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An Astrological Report on the Relationship Between

Laura Bush and Hilary Clinton

Interpreted by Bernie Ashman



3355 Bee Cave Rd, Suite 404

Austin, TX 78746


(512) 826-5401


The Astrological Chart


Composite Chart (with Derived Cusps)
For Laura Bush and Hilary Clinton
At: Big Rapids,MI         085W29'01"  43N41'53"







House Cusps






01  02°Sc05'






02  02°Sg05'






03  02°Cp05'



17°Sc38' R



04  02°Aq05'






05  02°Pi05'






06  02°Ar05'






07  02°Ta05'



23°Ge39' R



08  02°Ge05'






09  02°Ca05'






10  02°Le05'






11  02°Vi05'






12  02°Li05'

Part Fortn








04°Ge01' R





The Natal Charts

                Laura Bush                                                                  Hilary Clinton
                Nov 04, 1946                                                                 Oct 16, 1947
                12:00:00 PM EST  +05:00                                             12:00:00 PM EST  +05:00
                Big Rapids,MI                                                              Big Rapids,MI      
                085W29'01"  43N41'53"                                               085W29'01"  43N41'53"

                Sun at 11°Sc41' in 01st.                                               Sun at 22°Li29' in 01st.   
                Moon at 11°Pi07' in 04th.                                             Moon at 22°Sc37' in 02nd.   
                Mercury at 04°Sg43' in 01st.                                      Mercury at 17°Sc09' in 01st.   
                Venus at 01°Sg22' in 01st.                                          Venus at 03°Sc54' in 01st.   
                Mars at 28°Sc31' in 01st.                                             Mars at 08°Le47' in 10th.   
                Jupiter at 08°Sc38' in 12th.                                         Jupiter at 28°Sc29' in 02nd.   
                Saturn at 08°Le39' in 09th.                                         Saturn at 20°Le34' in 10th.   
                Uranus at 21°Ge12' in 08th.                                        Uranus at 26°Ge05' in 09th.   
                Neptune at 09°Li34' in 11th.                                        Neptune at 11°Li00' in 12th.   
                Pluto at 13°Le21' in 10th.                                            Pluto at 14°Le44' in 10th.   
                Midheaven at 05°Sc08' in 12th.                                   Midheaven at 15°Li05' in 12th.   
                Ascendant at 07°Cp57' in 02nd.                                 Ascendant at 20°Sg38' in 02nd.   
                Node at 13°Ge11' in 08th.                                             Node at 24°Ta52' in 08th.   
                Part Fortn at 07°Ta24' in 06th.                                   Part Fortn at 20°Cp46' in 03rd.   

Interpretive text copyright 1998 by Bernie Ashman

Copyright 1985-2000 Matrix Software, Inc.

407 N. State Ave., Big Rapids, MI 49307  231-796-2483

The Playing Field


Welcome Laura and Hilary, to your Simpatico profile, an analysis of your relationship, through the use of a unique tool, the Composite Chart. This is a type of chart that astrologer's use to get an overview of a partnership or friendship. It is constructed by using the midpoints between each of your individual charts. The Composite Chart is a blueprint that represents a symbolic meeting place of your shared mental and emotional energies.

Have you wondered why the two of you may find it easier to agree on some topics and experience tension when trying to discuss others? This report will likely touch on some areas where you might need insight.

There are no perfect relationships. We can strive to make our interactions with others more productive and meaningful. The pages that follow will describe places of harmony in your relationship. It will also point to places of potential conflict. There could be descriptions that contradict each other. Astrology offers a lens through which to view a wide variety of ways to express ourselves, in order to make better use of our vast resources.

Relationships are made more from the fabric of a verb, rather than that of a noun. They are in a continuous process of becoming. You will eventually have changing expectations of one another. Your individual search for growth and new direction is rewarding and yet can create challenges. It is important to find ways to make room for your individual needs. Nothing truly stays the same. Perhaps this report will inspire the two of you to finds ways to mentally stay on the same page. Communication is so vital in clearly relating to each other.

Each of you has a different set of past experiences that influence the way you relate to others. This report might make you more aware of your likenesses and how to better handle your differences.

We seek to make our human interactions productive and meaningful. How can such a simple thing get so complicated? It's that each of us has our own definition of happiness and cherish certain goals that might be hard to compromise.

This report could create new options. Relax. It is not intended to judge either of you. Pause if something makes you take a deep look at yourself or your partner. Each of us is really a student of life when it comes to relationships. Learning how to communicate and to truly hear the mind of another person is a life long quest. Remember that you are not alone when it comes to understanding how to better handle your human relations.

Laura and Hilary, try to let your eyes scan the pages that follow with an open mind. Perhaps you will be stimulated into taking a refreshing look at one another!

Happy Navigating!




Players: The 10 Planets

Part One: The Lead Roles

The Sun

The Sun is the center of our solar system. It generously shares its radiance with the other planets. In Astrology, the Sun is the heart of the chart. It points to ways that your relationship needs to confidently shine. Keep the fires of your Sun burning brightly and proudly together. Harmony will follow. A spirit of cooperation will fill your minds. The Sun stands for ego needs, will power and creative vitality.

Forget your own Sun signs for the moment, Laura and Hilary.

Your shared Sun sign could be different than your individual Sun signs. Remember that we are talking about your combined Sun. It is the fusion of your two creative energies.

Sun in Scorpio

A Sign is a psychological process through which a planet operates. The two of you are solarized through the sign Scorpio, giving your relationship a great deal of emotional intensity. The keyword phrase for Scorpio in traditional astrology is "I desire." This can point to a partnership with a deep creative passion. You can draw out the other's deepest desires to live life to the fullest. You are not satisfied with easy answers. You both probably have a need to penetrate beneath the surface appearance of things. Your minds are as tenacious and probing as detective Columbo. You might even like a bit of mystery and intrigue, now and then.

The potential for a deep psychological link is indicated. The sharing of emotional and physical resources is important to each of you. Others may enjoy benefiting from the razor sharp insights both of you add to situations.

Your relationship can undergo profound transitions. There is a tendency for the two of you to test just how far you can stretch your connection without breaking it. Each of you could be your partner's greatest ally during a crisis.

It is okay to work hard together. Do not forget to play hard as well. A compulsive focus to be good at something is a hallmark of your partnership. You instill a sincere urge in one another to achieve self-mastery. A passionate joint search for careers and wealth can be suddenly awakened.

