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                      NEW AGE WOMAN REPORT

             Astrological Guide for Personal Growth

                          Bette Midler
                        December 1, 1945
                             2:19 PM
                        Honolulu, Hawaii


                      Veraxs Int'l Inc.

                     3355 Bee Cave Road #606
                      Austin, TX 78746 USA
                       Phone: 512-826-5401

     This astrological report is designed as a guide for the New
Age woman and in it I have considered how the astral influences
affect a woman in particular. A great difference exists between
the interpretation of a horoscope of a man and a woman, and that
is what I am trying to make clear here.

     This report is divided into two sections:  the first one
analyzes your personality with its multiple facets (Sun and Moon
positions); and the second one analyzes the twelve astrological

     This report is not merely descriptive. In the majority of
cases, ideas are suggested that can help your personal
evolution. The subjects are approached from different points of
view such as metaphysical, spiritual, nutritional and general.

     In a few places there may be certain contradictions because
an astrological influence may favor one aspect of life and harm
another. Because of that, it is necessary that you read the
report with a bit of logic and, especially, that you let your
intuition guide you.

     Woman has greatly changed her social position over time and
the realization of the New Age depends in great measure on her.
Because of that it is necessary that you know yourself, that you
know your potential and your limitations, because by working on
your personal evolution you help everyone else as well,
contributing to the evolution of all life.

                     Birth Astrological Data

      The natal chart is a map of the sky that shows the
astrological positions at the moment and place of birth. For
the benefit of students of Astrology, these positions as well
as other technical information are listed below:
Sun        9 Sag 29              Neptune    8 Lib 11
Moon       9 Sco 54              Pluto     11 Leo 44
Mercury   21 Sag 20              Asc.      19 Ari 22
Venus     24 Sco 44              MC        13 Cap 43
Mars       3 Leo 10              2nd cusp  22 Tau 16
Jupiter   20 Lib 22              3rd cusp  19 Gem 02
Saturn    24 Can 18              5th cusp  10 Leo 04
Uranus    15 Gem 40              6th cusp  11 Vir 35

Tropical  Placidus   Standard Time observed
GMT: 00:49:00   Time Zone: 10 hours, 30 min. West
Lat. and Long. of birthday: 21 N 18 25 157 W 51 30


Conjunction  : 7 Deg. 00 Min
Opposition   : 6 Deg. 00 Min
Square       : 6 Deg. 00 Min
Trine        : 6 Deg. 00 Min
Sextile      : 5 Deg. 00 Min

                           FIRST PART

                           Chapter 1:
                Your essence. Your self. The Sun.

                            Character is destiny. By improving
                            your personality you create good
                            conditions for your future.

Sun in Sagittarius:

     Bette, you were born under the sign of Sagittarius and your
ruling planet is Jupiter, the planet of expansion, joy and good

     You are a very optimistic person, with a good disposition
and a lot of enthusiasm. You like movement and this will lead
you to participate in sports, to travel, or to maintain a very
intense social life. You love freedom and hate daily routine.
You love outdoor activities, contact with nature, and
adventurous situations. You are very restless and curious, which
will engender unexpected and risky situations. Thanks to your
ingenuity and optimism you will always come out ahead, either by
receiving unexpected help or by simply ignoring the problems
around you.

     You like to share your life and you are very generous with
your resources. You desire knowledge and you will study,
investigate, and exchange ideas with others. You find yourself
very attracted to faraway lands and different cultures, and are
always willing to travel and learn. You have a facility for
communicating and learning languages, and your natural
attractiveness will allow you to make friends easily. You will
always have a childlike, naive and spontaneous attitude.

     To fall in love you need a dynamic man who stimulates your
curiosity and desire to learn. You want a companion with whom to
share adventures and amusements. You love conquest and seduction
and it is probable that throughout your life you will have more
than one relationship at a time. You fall in love easily but you
also become disenchanted or bored with the same ease, which is
why you look for a strong and active person who knows how to
hold your affections.

     Bette, you were born to conquer new horizons, to discover,
to travel, to establish friendly connections, to learn and to
teach. Some of your missions are to defend just causes or to
impose justice, to make people happier, and to teach them how to
be optimistic. Your enthusiasm for action will be contagious and
you will teach others to fight for their ideals.

     To evolve, you need to learn to control your impatience and
anxiety. You must learn to assume responsibility, not to leave
things to chance; to avoid laziness or lack of concern; to talk
less about your plans and actually execute them; and not to
procrastinate. You must also be more realistic and sincere,
avoiding exaggeration when speaking.

Sun in 8th house:

     You are an intense and passionate woman who experiences
emotions intensely. You have great perception and intuition
leading you to interest in the occult sciences. If you study
Tarot, Astrology or other predictive sciences you will further
develop your natural abilities. You must have confidence in your
feelings and impressions.

     Throughout your life you will inherit (or acquire through
marriage) goods that will increase your estate. You may have to
manage the money or goods of others, or you may find yourself
investing jointly.

