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Neptune takes approximately 164 years to travel 360 Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses. The text below is the interpretation of Neptune transit when Square Venus
Neptune Square Venus
You may display greater sensitivity to others at this time. While you can attract a range of people into your life and friendships can begin without notice, you may lack a clear set of guidelines to distinguish between those that assist you and those that detract from you. Being open is a wonderful quality, and you likely are more transparent now than usual, even if you prefer to keep to yourself. Unless you know what you want, however, and more importantly what you don?t want, then you may experience disappointment in certain situations. Present relationships may struggle for no apparent reason, although it may stem from a vague discontentment that lacks a discernible cause.

Issues of happiness or its absence can underlie particular areas now. You tend to want what you can?t have, and you often are dissatisfied with some things and people that you do have. You may recognize that no one thing or person can completely fulfill you as this cycle can make you aware of the limitations to experiencing real joy. Sometimes this can cause you to move from pleasure to pleasure, although that rarely fills the void. It is not the number of things that you own or the number of people you know that can sustain happiness over time. You must seek quality in whatever you choose for enjoyment and with whomever you select to share.

Money concerns can emerge during this period. The allure of beautiful objects can make you want them no matter the cost. Even if you generally exercise restraint, you may have moments of self-indulgence that overcome you, or you may have friends or partners that require much assistance, which you usually give. It is possible that resources vanish or dissolve now due to conditions that seem out of your control. You typically live and enjoy a more fluid lifestyle than usual, and you often are less judgmental. Sometimes this can become lack of judgment where your choices, especially of people, are not always in your best interests.

Although your tendency is to compromise, you may give up more than you should just to please others. In doing so, you may lose touch with your own values. An important lesson of this cycle is honesty in all your dealings with people and with yourself. It is too easy to be fooled by appearances and unless you see the truth behind them, you usually end up with something or someone that disillusions you. If you take the time to notice, you can feel whether it is a good fit, whether it brings harmony. Analysis is not required, but a sense of symmetry is, and you strongly possess that now.

Some more Interpretations of Transit Neptune Square Venus from our astrology reports and readings:
Transit Neptune Square Venus

This period of time will be very difficult in your relationships, personal as well as professional, and the effects can be quite confusing. In your existing relationships, you become highly idealistic about the way the partnership should work. You place unrealistic expectations on your partner and are disappointed when they don’t come through. So much of this may go on in your own head that they don’t even realize they’re being tested, leaving them very confused. Or they may be the ones wanting to change the relationship and asking you to trust in their intentions. You may even re-evaluate the meaning of partnership in general. It’s very difficult to distinguish between fact and fantasy now, and you should be cautious when making commitments. Confusion is normal, even though it’s uncomfortable and when you emerge from this cycle, you’ll have a better idea about how you feel. If you’re not involved in a personal or professional partnership this year could bring one, but again, you may be very confused about what you want from partnerships and constantly question their motives. You may be swept off your feet by the romantic nature of new partnerships, ignoring the advice of your conscious mind or your very verbal friends. Other people will likely think your decisions are crazy, but won’t shake you from your course. In business, you may be swept off your feet by promises of financial success and glorified business projects, but you’re much more susceptible and willing to be deceived. Your fantasies of wealth will blind you to practical concerns and you may not even question the other person’s motives. It’s extremely important that you avoid ventures that you know are suspect and be very careful about intentionally misleading other people. Be practical with your money, as your financial base is unstable and vulnerable during this time.

This Interpretation of Neptune Square Venus is from the Career Report astrology report by Kim Castella
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