The sharing of money and power must be dealt with carefully. Help empower each other and you have an ally for life. Your business sense is strong. You can invest together and reap great rewards.

Do not indulge in manipulating each other. Learn to establish clear communication patterns. Keeping your needs a secret can create confusion. Silence or quiet contemplation is the way you may choose to process life experiences. Don't assume you are always understood if you make your partner read your mind. Talk!

Learn to enjoy both the intense and more at ease sides of each other. Extreme drives for intensity can create a lack of emotional stability. Be sure to spend some quality time together that is free from everyday hassles.

Do not run away when one of you is going through deep emotional states. It might help to learn some body signals when needing space or some help! Dealing with the moods created by the chemistry of your togetherness can be helpful. Learn to forgive. Seeing that an argument is not the end of the world can help clear the air.

Your creative vitalities can guide you to create a place of equal power. Realize that building trust can take a lifetime. Do not sweep problems under the rug. They will grow larger if repressed. Learn to enjoy the simple moments. Encourage each other to explore the depths of creative expression. A mutual respect for each other's needs is the doorway to happiness and security.

Sun in the First House

The two of you have little trouble in making your ideas known to each other. Your personalities are very lively together and attract attention. Do you sometimes feel like you are the life of the party? To avoid turf wars, encourage each other to develop individual goals. There is plenty of room in this relationship for both of you!

This partnership can be filled with vigor and drama. The two of you can stimulate one another to creative heights. Boredom is not a welcomed sight. You need to stay active so that the pump of your spontaneity stays primed. Each of you likely needs regular challenges in life. Taking an occasional creative risk keeps life interesting.

Life in the fast lane is your natural pace. You may be impulsive in initiating new directions. Your type "A" personalities may need occasional shifts into type "B". Of course, it could be the other way around. Too much life in the slow lane may bring out some strange moods in each of you.

Try to alternate in yielding the right of way. This will help avoid head on collisions! You tend to draw out each other's will power in a big way. Make it a policy to have some compromise.

Do not take each other's opinions too personally. Your outspoken natures are hard to hide. It is not hard to predict you will deal with one another's anger. Take a deep breath. It's the excitement you instill in each other being ignited.

Procrastination does not suit either of you. It can cause missed opportunities. There are times when you will need to follow your call to action.

Being patient with each other can take practice. Give one another a chance to pursue appropriate creative outlets. You need to have exciting trails in your lives as this keeps the fires of your imaginations lit.

The Moon

Lofty dreams and aspirations have been inspired through gazing at the Moon. The Moon's sign and house position represent the emotional closeness you may share with each other. Establishing a sense of security and a home are other lunar sides of life. The Moon symbolizes the imagination you share from your inner landscapes.

Moon in Capricorn

With your relationship lunerized through the sign Capricorn, the two of you expect a clear definition of your being together to be determined quickly. This is a solid partnership with an inclination to seek commitment early. Don't pressure each other. Time limits don't always yield the results we seek. You are more likely to find happiness with a little flexibility. Longevity is promised when the two of you put your focusing powers together.

Your business instincts are tall enough to leap over the Empire State Building! Mutual support of career goals and serious ambitions makes you trust one another. Helping each other survive the tough times deepens your trust. Celebrating your victories together adds richness to your partnership.

The nurturing energy of this relationship is based on a serious loyalty. Expressing your deepest feelings might not come easy. Listening to the inner motivations for actions will tell you what is really going on in one another's mind.

Your home may be the true pillar of your emotional strength. Each of you probably takes responsibility quite seriously. Your roles could be well planned out. You expect each other to follow through on your promises. Your residence can be a place of comfort and work. There is a great potential to make money through real estate investments. Remember to allow for some spontaneity in your private life as it aborts dull routines. A little variety in your time together is invigorating.

Encourage your partner to act with confidence. You can't control each other so don't bother trying. Warm up to the intuitive feeling each of you has for life. Stay inspired through an occasional new experience.

Let your imaginations guide you to be stable forces of mutual support. The two of you are at your best when working together to realize dreams you have in common.

Moon in the Third House

Your minds often see eye-to-eye on major issues, though they can travel from different directions. Perceptions are often flavored by your emotions. There can be instant intuitive awareness of situations due to the chemistry of your energies.

A shared curiosity to learn is indicated. Communication is highlighted. You might even teach a subject of mutual interest together. Your ability to inspire others to think about options is impressive. There could be endless new insights that benefit one another. There is a restlessness to be mentally active.

Your friends can enjoy the lively atmosphere of your partnership. People can enjoy exchanging ideas with the two of you. Individuals from diverse backgrounds can become part of your social circles.

Your home is never a dull place. Reading and staying in touch with current events is never far from your minds. You can receive visitors or telephone calls at any time of day. It is probably wise to have more than one phone line, computer and television!

The onset of mood swings could disrupt communication. Emotional upheavals can disorient perceptions of each other. Be sure to separate feelings from facts. Listening helps keep emotional reactions balanced.

Let your intuition guide you to listen to each other carefully. Honoring individual ways of establishing mental coolness can be the hidden ally. You can be intrigued with the diverse paths you will walk through life together.

The Ascendant

We are taking a short intermission from the planets to introduce you to an additional key part of your relationship. The Ascendant or Rising Sign, is the sign that starts the 1st house of the chart.  The Ascendant is one of the twelve signs, with a special role, serving as an ambassador. It acts as a persona or mask for an individual or a relationship. The Ascendant is the personality through which we interact with the world.

The Ascendant is the way we appear to others. It is their first impressions of us. You meet someone and he or she seems to be confident, shy, talkative, cheerful, etc. The same can be said for a partnership. The two people might seem theatrical, dreamy, or businesslike.

Ascendant in Libra

People could see the two of you as diplomatic and outgoing types. Fairness through carefully weighing opposing viewpoints is a regular occurrence. A flair for dressing colorfully and in the right way for an occasion is typical of you. It is impressive how you manage to fulfill several social obligations and maintain a smooth way of interacting with others. You can feel like your minds have a shared purpose. Entertainment tastes can be a particularly fun way of spending time together. You can help one another stay cool during all forms of emotional weather. Your calendar can get full with social obligations.