     Your relationships will be very strong and will transform
your life. It is probable that since childhood you have lived
through extreme or adverse situations that have matured you and
developed your defenses. It is also probable that the
relationship with your father has been a deciding factor in the
formation of your character.

Sun Sextile Neptune:

     You have great imagination and your inspiration may lead
you to excel in any artistic field, especially music. Your great
sensitivity and perception of the world need to be channeled and
expressed; because of this, you can become involved in poetry,
singing, dancing, etc.

     You have a very romantic and idealistic vision of life and
you will be very satisfied with the realization of your
fantasies. You are a visionary and you can conceive successful
projects or enterprises; it is necessary that you trust your own
ideas, even though they can momentarily seem illogical or
impossible. Your spirituality will be another important source
of inspiration.

     There will always be a spiritual connection with your
father, without words, and each will perceive the other's state
of mind. You will choose to marry an intuitive, spiritual and
perceptive man, with whom you will share very important
emotional and psychic experiences.

Sun Trine Pluto:

     You have much willpower and a great capacity to assert
yourself. You will be a leader in any area in which you are
involved and you will have a lot of physical energy. You are a
constructive woman who uses all her strength in a positive way.
You will be the center of your family and will offer a lot of
support to your friends.

     It is probable that you will receive an inheritance or that
goods bequeathed to you will help you economically. Also,
drastic and total changes will result in your feeling better.
You have a great capacity for healing yourself every time a
disease or a general crisis arrives.

     The relationship with your father can be intense, very
strict and demanding, and at the same time, positive and
relevant to your personal goals. You will choose to marry an
authoritative, energetic and vital man with an important
position or profession.

                           Chapter  2:
                 The Moon. Your emotional world.

Moon in Scorpio:

     You identify yourself as a strong, aggressive, combative
and loyal woman. You like being direct with your opinions and
you do not beat around the bush.  Though your image is that of a
strong woman, you are very sensitive and can react in anger or
aggressiveness easily, perhaps abruptly or impulsively, and you
are not very willing to tolerate anyone or anything that gets in
your way. You can hold grudges for a long time and harbor desire
for revenge for unjust situations that you have endured in the
past. You must learn to forgive and forget in order to live with
more freedom and harmony in the future.  You tend to impose
yourself on others and dominate those around you. Your
tremendous will power allows you to overcome crises successfully
and you have the strength necessary to recreate yourself over
and over. In addition, you have an investigative soul and you
are fascinated by mysteries.

     Your emotions are deep and very lasting. You like to share
intensely your feelings with your companion and you give
yourself to love entirely, both in the physical and in the
spiritual plane. You are jealous and possessive. You want to
share everything with the one you love all the time. You can
become manipulative and attempt domination through your
emotions. Try to act with moderation, patience and understanding
because if not, your romantic life will be very stormy.

     The relationship with your mother could have been
unsatisfactory and you are not willing to follow in her
footsteps. Your mother could have been all-consuming,
overprotective or unsure of allowing her children freedom. It is
possible that there were misunderstandings or simply a lack of
identification between the two of you.

     As a mother you will be very demanding of your children.
You will be aware of their needs and you will accompany them in
every step of their development. You are very intuitive and that
will allow you to easily interpret their thoughts. You can be
very dominant, inflexible or impatient with them. Try to teach
them to trust their own decisions, and avoid demonstrations of
excessive or suffocating control; let them be free.

     During previous lives you suffered from a lack of
confidence in those around you, and also from emotional hurts
and crises that have led you to develop a great survival
instinct. Many extreme changes and the loss of stability in the
past makes you cling passionately to your loved ones. In this
incarnation you must learn to relax, to live without so much
anxiety and to use your aggressiveness in a constructive way.
You must express your emotions freely, without demanding or
expecting the same response in return.

Moon in 7th house:

     Your feminine identity is largely manifested in
relationships. Bette, you are popular among your friends and in
society. If your job involves dealing with the public you can
attain great fame. You have charisma and the ability to excel
among others. Marilyn Monroe and Shirley Temple, among others,
had this same astrological position in their natal charts.

     In addition, you are emotionally dependent and that will
lead you into marrying very young. Maybe the liaison will not be
successful because of the lack of maturity of both partners but
you should not worry, because throughout your life you will be
presented with many opportunities for marriage. You will succeed
in your associations, both commercial and matrimonial.

     You will choose a sensitive, emotive and romantic man who
will act with gentleness and consideration towards you. You must
be patient with your mother-in-law and other relatives on which
your husband may be a bit dependent.

Moon Square Pluto:

     You are dynamic, strong and authoritative. You have the
ability to impose your opinions on others and to be a leader.
You can become obsessive about the things you set out to do and
it will be difficult for anyone to change your mind.

