your task will be to figure out and get to
the bottom of your father and power issues. Taking the law into
your own hands is not to be taken lightly or without sufficient
reason. Perhaps your father did not claim his power. Maybe he
had few models of how to succeed in the world and had to invent
his own.

Neptune Sextile Pluto:

     Consciously or unconsciously, historical forces will touch
you. Master a form of meditation.

     More than one opportunity will arise to turn your fantasies
into a reality.

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