The Part of Fortune

Your Sun, Moon and Ascendant can be combined or blended into a cosmic alchemy, known as the Part of Fortune. This is not a planet, but rather a reference point in the chart. The Arabian astrologers of the Middle Ages are given credit for its discovery. The Part of Fortune is said to show where we can expect to find good fortune and even luck. Do we really need to take a look at something from the long ago past, if it will serve as nothing more than a relic to hang on the wall? A translation of this ancient symbol into modern terms makes this symbol worth investigating. Why? Because it can give clues to special paths that lead to harmony and a spirit of feeling united.

Think of the Part of Fortune as a potential corridor leading to Opportunity. It is a way to read the pulse rate of the partnership, indicating ways to reach a shared sense of fulfillment.

Part of Fortune in Pisces

The ideals you share inspire you to walk with a great sense of unity. Your beliefs can influence others to take a good look at their own. It is the unspoken language between you that others might envy. You often appear to move together with little conflict, whether this is true or not. It could be your love of mysticism or the mystique surrounding you that is intriguing. Your intuitive connection will often find you thinking the same thoughts. The intuition and imagination you awaken in one another ignites your creative powers.

Part of Fortune in the Fifth House

Your creative power brings out the risk-takers in you. It's your way of not looking back that brings the best that luck has to offer. Being cheerleaders for one another gets you to go beyond self-doubt. You can enjoy indulging in some of the same pastimes. A fire may get magically lit to pursue an uplifting avocation. Making life a fun-filled adventure stimulates a tireless capacity to be happy. You are good for your partner's self-confidence.




Part Two: The Supporting Cast


Are you curious about the way the two of you communicate? In this section are Mercury's sign and house placements, showing some of your favorite communication tendencies. Mercury is referred to as the winged messenger in mythology, a networker for the gods. This very mental heavenly body represents an important link between your minds. It shows how you interpret what the other is saying. Mercury is connected to Perception. Astrologers consider Mercury the ruler of the conscious mind.

Mercury in Scorpio

Your mental energies can penetrate to the deepest recesses of each other's minds. There is a bit of the detective in your relationship. You probably perceive life as a mystery story and can enjoy figuring out why things happen to people.

Your conversations probably don't get into much chitchat. There is a no nonsense approach to life. You can talk about anything, as no subject is likely off limits. What you fear talking about you will probably encounter in your lives anyway. The two of you are catalysts to get others to deepen their awareness and go beneath the surface appearance of things. Trust is a magic ingredient that deepens your connection. You might appear quiet to some people and charismatic to others. Much depends on how comfortable you are with the company.

You can enjoy researching subjects of interest together. A shared desire to learning more about psychology and metaphysics is possible. Life's mysteries entice your curiosity. You can dissuade one another from settling for easy answers.

You possess a better than average business knowledge. Either one of you could be excited about starting a business venture. Accounting instincts and knowing what the public needs is embedded in your shared awareness. There is an ability in giving new life to used items. Money might be made through communication or consulting.

Sarcasm! You can display a biting tongue to each other. Sometimes you will strike first and then be ready to listen later. Each of you can make a direct emotional hit on the other. Talking is essential. If you stay completely quiet nothing will ever get worked out. Small problems turn into resentments. The more you speak up the greater the chance to be good problem-solvers.

Your shared insights bring new awareness into your lives. Your minds can be focused in a laser-like fashion to push open new doors of self-mastery.

Mercury in the First House

Your minds are quick to act. You can display lightning fast perceptions. The two of you have strong initiating impulses. Your relationship might show you challenging the opinions of one another.

People are stimulated to be more decisive when spending time with you. You can display an eagerness to learn. You both probably like to stay abreast of the current news in your community or society. You have an antenna that has a sharp eye allowing you to stay aware of the world around you.

You are likely perceived as able to communicate clearly. Your friends and loved ones feel free to seek your advice. The two of you can get right to the point in talking to one another. Sharing your favorite subjects with each other is fun. Don't jump to conclusions about your partner. Be sure to hear all of the facts. You can be a bit competitive in proving you are right. Allow for an even exchange of ideas.

You can show a knowledge about business trends. Communication fields exhibit your speaking skills. You both will gravitate toward work that is fast-paced. Your schedules are apt to be filled to the brim.

Nervous energy! You can make one another very anxious if you change your plans suddenly. Appreciating each other's insights brings trust. Communication is a powerful tool in this relationship! Listening as well as talking will encourage closeness.


Without Venus, life would be lonely and meaningless for all of us. This socially-minded planet guides our People Awareness and search for Aesthetic Beauty. The Venus sign and house positions most directly point to your search for a sense of balance, peace, comfort and mutual acceptance.

Venus in Scorpio

Your relationship is a Symbol of Magnetism. You make a strong impression on others and aren't easily forgotten. You have social instincts that are extroverted on one hand and introverted on the other. Much probably depends on your mood and the people in your company. You two can have an emotionally tight partnership. There is the potential for a deep bond. When you first met, you may have liked each other's passion for life.

Your love of privacy may sometimes find people feeling you are a hard to get to know couple. This includes even your closest friends and loved ones. You tend to trust people who show they care about you.

Obtaining greater wealth is a possible desire. Each of you may be willing to make sacrifices to realize a dream. You are able to manage your spending better than most. There is even business savvy indicated. Getting too attached to what you own may be something to notice. There is a shared determination to overcome obstacles to reach the financial security you desire. You are show-me kinds of people in the financial area. Trusting one another when it comes to money may take time and effort.

What might need to be balanced? Forgiveness is good to keep in mind. You can get each other mad in an instant. Don't let the anger bother you. It's better to get it up and out. It makes it easier to let go and get on with your lives. The power needs to be as equal as possible. You will have more fun together when each of you feels empowered. There can be a great loyalty between you that can withstand anything that comes along. Learn to enjoy the simple things.

Venus in the First House

The two of you can't be accused of being shy. Even when you are not feeling confident socially, your smiles can hide any feelings of insecurity. People like you. Finding time to yourselves may not always be easy. You activate the gregarious instincts of friends or strangers. Though there is potential for conflict concerning your values, you share a tendency to quickly put them into action. There may be fondness for walking nature trails and watching sunrises.

Buying on impulse is indicated. You tend to go directly after what you desire. Money may come and go. Your energy to make a good living is ferocious. Each of you needs the freedom to spend money on clothes, image consulting and the pleasurable items of your choice. The careers may each deal with the public. People probably see you to be sometimes self-absorbed. You make good mediators.

Emotions pour out spontaneously. It isn't too difficult to figure out when one of you is not happy. Your eyes are a dead give away. You can be quick to agitate one another and just that quickly be flowing nicely. It's not hard to get centered again. Get good at knowing win-win strategies. By all means, do give each other an equal amount of attention!