     You have intense and deep emotions and it is necessary that
you find appropriate channels for expressing them. At times, you
will go to extremes, being deeply angry, or even violent. You
must learn to be more moderate and to accept others as they are.
Avoid selfishness, rudeness, or tyrannical attitudes. The word
patience seems to be nonexistent in your vocabulary and you need
to find a way to incorporate it.

     It is probable that you had to fight with an authoritative
or manipulative mother, and that the relationship between the
two of you was not very serene. Resentment or negative memories
persist that can remain dormant and awaken later. It is
necessary that you learn to forgive the people who may have
harmed you and forget those experiences, or else your health
will suffer and the repressed energy can create problems in your
feminine functions.

                           SECOND PART:

      Your destiny according to the 12 astrological houses.

   FIRST HOUSE:  Your personality. Your body. Your childhood.

Aries Rising Sign (1st house cusp)

     People see you as a dynamic, bold, strong and very active
woman. It does not matter what weaknesses your solar sign may
indicate, this ascendent fills you with energy, security and
also aggressiveness. You are not afraid of life and you feel
capable of confronting any adversity.

     You have much initiative and you will easily become a
leader. You like to command and you cannot stand taking orders
from others nor will you accept restrictions on your personal
freedom. You do not know how to wait and impatience is one of
your worst defects. You are always active and you would like to
solve all of life's problems immediately. You must learn to be
more persistent with your projects and to not be easily

     Besides, you have a very strong body which is resistant to
disease and you recuperate easily. It is likely that you suffer
constantly from headaches, fevers or that you are prone to
falls, blows or burns.

     Your childhood was not very quiet and it is probable that
strong tensions or worries existed in your family. You were the
center of attention and you gained the approval of adults for
your deeds. You also learned that being sensitive is synonymous
to being weak and because of that you now find it hard to fully
express your feelings.

            SECOND HOUSE:  Money. Assets. Resources.

Taurus on 2nd house cusp.

     You have business abilities and it is possible that you
make a lot of money through persistent work, good investments,
and good administration. You will reach the economic stability
you desire with effort and dedication. You have the will to
prevail in moments of crisis and the ability to pave your own
way. Though the business world seems to be ideal for you, you
can also earn money in jobs related to land, cultivation, or
something very different like the arts.

     Also, it is possible that you spend a lot on luxuries.
Though you have the inner confidence that you will overcome all
your economic problems, you must learn to control yourself and
save to avoid problems in the future.

Uranus in 2nd house:

      You will make money through creative work and through
those jobs where you feel free. Otherwise, you will be unstable
and change jobs frequently; consequently, your economic
situation will have ups and downs. Because of your great desire
for freedom, you work better at your own business than for
someone else. You ignore the accepted value system and guide
yourself by your own beliefs. It is probable, also, that you
will receive money through marriage or inheritance.

Uranus in Gemini:

       You belong to a generation of progressive and innovative
thinkers, a generation characterized by an elevated level of
culture and a large number of ideas that will transform social
life. You are curious and, fundamentally thanks to the use of
your sixth sense, intuitive. Your generation are avid learners
and curiosity will lead you to travel and exchange ideas. On the
negative side, you must learn to use your initiative
consistently, not leaving your projects partially done, and you
must also express yourself calmly.

Uranus Sextile Pluto:

      You are a true idealist who will fight against any
injustice or oppression. You have the strength to resist the
onslaughts of your opponents, and the intuition necessary to
navigate correctly in any situation. You are a reformer of all
tyranny, and your main goal is to bring social improvement in
every area.

      THIRD HOUSE:  Your mind. Your education. Short trips.
                   Your brothers and sisters.

                             The mind is a magnet: it attracts
                             to you exactly what you
                             think about.

Gemini on 3rd house cusp.

     Bette, you are very intelligent and eloquent. You have a
great ability to express your ideas and to develop new projects.
Your curiosity will lead you to learn about various subjects and
you love to talk and exchange knowledge with people. You make
quick decisions and, though you do not spend the time necessary
to meditate deeply upon them, they will be intelligent and
accurate. You love to speak and you have to learn to keep

     With respect to your studies, it is easy for you to learn
if the subject is of importance to you; otherwise, you become
bored quickly and you show little consistency for long studies.
Possibly you will study for more than one career, and thanks to
your inner restlessness you will take numerous courses
throughout your life. You have an ingenious, quick, witty and
imaginative mind, and it continuously produces ideas that will
help you in finding professional success. You can stand out in
occupations related to the communications media, journalism,
speaking, or writing. Also, you will travel a lot in your life
and will find it easy to learn other languages.

     In addition, you communicate well with your siblings (if
you have any), neighbors or relatives in general.

      FOURTH HOUSE:  Your home. Middle Age and Later Years.

Cancer on 4th house cusp.

     You grew up in a very close-knit home with much family
life. You have a strong attachment to your family and you
maintain strong emotional ties with your parents. It is possible
that you have experienced several changes in residence and that
in the future you will have several more.

     During your maturity you will feel realized as a woman. You
will enjoy home life. You will become more sensitive and
emotional with time. In this period of your life you will be
interested in living peacefully and comfortably in a place
surrounded by nature. You will leave many worries and ambitions
aside that concerned you before and, instead, you will surround
yourself with people and situations more related to your
emotional needs.

Mars in 4th house:

     It is probable that one of your parents is dominant or
aggressive and that your home was not peaceful. This could be
one of the reasons why you preferred becoming independent at a
young age. If your home has been very tumultuous and unstable,
you could choose either not to marry or to live with no one. At
times, this position indicates a military ancestry in the family
or many changes in residence. You have a great need for
emotional security and it will be necessary for you to control
your impulsive or aggressive reactions, and learn
self-discipline. This astrological position can bring you
problems with fire inside the house.

Mars in Leo:

     You have much personal pride and enjoy doing things on your
own initiative. If you know that someone is expecting something
from you, you work very hard to please them. You are also very
fussy and because of your sense of dignity you will not stand
for mockery or criticism of your personality. You could be very
dominant and selfish though you will express yourself with joy,
kindness and dynamism. You are very generous and demonstrative
with your affections which could lead to great success in your
romantic life. This astrological influence indicates a great
physical attraction. You are stubborn and will demand that
others let you live your life the way you want to. The more they
want to change your goals, the more you will cling to them. You
will not feel comfortable showing your soft or weak side and the
expression of your affections could be a bit eccentric.

Saturn in 4th house:

     You are very attached to your family and also to the past.
You feel responsible and worry about everything related to your
home. In spite of feeling independent, it was hard for you to
abandon your family home (if you did). You are much happier away
from your birth place. Your parents can be too strict or
conservative and constantly saddle you with many
responsibilities. You need emotional support to overcome your

Saturn in Cancer:

     It is possible that you received little tenderness during
your childhood, or perhaps your home life was a bit complicated
so that you feel certain inhibitions about showing love and
emotions. Nevertheless, you will have a great sense of
responsibility to your family throughout your life. You could be
hypersensitive or easily hurt, and if so, your reaction will be
to go to a place where you feel secure and protected. Basically,
Bette, you need emotional security and it is to be hoped that
you received many demonstrations of affection from both parents;
otherwise, you will be very shy, often melancholic, somewhat
solitary and have difficulty in understanding others.

             FIFTH HOUSE:  Love. Romance. Children.

                               "Love is blind when it is born,
                                nearsighted when it grows, and
                                it sees all when it dies."

Leo on 5th house cusp.

     If there are no other planets that indicate more offspring,
you will have only one child. He/she will tend to be possessive,
proud and authoritative, demanding much attention from his/her
parents and especially from you. In the future you will feel
proud of your child because of his/her great progress and
professional triumph.

     Romantically you search for the best. You associate love
with power and you want to find an outstanding, intelligent and
triumphant man. You are not easy to please and, in spite of
innumerable opportunities for love, you will only accept those
which you consider worthy or important. Deep inside you love a
conquest and you like difficult or impossible situations.

     Your romances will be fiery and passionate. It is possible
that you will choose a very possessive and dominant man who
wants to control you, which will lead to tense situations. Even
though you do not allow anyone to manage your life, you prefer
to have by your side a strong man rather than a weak one.

     The following list will help you understand how you can
relate yourself to the rest of the signs. If you happen to
know the other person's rising sign, you have to combine it
with his/her sign in order to get a more complete description
of that person.


     You will feel a great personal identification with people
of this sign and together you can develop projects common to
both. A good sign for marriage.


     A relationship tied in with business, finances or financial
aid is favored over a romantic one. The union offers stability
and protection but could also be out of an interest in money.


     You could maintain very good communication and an
interchange of ideas. A mental or light relationship is


     A personal and intimate relationship in which deep emotions
will be shared. A very good sign for marriage because it
indicates the possibility of making a home together.


     A relationship of mutual love and attraction. You can enjoy
and share many happy moments but difficulties exist in
maintaining the relationship over time. Ideal sign for courtship
or romance, not for marriage.


     An unequal relationship in which one offers more than the
other. A difficulty exists in openly expressing feelings. A work
relationship is favored over a romantic one.


     Ideal sign for marriage or associations. It is also
possible that one of your best friends is of this sign. This is
a sign of complements; each can have opposing personal
characteristics and that generates attraction.


     Magnetic and intense attraction is indicated. Sign of
passionate and uncontrolled romance based on a strong sexual
attraction. A relationship that implies a dare or a strong
emotional experience.


     A sign that represents a second marriage; a happier and
more spontaneous relationship based upon the exchange of ideas
common to both. One could assume a protective or teaching role
with the other. Probability of an encounter in a foreign land or
of long voyages together.


     A sign that stands out in your destiny. The people of this
sign, both friends and lovers, will exert an important influence
in your life. It is an ideal sign for marriage because it points
out objectives and ambitions common to both, but it can also
indicate too much worry over social status.