Prolonged indecision has no place in your companionship. It has a way of making you feel uncomfortable. Weigh your options but do move forward. The two of you are dynamic when trusting your hunches. Others can see you as role models, representing a quality they would like to develop.


The ancients considered Mars the god of war. The warrior planet can translate into heated exchanges with each other. Mars arouses Passion in the form of courage, anger or a desire to forge ahead as a swash-buckling team. Mars is still the ruler of combat. It points to the primal competitive instincts embedded deep within each of us. In modern terms, this fiery red planet's sign and house placement are associated with assertion and acting on impulse.

Mars in Libra

The warrior in you has two natures. One is carefree, and the other is worried about how others will judge your rash impulses. The two of you can stop on a dime to first assess the possible impact of your actions. You like to know if a battle is worth fighting before launching an offensive. You prefer to look at situations from more than one angle before moving ahead. You can be assertive when you become convinced you are in the right. Negotiating with a spirit of fairness and compromise is what you expect. You don't like to argue with each other, but will do so to defend a position.

You can be drawn to help friends and loved ones get through tough times. People probably find your insights comforting. Helping others make decisions might be a talent. There is a natural inclination to be mediators in helping individuals settle disputes.

You tend to bring out the extrovert in your partner. There is a natural outgoingness that takes you into various circles of friends and business associates. An active social life is stimulating. The movies and dining out are fun ways to be together. You may have mutual tastes in food and the arts. There is a tendency to seek happiness in the same ways.

Your relationship is energized through your interactions with others. There is a flair for handling yourselves well when in the public eye. You can excel in getting people to support your ideas. A drive to express yourselves creatively can be mutually rewarding.

Mars in the Twelfth House

So you sometimes get lost in your idealism--is that so bad? The people thinking the two of you are foolish may be surprised where your faith will take you. You both likely view reality different than most. If you can't live for your most sincere beliefs, then what good is getting up in the morning? You are a passionate pair when it comes to seeking inspiration. Your devotion to a mission or an art form can be great. It is good to know your limits. You can drop from exhaustion without knowing it is coming. You both can grow disillusioned, and even disoriented, if your life together is not fueled by a higher purpose.

Awakening each other's imagination can be rewarding and fun at the same time. Escape to places that make you feel energized is fulfilling. There is a mystery about your companionship that may seem like it is part of a novel. Your life together can be a series of unexplainable events.

Anger is hard to face; you don't like confronting each other. A passive way of dealing with problems will not always work. Communicate. It offers a path to mutual understanding. Emotions are always circulating back and forth. Your friends can enjoy the way you accept them, no matter their faults. You need to know your boundaries in helping others out of jams.

Acting on your most heartfelt impulses motivates you. Doubting yourselves will keep you from more fertile ground. It is when you walk with a quest for meaning and a growth-promoting vision that you are the happiest.


The largest planet in the sky is Jupiter. This happy-go-lucky cosmic giant is more than twice the size of all the other planets put together. Jupiter spins on its axis with great enthusiasm, doing this faster than any other planet. Jupiter's sign and house denote themes related to learning, optimism, travel, philosophical beliefs, luck and generosity. Inspiration that flows between two people can be traced to our good-natured friend in the sky.

Jupiter in Scorpio

You seek inspiration through a shared plumbing into the depths of your favorite subjects. Even areas of interest your society has labeled with a no trespassing sign, are not off limits. The two of you don't scare easy when you want to know the real scoop about a situation. Secrets are not easily kept from each other. The blunt honesty in your tongues can send shock waves through each other, and the people you meet. Your words and beliefs have a lasting impact on others. You have little respect for hypocrisy.

The researchers in you lead your minds to master an area of interest. When your attention is captured, your concentration is intense. Psychology, metaphysics, and even the world economy can be regular topics of discussion.

Your dependable trust for one another can be profound. Friends and loved ones respect your ability to give sound advice. Your knowledge comes from experience rather than from a book. Be tolerant of the differences in your personal belief systems. Accepting opposing viewpoints only serves to deepen your connection. It will be difficult to really change each other's most cherished ideas!

Travel allows your two minds to process your individual and joint paths. The intensity with which you approach life together needs to be mixed with plain good-old-fashioned fun. A sense of happiness and expansive growth occur when you make your partner feel materially and psychologically secure. There is a desire to pursue the best life has to offer. Your faith in each other can help get you through any challenge.

Jupiter in the First House

A speedy impulse to walk through a door of opportunity. Does this sound like a tendency you share? There is a knack for sniffing out lucky breaks that enhance your lives. Your self-confidence can accomplish much. You are probably in the habit of diving into something and worrying about the details later. People can fall in love with the big heartedness you both can show. When you believe in someone, you show it in an obvious way.

Exploring other locations keeps the two of you inspired. You are not stay-at-home people. Gypsy spirits will want to be expressed. You are students of life. Teaching the knowledge you grasp is a natural instinct. Expanding the horizons of others is a theme throughout your relationship.

Your belief in one another is an attractive quality. You can be a shining star in each other's eyes. Don't ask your partner to live their life through your own vision. It will cause friction. You both need plenty of leeway in making your decisions. Each of you would rather chance the consequences of your own choices than be guided too much by the rules of others.

This is a partnership rich in personality. You make quite an impression on people. There is an atmosphere of wealth or royalty in your faces no matter the reality of your financial situation. Life seems to click when you spontaneously initiate new directions.


Astronomers say that if Saturn fell from the sky it is light enough to float on an ocean. Some people dread hearing about where Saturn is in their chart more than they do going to the dentist! The fortune tellers of old always painted this planet with "heavy" interpretations. They presented this planet as being a god of doom and gloom. In modern astrology, this motif denotes endurance and ambition. In mythology, Saturn was Chronos, the god of time, reflecting the wisdom that can be learned from past experiences. You could say Saturn is a "Cosmic Chiropractor", showing adjustments needing to be made along life's way. There can be frustration in repeating the same mistakes. Saturn's sign and house themes are associated with Commitment and Reality-Testing. The two of you may find clues here about how to define your relationship roles. Career drive is a Saturn hallmark. Saturn shadows are fear, rigidity and a need to be compulsively controlling. There is no longevity without partners dealing with the symbolism of this particular celestial wanderer. With a lot of practice and patience the two of you can get good in making this side of your relationship flow--honest! Saturn can become more a god of Success!

Saturn in Leo

You are dynamos together. When you join forces it's as powerful as the allies defeating Germany in World War Two was! You can focus on a project and get it accomplished in a hurry. There are strong opinions on the best way to do a job. Stroke each other's egos once in a while. Share the limelight. It keeps life peaceful. Recognizing the talents you see in each other is good therapy.

All work and no play gets old fast for you folks. You will need to make time for both worlds. Pleasure in the form of movies, talking over a meal, or just simply living it up, will find you appreciating one another.

Respect your partner's business sense. There is a potential to make money through smart investments. You both need to feel like a leader occasionally. It will make power struggles less of an occurrence.

You take great pride in your work. Career could easily be a key drive in either one of you. Your personal thirsts for success must be quenched. Public recognition is possible. Encourage your partner to showcase their special talents to others. There is no sense in hiding your creative light under a bushel basket--is there?

Admit when you are wrong. Show flexibility here. You will be surprised at the closeness this establishes. Your commitment is very connected to happiness. Show how much you value your partner being in your life, as it will keep you close.

 Saturn in the Tenth House

Defining your most important aims in life is a major concern. You prefer not being rushed into making key decisions. Becoming successful is a primary drive in your relationship. Career aspirations are serious with a capital "S". You are a dynamic duo in taking on new challenges. People believe in your dependability. Learn to be realistic in what you ask of yourselves. There are few as adept as you in meeting deadlines.

Owning a business, or rising to prominent positions in a company could occur. Leadership comes naturally to you both. If you fear taking control of situations, this relationship might point the way to building confidence. Being bossy will not make you popular with your partner. Each of you needs to feel his or her own importance. Find the roles that show your true capabilities.

Celebrate life together by getting away from work schedules. A quiet retreat may restore your vitality. Delayed gratification is not that hard for the two of you if you believe it will get you results. You can excel in completing what you begin.


Try to visualize a maverick planet orbiting on its side, whereas the other planets sit straight up and down. Uranus! This planet was discovered in the eighteenth century, sandwiched in between the American and French Revolutions. Is it any great wonder that this planet's sign and house occupations show our individuality and innovative ideas? Experimentation. Inventiveness. These are two more themes of this exciting and trend-setting entity. What is the down side to this rebel? A tendency in exhibiting a sarcastic tongue in your everyday communication. Launching sudden irresponsible actions will not make you feel like friends. Uranus can be the source of enjoying the refreshing insights you bring to your partnership. Treat each other as equals and you are likely responding to a positive tendency embedded in this planet's symbolism.

Uranus in Gemini

You are free thinkers. This probably comes as no surprise. Ideas travel back and forth as fast as a falling star dances through the night sky. Your mental worlds will seem quite far apart occasionally. Why? Because you enjoy being entertained by your own unique thought galaxies. Don't let this disturb you. There will be plenty of chances to form alliances. Autonomy of the mind must be honored in your relationship.

Do you enjoy spontaneous decisions? Then you may be with the right person. Figuring out mental puzzles together is exhilarating. Watch Jeopardy or the Wheel of Fortune together. The two of you likely value education. It could be non-traditional learning that interests you the most.

Your friends are apt to walk their talk from diverse backgrounds. You only ask that people don't bore you with outdated information. You enjoy individuals possessing minds that can move as fast as the feet of New York City pedestrians--that's fast!

What can go wrong here in this mentally chic side of your relationship? Your intellects can smother your emotions. There is nothing wrong in stepping back to gain objectivity. If you want to receive support, you need to show some degree of emotion. Do you want to know something else to look out for? You can disrupt your partner's concentration. Learn early on to use your radar to locate the other's sacred air spaces. It will help avoid collisions that create much anxiety. You need to cultivate airborne ideas, rather than traveling on highways of predictable routines.

Uranus in the Eighth House

Your closeness will occasionally blow hot and cold. It's the way one or both of you protect your independence. You like to know there are warm emotional fires to nurture you, yet there is a side of you that is hard to reveal--maybe it isn't meant to be. An element of mystery is surrounding you. It is a dimension of your relationship that others find interesting, even if they don't truly understand it. Life together is not simple. It gets easier when you TALK. You must let your partner enough into your world so it is clear what you need and when. Otherwise it becomes a guessing game.

When you become allies, the business terrain can be conquered. You both have ways to market yourselves. Joint purchases can be rewarding. You can acquire much together that is profitable. Owning unusual possessions, and even rare ones, is a possibility. Power has to be shared because neither of you is too good at being ruled--isn't this true?

Watch those credit cards! It is tempting to spend, whether you have the funds to cover your purchases or not. Balance your desires with reality. You need to clue each other in on the big decisions.

Acting spontaneously or wild is liberating. You like making one another forget about their troubles. When you let go of your fixed opinions, the two of you flow together. Let each other's talents emerge, and you will be forceful advocates.


There is a planet that adds a mystical tone to our lives. Neptune defies being labeled as part of the physical world. It is our spiritual awareness on one hand and desire to escape from earthly reality on the other. Both are possible!

In mythology, Neptune was Poseidon, god of the oceans. This water god represents feelings and emotions that you could share. Do the two of you feel any common ground when it comes to your highest beliefs? If you do, it might be associated with this planet's symbolism.

Faith is a Neptune theme. Neptune's sign and house will point to the ideals and causes you share. Your intuitive insights into one another can also be revealed here. Shadows of Neptune are denial and guilt. Keep these tendencies in check. It will ensure greater clarity and closeness. If you don't, it can feel like you are eating chicken broth with a fork.

Aesthetic interests are another part of Neptune's world. Your shared interests in art and music can come through loud and clear.

Neptune in Libra

You see a little of yourself when you look into your partner's eyes. It may seem as though you were destined to meet. Friction between you is unsettling--even painful. You can each feel as though you have found the ideal companion. It is harder to find a better lover or friend. You may even measure other people against your partner's qualities. Try to be fair in evaluating others. Maintaining your friendships and professional associations can be of benefit to your relationship. The two of you possess shared social skills that are above average.

Escape through your love of music and art is predictable. Your passion for beauty can be revealed in your clothing, jewelry and possessions. You can have a mutual appreciation for nature. Indecision might be aggravating. Being able to see the potential for opposing viewpoints to be equally correct doesn't make this easier. What is the way out? Compromise! Create as many win-win situations as possible. People may envy the apparent unity in your relationship. Those closest to you will want to become part of your lives.