     Sign of friendship that represents common desires and
fantasies. Open, friendly, happy and warm relationship, though
probably it will not be lasting. If other common elements exist,
it may lead to a marriage based on friendship and respect for
each other's individuality.


     Karmic relationship initiated in previous lives. It is
possible that you have to confront strong difficulties to be
together and that it is a clandestine or secret relationship.
Also, it can indicate an impossible or intriguing love affair.
This sign is the least favorable for obtaining a happy and open
relationship; if you are involved in one, it will be difficult
for you to cut yourself off or escape because of doubts about
your destiny and the lessons you have to learn.

Remember the following:  everything that he does to you is what
you did to him in previous lives. It is good for you to practice
the exercise of forgiveness and forget any negative emotions.

Note: if two signs are repeated, it means that the relationship
is more complex. If one of the signs is missing, its
interpretation is the same as the previous one. To make things
easier, this is the list of the signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini,
Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn,
Aquarius and Pisces.

     All relationships are PERFECT. Each situation you
experience with another person is the perfect and necessary one
for your evolution; because of this, it is important that you do
not cling to negative emotions such as anguish, depression,
fury, frustration, etc., and that you try to see at every moment
what life wants to teach you. Each person you know has a message
for you and until you listen to it, it is highly probable that
it will be repeated. Some relationships have karmic ties:  they
have been initiated in other lives and there may be dues to pay.
It is possible that what someone makes you suffer is what you
have done to him/her in another time. That is why you must
forgive and forget. In every situation repeat to yourself :
"everything is perfect"; though at the beginning you may not
understand it, later it will be crystal clear.

Pluto in 5th house:

      You like to take risks, both emotional and financial. Your
emotions are deep and very complex; it is not easy to please
you. Your sexual life is very active and it is to be hoped that
you were not brought up with taboos and prohibitions. You tend
to be very possessive of the people you love and it is possible
that you will experience certain scandalous affairs based on
jealousy. You will always like games, and you must learn not to
take your games too seriously because you could jeopardize your
economic stability.

Pluto in Leo:

      Your generation has a lot of personal pride and confidence
in themselves. They are more worried about their individual
development than about group growth. During this period
outstanding leaders and heroes will emerge serving as an example
to others. Bette, as a part of this movement, you have a strong
sense of authority and the ability to do well in business and
the management of people. It is probable that you are often
selfish and that you do not listen to nor accept suggestions or
advice from others. You will be inclined to enjoy life's
pleasures and will possess a strong desire to lead or dominate.

         SIXTH HOUSE:  Health. Nutrition. Work. Service.

Attention: in this section you will find recommendations to
improve your health, but in cases with specific problems you
must consult your doctor.

Sun in Sagittarius:

     Sagittarius rules the hips, pelvic bones, thighs and the
metabolism of fats. In general, you will be healthy because you
are mentally sound, happy and positive, thinking of your dreams
and goals, and hypochondria is far from your mind. Nevertheless,
you can go to the other extreme:  not worrying at all about the
state of your health. You like the good life, which implies
eating everything in abundance, with the subsequent danger of
gaining weight. You love sports and outdoor life, which will
help you retain your normal weight if you exercise consistently.
You must pay attention to your cholesterol.

     To preserve good health, you must consider the following:
avoid fatty, fried foods and red meat; control the intake of
sweets; replace pastries with fresh fruits and carbonated drinks
with vegetable or natural fruit juices; participate fully in
outdoor sports; keep a positive and happy attitude in the face
of problems; avoid negative influences or suggestions from
others; be moderate at parties, on dates, etc. and try to rest
adequately; do not smoke; do not drink or eat excessively; do
not neglect your body, get annual check-ups; practice fasting or
some type of body-cleansing diet regularly; engage in some
intellectual activity to your taste; sun-bathe; cultivate and
maintain your great sense of humor.

Saturn in Cancer:

     This astrological position can cause:  loss of appetite
because of emotional problems; a low level of hydrochloric acid
resulting in poor digestion; less than the required minor
gastric secretions; and poor assimilation of vitamin B-12 and
iron. In general, you will not assimilate all the nutrients of
ingested foods, which could lead to weakening of your body and
even anemia. In addition, your menstrual cycle could be

Virgo on 6th house cusp:

     Your short term health problems may be caused by a lack of
the vitamin B complex and by not consuming enough foods rich in
fiber. Among the most common problems you will experience are
the intestinal ones, colic, constipation, diarrhea, being
malnourished, etc.

     To prevent these problems it is recommended that you add to
your diet:  legumes, whole grains, nuts, seeds, asparagus,
garbanzos, corn, lentils, celery, watercress, soy and its
derivatives, cabbage, coconut, grapes, lemons, pineapples,
peanuts, wheat germ, bee pollen, bran, etc. It is important that
you avoid red meats because they are hard to digest and,
besides, they have a high level of toxins.