Neptune in the Twelfth House

You are as emotional as they come. Life together is poetry in motion. Aesthetic loves can travel along similar routes. Your highest values are likely a source of unity. Devotion to a special cause is feasible. You can generate enough intuitive power to run a major city! Your idealism will need a reality check at various intervals.

You both can be nostalgic about the past. Missing old friends or neighborhoods may draw you back for a repeat experience. You can be very loyal to each other. When feeling the blues, you like to think your partner will offer their unconditional support. Be reasonable if you cannot make each other's lives wonderful. Making one another feel guilty is the wrong move. It is your more unconditional regard for each other that takes you further. Keep reinforcing positive energy as it produces greater abundance.

When you first met, it may have felt like you always knew one another. There could have seemed like there was no veil separating your minds. In the ideal world, you can see how easy it is to really please each other. In the real one, you can with much practice get good at knowing how to make each other feel very special.


Last, but not least, is a planet of mystery and intrigue, Pluto. You may get a message or two in this section about your shared psychological intensity. Pluto's sign and house point to our drives for power, passion and financial gain. A desire to get to know each other on the deepest of levels is a Pluto theme. We must let go of a part of ourselves to be in a relationship. This scares some people, and seems like a fair deal to others. What we cannot face as individuals sometimes will be brought to the surface in our interactions with a partner. Pluto's shadows center around jealousy and possessiveness. This planet teaches us that letting go and trusting one another are rewarding paths. Facing the tests of Pluto together is the breakfast of champions.

Pluto in Leo

You will probably learn more about each other when acting out your lives than through talk alone. Words without actions might seem cheap to one or both of you. A show-me-you-mean-it motto pulsates vivaciously in your hearts.

Each of you is dynamically aware of when you are getting support and when you being ignored. There is little tolerance for the latter. You are possessive of each other's need for approval. Give your best attention whenever possible as it brings trust.

You will need to forgive one another when your egos get rubbed the wrong way. There is heat in some of your verbal exchanges. In other words, you may get on each other's case at times. You have a tendency to pull out your partner's deepest feelings. You are not a shy couple in the area of self-expression.

Money is a subject that awakens strong opinions. You both want to make use of green energy from your own vantage point. Allow each other to feel free to make purchases that benefit their own goals. It will make you both that much more cooperative on the joint ventures. You can enhance mutual wealth in material and happiness terms. Make each other feel important. Your investment of time and trust can reap great rewards.

Pluto in the Tenth House

You make a great impact on one another's career aspirations. Intensifying your partner's ambitious drives could occur. Your shared longing for success is ignited. Backing each other's serious plans deepens your commitment. Business strategies are everywhere present in this relationship. Know the people you can trust, as you can be the targets of envy. There is a competitive nature in your mental outlook. Believe in yourselves. Beating the odds can often go in your favor. Your relationship might have begun mysteriously. You may have recognized someone with similar plans.

There are roles you will want to try, just to prove to yourselves that you can do them. You likely believe in not doing a job halfway. Show your enthusiasm for what each of you values. It makes for greater cooperation. Don't try to overpower one another. Work toward common goals. It is when you put your energies together that they become very dynamic. Your personal projects need to stay in tact as it builds self-confidence. The two of you can exercise considerable patience in making your ideas a reality. Discipline and managing your time efficiently takes you far together.


Just as the Ascendant was described as a sign serving a special purpose, there is a sign referred to as the Midheaven, with a special mission of its own. This is the sign at the beginning of the 10th house of a chart. A palm reader can interpret the career line embedded in your hand. Think of the Midheaven or 10th house sign as a type of career line in your chart. How you two conduct business in the world and your work interests are shown here.

Midheaven in Leo

The work you perform will likely attract attention and allow you to display dramatic sides of yourselves. The two of you can become talented in marketing your abilities. Promoting one another is a bonus in being together. Sharing center stage makes you feel closer. Self-confidence comes through acting out the roles that give you the most personal and shared satisfaction. Your will power to succeed is tremendous. Ego battles might result if one of you gets too much of the applause. Try to make your partner feel important and you are most of the way home toward harmony. A hobby might turn into a business. You are people with dynamic energy when you are focused.




Part Three: Planetary Aspects

It's time now to mention another technical side of your report. (If you don't like technical explanations, skip right to the Aspect Interpretations). You have already been introduced to the ten planets. Certain planetary pairs in your chart have a special relationship to one another due to particular angular distances separating them, known as aspects. You could almost say the two planets in an aspect travel and interact together along the same circuit. The following aspect interpretations or descriptions will be listed under five types. Two are known as the soft aspects: the sextile (60 degrees) and trine (120 degrees). These two aspects generally point to more gentle themes found in your relationship. They indicate a lower voltage of electricity and produce less friction. The planets involved in a trine or sextile are more likely areas where you flow together without much effort.

The more hard or intense aspects are the conjunction (0 degrees), square (90 degrees) and opposition (180 degrees). They require our understanding and will point to key ways the two of you must communicate and negotiate. Planets that are part of an intense aspect will show how you energize one another. These higher voltage aspects don't mean you want to avoid them, but more so to develop the true understanding to use this energy constructively. "Soft" does not mean good and "intense" does not imply bad. It is often the more intense aspects that deepen the bond of a partnership. The interpretation of any planetary aspect depends greatly on the symbolism of the two planets forming an aspect.

It might be helpful to keep some keywords in mind for the aspects. The sextile is a promise of Excitement and Eagerness. The planets in this aspect give clues how your energies support one another. The trine is a special Harmony shown by two planets. There is often positive regard for one another that comes spontaneously. We expect good things to be delivered in the trine.

The conjunction is where two planets are joined at the hip. There is a Fusion or powerful blending of these two energies. The square can reveal where you will encounter Friction in your relationship. Pay special attention to these aspects, as they are opportunities for growth as much as discord. The opposition requires a Balancing act. It is similar to a seesaw. Each of you may find yourselves taking turns in acting out one planet or the other.

It might be helpful to refer to Parts One and Two to refresh your memory about the meaning of the Planets, Ascendant and Midheaven, as you read the aspects that follow. Remember that it is usually the more intense aspects that stretch us the most. The more positively you use these challenging planetary combinations the greater will be your understanding of each other.

Note that a planet might be involved in several different aspects. In other words, the planet is interfacing its energies with numerous other planets (or even with the Ascendant or Midheaven). A "heavily aspected planet" plays a key role in your relating to each other.

Moon Sextile Venus

Your imaginations are on the same wavelengths when it comes to pleasure and comfort. An active social life is probable. People can find you showing poise during any type of circumstance. The two of you can show good instincts for saving money. Knowing the value of things is an instinct. Your business skills are sharp. Surprising your partner with a gift once in a while keeps life fun. Each of you will appreciate the interest shown in your search for a suitable way to earn a living.

Moon Sextile Jupiter

Travel and new stimulating learning potentials turn on your imaginations. When a door of opportunity opens, it doesn't take you long to both walk through. It can feel comforting to have a partner believing in you without too many conditions. Your friends can enjoy your zestful energies. It may not occur too often to think negatively. You may need to encourage each other to remain focused when taking on big projects. The "Swiss cheese theory", punching small holes in a job to consistently get it finished, applies here. Imagining the right place to live, or how to make your home comfortable, is perhaps a favorite pastime.

Moon Square Neptune

Your idealism is intense. So are your emotions. Don't let them fog your ability to communicate. Your faith in each other will wane if you don't allow for pursuing personal dreams. The imagination you arouse in one another is great. Capturing your partner's imagination comes naturally. Look through a realistic lens at each other. It helps you realize your true potential. Your beliefs might clash as well as your moods. There may be a tendency to fall into guilt. Work together with a spirit of unity. With practice, you can learn how to talk without stepping on each other's most sensitive zones. The two of you inspire each other to ask a lot of life. Enjoy the journey without getting too caught up in the results. The support you give during tense times will bring you close. You add a touch of creative intensity to one another. The two of you can dance through life with a faith that grows deeper with each success.

Moon Square Ascendant

Watch impulsive actions. You might regret what you say or do. Your response time is speeded up in this relationship. It can be hard to please each other. This is particularly true when tired or feeling the blues. Getting refocused on a joint mission can turn things to your favor quickly. Neither of you probably cares for much discord. You can be good advocates for each other's personal growth. You hate to ask for emotional support. It is better if you both get good at offering it spontaneously. Be patient. This may not happen overnight. Being mutually dependent is a good way to ensure balance. Listening to each other goes far in making you good communicators.

Sun Trine Uranus

 A wonderful feeling of friendship runs through your partnership. It is a relief to have a confidante when you need one. You both enjoy friends with a positive demeanor. Confidence can come from encouraging each other to pursue their greatest aims. You both have a way of making those you care about feel more at ease. Groups and peers may promote your talents. The two of you can discover exhilarating goals. When you pay attention to one another, your communication is clearer. Exploring a unique hobby together could be fun.

Sun Square Midheaven

A difference of opinion regarding serious ambitions is possible. You will need to be flexible in allowing one another to explore personal objectives. It will not be endearing to grow too demanding. You can focus your energies in a dynamic way. Pride can be the source of some issues. Each of you likes to operate on your own terms. Don't be afraid to try new options together. Too much work and no play could be tiring. Experiencing success together could do wonders for your closeness.

Sun Conjunct Ascendant

The two of you radiate self-confidence. Your momentum to push through obstacles is hard to rival. Self-starting tendencies are on automatic. People may see you as a dramatic pair. Humor is a fun part of being together. Make room for each of your self-expressions to shine as it makes ego wars less likely. You both like to receive attention from one another. Others may enjoy your willingness to act quickly to take advantage of opportunities. You both can show competitive energy if you feel someone is trying to upstage you. A pride in being together is probably evident to your friends. Personal appearance may be important to you.

Mercury Conjunct Jupiter

 Enthusiasm. It's plays a big part in your relationship. You mentally dance to many of the same interests. Teaching each other what you have learned could expand your minds. Don't grow too dogmatic in your beliefs as it could drive a wedge of discontent between you. Travel and education are common needs. An exchange of ideas inspires self-confidence. Others can benefit from your positive energies. You two get nervous if you sit still for too long. A restless spirit is activated through knowing one another. Humor is probably a regular visitor.

Mercury Trine Midheaven

Taking care of business at hand generally is not much trouble. You both influence realistic and grounded perceptions in each other. Making a plan come into fruition can occur through a willingness to finish what you start. It might require extra effort if you underestimate the energy needed to accomplish a plan. Your willingness to aid your partner in being more successful wins their admiration and allegiance.

Venus Conjunct Jupiter

You are an uplifting duo. There isn't much use for feeling down. The drive to expand your horizons is lit by a zeal for growth. Feeling comfortable with people from diverse backgrounds is no trouble for you two. Foreign travel and food can be delightful experiences. Fun-loving individuals inspire you. You may share a teaching and consulting ability. Natural counseling skills are indicated. Educational pursuits can be in high focus. You make great travel companions. A restlessness to be on the go is at the heart of your relationship. A tendency to spend money freely, especially on required learning expeditions, is a must. Your values and beliefs are a unifying factor. Finishing what you set out to do may need more commitment. It is doubtful you will let this ruin the possibility of a new day containing the promise of opportunity.

Venus Square Saturn

Make decisions that do not exclude one another's feeling of self-importance. You can squash each other's desire for fun and pleasure by being rigid. Learning how to work together is vital. The two of you can accomplish much when you get moving toward shared ambitions. Issues over ownership, work or money need your attention. Compromises are required. You feel closer when there is a mutual expression of feelings. You can't expect to change each other into a person that better fits your needs. However, you can request a few concessions. A happier atmosphere presides when you are clear about the commitment. Use your resources for comfort and pleasure, rather than for solely practical purposes. You can become great allies in accumulating more wealth. Sharing your resources generously with one another is the way to harmony.

Venus Square Pluto

You can become as successful together as you can cause each other emotional upsets. Being on opposite sides of the fence regarding finances and power results from unclear expectations. When you are clear on these matters, you might be surprised what can be put into motion. Don't blame one another for what goes wrong. Focus more on why you are valuable assets. It's hard to hide how you really feel about situations, so why not speak up in the here and now. Money and wealth are more likely to be realities when you are truly on the same side. Your business expertise and management abilities can be key allies. The two of you tend to trust each other more when you reveal some of your secrets. Balancing a fascination for extremes with a more calm perspective serves you better over the long haul.