     Your long term health problems may be caused by the
presence of toxic substances in the body (alkaloids, metals,
mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminum, etc.), or by the lack of
pantothenic acid. Your most common problems could be:
allergies, general weakness, laziness, lack of muscle tone and
foot problems.

     It is recommended that you include to the list of foods the
following:  broccoli, cauliflower, soy and alfalfa sprouts,
avocados, oranges, melons, apples, nonfat milk, fresh cheeses
and yogurt. It is important that you avoid alcohol, smoking or
taking medications without prescription, since you are disposed
to allergies and intoxication.

Neptune in 6th house:

     You may have health problems that are difficult to diagnose
so that you receive erroneous treatments or medications which
can harm you. You must avoid drugs and use instead more natural
cures to prevent poisoning your body. Also, you must avoid
alcohol, nicotine and sedatives. Generally, your health problems
are linked to your emotions and will surface in moments of

     To have in mind:  many of your emotional unbalances are not
produced by external situations or experiences but by blood
disorders. The lack of some nutrients or intoxication or other
excesses, can often cause changes in your system and lead to
depression, anguish, fatigue or aggressiveness. Because of that,
if you want to be happy, do not neglect your body--give it the
best nutrition possible.

Neptune in 6th house:

      You could suffer from a few hard-to-diagnose physical
ailments; your body will be very sensitive to drugs and you
could be allergic to many of them. You will also experience
deceptions at work because of idealizing your bosses and
co-workers. Your great emotions could cloud your objective
vision. On many occasions you will seek solitude in order to
find yourself.

Neptune in Libra:

      Your generation is interested in new concepts concerning
law and social relations. They are altruistic, humanitarian,
passionate and lovers of peace, but they could also show an
impractical, lazy or unwilling side. Bette, as a part of your
generation, you must choose your companion and best friends
carefully, because your tendency to idealize and not see things
realistically will lead to deceptions. If you do not act
coherently and with a certain emotional detachment when making
your marital choice, this astrological position could lead to a
future separation.

Neptune Sextile Pluto:

      You possess a great creative and artistic ability. You
will also fight against injustices and will seek reforms in the
legislative system. Your intuition is powerful and will lead you
to study and reveal the secrets of nature. It is probable that
you are not totally understood in your ideas about freedom or in
the use of your mystical knowledge; nevertheless, your interest
in the subject will not wane.

             SEVENTH HOUSE:  Associations. Marriage.

                            Your companion is your reflection.
                            Everything you find in him, in
                            some way is in you.

Libra on 7th house cusp.

     Your marriage will happen at an ideal moment; at around 24
years of age you will not be too old or too young. You will
choose as a husband a balanced, gentle, calm and sensitive man.
He will help to calm your anxiety, aggressiveness and
impatience, thanks to his warm and protective attitude. Your
marriage is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, and this
increases the possibility of sharing with your spouse an intense
social life and a home life full of peacefulness and love.

     This astrological position suggests offers you the
possibility of finding a man adequate to your needs, who will
allow you to express your temperament freely. In this
relationship, you will be the one to rule and make choices. He
will be very pleasing and loving. Nevertheless, you will have a
few complaints: his passivity, indecision, laziness or lack of
ambition, and his great dependency on his mother or other

     If you lower your expectations and accept your husband as
he is, you could experience a happy and lasting marriage,
especially if there are no other planets that modify this

Moon in 7th house:

     Your husband will be very sensitive, expressive and
home-loving. He will have great intuition and will understand
you without the need of any explanation. He will also have a
varying sense of humor and that could provoke a certain
instability in your relationship. He will have a strong
attachment to his family, especially his mother, and will have a
profession that involves public contact, resulting in certain

Jupiter in 7th house:

      This star blesses you with the possibility of greatly
enjoying your marriage. Your husband will be kind, happy,
generous, noble, and somewhat extravagant. Living together will
be very good and you could overcome all difficulties that arise
over time. Being by his side will allow you to expand your
possibilities, thanks to the exchange of knowledge and the
protection he will offer.

      In addition, you know how to choose well when it comes to
friends. Your likable attitude will lead to success in your
relationships with the public in general and, particularly, in
your most intimate choices. You will also be lucky at legal
matters though you must be careful not to be too optimistic and
naive with others.

Jupiter in Libra:

      Since childhood you have learned to recognize beauty
everywhere. You are elegant and precise in your movements; you
attract others and could be very popular and loved. You will
develop a strong sense of justice and will always defend the
rights of others, even when they do not request it. In your
search for balance you could be excessive and when the time to
choose comes, indecisive. This astral influence helps insure
future marital happiness.

Jupiter Square Saturn:

      You must learn to recognize your limitations and to direct
your energies in a more organized manner. It is probable that
you are insecure about your potential and do not feel very sure
of reaching your objectives. Success can come late in life and
with it the feeling that you will never have true recognition.
You could tend to be very realistic and materialistic but lack
enthusiasm and courage to move. It is to be hoped that you have
received from childhood the support and attention necessary, and
that your parents avoided unfavorable comparisons with siblings
or friends.