Mars Conjunct Neptune

You fuel the imagination in one another without really even trying. A longing to make each other happy is ignited by being together. Pleasing each other all of the time is not going to happen. Your are adventurous in putting your ideals into action. Your emotions are heightened in this relationship. You can usually sense when one another is angry. Don't deny your feelings. You come closer when being honest, even if it hurts to hear the truth. Watch your shared idealism. It can cause you to make promises to others that lead you to go overboard. There is a fiery spirit in you two that seeks passion and the pursuit of happiness. Your faith in your partner can be the catalyst for bold actions. Fighting for your beliefs is a joint tendency.

Mars Sextile Midheaven

You can blaze new trails together and enjoy every step of the way. Focusing your energy and releasing it carefully shows your great ability to systematically get things accomplished. You have heads that see the whole picture as it is developing. It is fun to expose each other to new skills and techniques. You are good builders that find it satisfying to make good use of your time.

Jupiter Square Saturn

Tolerance for differing outlooks bodes better for you than trying to make one another agree with one philosophy. Learning how to accommodate each other's varying views is just as important as when you easily agree. If there is a question about the commitment, it may be due to control issues. When you establish a true closeness, you can work together very effectively. Neither of you will give in easily to pressure. It only makes you stubborn. You both are more fun when you see an opportunity in front of you. Mixing pleasure within the framework of serious schedules makes life far more rewarding. You can help each other stay focused or to loosen up.

Jupiter Square Pluto

Words can be powerfully shot through each other's minds. Arguments can be like trying to move two immovable objects. Your minds don't like to be forced into choices. Mastering the art of negotiation will need to be part of your communication skills. The two of you can create a lucrative life together. Having equal say over how the money is spent takes the heat out of some potentially angry confrontations. You both believe in fighting for your most sacred beliefs. Choose battles wisely. Exposing the darkness in others may scare them. You can share a passion for learning.

Saturn Sextile Neptune

Reality and ideals are compatible friends. Business sense is highly developed and available when you want to use it. The two of you can find ways to bring your values into your work. Your commitment to each other is inspired by faith. There is a tendency to handle adverse circumstances with patience. Practical beliefs are spun by your insightful minds. Flashes of intuitive know-how make you successful partners. Don't let others lean too heavily on your generosity. You do possess a clear definition of limits.

Saturn Conjunct Pluto

Focus--it's extra big in your lives. Mental toughness describes you two. You take responsibility seriously. Your partner will be expected to make good on promises. There is little incentive in either of you to start a job not worth finishing. The word shrewd was invented for you. Your shared ambition circuits will get jammed if you get into power struggles. Leadership roles call to each of you. Help one another to achieve highest self-expectations. When meeting a deadline or responding to a serious challenge, your creative best comes forward. Channel this powerhouse of energy wisely.

Uranus Trine Ascendant

Living an original script is what you like about each other. Your ideas can expand each other's horizons. You motivate unique thinking in your partner. Equality is a given. Your friends can enjoy your upbeat ways of expressing yourselves. You will probably go out of your way to surprise one another. There is little tension when it comes to getting support for your goals.

Neptune Sextile Pluto

Your intuitive instincts are highlighted. You have a way of making each other feel valued. Enjoy a shared vision that makes you both look for the best in life. Your imagination doesn't need much of a wake up call. Sharing your innermost secrets instills trust. You know how to help your partner rebuild their self-confidence when the going gets rough. You cannot save one another from life's lessons. Though you can be there to make accepting the truth easier to swallow.




Part Four: The Nodes of the Moon

Do you sometimes wonder if it was fate or some other mysterious set of events that introduced the two of you? What attracted you the most to each other? Maybe it was the way you could talk, a business interest or a shared sense of values. There is a multitude of possibilities you could name. The Nodes of the Moon are not planets. They are a celestial polarity that offers clues to your connection on the soul level. Think of it as your own "psychic friends network." If this sounds too mystical or corny, just think of the Nodes as a shared frequency level in your partnership. It doesn't mean you get psychic flashes about each other. Much of this link between your minds is probably on a subconscious level. The Nodes usually play an active part in our closest relationships. The longer we are in a relationship with a particular person, the more these two energies come into our conscious awareness.

The Nodes represents a special way you can build your relationship together. They point to certain themes that must be nurtured. This helps to keep weeds of discontent and frustration from growing. The Nodes are a path to solidifying your sense of closeness.

Node in Gemini

You have a shared mission in filling your minds with new learning material. A constant desire to be moving in multiple directions is invigorating. The two of you are seldom at a loss for words. When you can't talk about an issue, it must be a serious bone of contention. Communication is a powerhouse in your hands. Exposing one another to different perspectives can be enlightening. Your perceptions are the radar that guides you to clearly make the right decisions. Honor each other's need to be heard and you will usually be close in thought. Anticipating ways to make life more exciting contains the mental nutrients that keep your minds burning with youthful vigor.

The trickster or hidden irrational tendencies make their presence known when you become too judgmental or dogmatic. Watch out for sudden feelings of self-righteousness. The tolerance you exhibit toward one another can open up the lines of communication wider than the Grand Canyon. You are travelers and gypsies at heart, no matter your lifestyle. You love the exploration of new adventures. Restlessness needs to be channeled constructively. Your faith can accomplish great things. Keep your minds attached to reality and you will be more focused. You inspire your partner to find the confidence to conquer self-doubt. Teaching what you learn is exhilarating.

Node in the Eighth House

There is a calling to pursue your most passionate paths that lead to a sense of personal power and self-mastery. The journey won't necessarily be an easy one, but is well worth the traveling. When you join your energies to conquer an obstacle you can display a stubborn determination. Financial gains will come with good planning. You like to see your resources multiply through wise investments. Sharing the power goes far in keeping you close in mind and spirit. You can establish a great psychological depth together. The two of you probably like to explore the motivations for the actions of others. Your life needs to have enough challenges to satisfy your emotional intensity. Your true friends will not envy your success.

Do you sometimes feel a mysterious calling to compulsively seek peace in material desires? The pleasures of the world will be alluring when you are feeling unsatisfied with your life directions. The two of you are happier when your values are being confirmed by your lifestyle. There is emotional instability when there is a lack of cooperation concerning ownership or money decisions. Financial independence could be a key need for each of you. It is critical that you each establish a sense of importance in your own ways. When you do unite your energies behind a joint plan there is no stopping your steady moving ahead toward fulfilling a plan. A peaceful life together has greater possibilities when you both feel free to talk openly about any subject.

This concludes your Relationship Profile, Laura and Hilary. If this was your first experience with Astrology, hopefully it is far from your last! There are many other types of written reports available.

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