Jupiter Trine Uranus:

      You possess a great originality and creative power. You
are determined and practical and will achieve any goal that you
set out to do. Your personal freedom will always be important
and you will resist ties and limitations. You possess a great
mental energy, and though you could be very warm you will not be

     Do not evaluate the success of a relationship by the result
because it does not depend solely upon you. Always analyze what
you have done:  if you have offered yourself correctly, if you
have loved sincerely, if you have set aside your selfishness,
etc. What the other person does is his own responsibility and
you cannot manipulate it. In a couple, the responsibilities are
always divided in half; take care of your share. At times, one
gives everything and does not receive anything; it does not
matter. Destiny will take care of it, returning all the love you
may have given. Do not make the mistake of secluding or
hardening yourself or becoming emotionally detached because of
suffering caused by others. Try always to be truthful with what
you feel and give yourself fearlessly because in the Universe
nothing gets lost and everything you give, you will get back.

         EIGHTH HOUSE:  Dangers. Inheritances. Legacies.

Scorpio on 8th house cusp.

     The danger in your life is related to violent or impulsive
reactions. In first place, you are exposed to fights or
arguments, and secondly, anxiety or worries make you prone to
accidents, bruises or burns. You must be very careful especially
when you have little time to do many things, or when you are
very nervous or disturbed.

     In addition, this influence offers you the possibility of
inherited goods that will increase your estate notably.

Things that benefit Sagittarius:



COLORS: turquoise and in general, all ranges of blue.

STONES: turquoise, light lapis lazuli and diamond.

METAL: tin. In jewelry what favors you is gold, not silver or

     Equal energies attract; because of this, people with the
same tastes gather together. If you want to attract positive
people to your life and experience happy situations, you must
take care to improve your own energy. The only way to find a
good companion, good friend, good job, etc., is by being good
yourself, radiating positive energy. Keep in mind that you will
never conquer someone using pity or threats, instead you will
provoke the opposite response. If you desire someone or
something, you have to be splendid inside and out. If you feel
good about yourself, you will attract the best.

Venus in 8th house:

     You will have many intense romances that will transform
your life. Your relationships will not be casual nor fleeting.
You tend to be possessive and very jealous of those you love. In
the future, you could benefit from the goods or inheritances of
your companion. You will also be very good at business and
investments. You could feel a great attraction towards the
occult sciences and, if you practice meditation, you will find
much spiritual peace. You could lack discipline and it is
necessary for you to have some physical activity to maintain
balance in your health.

Venus in Scorpio:

     The love you feel will be intense and long lasting. You are
passionate and will experience tumultuous romances because of
jealousy and your strong desire to dominate. It is hard for you
to express your deep, complex feelings with words. You do not
feel comfortable with superficial relationships, and since
childhood you have been very selective socially. As a result,
you have a few friends to whom you are faithful and will
probably have them throughout your life. Your sexual life will
also be intense. You can sometimes be rough or selfish when you
show your affection, and though at times this can cause
problems, you will never cease to be very sincere and frank in
your admiration of your partner.

Venus Trine Saturn:

     You are reserved and not overly demonstrative but once you
fall in love you are totally loyal and affectionate. You will
not have many friends but the few you have will be very lasting.
You feel attracted to people who take life seriously; you
communicate better in small groups than in large ones. Your
romantic life will be very stable and you will work with all
your energy to overcome each problem that appears during your
marital life. For you, love is tied positively to

               NINTH HOUSE:  Religion. Long trips.

Sagittarius on 9th house cusp.

     You are interested in the different world philosophies and
religions. You are investigative by nature and you want to study
God in all His manifestations. Once you identify yourself with a
religion you will defend it with all your energy. It is probable
that you will practice your religion intensely and that you are
a spiritual teacher of many people.

     You will take many long voyages in your life. You have a
restless spirit and you love to see the different corners of the
world. In your travels you will find people who help you expand
your knowledge and you will visit faraway places, those not
usually visited by conservative tourists.

Mercury in 9th house:

     Learning and education will be important in your life. You
are interested in law, medicine, philosophy, religion and
everything related to the cultures of faraway and exotic places.
It is probable that you will make many voyages abroad throughout
your life and that you will learn other languages. You can excel
as a professor, historian or anthropologist. Also, you are very
intuitive and visionary even though you could be a bit dogmatic.
In spite of your strong convictions, you will have moments in
which you suffer doubts and radically change your way of

Mercury in Sagittarius:

     Your mind is very curious and you never cease to be
interested in everything around you. You can be a good student
because of your great thirst to know all about the universe,
including geography, history, sciences, mathematics, etc. In
your studies you show a lot of dedication and enthusiasm. Also,
you will be inclined to learn about philosophy and religion and
all types of new ideas in general. Probably you do not pay too
much attention to details and you are quick at making decisions.
Your manner of communication is frank, open, and uninhibited;
often you find yourself in trouble for saying things you should
not have said, or for saying them to the wrong person. Bette,
you like to socialize and share your knowledge with others. Your
great curiosity will lead you to learn from everyone and
everything and your opinions will not be rigid. You can find
yourself influenced by people you admire. You have a great sense
of humor and you will always find the funny side of experiences.
Your charm and enthusiasm will lead to popularity among your

Mercury Opposition Uranus:

     Your mind is always alert and active. Your thoughts and
ideas are atypical and eccentric and you rebel against
impositions or limits to your freedom. You are nervous,
restless, somewhat arrogant and very particular in your tastes
and choices. Your opinions are unprejudiced and you are not
afraid to voice them. It is probable that you have difficulty
concentrating on one subject for too long. Your restless mind
impels you towards continuous change and movement with the
consequent danger of leaving things unfinished. You like to
challenge the ideas of others and you show a lot of ingenuity
and intelligence in doing so. You must learn to relax more to
avoid suffering from nervous exhaustion.

Mercury Sextile Jupiter:

     You are very tolerant, generous and optimistic. You always
see the positive side of situations and you are very respectful
of the traditions and opinions of others. You have a lot of
ability for organizing and planning enterprises. You enjoy
traveling and any other activity that helps expand your mind.
You possess an ease of communication and the facility of
learning other languages.

          TENTH HOUSE:  Vocation. Professional success.

Note: in order to come to a more accurate conclusion, you must
combine the information below with the characteristics of your
Sun (Chapter 1) and your Moon (Chapter 2).

First 15 degrees of Capricorn on MC

     Your destiny seems full of difficulties and obstacles;
nevertheless, this helps to stimulate your great tenacity and
persistence which aids in your success. Bette, you will excel by
your own merits. Your sacrificial spirit will cause you to
study, work, and finally triumph. The second half of your life
will be more beneficial and peaceful; you will be very wise and
experienced. There are no sudden achievements or strokes of luck
in your destiny. You will slowly conquer everything you set out
to do but always with great effort and struggle. You are
interested in science in general, possibly excelling in
mathematics or physics. You also demonstrate a great love of
nature and you benefit from contact with the air and the
outdoors. You possess a great vitality and you take every
obstacle as a personal challenge. You have noble and firm
principles, and you prove to be comfortable under discipline and
authority. It is important that both your family and marriage do
not become a burden in your life.

     Your vocational choice points toward one of the following
professions:  agronomy, geology, forestry, systems analysis,
accounting, politics, business administration, physics,
chemistry, etc., or any other science or profession where you
can demonstrate your authority and tenacity.

     Your home was full of problems. One of your parents could
have been absent or possibly you were poor. Family life was
ruled by very severe and traditional moral norms or principles
that restrained your freedom. Adverse circumstances impelled you
from youth to rely on your own resources and you learned to
sacrifice and be persistent in your purposes. The people of
Capricorn will be strongly influential in your destiny.

         ELEVENTH HOUSE:  Friendship. Group activities.

                             "A shared grief is divided, a joy
                              is multiplied."

Aquarius on 11th house cusp.

     You have an ease of communicating and are open to all types
of people, which allows you to make friends easily. You will
have many acquaintances in your life and, because of the
changing situations in your social life, probably few intimate
friends. You will meet all kinds of people with a different
social status or different cultural or ideological values and
everywhere you go you always have an acquaintance. You adapt to
every situation you are in, but inside you do not change. You
enjoy exchanging new ideas, knowledge and opinions with your
friends and you also like to talk a lot.

     You will participate in numerous clubs or groups in an
irregular way. You become bored with institutions or
associations that are overly organized or routinized. You are
interested in sharing your ideas or tastes with other people but
do not want to feel tied to anyone. You will only remain in
those places where you can do whatever you please with your

       TWELFTH HOUSE:  Karma. Secret enemies. Bankruptcy.

                             "Impossible things only require a
                              little more time."

Pisces on 12th house cusp.

     You have great intuition but you do not pay attention to
it. It is probable that you are a very good counselor with
others but not so good with yourself. You tend to act in an
impulsive and uncontrolled manner and it would be good if you
learned to be more discerning and think twice before acting, to
avoid problems.

     It is important to totally avoid vices in your life because
one of your worst traits is the tendency to avoid problems by
indulging your addictions. You must also control your level of
fantasizing or idealizing both people and situations in order to
avoid future disappointments. You tend to complain about others
and not to see your own defects.

     You will experience confusing situations in your family and
very strong trials in your profession. You will have a few
secret enemies and will be envied by many people. Take care of
yourself and do not let your kind and optimistic attitude lower
your guard. Also, the possibility exists of living in exile.

                 BIBLIOGRAPHY:  To keep growing.


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